You RARELY Get to Choose Your Tech Path, ENTPs! | CS Joseph Responds


You rarely get to choose your tech path, ENTPs! CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question what are good ENTP Tech Careers?


Hey what’s up ego hackers? Welcome to the CS justice podcast. Today’s episode we’re going to be discussing reluctantly, an ENTP career related question. So, which is, what kind of tech careers would be good for any intp. But I’m actually going to expand on this and slightly altered the subject a little bit and add in a little bit extra that no one really expected.

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So but yeah, back back to the episode. So today’s episode, we’re doing the ENTP tech careers option. And what do you mean my tech career like? See, here’s the thing folks, like, it doesn’t matter what you choose, as your career, as long as you’re actually able to do it, and you’re able to make enough money to support the kind of lifestyle you want, right? But would I ever, like recommend something like computer programming to an extroverted thinking critic, writing code, you know, as an intp, I mean, unless it’s a labor of love, unless it’s unless you’re inventing your own kind of technology, or you’re like, on the cutting edge itself, you’re not really going to get much satisfaction being someone else’s code monkey, you know, it’s not going to bring you much satisfaction in life. So like, why bother doing it? Right? You know, it’s, it’s not going to work.

The other thing to do like tech careers with it’s like, okay, you know, ISFJ subconscious, gotta be the most dependable, most reliable, strongest last man standing, most enduring person, you know, here within the field. So yeah, I need to learn information technology, infrastructure, instead of information technology, computer programming, where you understand servers, and virtualization and containerization, which you can get certified for all those things at CBT, which I’ve talked about in the past. But, you know, people would know that if they just watched more than just videos relating to just their type, which is frustrating, they need to stop doing that. So it’s kind of interesting as to how a lot of the competition I have on YouTube or on the podcast, you know, they end up having a larger subscriber audience than myself, because they focus on just one type, the type that they identify with.

But I talk about everyone, literally everybody, I don’t just talk about one particular type and show favorite isn’t one time because that’s fine. I identify with Yeah, no, not doing that. Everyone is represented here. Thing is, though, is that yes, some types more representative than others, because some types are more willing to spend money over others, for example, and because of that, that’s why there’s a little bit more of a favoring with the volume of videos coming from intuitives.

Because intuitives are willing to make that financial investment compared to sensors not so much. Could you imagine an ESFJ being willing to, you know, make that make that work to make that a thing, you know, to like become an acolyte member and do these questions. Like us, they’re my conflict type. They usually tend to hate my guts.

So it’s not likely to happen. If it does happen. It’s miraculous. Let’s be honest.

That means they’ve had to get over all their ego investments, and I’m very proud of them, if they do is that there’s, you know, I think I’m thinking I’m up to like, eight coaching clients ever who are ESFJs, for example, eight, just only eight people only eight. coaching clients are ESFJs. So it’s very rare. For example, for for, for like an ESFJ to make that commitment.

I got I got a lot more ISFJs and ESFJs but ESFJs are absolutely the least represented within this eagle hacker community. Because I’m their conflict type and they just naturally hate my guts. Basically, they just naturally hate my guts. But tech careers, remember ENTPS, you are triple systematic, triple systematic means you need to play to your strengths which means Whatever it is you do for a career, it’s gotta be based around systems, or you need to be able to have the space to create systems, right systems that you can have, in order to improve your situation, right, it’s all about systems, you need to have systems.

Because those systems are ultimately what are going to help you to get through the day, you got to write it all down, you got to, you know, keep a notepad or word, or a, a Word document, or maybe do it, I do get a whimsical account, or a mind mapping account and just keep track of everything and just follow a system for every single task, he does have to kind of write your own standard operating procedures to be able to get through every single task tech or otherwise, you just kind of have to do that. That way, you can get so good. I mean, that’s that’s actually one of the first steps into management is when you turn you’re on tasks and the standard operating procedures, you know, you end up knowing that procedures so well that you can actually assist other people knowing the procedure management will notice, and then you’ll get promoted, basically. But it really comes down to how you can leverage your trustful systematic behavior to really make it in a tech career.

And, you know, you don’t want your INTJ shadow to like get in the way and like start wanting to take shortcuts, because as much as I beg on INTJ is, for example, for wanting shortcuts in life. That’s not to say that en teepees don’t do it because they do do it to the point where it’s kind of actually disgusting, how much they often like take shortcuts, they allow themselves to become fans or fanboys of a certain someone certain noun, a person, place or thing. And they put all their faith into that thing. And then that thing will disappoint them.

And then they feel really bad about themselves. And then they move on to the next thing that they could be a fan of, oh, this will save me or oh, this will give me a good career or oh, this will really help out. I know any NTP who thought he’d make a lot of money being a notary, I laughed a lot. Nope, didn’t happen.

It’s very naive. He admitted later that he was being naive. But yeah, like, definitely not the direction I would have gone. Since then, I’ve recommended that, you know, since his family is getting into hospitality, he should probably consider getting into hospitality.

But he’s got to be triple systematic about it. Like, I mean, for example, if he was to start his own Airbnb Empire, which I would recommend, you know, get his credit score and his income, you know, based on his you know, having two jobs so that he could potentially afford to rent a place. And then after renting it, turn it into an Airbnb cost him like $1,500 a month in rent for that place. And then he could Airbnb it out for three to $4,000 a month, and then use the extra cash, use the profit to get another place.

And another one another one actually is like 12, Airbnbs. And then he can systematize it by having a good relationship with a cleaning lady. And then all of the furniture is exactly the same and systematized all the dishes are all exactly the same says all the carpets, all the rugs, everything. He has all the same vendors he goes to.

And it’s just rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. That’s what triple systematic is all about. But when it comes to tech careers, you need to apply that same kind of philosophy, that triple systematic philosophy, and everything that you do with your career and everything in doing work. For example, with my tech career, that’s exactly what I did.

You know, you create this, what’s called a gold image, you know, for your servers, etc, and then deploy this gold image across multiple virtual machines in your VMware environment, you know, and you have virtualized servers. I one time ran a three, three site implementation with three different data centers, being able to do disaster recovery at all three data centers using a technology called Zerto. On top of VMware, which is on top of Cisco UCS, which is on top of Cisco Nexus fabric, etc. Using Fibre Channel and I scuzzy at the same time with storage coming from Nimble Storage and I had to know all of these technologies I didn’t know all the IQs all the ice cozy, every single aspect.

And I did a great job. And it’s paid six figures to do it, you know. But again, like it’s so funny to me how en teepees like think that they can choose their tech career when the reality is they have to understand that their expert intuition hero, their tech career chooses them. It’s about being in the right place at the right time.

You don’t get to choose they think they get to choose because their heart temple in the heart temple serves at the feet of introverted intuition Yay. So they have this delusion that they have a choice when the reality of situation is the intp just needs to take their triple systematic self and go where they are wanted. Right. And if they don’t know how to make them wanted, maybe they should spend time volunteering.

Hang up places. The more they volunteer, the more experience they get, the more desirable they become on their resume. And then they can get a better career. That’s actually the absolute best way to get started in any career as an intp, go volunteer, fill your SI with experiences, so you can tell stories, and then you’ll get hired.

I can’t just, you know, be honest episode and tell you, yeah, hey, go learn VMware, I can’t do that. Because like, I’d have to tell you to get certified with the net plus the a plus certification first, followed by the Linux plus certification, then the network plus certification. And then at that point, you have a foundation of knowledge where you can actually have a tech career just off of that, of course, a plus certified, you can get a help desk job at Amazon, like straight away. Because you’re instantly more hireable than anyone else that actually interviews there.

Because you have a certification, right. And it’s not hard to get the IEEE A plus certification. But the point is, doesn’t matter what I recommend to you as a tech career, like, you need to be certified. But so really, you know, it’s more of like, I can’t tell you what you should do.

It’s more like I could tell you what you shouldn’t do. Don’t get, don’t get a computer programming career. I mean, you know, if you’re like, if you’re like fib on the discord server, who’s a mod? You know, he’s an intp brilliant one. If you’re like him, you know, yeah, sure, you know, you can learn code.

And if you’re gonna learn code, learn Python, but it’s, but it’s not, he’s not learning code for the sake of coding. He’s learning code to build himself bots to automate things to make things easier for himself in his own life, based on his own strategies based on what he wants to do with it, the technologies he wants to create, because of his own ideas, right. Based on his ideas, you know, we’re he’s inspired, you know, way based on like, algorithms that he’s created, you know, and, and learning and learning tech skills, supports those projects that he does. But learning how to be a code monkey where your turret while you’re told to code something for somebody else, you’re gonna fail, because they don’t like an intp is ever going to be good as a front end developer.

Yeah, they can read the ultimate UX book for user experience called Don’t make me think they could read that book. But it’s still not going to give them a good result, they have Extraverted Thinking critic, and there’s a lot of, they either need pure logic, or pure rationale in order to make it as a computer programmer anyway. That’s why INFJs are the best suited for computer programming out of all the 16 types, not en TPS. So and TPS are left with being you know, infrastructure, all about infrastructure, all about support, within infrastructure, all about helpdesk all about customer service from that perspective, because they’re dutiful Fe users who are triple systematic.

And they have to be willing to create those procedures to have better outcomes from a technical point of view. But, you know, I can’t just say, you know, had this great tech career, I mean, there’s so many different types of careers in tech. I mean, I met a guy who did photography, using drones for for racing companies, you know, like, that’s pretty nice. Like, it just doesn’t matter.

The point is, folks NTPs when it comes to their career, especially tech career, go where you are wanted, if you find somewhere that you’re kind of interested in, go volunteer doing it and see what it’s actually like. So you actually have something an Introverted Sensing, so then you’re like, Oh, this is gross. I don’t actually want to do this. So then they’re like, Okay, I’m not doing this, then they go volunteer somewhere else that’s wiser.

How about en TPS decided to, like, you know, be wise with their career, and go try stuff out. You know, no one’s going to refuse a volunteer. And if they do, they’re, they’re dumb, and you don’t really want to work for them. So go find somewhere you can go volunteer as a barback, for example.

And then, and then maybe you get hired on as a barback. Later, which is basically the busser or the maintainer of a bar and then the bartender may actually teach you to make drinks then eventually you could become a bartender because you have the experience. So no such thing as a bartender school or certification because all That’s crap. You have to just throw yourself into the fire and immerse your Introverted Sensing with what’s happening.

And it’s no different between a bar versus like a help desk or anything tech related mass immersion but you’re not going to get the immersion if you have no experience because no one’s gonna want to hire you. So maybe you should become an intern maybe you should volunteer that’s how you’re gonna be that’s how that your entire found your entire tech career foundation is based on that. So yeah, I mean, I could tell you that yeah sure learn networking learn Cisco Nexus switches learn learn I scuzzy or fiber channel storage. And there’s so many different technologies like Dell EMC, Nimble Storage, Pure Storage, which is probably the leader in storage these days.

Go learn, go learn exagrid for backup appliances, go learn Vemma for backup software, and their competitors, cohesity and rubric if they’re still around. And if rubric is still around, I’d be entirely surprised, because what a horrible company my opinion. But that’s, that’s all you got to do, like, go where you’re wanted. And if you’re not wanted anywhere, then you’d haven’t volunteered, you don’t have an experience.

So go volunteer. So you get experienced to make you desirable, the more volunteering means the more effort which means your SI is getting upgraded, which means by cognitive access, your N E is being upgraded, making you more desirable, more hireable because you’re more desirable, because you actually have experience, and then you’re going to get the job and then your tech career is off the races. You don’t get to decide your tech career. You don’t get to choose your tech career.

Who told you that? That’s bullshit. Your tech career chooses you. Mine shows me You think I had any say in it. I was just trying to survive.

I was just trying to feed my family. Like my firstborn was literally born into homelessness. I was willing to do anything. I’m sure you would be to write, at least if you’re a man of your salt speaking EMTP min.

So come on. That’s what it’s all about. The tech career chooses you you just have to position yourself for greatness. And you do that by volunteering.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys tonight on the discord


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