Why do ESTPs and ENFJs perform check-ins? CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte member question Why do ESTPs and ENFJs perform check-ins?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. Welcome to the show. Today we’re going to be discussing why do ESTPs and ENFJ’s check on people? It’s kind of I found it a little odd that this question was a question being asked by acolyte members.

But then looking back at my own Introverted Sensing in my own memory as a person, I’ve always noticed how ESTP is an ENFJ is always seem to check up on me. And I always appreciate that about them. You know, Alex Ark, also known as Eagle, add, II lad, who is a devout Muslim man, one of my best friends is on the discord server, you guys can message me many times pretty dope dude and an entrepreneur and eat an actual ESTP entrepreneur. Fantastic guy.

Definitely, definitely talk to him. Maybe you guys should, you know, check on him. But he’s always checking on me. And I always love that about him.

And sometimes, you know, I also call him and check on him as well. But the reason why ENFJs and ESTP is check on people is because deep down they want people to check on them. It’s literally cognitive projection is they’re projecting a need that they have onto other people, because they see that people are actually spending the time to drop what they’re doing throughout the day, and take up their time and attention and give that to the ENFJ and give that to the ESTP they highly value that attention. And when you’re giving them that attention, they feel valued.

It’s also proved to them that they’re not alone, especially ESTP is because they struggle with loneliness, like more So out of all the types except for maybe the INFJ because of their deadly sin of lust, etc. And if you want to learn more about the deadly sin of lust, we have that in the members area, where we’re going really deep in the deadly sins right now, CS Joseph dot life Ford slash members become a journeyman member. And it’s in the premium lecture set section under season seven, part two. Season Seven, we talked about virtue and vices here on the YouTube channel.

And on the podcast we have there’s a playlist for it. But the part two to the playlist is actually in the premium lectures area in the member section. We do two of those lectures a month. And right now they’re running like an hour and a half long each.

I mean, we go super deep into that. But anyway, NFJs and ESTPs just want proof that they belong, and people checking up on them, it tells them hey, you know, I’ve I’ve impacted this person, I’ve done something memorable for them, I’ve contributed to this person, them reaching out to me and checking on me is proof to me that, you know, they value me prove to me that they want to listen to me, maybe perhaps they want to receive my advice. And ultimately, it’s the reason why NF j’s and one of the reasons why NFJs and ESTPs actually end up feeling important. And it’s especially important for ESTP is because they kind of just reject themselves, they have the self rejection problem.

And that’s not to say that ENFJ is also have a self rejection partner, they kind of do a little bit until you know, they actually think that they’re you know, they their ti inferior is developed, I think they’re smarter than everybody else. They have a know it all complex after a while, then they don’t necessarily feel that way as much. But ESTP is predominantly feel that way throughout their life. But they’re checking on people to show people that hey, I care about you.

Because let me tell you something, nothing matters more to an ESTP or an ENFJ. When people do that for them and prove to them that they are shown to be you know, they’re like, Hey, I value enough to drop everything I’m doing and just check on you see how you’re doing, because they do that for other people. And that just again, it makes them feel like they belong something maybe you they see you as a member of their Wolfpack, maybe they actually see themselves as responsible for you. And then it’s even better when you take responsibility and actually treat them the same way that helps them feel endear to you.

And as much as they hope that them checking on you makes you feel endear to them. It’s one of the reasons and one of the ways that they actually create and foster loyalty and other people. Because let me tell you, as he childness a hero of an ESTP an ENFJ the these se optimistic of the Templar Quadra these Templar types, they really highly desire people sticking around for them, people valuing them, people giving them special treatment, and they are in effect by checking on you giving you special treatment and they would love to receive that special treatment from you You, that’s why they do this. That’s why they do this on a regular basis.

Okay? A lot of people just don’t really understand that they understand the power of cognitive projection, they understand the power of Templar mirroring, because they mirror people’s others other people’s behavior. But sometimes they hope that other people would mirror them. And if people mirror them, it means that they’ve made a memorable impact, it means that they have that other people are actually appreciating how much care that these two types have put into other people, right? And that means everything to them. So why would you get in the way of that? Why would you, no one would no one would get in the way of that.

That’s actually entirely normal for them. And that’s what they’re looking for. That’s what they desire. So why, why not? Why not give that which they desire? Why not mirror them back.

Because if you mirror them back, which, if you’re an SI user, it’s really you’re just mimicking them. And you’re developing a habit. And from their perspective, they’re see you developing a positive habit, as a result of their influence on your life. That means everything to a Templar, especially extroverted sensing, optimistic types, who are Templars, ESTPs, and NFJs.

It means everything to them. That’s more that’s more important to them than saying, Hey, I like you because you’re taking a concrete action, a concrete action, where you are actually spending your time, energy and attention on them to check on them. Why? Because that’s what they’ve done for you. They always need to know that you are going to have their back even if they’re having a bad day, or even if they’re actually failing, right.

mega mega important. So yeah, that’s my answer to this question. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys tonight.


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