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Welcome to see us justice response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions on any topic union analytical psychology, or the four sides of the mind also known as four sides dynamics. Today’s question is why do SF J’s dislike inf peas? And the source of today’s question is what’s core as usual? So let’s actually take a look at the question right now. And we got two answers to this question one by Yuriko Fujiyama officially certified purebred intp five w 6514, SP slash SX comma L i dash zero, I n t was a little J, which indicates intp in the Socionics model.

And here he goes, because I’m sorry, but you asked so here’s the truth. I’m very ti of him. If I can be a pain in the butt for any Fe people, not just SFJ’s, but even STP and NFJ as well. If he’s focused isn’t external harmony, but FYI, which is moral morals Fe is ethics.

So ethics focuses external harmony, but Introverted Feeling or and fi also known as morals tends to act like, I don’t care what you think this hurts, because Fe cares about you and how you feel. But he’s saying what you think for some reason, they consider you. They’re just wired that way so that you really can’t criticize them and say, No one asked them to consider me. Besides that, if he also cares about social etiquettes if I mostly FYI Dom’s don’t care about that, if that means sacrificing their authenticity, to Fe that is rude.

Guess that’s it. Okay, I’m so triggered by this post. Because, for one we had this. I mean, this guy is like, like, oh, you know, I’m just gonna do that thing and pretend to be like everybody else and actually think that FYI means authenticity.

No, it doesn’t like for all you FYI, users out there that believe that FIA is authenticity, it’s crap. It’s not actually correct. The reality situation is is that ti aka logic that’s authentic. Logic is authentic, not morals, morals are extremely subjective.

Logic is a bit more objective than morals. Because the reason why is because logic is just a system you put input into the system, it gets processed with logic and then you get in. So quite frankly, the morality and situation is pretty subjective, right? Whereas the process of logic is actually objective itself if this than that basically, that’s pretty objective. Therefore, it’s more authentic.

This whole idea that FYI, is authentic. It’s crap. It doesn’t it’s not real. It’s bullshit.

It’s not it isn’t even a thing. So don’t listen to that. So please, Mr. Yuriko, fury army Don’t be like that guy who’s like, oh, yeah, you know, if I means authenticity, no, it actually doesn’t.

I mean, the the FBI likes to look authentic. And they only look authentic, if they’re actually going to be, you know, honest about their feelings, but they’re not honest about their feelings all the time. You know what I’m saying? And guess what? Some of the reasons why SF J’s dislike inf peas, you know. So, however, you’re correct in saying that the expert feelings focus is external harmony.

And then FIA tends to act like well, I don’t care what you think that’s not necessarily true. I don’t I don’t agree with that. Some ti users can do that way. Especially ti parents a TI critic.

They often say I don’t care what you think, like all the time, so I don’t exactly know where Mr. Yuriko, you’re actually coming up with this, like, how, how are you coming up with this conclusion? And also, I’m, I’m equally triggered by the fact that you just named yourself officially certified purebred intp? Like, what did you do? Like just take a random online test? That’s only one out of five accurate? Or do you actually pay for an official MBTI test and the process that costs like an insane amount of money, and then multiple hours of your life, and hopefully, you have somebody sitting there with you doing the MBTI test to actually explain it to you, because they already know that the test is very inaccurate to begin with. So they have to have an extra human being to like, kind of explain it to you and provide additional resources, packets of information, maybe little tiny mini books or whatever, just so that you can increase your, you know, one out of five, up to maybe a seven out of 10 accuracy. While you’re still looking at a 30% chance of actually getting any correct answer from the test.

Even if you’re taking the MBTI test. This is why MBTI tests suck, folks. Let’s be honest. So anyway, that being said, overall, I appreciate you Rico fury aamas attempt at answering this question even though it is grossly incorrect.

However, there’s yet another question from Heather Hoffer study that Western Kentucky University graduated 2007 She says I’m an INFP. And my best friends are iossef J’s. Yeah. Well, I doubt that but Whatever I mean, I guess it’s possible.

I mean, probably because you know, if you really are an INFP, those iossef j’s are catering to you at every moment, but they’re probably actually INFJs. Or maybe you’re an INFJ? Or maybe you’re actually an ISFP. Have you considered that because ISFPs and ISFJs at Silver pair compatibility is super compatible, and I like definitely like each other. So maybe you’re not actually an INFP.

You just imagine you are like most ISFPs and baduy, because there any trickster for some reason thinks they have some sort of grasp on metaphysics because they take psychology, Delic drugs, whenever they have the opportunity to do so. So are you one of those iossef? Peas? Heather, is that what you’re saying? Here? I mean, I’m not entirely sure. So I mean, let’s just I hope, let’s just hope that your answer actually is correct. I hope I really do.

She says, I don’t know what else to say, oh, that’s typical for an SI hero to start out with, to say, except to start counting the ISF J’s in my life. Okay, how do you know they’re iossef? J’s, like, what are you doing to like, actually verify this? Like, really? What are you doing? Like? Are you are you subjecting them to those one out of five tests again? And like, oh, because you’re so affiliative, you know, affiliative people focused on doing the right thing, you know, and I guess it’s the right thing to listen to this test, because they have hashtag more credibility. So you know, because they’re more credible, I’m gonna listen to them, you know, that whole thing where you would rather put your trust in credible experts, instead of people that actually know how to do it? You know, what I’m saying? Isn’t that like fomenting ignorance? Or you causing your parents in a society? Whether I have to know, I mean, I have to know, Is that happening? Or are you actually taking the time to verify your beliefs for once that I mean, that would be nice. So I don’t know what else to say, except to start counting the iossef J’s in my life, who I really appreciate, and it’s reciprocated.

123456. Even my husband is an ISFJ. Yeah, I doubt that. If they really were, if he really was an ISFJ, your guys’s sexual relationship would be insanely boring.

It’s like, you’d be like, Oh, touch me, please touch me. You know, like, give it to me. And then he’s like, give it to me. Why aren’t you touching me? You know, and it’s like, you have two people expecting the other person to touch them.

Instead of like, you have no touches, you got to touch ease in the sexual relationship, but no touches and everyone’s screwed to be touched. And then they’re accusing each other of like, oh, you’re not here for my comfort. You know, you’re never here for my comfort. And you know, I think this is dumb, and you don’t want me and they’re always complaining to each other about how the other person doesn’t actually want the other person and it’s like, Okay, wow.

Why are you in a sexual relationship? Which, basically, that doesn’t happen because people don’t get married, typically if they have really bad sexual chemistry, so if that’s the case, I’m inclined to believe that either she is Miss typed or her husband’s Miss type. And yet she is allotting herself an expert in this moment by answering this question on Quora, cool out. Wow. Wow.

God, save the queen. Wait a minute. We can’t because she’s just as ignorant as the rest anyway. Even my husband is an INFJ.

He is number seven. Okay, Lucky number seven. I don’t know why that was relevant to this conversation. But I guess that makes sense to extroverted thinking inferior at this moment, because this person is obviously insecure about how other people think about her at all times.

Like, wow, I mean, like, do I even need to continue with talking about her? I mean, hold on. She continues. Remarkably, I guess. Wait a minute.

How could you start a sentence saying that it’s remarkable and then say that you guess it’s remarkable? I don’t understand. Like, there’s no consistency here. I get on fantastically with this temperament. Which temperament? Are you talking about? SJS are you talking about an AFS? Are you in an F? Or are you an SP? I wrote my posts on my favorite MBTI to least favorite MBTI and ISFJs are at the top and apparently 390 people viewed viewed it like, is there a downvote button? Is there a download button? on Quora, please, please God Almighty install one, please.

Oh, gosh, oh, gosh, I’m melting. All right. Now to actually answer the question, you know, with the correct answer. So the question again is Why do SF J’s dislike inf peas? The reason why is as SF J’s find inf peas to be the most selfish human beings that walk the earth, completely depraved, like to the point where they’re so focused on I’m just going to make decisions based on my mood.

And you know, I only care about my comfort, your comfort is not as important as my comfort because I’m more important than you. My mood is more important than you. I’m a more valuable person than you are. See all these people think like, I’m so awesome, and no one thinks that about you.

So I’m obviously better than you which means I am entitled to special treatment and SF j’s are completely triggered by the INFP is like literally treated like in you know and that’s obviously a caricature guys I mean obviously it is but the point is is that even though it is a caricature INFP is because extroverted sensing trickster they have no clue how they come off to other people and it’s extremely off putting to SF J’s like they could barely put up with it. Like they have no desire to really be around inf peas whatsoever for the most part because inf peas just come off so selfish so entitled, so as che W so like, it’s like the level of entitlement is insane. And oftentimes, it gets even worse because iossef J’s constantly observe inf peas from sacrificing their fellow human beings for the sake of their own agenda. Right.

And SF J’s hate it because it’s unjust. And as a result of that, the SF J’s have no choice but to publicly shame, the INFP. So we’re actually doing this, but you know, hey, you know what’s likely, you know, a lot of people don’t understand that public shaming is the greatest weakness to INFP. In fact, that’s how inf peas are often in positions of power and politics are often blackmailed by SF j’s to control them, because that’s the easiest way to control nine fp is through blackmail.

A lot of people don’t know that, right? Easiest way to control an SF Jey, conversely, is to make them feel unwanted, as much as possible. And, and also cause them to feel like they’re not contributing to anything, and make them feel like they’re a bad person, while also making them be unwanted and as undesirable as possible in the eyes of other people, right. Which Interesting enough, sometimes inf peas can actually do to SF J’s, but for some reason inf peas think because they’re so hurt with my titles, my credibility, my you know, you know, they’re my reputation and that my status and how they try to attack other people status, but little little, they realize that sub J’s don’t really give a damn about their own status. So that usually fails.

The point is, it’s just a, it’s a competition between whose comfort is more important, but the SF Jays see how unfair inf peas behave, because, you know, INFP is always making it about their own self aggrandizement and their own status, and oftentimes put themselves above other human beings and INFJs are often oblivious to the fact that they even do this to begin with, because they end up becoming so depraved and so entitled, that they’re not even aware that they even come off this way. So that’s, that’s basically the answer to this question. So anyway, if you’d like a chance at your question answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave it as a comment below on this YouTube channel. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question, become a silver patron at https colon Whack whack CS joseph.ly forward slash Patreon and post your question on our private Q and A discord channel where I’m answering all your questions during a private live stream once a month.

Please also make sure to like and subscribe to support the channel. And Anyway folks, with all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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