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Why do people dislike the INTJ? personality type? But before I could answer the question, please consider subscribing to the channel. So my Psycho passes crime coefficient stays under 300. Yeah, that’s an enemy and hit the alert Bell, so you can get notified when I go live. That being said, What’s up ego hackers? This is CS Joseph, responding to your questions on any question union analytical psychology or the four sides of the mind.

And the source of today’s question is Cora as usual? So let’s take a look, shall we? De ha Sprague’s customer service, and there’s like 30 answers in here. So like, who knows how this is gonna go? I think you can only get an answer correct. From other introverts. The extroverts have proven time and time again, that they can’t fathom other human beings genuinely disliking spending time with people.

I mean, she’s kind of not wrong about that there is a bias there. I mean, just look at NES hex that person sounds super bitter and truly believes that an INTJ wishes to be more like him. I don’t think people understand. So here INTJ is me anyway, dislike most people true.

INTJ is dislike the social norms, especially religious norms that have no purpose because arbitrary true, we cannot accept things as they are. And we need to know why. Yeah, that’s not necessarily true. I mean, INTJ is, for example, they get really caught up in Te processes, especially like with education, institutions, or credentials, or some type of proof of achievement that they think has value.

And the reality is those two are arbitrary. So that’s kind of more of an ENTP, Shadow response, or maybe even EMTP ego response and not necessarily sure, learning genuinely makes us feel happy. I kind of disagree with that as well. I mean, INTJ is do have a reputation of cutting corners when it suits them.

We don’t understand 80% of people and why they do what they do. That’s accurate. We can’t be impulsive. i That’s inaccurate.

Actually. INTJ is are insanely impulsive. We only love a few people. Yes, of course, because you can only handle the attention of certain people.

So based on that, you know, from an INTJ standpoint, you can only handle so much attention from other people. And so it ends up becoming a game of okay, I want attention, but a little bit of attention. But it’s who is giving me that attention. That’s what’s more important to me as an INTJ.

And such a little bit more accurate. INTJs are arrogant, but also painfully insecure. Absolutely, INTJs are arrogant due to FYI, child caught a god complex, it’s really annoying. They value themselves a little too highly.

And they think of themselves more highly than they ought to and almost every single case of an INTJ I have ever met. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing, because you just criticize them with TI and then their ti parent realizes you’re correct. And then they start engaging in humility, without criticism, and INTJ will develop FYI, child God Complex. If you don’t want that to happen in your INTJ.

Or perhaps you’re raising an INTJ perhaps you’re in a sexual relationship with an INTJ be open to criticizing them consistently. And make sure that when you’re criticizing them, you’re accurate. And then they’ll change for the better and then they will engage in more humility. We only love okay, we’ll die and travel to the ends of the earth for the few that we love.

That is accurate. Yes, that’s absolutely accurate. And I hear oh just doesn’t know when to let go. And while that can be extremely annoying in some circumstances, it’s also extremely endearing to people like me, for example, because not being let go of is really a desirable from an LTE hero point of view.

We understand how hard it is to get to know us, mate, sometimes, I often command to commend my friends for sitting through with my cold exterior and loving me anyway. Yeah, but that just comes natural to Crusader types. It doesn’t really come natural to other types. So don’t worry, the four of the 16 types are built specifically for being friends or in a relationship with you to begin with.

They have no idea how grateful I am that they didn’t write me off. Yeah, because INTJ is have fear of abandonment issues on a consistent basis and fear of performing badly and fear of failure. So they often believe that they have to perform in order to keep people around which is actually manipulative covert contract, because then the INTJ can become entitled to other people’s attention at certain times when the reality situation is attention is only given it is never earned. And that’s something an INTJ needs to figure out.

prefers being alone. Yes, we’ll cancel plans skip class right far away, avoid people faking illness as well as faking identity, etc. To be alone with our thoughts and to have complete control over how we spend our time. Yes, and I have stealing time and I sometimes enjoy stealing the time of INTJ is against their will.

It’s so funny, because I’ll just allow myself to get obligated to things and then they get sucked into it at the same time. And that’s a great way that I can get back at them for if they’re becoming too selfish or entitled to my intention. That way, I’ll just capitalize them all of theirs at that moment, which, you know, quite frankly, some of them fantastically deserve that. And some of them do not.

So I don’t do it to them. Because from my justice orient point of view, they don’t deserve it at that point. We think a lot. This overthinking leads to depression.

No, it’s not really depression. It’s more of nihilism. Actually, there’s no one more nihilistic than an INTJ. I mean, the concept of nihilism first came from Nietzsche and Nietzsche is an INTJ.

And he was bang and Lulu dress, LMA, who was an intp woman I highly recommend INTJ is out there you read her book, especially also the section about CO katri. According to Robert Greene, in the artists induction, we know that emotional vulnerability is a weakness that others will exploit to know and given the chance. So I personally will never give them the chance. It’s so funny how INTJ is always arrogantly believe that but that’s not accurate, because exploiting FYI, child is extremely easy.

I don’t care. I don’t care how much they because an INTJ thinks it’s all about the FE and how like Extraverted Feeling. And the external emotional thing is how that’s a weakness. The thing is that they don’t understand how easy it is to to stroke the ego of ePHI child, and then get them to do things and let go of things that they wouldn’t be interested in doing.

So I find this statement to be insanely arrogant, and in the indicative of FY child God Complex, quite frankly. So I just humbled the INTJ when I see them, I humbled them by instead, you know, talking up all their achievements, all that when the reality situation is I’m just setting them up for failure in order to teach them a lesson so that they humble themselves. Because the reality of the situation is, if someone is being arrogant, everyone else will tear you down. But if you are being humble, everyone will lift you up.

That’s just human nature, right? And I find the statement here in this entire list to be the most arrogant thing that this person has stated thus far. Once you express your emotions, you can’t take it back. Once you express anything, you can’t take it back. So fair enough.

We desire justice in a world that provides none Well, yeah, that’s true. But that’s why I also have ISFJ super ego who’s constantly seeking that justice and even unfairly meeting out that justice upon the innocent, because oftentimes, you guys have this covert contract with yourself where it’s like, okay, hey, I’m going to perform for these people. So that means they’re loyal to me, I’m trading my performance for loyalty. But the reality of the situation is, is that you never told them of that expectation.

So How dare you judge them and call them out for being unfair to you, when you never stated to begin with, if that was your expectation that they should stick around in exchange for you performing for them to begin with? That’s not fair. Therefore, what right do you have to mete out justice on others if you didn’t even share that expectation with them to begin with, you know, strong moral compass and clear aspirations just this determines what we do above all else, not emotions? Yes, clear aspirations maybe. I mean, you guys are movement types, and not necessarily true, very strong moral compass. The problem is, is that an INTJ his moral compass can be corrupted, if they are so more focused on their achievements, instead of actually expressing gratitude for what they have, oftentimes an INTJ can lose sight of, of their moral compass in exchange or in favor of high achievement, which is really frustrating, but it’s normal for them.

Every INTJ has tried to change who they are and has tried to like people parties, meaningless sex mindless jobs, small talk, very true, because they were tired of being misunderstood. Very true. I tried to be normal all throughout school. My first year of school of college, I made myself go out to frat parties and drink because this is what college is, again, no joy from it.

In fact, I always had to be drunk before I left my dorm or outside leave 10 minutes into the party. Yeah, because by being drunk, you’re put into your en TPS or unconscious, which allows you to extrovert more often in that situation, so otherwise not being in your expert inside of your mind. Of course, he would leave a party 10 minutes early. So she finished his saying you know you and you know why you do the things you do all of your fellow INTJ is No you aren’t being malicious and you truly don’t understand the way others view the world.

People like some of those who answered cannot fathom this and need to paint you as a fill On, tell those who dislike you and want you to be an extrovert to eff off and go back to reading your book, go find an ENFP. That’s actually good advice. Their positive outlook and warmth are contagious, they will understand or at least try. I’ll upvote that.

So I’ve already gotten plenty into this video, I’m not going to really answer or read any more questions at this point, but this is quite accurate. So I will now give the CS Joseph response to this particular question. Why do people dislike the INTJ personality type? Reality is it comes down to FYI child God Complex, mixed in with their lack of social awareness through extroverted feeling trickster. INTJ is often come off as narcissistic, and quite frankly, in love with themselves, they’re always telling everyone else about their achievements.

And that’s very off putting to other people, especially people who are under achievers, it makes people uncomfortable, it can be very alienating in various situations. And they’re just not aware of that. And because of that, they get so focused on their own personal achievements, or their ability to achieve or their ability to perform, because not performing is scary to an INTJ that they end up being over time and capable, or they develop a bad si demon habit of not showing gratitude to people. And they spend, it’s like they spend all of their sympathy, and all of their gratitude on themselves so that they are so self focused that all they can do is focus on achieving and reaching higher levels of status, higher levels of credentials, higher levels of, you know, reputation, basically.

And, and there, it seems oftentimes, from the onlooker, it’s not necessarily true, it seems from like people on the outside, that they’re doing this at the expense of others around them, basically. And it’s like, they’re not really showing much gratitude. In so and that is the number one reason why people dislike the INTJ personality type. And an example of this.

I think latent narcissism that you could see from F fi child is where people start talking about how I mean even ti child has a similar narcissism to it as ti child God Complex for inf JS but with with INTJ. As you can see, it’s all over the internet. This is why people are talking about that there’s memes out there about INTJ master race or someone else in this particular core thread talks about how people are jealous of INTJ sovereignty, which just makes me want to barf. That’s not the case.

i NT j’s are absolutely fundamentally brilliant. And I would say probably the most brilliant one that ever lived is probably Frank Ave, one of the greatest con artists of all time. And don’t get me wrong. I’ve known some INTJ con artists in my time as well.

But the difference is, is that they have a really hard time showing sympathy for others because very few people give them empathy as a thing. And while I could criticize INTJ is all night they have sprites here is actually very accurate, very accurate in stating how an INTJ is so misunderstood. Yes, because i NT j’s are so unfairly misunderstood by society in general, especially, or any society for that matter, because they’re so freakin rare. I mean, according to the MBTI, they’re like the second rarest of all the types 1% of the population.

So one out of every 100 people is an INTJ. It’s that society gives them no empathy due to their lack of being misunderstood. And this creates Introverted Sensing demon bitterness. And this bitterness causes them to not show gratitude or sympathy for other people, which is what is the cause of FYI, child God Complex narcissism, and ultimately, selfishness within INTJ s.

So if you’re an INTJ, and you don’t want to have that be a part of your soul, I recommend actually planning to demonstrate concrete actions, not words, actions of gratitude, right? When’s the last time you bought a Starbucks coffee for somebody? This is one of your greatest struggles because of your Fe trickster. And it’s the reason why people don’t like you. And it’s because it’s like, you are not using your sympathy where you should be you’re misplacing your sympathy, you’re spending it mostly on yourself, instead of spending it on other people, which is what you would want to do. The problem is, is that you’re better you’re better because society has basically abandoned you.

And this has caused you to become bitter. But here I tell you the truth. That’s no excuse. Your nihilism is no excuse.

There is always something you can be thankful for. work and there’s always something you could show gratitude for. Therefore, in order for you to have a better life in order for you to become likeable in front of other people, you have to be willing to show actions of gratitude and be willing to show sympathy. Oh, cue up the INTJ right now who’s like, well, you know, what if that turns me into a doormat, blah, blah, blah, okay, well, if that turns you into a doormat, here’s how you treat people to avoid being a doormat in that particular situation, treat everyone around you like an investment portfolio.

If you are not getting return on investment, you showing sympathy, and you showing gratitude to other people in your life is investment. And if you are giving ego investment, for example, in others around you, and they are not giving you return on investment, that’s a disappointment. Which means guess what they shouldn’t be in your life door, slam them, get rid of them, move on to the people who will give you return on your investment into them. And I promise you, you will be far more happier.

And because you’re showing gratitude, and you’re showing sympathy to the correct people who are giving you return on investment from your investment into that friendship or that sexual relationship or whatever. Guess what people around you, even people that are not in relationships with you will see that and they will like you more. Okay? And then they’ll want to stick around. And then they will also respect to you and care about you and actually ask you your opinion.

So pretty fantastic if you asked me. So if you’d like a chance to your question being answered this channel, please post it on Quora or leave it as a comment below. If you want deep dive lectures on the science that focus that focus on personal growth, career development, parenting and sexuality, please visit CS joseph.ly forward slash members and to get in apprentice membership. And with all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.


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