Why do INTJ & INFJ turn to God? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question why do INTJ & INFJ turn to God?


Are you? Gonna see, it’s just a podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph, naturally today’s episode we’re gonna be talking about why si demon just doesn’t happen to believe in God at all. It’s very fascinating question. A lot of people don’t really understand, you know why that is the case.

Si demon, you know, they belong to ion js and INFJs can become insanely nihilistic, especially when it comes to anything spiritual or religious. And I think it’s because as extroverted sensing inferior, just wants to have confidence that there is some kind of higher power, or there’s something that is leading to, you know, a creative force. It may be because they’re lacking in input, or maybe because they’re lacking understanding or information about the particular topic. I could go on and on about certain books that they could read, like, for example, the Tao de Ching, or illusions by Richard Bach, which really, these couple books really kind of explain my opinion, the overall nature of God and nature of the Creator.

And as much as I could say, Yeah, sure, read the Koran, read the Bible, read the apana shots, read, you know, all these different spiritual related books. Yeah, okay. Sure. The thing is, though, is at the end of the day, you got to understand something about expert sensing inferior.

It has to have confidence has to have absolute confidence, and what it knows and what it believes, because it doesn’t have that confidence. It’ll just default to the well, nothing actually really matters si demon perspective. It really comes down to nihilism. You know, nihilism, especially, you know, from a Frederick Nietzsche standpoint, you know, God is dead, we killed him.

So, is that really Nietzsche’s point? Is that really the direction? He’s trying to go with that? No, not really. It’s basically stating that humanity was going in a direction away from God. And that’s even talked about, like in the writings, the works of Elena Pulaski. This is where I’m talking about a cold teaching for those of you that think I’m an occultist.

No, I’m not I just studied the occult for a lot of years. I read Manley P Hall, Albert Pike, Pavelski, all these people to understand their belief system because I knew their belief system would ultimately affect me. And that’s the thing. And just because I study other people’s belief systems does not mean that is necessarily my belief system, because it’s not, oh, heartily reject Levitsky and pike and Paul and all these people, Aleister Crowley as well reject Him.

Some people really support them Jiddu Krishnamurti as well and reject that guy. But the reality of the situation is that people have these different belief systems and their belief systems they make decisions on and their decisions could have consequences that directly impact me and my family. According the blocky, she talks about the new age, the age of Aquarius, and how you know, the Age of Pisces or the age of the church will basically be in effect, and they you know, in the symbol of Pisces that’s like the Jesus fish or whatever, you know, people talk about Jesus being the representation of the Age of Pisces, but it’s now the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius started in I believe it was December 21 2020 was the first day of the Age of Aquarius, which a lot of people don’t even realize the Age of Pisces is over. It is over, we moved on.

And with it, the church is dying. That’s why like eventually, people who are you know, Christians are into the church, slowly but surely, that will just cease to exist. And it’ll be a huge minority, they will just they will be the minority on this planet more than ever before. They’ve been a majority but now they are becoming a minority, which we think about is absolutely necessary in order for you know, certain biblical prophecies to come true as a result.

But that’s neither here nor there. It’s very insensitive demon. You know, because of cognitive orbit it is attached to expert sensing inferior, expert sensing inferior is known as the confidence function, right. So all about confidence They want to have confidence in their beliefs.

So oftentimes, extroverted sensing inferior ends up having this Seeing is believing perspective, a Seeing is believing perspective that you would often hear about from SPS SP types are not also known as the artisans. They are the least represented in church. And it’s only you know, you only find the SPS in church that are not very successful in life, recovering alcoholics, recovering addicts, etc. Maybe people with a criminal record, and they just feel bad about themselves, be it through guilt, or just actual feeling bad about themselves with their FY if they’re like an SSP, and then they’re motivated to go to church, because they’ve let other people down in their life or whatever.

But it’s not because of if none of those things ever really actually happened, they probably wouldn’t have ended up going to church. Anyway. That’s what a lot of people don’t understand about SPS. SPS themselves have to have complete confidence in what they believe in what they know, because from their point of view, it’s seeing is believing the what makes it difficult for INFJ types of the INFJ INFJ types they with Sid Matera abstract so they know that it’s certainly possible that there might be some god out there who created humanity and created creation as we know it.

But the thing is, is that their expert sensing inferior still demands that they have confidence so they have an aspect of seeing is believing and unless they actually have an experience themselves or they observe somebody having an experience you know with with God etc, then they’re not actually really going to be spending much time investing like with an FYI child investing in it, or in a TI child so unnecessarily that they would invest it they probably just wouldn’t really think it’s very true or they may think many things are true simultaneously because of how their extroverted thinking trickster directly impacts you know, via cognitive orbit, their Introverted Thinking child, you know, for inf J’s. So they end up having this perspective, well, anything could be God, anything, you know, anything could have that label anything could be spiritual, anything that’s and they end up adopting multiple belief systems entirely. Whereas the grand atheists, the INTJ, will adopt the zero belief systems, because of TI critic, getting in the way. If a child’s like, Okay, why should I invest? You know, is there is there anything that I’m gonna get out of? Is there any return on investment, what’s the concrete here Seeing is believing.

And that’s literally why Introverted Sensing demon, struggle so much with nihilism, the INTJ nihilism is a nihilism of rejection. Whereas the INFJ version of nihilism ends up becoming a belief system centered around universalism, they end up just deciding to adopt everything, hey, people value this belief system. So it might be true, I’m going to adopt it too. So they end up becoming too accepting of belief systems and don’t filter them out.

Whereas the INFJ, filters out all of the belief systems simultaneously. And that’s what really inhibits them from being a part of organized religion. Which I don’t mind that because I think, you know, organized religion overall, is like, it’s a crock of shit. Let’s be honest.

That’s my personal perspective. I’m not here to like, get in everyone’s face about it. But I wholeheartedly reject organized religion, because I don’t like how they feel Ativ has fundamentally transformed church beliefs. You know, for example, nowadays, there’s so many false things being taught in mosques, there’s so many false things being taught in churches, there’s so many false things being taught in temples.

And it’s because people don’t apply critical thinking. And, and that’s literally all I would ask INFJs to consider. You know, it’s not a bad thing. If you’re an INTJ, being very nihilistic and rejecting all belief system.

It’s not a bad thing that you’re an INFJ, who’s accepting of all belief systems and becoming Universalist per se. But what is bad? What is bad is if the INTJ or the INFJ, in spite of their si demon, are if they’re not applying critical thinking to their belief system, because the INTJ has to realize that if they’re like an atheist, and they’re rejecting of all belief systems by default within their own inherent nihilism, if they’re having that perspective, they have to understand that nihilism itself is to a belief system, which means they still have the responsibility. They still have the responsibility To apply critical thinking, and that’s literally all it requires apply critical thinking. And that’s why Introverted Sensing doesn’t really believe in God.

It’s because they’re not taking the time to learn how to critically think and apply that critical thinking after they’ve learned it, specifically to whichever belief system that they’re considering or looking at. And they don’t even have to consider a belief system for themselves. They don’t have to be looking at a belief system for themselves. They can just use extroverted sensing to observe other people’s belief systems.

But why aren’t these people why aren’t these ion Jays putting in the effort which is what their si demon wants them to do? Why are they putting in the effort to critically think about those belief systems? And the fact that they haven’t, is ultimately why they’re so nihilistic or why they’re so Universalist with their perspectives. It’s really frustrating like we’re talking like insanely frustrating and it’s hilarious to watch I and Jays be so judgmental with their si child superiority complex or their ti child golf complex when none of them are willing to put in the effort and actually apply critical thinking they’d rather outsource their thinking to you know, what people know or what people claim or outsource their thinking to what people value you know the INFJ side instead of actually putting in the effort themselves because I N j’s are all about them shortcuts there and I hear loves them some shortcuts. How about not taking a shortcut, which is what their si demon is trying to teach them, you know, when their si demon goes si angelic, introverted, sensing angelic is, hey, need to put in more effort and let me tell you something most critical thinking takes a lot of effort. Anyway, thanks for watching folks.

Hopefully it answered that question and I’ll see you guys on the discord tonight.


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