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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question why do Templars need reactions for mental clarity? Presented by Chris Taylor, aka Raka.


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host Chris Taylor, also known as Rocco. Today’s question is, why do Templars need reactions from others to have clarity? Pretty good question. Your se users, thanks for coming to the video.

I’ll catch y’all in the next one. And kidding. That is a part of it. So Templars you guys are SC and FE users as a whole.

So you guys are mirrors. You guys don’t track very well, what your own comfort is. And you guys don’t track very well what your own values are. Um, depending on which template and we’re talking about different struggles for different people, you guys have a hard time.

So let’s just go over the shadow functions, any FYI, se, or No? Any FYI, te, and SI. Okay. So all of these apply at different levels to the different Templars. But you guys struggle with understanding the consequences of your own actions, and the domino effects of other people’s actions.

You guys have a repressed sense of value, what is important, whether to you or other people, if you’re projecting what’s important to you, you guys tend to have poor long term memory. And you guys have a hard time with the baseline information. So rationale, te, so the value of information. So why is it important? Why does this combination of functions in the shadow not and none of them in the ego, cause you guys to need to have reactions for others for clarity.

So first things first, S E, gives you guys a good read of what people are, how strong somebody is, what their discipline is, along with Fe what their comfort is, what their values are. Right? So as ENFP it’s easier for you guys to understand what other people value and how comfortable other people are. When you’re looking externally through those functions. You guys tend to mirror other people, both in their behaviors, and in their values.

So by having reactions from other people, you’re better able to actually take that skin that you’re wearing, and get a better understanding. So when you sit there, and you’re just in your head, trying to imagine what is going to happen, or what’s important, or what routine you should have, or what discipline, when you’re just trying to keep that in your head and think about it, it really creates a lot of chaos. In your mind. One of these functions is going to be your trickster, one of them is going to be your demon function.

One of them you’ll be critical towards and the other one will be a slight worry. So, depending on which stack you are, which actual Templar you are, these problems are going to certain problems are going to be bigger than others, right. But as a whole, you need to have that external cause and effect you push, you immediately are able to see what happens. This provides you clarity, especially since your TI users because you can form a logical chain off of what’s actually happening rather than what could happen.

And so it’s very important that you guys actually have those reactions to people who say something that causes somebody to react in a certain way. Now, the danger here is that mental clarity does not always mean that you are right. Okay, because again, you guys don’t see when you push a domino. You guys only see the initial stack of dominoes.

But imagine if this line of dominoes had invisible strings that when one falls, a different one in the stack over here is that’s tethered between these two also false. That’s any perception, that’s consequential perception. You’re seeing the relation between these seemingly unrelated things happening. So while the reactions give you clarity, be mindful that there are more effects than just what you’re seeing.

It’s never as simple as you push, and the person gets pushed back. From your eyes, that’s all you see. You get their reaction to things you have that physical, tangible feedback in the moment to what’s going on. That doesn’t mean that’s everything.

So the big, one of the biggest things here is just the fact that you guys need that shared experience in order to utilize your ego ego functions as a whole. But it’s not just that you need those reactions to have clarity, that alone is not going to provide you clarity. I think I’ve said this in like two other videos, maybe. But your guys’s environment dictates your mindset.

That’s not just reactions, or reaction is not enough for you guys to have full clarity. So if you guys want real clarity, your environment needs to match what you’re trying to go for this is the crux of NISC. Willpower, where does the will isn’t i It will happen I will I want I am pursuing it as a point in the future I am moving towards where does the power come from? Se environmental manipulation? Do you understand that if your environment is fun, excuse me, if your environments messed up, I’m not trying to get this channel demonetized. Although I have to be careful.

Um, if your guys’s environment is chaotic, if there’s too much going on. If it’s consistently disorganized, you’re not going to have mental clarity. Your guyses environment directly impacts where you’re going your direction, it directly impacts your ability to function. Keep your environment maintained, or move yourself to an environment.

And so many of your guys’s issues really just come down to you’re not setting your environment up to set you up for success. Your environment is your mental space. And I know you guys are ti users and that’s Introverted Thinking. And so you process things internally.

But ti requires input input is Te. But you know, your environment can represent that input. Your se can feed into your TI. For you guys, mental clarity is akin to consistency, just external consistency.

Fix your environment to fix your mind. environment also means the people you’re around. It’s everything. When you go out into the world and you start interacting with the world, you need to understand that everything around you has the has the implication that it can affect the way that you’re functioning, the clarity in which you’re thinking.

So, clarity is not just about getting reactions it’s about your environment. Now let’s get into some specific types. Let’s take the INFJ you guys have the constant chaos of Te trickster in your head and this is made worse by you misremembering information. So and just an overall lack of discipline as a whole.

So how do you how do INFJs gain mental clarity make sure you have reminders for your discipline. You need to get into the habit of taking notes. Make sure that you’re that you’re actually going and asking questions to verify. So you can get the things out of your head, your TI child constantly is processing, chewing, chewing and chewing and chewing and you’re always looking for something to process on top of find a te user to validate or verify or justify.

However, the information that you’re building your logic off of so that you can trim that chaos ISTPs your guys’s chaos, your guys’s fog and lack of mental clarity comes from your any non understanding consequence. And so for you guys, pretty straightforward. Make sure that you’re going to an any user and being like, hey, if I do this, is it gonna cause a lot of problems for other people? Is it gonna cause a lot of chaos for other people right for the ESTPs FYI trickster fogs your mind is this moral? Is this good? Is this right? Is it the right thing to do? Again, go to others all of these things are going to tribute to going to another person and getting input. Because he is in your guys’s shadow, you need to have that input.

Now all the types to an extent, but I digress. For the NF J’s Your memory is your chaos. Photos. Make sure you’re asking people hey, is this how this actually happened? Am I miss remembering? You guys have probably noticed the pattern.

Your Tricksters are what’s causing a lot of mental chaos for you guys. Per Se users, address it with your environment, address it with other people. Right. Pictures are a great way to address environmental discipline.

You’re the consequences. You’re going to want to actually take notes right. For the for the tea tricksters make sure that you’re researching both sides to an argument for the FY tricksters You need to imagine if this was somebody else would I think that it’s okay that they’re doing this you guys as a whole can utilize your child externalize it as if it was another person and use that to determine Would you be okay with somebody else doing this to you? Anyway, if you found this lecture useful, helpful, insightful. Leave a like I’ll see you guys down in the comments.

And make sure you guys are on the discord. Plenty of people on there for you guys to actually talk with and communicate to NASA these questions. We have a whole verify channel for those that are verified. And you can kind of start to address these things, this mental chaos but get your environment squared away.

Anyway, have a good night. I’ll see you guys on the next episode.


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