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CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question why is INTJ called the Ranger archetype?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. And we are continuing our series on acolyte member questions, which I do video responses, which sometimes make it to YouTube. Sometimes they don’t depending on the the question, but it’s, it’s been great so far keep the questions coming, folks, although I am giving a little bit of special treatment towards sensor related questions, because there hasn’t been enough sensor questions.

So keep those coming, guys. It’s been great otherwise. So today’s question, why is the INTJ called the Ranger archetype. So a couple of years back, my team and I decided to, you know, create our own nomenclature, or naming system in relation to the 16 types.

And we came up with, you know, what we have available now in our type grid, the Type grid 3.0, which has all these new names is available at CS Joseph dot life, just scroll down a little bit to you get to like, do the get the companion guide. It’s in the companion guide, I think it’s like Page Six, seven or eight. I think it’s Page Six though, in the companion guide, the Type grid 3.0, which has all these names, and you guys can go check that out, all you got to do is just give us your email. And then you get the command companion guide emailed to you could download it, you’re good to go after that.

And the companion guide really is designed to help anyone learn how to type anybody using the Type grid, it’s all the intricacies that they would need to know. Then obviously, we have the content of the companion guide available in the Bucha application as well. If you have access to Bucha by the way, we’re going to be making Bucha publicly available in the near future it is coming we just it’s been difficult keeping, keeping the project on task recently because we’ve had some pitfalls like payment gateways and paperwork. It’s mostly paperwork, and I’m bad at paperwork.

So if there’s anyone to blame, it’s actually my fault, because I’m bad at paperwork, en TPS and paperwork just don’t max Contrary to popular belief. And, and remember that en TPS, while you’re really good lawyers that can argue you’re still bad at paperwork, and you may actually harm your clients because you’re bad at paperwork, just just throwing that out there. Anyway, we noticed that like within that within our community, within CSJ community, a lot of people like, you know, Wizards of the Coast related products, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic, The Gathering, etc. A lot of them play MMO RPGs.

So it’s just as part of the CSJ culture, we decided to create a nomenclature system that was very similar to what the audience is already used to. And we basically spent a lot of time discussing it. And it was really creative. There are some members of the team who are no longer members of the team, but I gotta give credit where it’s due, they did such a great job with, you know, the naming convention, and even coming up with a little you know, just just like, you know, the process.

Now granted, I was also directly involved with that, but it was a great experience. Regardless, it was is really fun. And it’s nice to be able to have, you know, the creativity across our team to actually, you know, work jointly on that project and bring it to life and we’re continuing to bring it to life in some capacity over time. But why is the INTJ called the Ranger archetype.

You know, it’s funny, I have a little anecdote I’d like to share regarding an INTJ that you folks are very well familiar with. And that is Dr. Dario Nardi, Dr. Darian rd, other than Dr.

John Beebe and Dr. Linda Behrens, those three psychologists are probably the three psychologists I respect the most hands down. I have met Dr. John Beebe.

He even referred to me as a colleague which I felt very honored. I have yet to meet Dr. Linda Behrens, but what we do here is impossible without her work, she does an insanely good job. And I think she also released some new content recently, which I have yet to actually consume myself but I’m very giddy about it.

And And also, if you haven’t, like check out her books, they’re listed at CS joseph.ly forward slash reading in the psychology section. Please check out Dr. Linda Behrens books and her approaches to what she calls interaction styles which we’ve renamed multiple times but now we’re calling it expression styles basically. But regardless is basically the same and and her work her works brilliant, it’s absolutely brilliant, please check it out.

And I mentioned her because her work was kind of it definitely was taken into account when actually deciding that the INTJ archetype is actually called the Ranger archetype for that reason. But the thing is, is that when Dr. Dario Nardi actually, you know, came into the picture, and I started, you know, developing interaction with him and hoping to develop a friendship with him, because I greatly respect him. I love his work.

And I think his work is literally the bridge to bring up and analytical psychology to bridge the gap to empiricism, basically, and the data that we’re collecting, that users are opting in to be collected for on Bucha as a social media platform, I hope will fuel all of the inputs for Dr. Darren Hardy’s process that he has with his specific work. And I very much hope to collaborate with him to that end. And but one thing though, is that when we had the companion guide recently, which I talked about earlier, the I gave him a copy of it because I had him as much as Dr.

John Beebe and Dr. Linda Behrens actually listed in the bibliography. And also in the acknowledgments, I wrote statements about you know, how they’ve influenced me and my work and how I’m, I’m just so happy, you know, to have them as mentors in my life. So, but I gave, I gave, I actually reached out to Dr.

Dario Nardi, and I’m like, hey, just so you know, like, I’m putting the acknowledgement section and putting you in the bibliography, etc, as a source. So, here’s what I’m saying, you know, I just wanted to get his approval, but he actually took the companion guide and actually, you know, reviewed it, and then he got back to me, and he’s like, wow, the Ranger archetype ha. He’s like, that definitely fits. In fact, when I play an MMO RPG, I am a ranger.

In fact, I’m a ranger in everything I do. You know, it’s like, huh, funny how that works. I wonder how many INTJ is out there play Caitlin in as an attack damage carry and League of Legends. That’s pretty common.

Or at least any ranged like like Jenks as well, any ranged ADC. I imagine that they do. But yeah, like the archetypes that we chose for the nomenclature, all of them, regardless of the Ranger are all chosen with the 16 types in mind. And the INTJ is called the Ranger because the Ranger will, let’s get, I mean, like Aragorn from, you know, or Strider and the same guy from Lord of the Rings.

He is a ranger, right? What are the Dunedain Rangers right? And they’re they’re loners. Well, guess what INTJ is are loners, they’re also very pragmatic, they live in the wild, they just do whatever they want, just like INTJ is do. And they often have a bow or range weaponry of some kind, sometimes traps, et cetera. So never really putting themselves in too much danger because si demon, etc.

And, you know, we have spear and bow, you know, FYI for the spear, which is still a somewhat long range, but it was a medium range weapon, but super long range is the bow. And the bow represents te parent and Te hero basically, because, you know, INTJ is like to collect, you know, to conduct surveys, they’ll they’ll do surveys all the time on social media, like my like my ex who went to the INTJ women’s group on Facebook, and is asking about what were y’all think about relationships with DNTPs, as she was deciding whether or not she wanted to date me or whatever. It’s the same thing they INTJ is love conducting surveys. And it’s like they’re shooting a bunch of arrows pop up in multiple directions, to be able to gather all that information back and bring it back to them.

So they can decide what what they they value from the information that they’ve collected. That’s why they have a bow and the bow is the main weapon of the Ranger. And that’s why the bow is the main symbol that we have of the Ranger on our tight grid. Right.

That’s literally why so but yeah, I mean, that in general, that’s kind of why we chose the Ranger archetype to represent the INTJ and every other every other name that we came up with in our nomenclature or naming convention, a for each of the 16 types. It was all very carefully considered very carefully considered. And, you know, especially like even though my type dNTP the rogue right, we’re super roguish to the point where like, society just can’t handle us we end up becoming the pariah as a result. Mega rogue, right? It’s all about going rogue.

You and me saying, I’m not quoting Sarah Palin, either, for all of you snickering at that right now, so, but anyway, yeah, that’s the answer and hope you guys enjoy that little anecdote involving Dario Nardi who he himself is an INTJ. So forgot to mention that by the way. Anyway, thanks for watching folks. I’ll see you guys in the next episode.



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