Why NFPs (INFP, ENFP) Get Away With Everything! | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question why do NFPs (INFP, ENFP) seem to get away with everything? Presented by Samuel Nicodemus, aka Iamanintellectual.


Welcome to TSG with a podcast, I’m your host fam wise. And today I’m answering the ICLEI question, why do NFPs get away with everything in life, and if they’re just likeable, it’s just, it’s almost as simple as that. So they have basically, the perfect traits that add up to making themselves likeable. The first thing is mostly that they have interest based Fe Nemesis and FE critic, while at least individual, you know, Fe nemesis for INFP is Fe critic for ENFPs.

And that’s going to help them out a lot, you know, like, you know, as TJ, they don’t have fe, and really any functional slot, like if TJ is try and fail L and you know, ESC jays, quite frankly, don’t give a damn. And then you know, you have SSPs which have a very systematic approach to it, which is kind of bland and not very charismatic, and, you know, that kind of thing. And then, you know, of course, Fe users, basically all of them have self worth issues by default. So that’s kind of unappealing, in a way.

And it’s not to say that any of the people I’m talking about, aren’t likable. It’s just like NFPs have a wow, there are so likeable type of mentality. And, you know, other of us needed be, you know, a little more developed, you know, like, I’m a pretty likable guy, almost everywhere I go. And most of this kind of has to do with mostly being neutral on a lot of things.

And generally just being helpful, like, I tend to be a little bit more, some developing, oriented, like that servile mentality when I’m out in public, which I, I keep forgetting that every time I like, I’m willing to teach people something, it’s technically not survival oriented, because it’s the INTJ side of my mind, but you know, people think I’m helpful and kind and teaching and all that other stuff. But, you know, that took some time to get because I always, I wasn’t always as likable as I am. That’s beside the point too. But I definitely do have some extroverted feeling inferior, I throw myself under the bus, bla bla bla bla bla, FYI, either, they’re a little bit more likeable, because they’re a little bit more secure, and who they are.

Like, I think a lot of Fe users have some problems or they’re trying to fish for compliments a little bit with some of their self deprecating, or at least that’s how it can come off to people. Like there’s almost a reason why a lot of like marketing books, and other stuff tend to be like mimicking ENFP, mimic and NFP, you know, don’t self deprecate. And, you know, that’s insanely challenging for a lot of us extrovert feelers, but it it works in regards to making you more likeable, being more secure in who you are, like, FYI, thing. That’s a thing.

And that’s the thing that’s very worth noting. And specifically, interest based Fe and FE critic do a little better at that likability because they can kind of bend that. Now, of course, these NFPs are extroverted thinkers, and they have a grasp on other people’s beliefs. They have an idea of what they’re thinking, and they can influence that they can use that ability to pull the world over people’s eyes by basically changing the information people get, because extroverted thinking is an input function within the structure of judgment where information comes out and put extroverted thinking, actually, I think I’m starting over here.

Yeah, okay. So extroverted thinking is going to be the beginning of the process. It’s going to provide input that a TI user will process the information of and determine from that pool what is true and what is false. And then the extrovert feeling functions will basically make the output for it like they will put it into effect.

And then Introverted Feeling will give feedback is this good is This bad. And since these expert thinkers are at the very beginning of the process, they are responsible for the input that other people talk about, they are the foundation of that they can pull a lot of things off, that affects the rest of the steps. You know, this is why NFPs and I guess philosophers in general, but specifically NFPS do really good at like journalism. And, you know, like, kind of changing the narrative.

And it kind of create kind of creating the mess that we have today. But I mean, they’re good at getting what they need done, done, I’m not gonna lie, I will respect it. And I mentioned that they also pull narrative, which is, you know, part of that journalism thing that I talked about. But you know, a narrative is basically a spoken or written account of events.

It’s a story essentially, like an event can take place. So let’s take a just a simple example, like, let’s say at work, two people are in an argument. And one of those is an NFP. They have a stronger sense of word choice with their stronger Si, to make the story and to kind of how they want to spin it.

So instead of saying, like recounting the story, if you will, I got in an argument with blank, you could make it as he started arguing with me. Or he started yelling at me, or he started screaming at me, you could see like, the small details of the word choice, that change the idea of the story. FYI, users are really good at that, specifically NSPS. That’s how they could do a lot of their stuff.

And they do that, basically, based around their reputation, and other people’s reputations, you know, like building themselves up or carrying others down. Not exactly in a desecration way, but just in a way that they find just with justification or a way that’ll give them more power. They have that ability, and almost anything like they could, they could put lipstick on a pig. And it’ll look good.

I’ll need to use them for when I’m making a Tinder profile. See that thing I was talking about with Fe users, that self deprecating thing, or that is good. And they will also tend to take the fine print and use it to their advantage. And I don’t blame them.

Because that is a lot of fun. I like to do it too. I don’t know if it’s super ego focused. I’m not sure if it’s like ti hero just trying to see what I could get away with.

But I relate to it. But I also want to clarify, too, that for the most part, there’s nothing wrong with any of this. It’s just a thing. And I know a lot of NFPs get upset by Oh, this is bad.

And I’m not a bad person. I don’t do this. And it’s just like, well, you’re an NFP do you do. But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Like, can you imagine like that part where I talked about taking the fine print and taking advantage of it. And if you’re like an ENFP, and you’re advocating for something like that, and you can basically bend the narrative to that, well for justifying something, that could be an incredible thing. And that also doesn’t mean as well that Extroverted Feelers are also, you know, trying to do the right thing, or that the good variant because, you know, you can have Extroverted Feelers, like doing covert contracts, like I’m helping you, and now you’re gonna help me and I’m gonna try to pretend like, this is a, an issue of fairness, and stuff like that, and that you need to scratch my back to and it’s like, no, that’s not good, either. It’s just, you know, the other functions, they’re tools, they aren’t, you know, outcomes and destinations.

So, please keep that in mind, I really do encourage a lot of MSPs to try and start using some of these tools for good instead of denying that they want power or that they, you know, take the fine print to their advantage or do things based on reputation like this is in your hands. Do something good with it, man. But so that’s kind of how NFPs can get away with everything in life just because they can basically convince people that things are okay, and that they are likable enough that it’s okay or, you know, they can make the story out to about anything that can suit their needs. You can start pulling the world over other people’s eyes based on their cognitive needs today.

So go to ego hacking by text.com. And you’ll get yourself squared away with a course from CS Joseph I’ll catch you guys on the next accolade questions. I’ll be back Dan through another acolyte question. Take care guys and beef


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