Season 31, Episode 13: Why sex before marriage is not a sin


What’s up? What’s up new hackers, this is CS Joseph, Welcome to Season 31, episode 13. Why sex before marriage is not a sin. So we’ve been going in really deep on inter gender dynamics, and in general how that’s been affected, by and large, societally and where each of the genders stand in relation to each other in relation to society. But today, we’re going to be looking at one of the biggest societal influences or nuances over you know, sexuality and people’s relationships, and it comes from, you know, ultimately the church, and how the church itself being the preeminent power of mankind over the last couple 1000 years, it’s really important to understand kind of where they’re coming from, where they’re going, etc, and how ultimately, some of their belief systems have fundamentally affected society and ultimately, men and relationships that we know it.

For example, I can’t be a masculine man in a church, I cannot behave masculine in a church, I can’t go to church and potentially potentially exercise my belief system without being demonized, vilified, or absolutely destroyed, shunned or removed, kicked out, and I have been kicked out of many church my time because of masculinity not being allowed within the church. And one of those things is it’s really just Yeah, I do have laundry going, because Railgun decided to turn it on during the show, which I’m going to stop now. 02:13 Or se hero was not really aware of consequences to actions. And sometimes she’s just not really aware of what’s going on because she gets so focused on what she needs to do that she’s not really understanding how her making ni inferior choices can negatively impact other people.

Right, so welcome to ESTPs. For more on that, I recommend watching the recently reviewed ESTP hypocrisy episode are released. It was released at CS For slash members and the journeyman membership. might want to check it out.

I actually talked about aspects of my marriage quite frequently within that episode. So you guys want to kind of get a better idea of what I have to deal with on my day to day in terms of my marriage, I highly recommend you check out that episode because I definitely don’t hold back and I do not mince words at all. Enjoy that one. I think recently, some STP women within the Facebook group have said that I was uncharacteristically brutal in that episode, so hopefully, we’ll see how that goes.

So yeah, who’s an occultist? I’m not an occultist. I don’t know why people think I’m an occultist. Hopefully, they’re not talking about me. 03:40 Yes, I am serious today.

03:43 So there’s always plans for INFJ content. Yeah, well, sitting technically means missing the mark. But I guess we will start by defining sin exactly what what is sin defined and sin, at least from the Judeo Christian point of view is that anything that does not follow the 10 commandments, basically, that’s that’s what sin is. That’s, that’s the standard, the standard is the 10 commandments.

And we’re actually going into the 10 Commandments today in today’s episode, and we’re gonna be doing it live, because I’m sure some people have some interesting comments. And I’d like to be able to provide additional explanation, explanation alive as some of the comments come in. So this is kind of going to be a little bit more open than usual, but not entirely a, you know, an open forum per se. So, but anyway, um, the problem with culture and the problem with libraries we know is that men in general just aren’t really allowed to be masculine in church, like not even remotely.

And I maintain that if you are a starch, Christian man who participates in Western society, church practices, chants Huizar, you’re a beta, chances are you’re emasculated by your own religion and your own belief system. And chances are, you’re less of a man. And I probably wouldn’t really respect you that much. Now, I could respect you in terms of your convictions.

But in terms of your masculinity, I wouldn’t be able to respect you very much. I don’t care how socialized and I don’t care how conditioned you are, by your belief system, and by your choice to think that you are being a man because you’re participating in the belief system. And because you hold on uphold their highest convictions or moral convictions, especially their sexual convictions, then that makes you more if a man than me apparently, the reality the situation is that it doesn’t, it doesn’t at all, and you’re just being led astray like everybody else, and you’re being manipulated, and you have literally no idea how to even be a man or even live your life accordingly. And today’s episode is dedicated to you, you the involuntary celibate, who really takes the Bible is the infallible Holy Word of God, even though it’s not.

And we’ll explain a little bit why that is the case today. And we’re going to be identifying how you’ve allowed the church to utterly destroy what it means for you to be a man that says I have allowed the church to do the same thing to me, but no longer. I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m no longer welcome at churches because I have a tendency to criticize people and call them out on their bullshit, intellectual hypocrisy when it comes to anything biblical. I guess this is what happens.

You know, when I was raised by a pastor, my dad still pastors a church. In Washington State, he was recently invited to pastor another church in Texas. And he has all these pastoral opportunities going for him. And but no, I was just that rebellious pastor’s kid who literally saw the bullshit for what it was within the church.

And now I no longer live my life according to the church or church doctrine, or ultimately churchianity. I am an extremely anti church person. I do maintain my own spiritual beliefs outside of the church, I guarantee you, there’s nothing occult about them. For those of you that like to claim that I’m an occultist because Carl Jung apparently wasn’t a cultist, or whatever.

That’s not the case. If you really think that I am an occultist, then I really suggest you read Carl Young’s book, ion, AI, O N, which the four sides the mind is actually based on you can find that at CS Joseph dot life, forward slash reading, where I have my entire bibliography and my entire library of everything that I’ve read, I updated about twice a year and in all the new books that I’ve read to that list, and just keeps growing every single year. So if you would like to read what I have read and read with me, you’re welcome to do so. And if you want a free audible or Kindle account to give you a first free book, first ones free, etc.

You can have those opportunities available for you at that same page that CS Joseph dot life, forward slash reading. And it’s very, very, so dude, it’s Amy in the in the chat says depends on the church, but still no personal perfect. No, it does not depend on the church. All of the churches are false, all of them.

If you’re of the Mormon church, your church is false, because Joseph Smith, who is a TI trickster ENFP literally founded the belief system, and it just introduced even more rules. Yes, there’s some really good positives about the Mormon Church, out of all the churches out there. Out of all the churches out there, the Mormon church produces predominantly the best man or the best women and the best family scenarios. I appreciate that about them.

I also appreciate about the fact that they don’t actually have a pastor, and they don’t engage in the pagan practice known as sophistry, which is exposed in the book by Frank Viola, who was an INTJ and he wrote Pagan Christianity and a hardcore Christian INTJ he is just like a hardcore Christian INTJ that Rollo Tomassi is and he wrote the red pill books, right? Doing a lot of that exposing because they are triple pragmatic, and they need to expose the church for how affiliative it is and how it’s literally destroying people’s lives. The Mormon Church is no different. Just like Islam is also no different than the Mormon church because Muhammad is an ENFP. Okay, an ENFP, who goes around claiming, claiming that He’s God’s prophet when no other prophet before him ever claimed to be a prophet.

Now, even Jesus made that claim. Yeah, all of a sudden, he gets to make that claim, right? Hashtag contradiction, okay. I don’t trust Muhammad. I don’t trust Joseph Smith.

And I’ll trust these people. These people just made like add ons, but even more than those people. I don’t trust the Nicene Creed. I don’t trust in sola scriptura which is this Catholic belief that whatever is canonized is the Holy Word of God.

No, it is not. That is also a full or premise. Okay. So van was going to ask me Okay, Chase.

So what exactly is God’s word then? Well, Chase, what exactly is your belief system? They always ask me and I’ll answer right now what my belief system is my belief system is critical thinking, that is my belief system. So if you have any question as to what my belief system is, that is my belief system, critical thinking, and I’ll read all of the spiritual books out there. I’m very well studied in theosophy, which is technically the occult, I’m very well studied in both basky Manley P. Hall, Albert Pike, I’m reading Aleister Crowley, not because I support these belief systems where I like these belief systems, but because I want to gain understanding understanding of belief systems that I don’t even like because guess what other people’s belief systems causes them to make decisions.

And when they make decisions, it creates consequences that affect my life on an everyday basis. Something I wish more people than this audience will be willing to do said of spending all their time playing World of Warcraft or Diablo two or Halo infinite, which is around the corner, you know, they actually get off their ass and actually educate themselves. It’s not hard, draw yourself a very hot bath, lay in it for 30 minutes and listen to an audiobook. It’s not that hard.

Treat yourself, just do it right or go on a walk every day. Right? Close your rings on your on your Apple Watch. While you are, you know exercising and get educated with an audiobook. It’s not hard.

Okay? While you’re driving to work, read an audiobook. It’s not hard. Like if I can read 24 to 52 books a year. What’s your excuse? Seriously, what’s your excuse? So before you all start getting judgmental towards me about like my belief system, or how I’m an occultist, or how I’m full of shit or whatever, okay, that’s fine.

But at least get up off the floor and read a book. Okay, get off the couch and read a book. And if you can’t take the time to read a book, then stop being so judgmental. I’m looking at you ESTPs.

Especially like your lack of reading comprehension or your lack of ability to sit still while reading because ESTPs rarely read a book. My wife just completed the fourth book she’s ever read in her entire life. She’s 24 years old. Okay, so just give me an idea.

I understand that ESTPs have hard time reading books. But that’s still no excuse. Still no excuse. Find a way? Absolutely find a way.

Not a fan of Scientology. Not at not a not not a fan of it. So do I follow the teachings of iron Rand like Randy and objectivism sometimes just depends. John Galt is an E intp.

So, yeah, but anyway, so, but the belief system that I have the biggest problem with is belief systems that follow the Nicene Creed. So ultimately, I have the biggest problem with Christianity. You know, I’ve said many times that like, you know, if I had the opportunity to press a red button, that would cause craters to be where every single church building stood on this planet simultaneously, I would press the button in a heartbeat, because I hate the church. I hate it.

I hate it. I’m going on record right now to say that I hate church with a fiery passion. Because the church is to me just one big lie. It’s a lie.

A really big lie. That’s not to say that they can’t tell the truth. Sure they can, but predominantly is a lie. And they’re all just been conditioned and socialized to think that they’re telling the truth to think that they’re doing the right thing when the reality situation is they’re not.

They’re doing the opposite. 13:44 It’s a, it’s more like actually the teachings of demons, I would say. So I’m a very anti church person. And that’s because churches, whether or not they’re Catholic, or Protestant, they all follow the Nicene Creed.

And I think the Nicene Creed is absolutely evil. The idea that just some group of old men led by Constantine, little gray haired men get to sit in a room and vote on what they think is God’s word, and then expect the rest of the whole world to, like, listen to, you know, to believe that this is the infallible Holy Word of God is absolute bullshit to me. Like, why? Why did they get to choose what is biblical canon? What is not right? Because if they didn’t have the Nicene Creed, maybe the apocalypse of Peter would still be considered God’s work or actually be within the Bible. And if it really wasn’t the Bible, there’s a specific passage in the apocalypse of Peter that heavily condemns abortion, for example.

Do you think that abortion would be legalized and legal today or actually well practiced by most women today? Well, no, because that would have been part of our culture, but it’s not part of our culture because of the Nicene Creed. And the council Trent don’t get me started about the Council of Trent. Both of them are completely and totally farce in terms of their biblical teachings. I just, I just it’s so ridiculous.

So forgive the boring introduction, we’re relating to church history and church politics, but it’s heavily necessary to this discussion. I don’t think that there are people who are pragmatic enough or have the guts to even talk about this stuff. But of course, it would take an outsider and an exile like myself, who used to be a part of the church at the very center of the church, and every aspect of the church consistent Hell, I even used to be a youth pastor, to a point. And that was a shit show.

At add these two girls, who seemed to be very interested in interested in me, and being really friendly with me, a married man on Facebook Messenger, and I had to provide photos of that interaction with their parents, and I resigned from my position immediately. And I’ve never, I’ve never went back. Because you know, we live in this culture where even an accusation of wrongdoing would just destroy your life, regardless of evidence. And that’s not a position I’m going to put myself into, right.

So It’s situations like that, that give me pause when it comes to the church and how everyone is so willing, especially you know, a lot of church up F j’s are so willing to accept, you know, the social norms and other social norms of the church to determine their own thinking, instead of exercising critical thinking, this is something I’m trying to be the opposite of, I’m trying to be the opposite of my mother, I’m trying to be the opposite of my mother in law, basically, who are FJ is opposite of my father and my father in law, even who are F j’s to be opposite of f. J’s, who I would say, by and large, throughout my life, have allowed social norms to dictate their own thinking, because I get it psychologically, from an FJ standpoint, you know, how can something be true if it’s not socially accepted? Because people should accept if something is truth, right? If it’s true, then people should, it should be socially acceptable, right? Well, that’s not how the world works. F js, it takes a long time for F J’s as they grow older, and as they grow wiser to all of a sudden realize that that’s not exactly the case. And then all of a sudden, they realize that they shouldn’t allow social norms to determine their thinking anymore, or to base their thinking on social norms anymore, that should be the opposite.

They should allow their thinking to determine social norms, and to enforce social norms based on their own thinking. That’s what it’s supposed to be. That’s what’s supposed to happen. 17:42 So there’s a lot of there’s a lot of problems out there.

17:50 So this episode is going to talk about how church doctrine has influenced societies such that men are effectively miserable. And we live in a society of, you know, bullshit, basically, I was raised that premarital sex was a sin. And I was an evil person for engaging in premarital sex, for example. And there’s, there’s, there’s, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of crap that goes along with that.

But oftentimes, you know, when it comes to the church, men are guilted into giving up their masculinity, because of these so called principles because of these so called things and you know, a lot of times you know, they they pull out their Bibles, and they go look at, you know, verses involving sexual immorality, right. So, today, we’re going to do something a little bit different than I typically do. And this is going to be a very different lecture. And I don’t expect this lecture to be very popular, it’ll be very controversial, and I’ll get a lot of crap for it, especially from Christians.

But I think it’s necessary to understand the etymology or the source of some of the suffering that we have within our culture. And I maintain that the church is right front and center to the absolute suffering of our culture. sexuality in the long run is ultimately, what makes people happy in the long run, definitely makes men happy, and then men get their legacy from it as well, and having that freedom of sexual expression. And oftentimes, the church has gotten in the way and destroyed people’s lives because of incorrect teaching and incorrect interpretations.

And there’s a ton of them. Like, for example, the apostle Paul says, you know, you should not get married unless you you’re burning with passion. Most people think that’s when a man is just being horny and he shouldn’t get married because he’s just being horny, but it has nothing to do with that. Paul’s only saying only get married if you want to be with the same woman for the rest of your life because you burn with passion for that one.

A woman and that you’re not going to grow bored of her. That’s, that’s what Paul’s actually saying. But you can see how the church has completely twisted that to fit their bullshit monogamous Malthusian narrative, right. And Malthusian ism is ultimately why the church behaves the way that it does.

Malthusian ism. Another another example of what Malthusian ism is, if you have if you ever heard of the Georgia Guidestones, which are very controversial things, there’s a photo of the Georgia Guidestones recently where they were defaced, and someone was right doing some graffiti of superlatives against a calling out the new world order for example, with the Georgia Guidestones the Georgia Guidestones talks about Malthusian ism which is which is supports eugenics basically only certain races should be allowed to live everyone else’s cattle basically everyone who is not fit or considered or deemed fit genetically fit basically then they’re to be treated like cattle and their their basic lives regimented in their freedoms taken away no bodily autonomy, extract, you know, debt, slavery, extract everything you can get from that person, etc. And that is, you know, how, what many would say the elite sees the rest of the world. And it’s based on Malthusian ism Malthusian ism is that we need to make sure that we’re controlling the population, so it doesn’t get out of hand, because there won’t be enough resources for the population.

When biologically that’s not true, because if there’s a lack of resources, people stop reproducing naturally, just like animals stop reproducing naturally, it’s what happens. Okay, if there’s a lot of resources, then reproduction continues. And that that’s a really, really big problem. So based on this Malthusian ism that’s been in the church, since, you know, especially the deepest levels of underneath cathedrals, where they find obelisks, which are a cultic symbols instead of crosses, etc.

You know, where priests in the clergyman who would worship their true God and their true Savior, their true Lord, etc, which had nothing to do with Jesus Christ, for example, they would practice Malthusian ism. And the church had to do something because resources were being run out nights and everyone would give on to brigand ism. That’s why they created the code of chivalry. And then they ultimately created the code of monogamy.

And monogamy is one man for one wife. And they did it in such a way for all for legal reasons. But they did it also in an effort to curb population growth, right. And one of the teachings that they use to enforce this is saying that premarital sex is a sin.

And that man or a man can only have sexual access, if he is married, which is wrong, is fundamentally wrong. And this is incorrect thinking. And they do this based on things called sexual immorality. And the question of sexual immorality is, is a big deal.

So I’m actually going to be opening up with some Bible verses today. So let’s talk about sexual immorality places that sexual immorality has been mentioned, at least in the New Testament. Matthew chapter five, verse 32. But I say to you that everyone who divorces his wife, except on the ground of sexual immorality, makes her commit adultery and whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

Matthew 5019 Five of the heart come evil thoughts murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness and slander. Matthew 19, nine, and I say to you, Whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality and marries another commits adultery. Mark 721. For from within the heart of a man come evil thoughts sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, John 841, you are doing the work your father did they said to him, we were not born of sexual immorality with one father even God, Acts 1520 but should write to them ABSTAIN FROM THE THINGS polluted by idols and from sexual immorality and from what has been strangled and from blood.

And acts 1529 That you abstain from what has been sacrificed to idols and from blood and from what has been strangled and from sexual immorality. If you keep yourself from these you will do well, farewell. Acts 2125. Same thing are we getting the Romans more the Apostle Paul so we’re out of Luke talk in our in the apostle Paul, Romans 1313 Let us walk properly as in the daytime not in orgies and drunkenness, not in sexual immorality and sensuality, not in quarreling and jealousy.

First Corinthians five one it is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you and and of a kind that is not tolerated even among pagans for a man has his father’s wife. Oh, wow. First Corinthians 511. But now I’m writing to to not associate with anyone who bears the name of Brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed and so on and so forth.

It keeps going and going and going and going. And the word sexual immorality is actually known as the word 25:35 porneia. Okay. 25:38 And this is ultimately a mis translation.

This is one of the reasons why I maintain the Bible is not the infallible Holy Word of God, because to me, God’s word equals the words of the prophets plus the words of Jesus minus Miss translation and biblical interpolation. Okay. That’s the thing. That’s the standard.

If you really want to know what’s God, God’s word actually is anything else, including the words of Paul. They’re just guidelines. They’re what the Mormons would call words of wisdom, aka recommendations, but not commands or requirements. All right.

So for the purpose of this episode, I’m actually going to be defining what sexual immorality actually is. What is the actual definition? So, what is sexual immorality? Or shall we say what is sexual morality? So I will list them out. It is no incest. No sex with children.

So no pedophilia, okay. No sex during menstruation. That’s a shocking one. But yes, that that counts, according to original Jewish understandings of sexual immorality, no sex with another man’s woman.

Okay, that violates the 10th commandment, which is Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, basically. And and that’s, that’s for men. For women. It’s no sex with anyone other than your husband, without permission.

Yeah. And no ritual prostitution, ritual prostitution, like, for example, that Paul was preaching against in Corinth and the books of Corinthians, people would go to the temple of Aphrodite, they would have sex the temple priestesses every week, as part of their worship at the temple. And it’s like, free love, you know what I’m saying? And they do it like every Sunday, basically, those priestesses would get pregnant, they’d have babies, and they throw those babies into affirmance and sacrifice in the demon Moloch basically, you know, so, which basically, you know, Christians, you know, or people can make the argument that abortion is a form of demon worship, you know, based on that standard. 28:00 So, regardless, 28:03 these are some of the things that you know, that that is that is the actual definition of sexual immorality.

Please know that fornication, aka extramarital sex, aka premarital sex is not listed in that definition whatsoever. Please also note that regular prostitution is not listed in sexual immorality either. So I’ve just given you like the actual definition of sexual immorality that apparently like churches just don’t get. Also, you know, sexual immorality is also oftentimes churches will teach that, you know, you can’t have more than one wife.

But that’s not true. Because if that was the case, that would directly contradict what one of the Church Fathers aka the apostle Paul, the apostle Paul said that, you know, women have to dress in a certain way they can’t even talk and church, etc. And in the same breath, he’s basically saying, oh, yeah, hey, by the way, a man should only have one wife, if he’s in part of church leadership, so we can focus on the things of God instead of just the things of his family. If he has more than one wife, then he has to deal with his family affairs and he won’t be able to serve God in such a way.

So therefore, if he’s in church leadership, you should only have one wife, and that’s the only limitation provided in the Bible, but churches would like to twist that and say it as a part of sexual immorality. It’s not, it’s not. So we’re going to be pulling up an extra source it was written by Charles toy of the Christian left blog, who is an intp. An intp is are awesome because they often they often have, well, really good research just like Bart Ehrman, which I recommend that you read if if you can, Bart Ehrman E H.

R. Ma N. Quote, The Bible does not forbid premarital sex. There is no passage of the Bible that references premarital sex.

As a sin against God, the association between sin and premarital sex is a new Christian idea. The only possible reference to premarital sex being a sin in the Bible is in the New Testament. This premise though, was generally dismissed by theologians because the Greek word corne, or pornea, or sexual immorality is commonly incorrectly translated into the English word fornication, and biblical times, women were the owned property of a man, men ruled over women and their children. Women had very few if any rights and men often bought women from their families or at an auction, usually at the age of 12 and a half.

The fathers owned the women aka daughters, wives, concubines handmaidens, servants, etc. And if you wanted to have intercourse with one of his properties, then you had to ask his permission. If a father sold a daughter, he would get more money for her if she was a virgin, Nan virgins are less expensive to buy. If a man purchased a daughter at a virgin price, she was not or she did not bleed during intercourse that he could return her to her father and get his money back.

Most marriages were arranged for financial reasons, many couples never even met until the day of marriage on the day of marriage, their proposed husband would give a dowry or monetary Converse compensation or payment, he would literally pay for a woman to the father of a bride. The price of the dowry was different from woman to woman, and it was determined by the Father and it was based on the woman’s beauty, ability to bear children strength, household skills and status as a virgin. In the Old Testament. Many verses that people cite for being against premarital sex are actual verses against stealing another man’s property.

For example, in Exodus chapter 22, verse 1617. If a man seduces a virgin who is not engaged and lies with her, he must pay the bride price for her and she will be his wife. If her father absolutely refuses to give her to him, he shall pay money equal to the bride price for virgins. So according to this verse, the only reason any wrong was done is because the father of the woman lost money when the man and the woman consented to having premarital sex without her father’s knowledge.

The passage showed that through premarital sex, the man is actually stealing from the woman’s father, that difference in value between her being a virgin and her being a non virgin, it does not show that premarital sex is wrong. And Deuteronomy chapter 22, verses 20 through 29. It says, quote, If a man finds a girl who is a virgin who is not engaged and ceases her and lives with her, and they are discovered, and then the man who lay with her shall give to the girl’s father, 50 shackles have served silver, and she shall become his wife because he has violated her. He cannot divorce her all his days.

This shows that forced premarital sex or rape is also stealing. But unlike the book of Exodus, this trespass provides a punishment as the male rapist not only stole from the woman herself, but from the woman’s father as well. Kind of interesting that she still has to marry her rapist, right? No one No one talks about that. You guys do realize that rape laws all throughout the world followed actually was under you know, on the books under property destruction and property theft, and had nothing to do with like human rights.

I’m not saying this is a good thing. I’m just showing you like that’s your history folks understand it. Another example of premarital sex in the Old Testament was given in Deuteronomy chapter 21, verse 10, this is a case in which a man takes a woman captive, and if he wants to make her his wife, he must follow the conditions it sets forth and then have intercourse with her. Then she has found to be desirable as he has the option of marrying her or sending her away.

So then Okay, interesting. This passage not only condones premarital sex, but maybe even divorce as well. Wow, okay, thank you ignorant church people. Thank you.

You don’t even know your own Bible. How pathetic you are. Even the 10 commandments doesn’t forbid premarital sex. Most Christians would classify premarital sex under the seventh commandment, Thou shalt not commit adultery.

But adultery is defined as voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse. If neither persons are married, it cannot be adultery. I would actually like to take this point a little bit further folks. Adultery could only be basically the only person that can commit adultery as a woman, a man cannot commit adultery unless he’s having sex with an adulterous and adulterous is a prerequisite for adultery to take place.

So if a man is married, if a man is married, and he has sex with a another man’s wife, he committed adultery because She is an adulterous because she belongs to another man. However, if a man is married or in a committed relationship and has sex with a woman that does not belong to another man, he did not commit adultery, a lot of people don’t get that thou shalt not commit adultery in the 10 commandments was for women only. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife was for men only one is a female commandment. The other one is a male commandment.

And a lot of people don’t understand this. And then they expect all of us to live in this bullshit society that we live in following these bullshit standards. 35:36 Wow, great. Great.

That’s just fantastic. 35:43 If the man performing the premarital sex was married, and the woman was not, in biblical times, this did not matter. The reason for this was that in biblical times, adultery was defined as a situation in which there was the danger of a married woman being impregnated by another man. Oh, that’s why men don’t like women having a high body count because the higher a body count a woman has, the more likely she’s going to basically cook him.

You know, that’s, that’s, that’s how you how women rape men by cooking them. When they find out their child isn’t even their child anymore. The same pain women feel when they’re raised is the same pain men feel when they find out that they’re, they’ve been cooked. Great, great, but you know, we can’t we can’t do that either.

So this is also why sex with a prostitute is was not adultery, even if the man is married. In the Hebrew understanding of adultery, commandment of Moses adultery, as understood by what Moses said, was only wrong for married women and never a married man. Even Solomon, a great prophet of the Bible, who was said to be favored by God had 700 princesses and 300 concubines. The Bible shows that polygamy, rape, incest and orgies were not only accepted, but were often rewarded by God, and were common practice of great men of the Bible, none of whom were ever spoken out against in the Bible.

This is another contradiction churches have wrong, they don’t even know their own Bible didn’t even know what they’re teaching Christ’s teachings at the Sermon on the Mount were that the only law is the law of love. He showed that by reversing the four of the Old Testament laws which conflicted with loving people. Therefore, that’s why you said love your neighbors yourself. Therefore, anything that was unkind or not by mutual consent, etc.

Would be immoral for a Christian, but obviously, it would not be immoral to love sexuality before marriage, or because of different but natural sexual orientation. Okay, I’m now going to quote everything that Jesus said about homosexuality right now. Okay, that’s it. I’m done.

All right. That’s right. Jesus said nothing about homosexuality, yet. It’s constantly condemned and it’s condemned as an aspect of sexual immorality.

No, it’s not. Homosexuality is NOT a part of the definition of sexual immorality. That is a misnomer. Church doctrine bullshit.

That has nothing to do with anything. It’s a lie. Okay. Jesus never condemned homosexuality.

And the only people that did was just the opinion and opinion of an EN TJ known as the Apostle Paul. It was just an opinion, it wasn’t a command. And even then, it can be argued that it is actually a mis translation. Don’t believe me? Then please tell me why the male G Spot is up their ass.

Why did God supposedly create men to have that? Could you explain that to me, huh? Oh, wait, that’s right. You can’t because you’re full of crap. Get out. It’s not part of the definition of sexual immorality.

The New Testament says nothing about premarital sex. Some versions do though do MS translate the Greek word for Neha which means sexual immorality into the English word fornication, which means sexual intercourse was someone who was not married to porn a meaning sexual immorality included such things as having sex with a woman during ministrations adultery, Temple prostitution pet rasti also known as a pedophilia, and incest, something that erroneous and King Harry were made fun of and then ultimately the EMTP John the Baptist was executed for that. porneia meaning sexual immorality includes such things as having sex with a woman during months okay adultery although is not the same sin we know today in which it is common for a man and woman to be concerned. entered equal because of the equalist mindset because of the John Locke, all men are created equal and endowed by the Creator.

No, no, no, no, the genders are not equal because we have equal is and that means men commit adultery to no women do. Men just participate in it. Women are the ones who commit adultery. 40:19 The Hebrew understanding of adultery was that it was wrong for a married woman to have sex with another man since that violated her husband’s property rights to his wife.

It was not wrong for a man because a woman had no such property rights and married man could have as many wives as he could afford, as long as he did not marry another man’s property. Temple prostitution was actually the practice of the prostitutes in the temples of corrent, selling their services as a part of the worship of a pagan fertility goddess, which was what Paul was warning against when he spoke of uniting the members of Christ with a prostitute in First Corinthians chapter six, verses 12 through 17. This passage was not even specifically about prostitution, which was still legal and very popular in modern day Israel, but prostitution used as a form of pagan worship. That’s what Paul was criticizing.

He was speaking out against idolatry, not against prostitution. Folks, idolatry means you worshipping an idol and not worshiping God. Pedophilia was one of the worst of all sexual sins and it took on many forms, the practice of Petre assay or pedophilia falls into three different categories. The first form is that of a sexual relationship between an older man and a young boy.

The second is the practice of having a sexual relationship with slave prostitutes. Third is having a sexual relationship with an effeminate male prostitute, commonly called a cowboy or gigolo, others such practices included to heterosexual males degrading one another by anal intercourse after capturing them in a battle. Another practice was heterosexuals using anal intercourse to drive away other heterosexual strangers they didn’t like an example of this would be the story of Sodom and Gomorrah from Genesis chapter 19. To angels arrive at Sodom in the evening a lot was sitting in the gate of the city.

And when he saw them, he got up to meet them and bowed down to his face to the ground. My Lords, please turn aside to your servants house, you can wash your feet and spend the night and then go on your way, the early next morning. And they’re like, no, we want to spend the night in the square. But he insisted so strongly that they go with him and entered his house, he prepared a meal for them baking bread without yeast and they ate.

And before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom, both young and old, surrounded lots house, and they call it a lot. Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them? All right, popularity, folks. So most people think that the story of Sodom and Gomorrah is specific. So to homosexuality being an anti homosexuality, it has nothing to do with homosexuality.

So as Charles says, Here, the story had nothing to do with homosexuality. Sexual orientation is a modern concept, and was not labeled as such in biblical times. It is far better suited in the modern era. This was a story of hospitality as displayed by lot.

The men had surrounded the house for the sole purpose of gang raping the unwanted travelers and lot the owner of the house even offered his virgin daughters to calm the mob and save his guests. There’s not only shows that Petre assay was, at times, culturally accepted in biblical times, but it also proves that women were thought of as property and little more. That’s not saying either one of the above is okay. It was just practice.

And yes, folks, I’m not saying any of these things are okay. I’m saying what is practiced know your history. In every case of premarital sex in the Bible, there is no punishment for the sexual act. The only penalty is that the man had to pay compensation to the Father for the woman’s change in market value.

Wait a minute, we talked about women who have sexual market value way Wait. Today however, most women are of a comparable status to men. In most parts of the Christian world, there is no market value for daughters in Christian cultures. Given this, it stands to reason that the only penalty for having premarital sex is now gone.

In fact, the document authorized by the House of bissap bishops of the Episcopal Church stated that the passages in the biblical Book Song of Songs are in praise of sexual love celebrating youthful passion. With no reference to marriage. it affirms that sexual love and is itself good and beneficial regardless of marriage. If the notion of God allowing one practice during certain periods of time and not others seems absurd to you consider God’s Looking through the prophet Nathan saying that if David’s wives and concubines were not enough, he would have given David even more.

This is after David, who was an NFJ saw Bathsheba, the NFP woman who was being a hypergamy as HoH on the roof of her house, David was in the wrong place the wrong time because he should have been out at war, but he stayed home and let his general handle the war. And then this NFP memorized that David be walking on the roof of his house at certain times of the day. So she arranged for herself to be completely naked and bathing and being very sensual, to cause him to desire her. And he did.

And he ordered a sent guards down to go pick her up and then he brought her into his house and he fucked her that night. The problem is, the problem is, is that she was married to Uriah the Hittite. And then afterwards, David had him murdered. And then he took Bathsheba as his queen, basically.

Okay. And then, God speaking through the prophet Nathan said, How dare you do this, saying that if you have all the wives that you have all the concubines you already have was not enough. I would have given you even more than that. But you had to do that you had to murder this guy.

You had to take another man’s woman, you had to violate the commandment, Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife really? Screw you. And then after that, all of David’s wives and concubines were thrown out into the street basically, and basically taken his property by other men within that culture and raped and whatnot. Wow. Wow.

Real awesome, right? Today, many women have the same social and political freedoms that men have always had. But to say that responsible premarital sex or fornication is somehow wrong shows little more than ignorance to biblical teaching. Many of the sexually repressive teachings that developed in the Middle Ages are still being followed today. These teachers are based on oppressive Christian traditions that have no biblical basis other than ignorance, and in my opinion, Malthusian ism.

The kind of belief system that is taught in Aleister Crowley’s book, the book of the law, what’s taught in Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike what’s taught by Manley P Hall, what’s taught by Elena basky what’s taught by the Georgia Guidestones look all that up, that is their belief system. As we shall see from further discussion, the key word above is responsible. It remains obvious when when one examines the entirety of the Bible that marriage is God’s desired end game for partners in a committed, loving sexual relationship. A final note to those who might quote one man one woman passage in Matthew 19.

Jesus is talking about the act of marriage here, not premarital sex. Jesus didn’t say one word about premarital sex. Since Jesus was a Jew, he was undoubtedly very familiar with the Torah. Let’s examine Judaism’s attitude towards premarital sex as well.

It’s rather intriguing. After that, we’ll wrap it up. The Torah does not outlaw premarital sex. Okay, and then he gives like a lot of evidence as to why Judaism just doesn’t really care about it whatsoever.

So I don’t need to keep going through all this. But I would like to say though, as part of the as part of the bibliography here, if you guys want to know where this guy got his stuff, Robert brow wrote adultery and exploration of love and marriage. In 1993. premarital sex is not a sin against God, which is posted on November 2013, at 123 helped Jewish views on premarital sex on my Jewish

The reality of sex outside of marriage colon non marital sex is not ideal. But that doesn’t mean Judaism has anything to say about it by Rabbi Elliot and Dorf, also on my Jewish learning, and then he has the NIV there as well. But there’s so much more evidence outside of just you know, this blog posts and whatnot, but I wanted you guys to have you know, those basic resources, etc. 49:09 So the bottom line is that premarital sex is not a sin.

And if you have anyone tell you otherwise they’re out of their mind. They’re very ignorant and they don’t know what they’re talking about. So we have the Stibo, saying, But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife say for the cause of fornication, no, that’s the fornication is not there, that it’s for poor Neha not fornication. That’s a mis translation causes her to commit adultery.

What happens when a man divorces a woman? What what happens? What happens? Gustavo, let me tell you what happens. He forces her to become an adulterous and that’s what Jesus was talking about. Because only women could commit adultery. And if you as the man or this woman support structure because women don’t have any rights in those days, if you obey And in her and you divorce her, you are forcing her to become an adulterous because she has to go find another man and have sex with him so that that man would take her under his roof and under his headship basically.

So her husband would be divorcing her which would force her to become an adulterous. That’s what Jesus was calling out. It had nothing to do with fornication. It had nothing to do with premarital sex.

That’s a mis translation. It’s a misinterpretation by the church to move forward their mouth losing agenda, instead of actually like, helping people live a better life had nothing to do with that. It’s bullshit. That’s bullshit.

Okay. So no, like anyone else want to argue with this meat? Come on. I’m ready. Let’s do this.

Let’s do this. Okay, so this, this is the problem. So, overall, is the problem everyone believes, or at least everyone in the Christian realm or at least, you know, believes that premarital sex is a sin. It is not a sin.

It’s not it’s not a sin. It’s not a problem. It’s not. The thing is, is that obviously people need to be respectful of one another.

Obviously, people need to do the right thing. But what how do you do that? What is the solution? Or read you the solution right now? Already the solution? And it comes from Matthew five, verse 3137. All right. I’ll read it to you right now.

Matthew, chapter five, verse 3137, quote, who is also said, Whoever divorces his wife, and give him and let him give her a certificate of divorce, and that’s a direct quote Jesus making from the book of Exodus from the Torah. Then he says, But I say to you, that any everyone who divorces his wife except on the grounds of sexual immorality, which I already defined what that was, and it does not include fornication, makes her commit adultery because she doesn’t have any rights as a woman. So she has to go with a man which means she’s going to have to have sex with another man, which means she’d be an adulterous and then he’d become an adulterer, because he’s having sex with an adulterous basically. And whoever marries a divorced woman commits adultery.

Yeah. And then verse 33, again, you have heard that it was said to those of old you shall now You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform to the Lord what you have sworn, talking about promises, he’s talking about oaths. He’s talking about vows. But I say to you, do not take an oath at all, do not take a vow at all, either by heaven for it is the throne of God or by earthward is his footstool or by Jerusalem for is the city of the great king.

And do not take an oath by your head for you cannot take one hair white or black. So verses 3435 and 36. Is Jesus ragging on and bang out like he’s saying that marriage vows are stupid. He’s effectively saying marriage vows are sin.

53:13 Yeah, get your head around that. 53:17 marriage vows are a form of idolatry, folks, that is a form of idolatry. It is marriage vows is no different than the same sin that Adam committed in the Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis. marriage vows are idolatry.

Okay. That’s reality. Okay. So people ask me, okay, well, then the wants to solution Chase, what, what is the solution? So everyone asked me like, Okay, what’s the golden standard? What’s the gold standard of sexuality? Well, Jesus provides that verse 37.

Quote, let what you say simply be yes or no. Anything more than this comes from evil. He literally just said, marriage vows are evil, folks. Yeah, they’re evil.

Because sexuality is supposed to be let your yes be yes and your no be No. Need. I remind everyone that up until the 14th century, the Church believed that Jesus had a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene. Why else do you think Mary Magdalene was the very first person Jesus came to after raising from the dead? Hmm hmm.

Why is that? And there’s evidence of their sexual relationship based on how Mary Magdalene was behaving around Jesus, especially using her hair to wipe his body down with perfume, et cetera. Yeah, like, it was. It was basically, it was foreplay. It was sexual foreplay, folks.

That was foreplay. All right. People would use spices and oils. Like like myrrh and frankincense, you know, in those days before having sex, and he stayed with Mary Magdalene and Martha at their home.

I’m sure he had a sexual relationship with Martha unless Martha was family to Mary Magdalene. That wouldn’t happen but at a minimum he was definitely bang and Mary Magdalene they weren’t married. Jesus is gold standard of sexuality is right here on the Sermon on the Mount. Matthew chapter five, verse 37.

Let what you say simply be yes or no or let your Yes be Yes. And your no be No, that is what it is, folks. That is the gold standard. You don’t have to worry about adultery.

You don’t have to worry about covet thy neighbor’s wife. If you just let your yes be yes and your no be No. If you decide to have sex with another man’s wife, you can as long as you have permission, then it’s not a sin, then it’s not adultery because you have permission. Okay.

I had sex with another man’s wife once. It was an EN TJ. And I listened to him tell me that he was giving me permission to have sex with his wife. And I did for like half a year.

It was you know, and then he even actually flew from where he lived to come shake my hand and thanked me. He thanked me for having sex with his wife. He thanked me for taking care of her because she was so alone and lonely as she was traveling around on her working pilgrimage, 56:25 etc. He thanked me 56:30 so let your yes be yes and your no be No, that is the true gold standard of sexuality.

That is how we’re supposed to be living our life. You know, they’re not this church bullshit. That’s premarital sex is a sin. Not this church bullshit that you can only have one woman that monogamy is the only thing that is not sinful.

No, that’s church propaganda, both of them. It’s just propaganda. It’s bullshit. It’s not true.

Okay. So men, if you want to have multiple women go for it. This is actually talked about by the Christian writer Rollo Tomassi. And his book, The rational male, he calls it plate theory.

Plate theory is where he’s encouraging young men to not commit to a woman and have multiple roster of women that they have regular sexual relations with on a regular basis. And he says, you know, eventually one of those women will try to force you to force commitment and exclusivity. And when that happens, just dump her and then move on to the next one. And only save your commitment for a virgin who is at least 1015 years younger than you and who you plan on having children with.

Only save your commitment for that person. But until then, let your yes be yes and your no be No. Men also understand that you will not be held accountable. If you have sex with a prostitute.

There’s nothing biblically wrong with having sex with a prostitute. Nothing biblically wrong about that it is wrong if it’s a ritual prostitute, like at the temple of Corinth, but it is not wrong. Otherwise. It’s not wrong.

It’s not a sin. However, Solomon in the book of Proverbs talks about how unwise it is. He never says it’s a sin. He says it’s unwise.

So don’t do it. I don’t recommend it because it is unwise, but not a sin. Okay? It is not a sin for a man to have sex, extramarital sex with a woman who is unmarried. That’s not a sin either.

A lot of people can accept that. But it’s a fact. It’s a fact. Using the actual truth here, the actual bit what’s what’s actually accurate to like the biblical standards, you know? Now it is a sin.

If you promised exclusivity, if you have this agreed upon thing of exclusivity. So if you’re going to have extramarital relationship, if you’re going to have those sexual relationships, then you need to inform your wife that you’re going to do that. Because you have to let your yes be yes and your no be No. Otherwise, you’re just a liar at that point.

That’s the real standard, folks. That’s how sexuality is supposed to work. In terms of relationships. Even pornography is not a sin.

Pornography is not a sin. Although it can turn into a sin, the act of looking at pornography, not a sin, but it can be a sin, if it’s exploiting others, or if it’s pedophilia, for example, right? Or if it or if it’s a form of idolatry, because you’re addicted to it. If you’re addicted to porn, then it’s a sin because it’s idolatry. But the act of looking at pornography, provided that they’re not underage, and they don’t belong to another man.

They’re not being exploited in that regard, et cetera, then it’s not a sin, but then again, how do you know that? How do you know that they’re not really under Rage. How do you know that that woman is on a married woman? How do you know that there’s permission there? You see, you’re opening yourself up to some risks some moral ethical risk there with pornography. So I would side on the I would err on the side of Solomon with this one and say that pornography is an unwise behavior, I would say is unwise. For sure.

A lot of people have a hard time with me saying these things. But yeah, it’s unwise. unwise, just like having sex with a prostitute is also unwise. Not a sin.

But unwise. Definitely let your Yes be Yes, folks. And there’ll be no, don’t forget the true definition. The true definition of sexual immorality, which by the way, even John MacArthur would agree with me on this, that sexual immorality is so loosely translated, that it seems to be this huge catch all thing does not include fornication, aka premarital or extramarital sex at all.

And it really only includes pedophilia, incest, ritual prostitution, sex during menstruation, and having sex with another man’s wife, or having sex with someone who is not your husband without permission. Okay. That is literally the definition of sexual immorality. Okay, so there you go.

If you understand these things, we can accept these truths. You realize that under true and proper Biblical teaching, you have a lot more sexual freedom than you realize. And that’s just a fact. Not very many people can accept that.

Because, oh, we’re just going to let social norms determine our thinking, because it sounds good. It sounds right. But I’m going to do that thing that Paul talks about in this lunians and gather up for myself, teachers to teach my itching ears when I want to hear because I need it to protect my ego investments. 1:02:01 Wow.

Pathetic. Pathetic. 1:02:07 Let’s not be those people. Let’s not, let’s not be those people.

The solution is folks, let your Yes be Yes. And your no be No. And be honest. Be honest.

1:02:22 You have nothing to be afraid of. 1:02:24 I already talked about how culture is going in the direction of a poly related culture. It’ll be polyamory for the beta men, and polygamy for the Alpha men. That’s how it’s going to happen.

It is inevitable is around the corner. And that is within the next two years, that will be the norm if not already the norm. Don’t believe me? Look up the Seattle polyamory network and how huge it is. Does it understand that this is the way it’s going to be? This is how the world is going and it’s coming around here.

Monogamy along with the church is dying, the nuclear family is dying. Then again, I maintain that because the nuclear family is dying. People have multiple mothers multiple fathers around to ingratiate and impress upon those children, multiple psyches, those children will develop rapidly because they have to in order to deal with the harsh condition. Conditions of this failing society, for the society is on the corner and literally about over the precipice of collapsing, if not already.

So, it’s important to me that all of you within the CSJ community are armed with the actual true code of ethics. Instead of the bullshit ones that you hear at church. You just heard from Jesus’s mouth that marriage vows are bullshit. And literally, it’s nothing more than just like Adam putting Eve on a pedestal, which is why God cursed him in the garden of Eden.

Just let your Yes be Yes. And your no be No, that’s what Jesus did. Shouldn’t you Christians be following Jesus’s example? Shouldn’t that be what’s happening? 1:04:08 It’s ridiculous. So ridiculous.

1:04:18 Some people are asking, Why is sex during menstruation sin, I can only offer some theories as to why it is considered sin. Men. It’s really hard for men to catch STDs from women. It’s actually very uncommon for men.

So if you consider Pareto Principle 80% of the time a woman can catch an STD or an STI from a man. And it’s because men’s ejaculate carry the disease very easily. And they’ll they’ll get it they will get it. Whereas with a man it’s a 20% chance to get a a one out of five chance to get a sexually transmitted disease from a woman Again, these are assumptions.

And theoretical, I don’t know what the true statistics are. So I’m just going with the Pareto principle on this one. But I have seen studies where it is a lot harder for men to contract sexually transmitted diseases compared to women contracting them. Because just just based on biology alone, there’s less attack surface on men where there’s a lot of attack surface on women, for example, except during menstruation, when a woman is menstruating.

And if a man has sex with her, he’s at even more risk of contracting a disease, we’re at the point where it’s an actual guarantee than she is because it’s direct exposure to her blood. Right? So that’s, that’s the difference. And my theory is, is that sex during menstruation is a sin, for that reason, basically, to to protect men from spreading STDs, I think that’s the main reason, you know, you got to understand that, like, people weren’t actually washing their hands until like the 17 or 1800s. Specifically, and the only reason people wash themselves in ancient times, especially, you know, in the biblical times, so the Old Testament was to consecrate themselves so that they can go into the temple had nothing, it had everything to do with religious practices and everything to do nothing to do with public health.

But I have a feeling that the prophets understood the public health issues and issued those rules and edicts, you know, so to keep everyone clean, but human beings in those days couldn’t believe in something they couldn’t see like germs. So they had to make it all about religion and spirituality, when the reality situation is, they’re just having people take a freakin bath, you see, you know, because washing hands because the juries didn’t become common practice until a bunch of mothers were dying in a hospital because doctors were not washing their hands between delivering babies. That’s why so okay. 1:07:11 So okay 1:07:27 yeah, and smash and dash is definitely not the point of this, people think that I’m recommending people just, you know, smash woman and leave for afterwards.

No, and no one likes that. And it’s gonna come back and bite you in the but, and I would err on the side of caution with King Solomon say, that’s also pretty unwise. You know, from my point of view, I’m an intp. Like, if I have sex with somebody, it’s because I love them.

And I intend to stay loving them indefinitely. And that’s just kind of how it works for me. I don’t forget any person that I’ve had sex with, and I love every person that I’ve had sex with, it’s just who I am and how I am. And I can’t imagine being any other way.

You know, it doesn’t matter. And I it’s part of the masculine idealism that I’m born with, but the rite of passage, noting that how society in the feminine primary social order, and women through their salep system can just take advantage of me. Because of that, I have to have, you know, self respect. And that means sometimes I gotta break it off with a woman who I have a sexual relationship with, because she’s either become abusive, or she’s taking advantage of me in some way, shape, or form, or she’s putting herself above me, when a woman should learn how to humble herself and put me above her, because that is what I expect from the women in my life, I expect them to behave that way.

And if they do not behave that way, they cannot be in my life. That’s it, because the women in my life are living my life. I am not living theirs, and I refuse to, and I will not live their life. They’re living my life and being and living my life with me is a privilege.

And if they don’t want that, that’s fine. They can go elsewhere. And you know, what, if if they go elsewhere, they can choose to be an adulterous, that’s fine. I’m not here to say like, I’m going to divorce.

I’m going to divorce my wife. No, no, but if she wants to divorce me, well, that’s that’s her choice. She can make the choice to be an adulterous, that’s fine. This is why I teach men don’t chase women, you replace them.

So for example, to a married woman, and my coach or to a married man in my coaching practice is having a hard time with his wife. I tell him to not divorce her. Typically, I tell him to abandon the soulmate myth and understand that the soulmate myth is a complete lie. And I tell him, hey, look, just go get another woman.

because then your wife will either have to divorce you because she’ll make that choice on her own. But it’s her becoming a she’s the one who’s doing divorce and she is choosing to become an adulterous that’s on her. So you’re not violating Matthew chapter five, verse 31 and 32. Great.

And or, you know, she’ll accept the fact that you have another woman and then she’ll realize you’ll have to compete with that other woman for your attention. Which means the hot spider monkey sex will be coming back. Because women perform better in every area when they know they have to compete with other women for the men in their life. And this is what I ultimately teach those people those men who have really bad sexless marriages.

I tell them, hey, don’t chase instead replace and that’s that’s the wise decision to do that. So live brought up Matthew chapter five verses 28. Quote, playing devil’s advocate here, what about Matthew 528. But I tell you, anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart, I will now answer that one.

So I’ve already answered this to him before, but I think he forgot. So I will go into detail with it. So notice how it says, has already committed adultery with her in his heart with notice that the word is with her. Okay.

So that woman, why why is the man looking at a woman lustfully to begin with? How is she dressed? You know? How is that how does that happen? Is she behaving like an adulterous? Maybe, maybe she actually is a wife of another man. Maybe she’s the wife of another man. And she’s going around looking like dressing like a hoe, for example, in public to gain attention from men. She’s behaving like an adulterous and men would naturally lust after her because she’s dressed like a hoe and public, right? And that’s causing those other men to stumble.

And then they’re committing adultery with her, in their heart even know she belongs to another man. It’s all about context, folks. If you understand the proper cultural context of what’s going on in the Bible, and and in Judeo Christian culture, especially Judeo culture, you start to understand what’s actually happening. Women are the only ones that could commit adultery.

And the only way a man commits adultery is if he is doing it with an adulterous. So in order for Jesus to say that because he was very well educated, as you know, a rabbi, etc. We’re in order for Jesus to say that the woman had to have already been an adulterous for the sake of argument, for the sake of argument within the context of what he’s saying, as a result of that. It’s not suppose to mean, oh, if I just go look at any woman on the street that I lost after, then that automatically makes me an adulterer, because I committed adultery.

No, that’s not actually what is being said. That’s not what’s being said, at all. 1:13:17 So hopefully, hopefully, that makes sense. So 1:13:28 anyway, folks, I also recommend, I never said you’ve had sex with Satan.

I said she had sex with a serpent, Jonathan Hutchinson. So anyway, for other biblical resources, I recommend blue letter, you can check that out. Blue letter has a lot of resources, manuscript resources, Hebrew and Greek texts available. And you can do lots of comparative analysis yourself, I highly recommend that tool.

So blue letter I also recommend my source material here at this website at world events, and the And then, then go to Bible study at world events in the and then scroll down. And the beginning this section right here.

This section really well defines the theology or know the garden actually. Actually, I just read basically all the posts from the beginning the garden and the flood, essentially, and you’ll have an idea of kind of like, the more hidden teachings relating to what happened in the Garden of Eden and how I teach The Book of Genesis compared to how Old people typically in the church teach it so you guys can use this as a resource. So anyway so anyway, thank you all for watching. Hopefully, you guys learned something of value from Season 31 Episode 13.

The next episode will be far more controversial than this and will be extremely difficult for people to accept. So if you think the sacred cow of premarital sex is really bad, just wait till you see the next sacred cow that I’m going to be talking out in the next episode. So I don’t recommend that you miss it, because it’ll probably be the most crazy thing that I’ve ever taught in the history of my podcasting career. So, hopefully you guys see that so I’ll see you guys in season 31 Episode 14.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and with all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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