Why Did Andrew Tate Convert to Islam? | CS Joseph Responds


CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question why did Andrew Tate convert to Islam? Presented by Samuel Nicodemus, aka Iamanintellectual.


Are you? Welcome to CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, Sam wise. And I’m presenting today that glide question, why did Andrew Tade convert to Islam? Now, he’s explained it in the past, but we’re gonna look at what’s going on inside the mind of an E intp. When they convert to religion, and yes, Andrew Tate is an ESTP.

He’s not an ESTP. He’s not an INTJ. A lot of people think he’s really direct because of like Tic Tac clips that go around where it’s like, you know, quotes, like, breathe air, and they’re like, how is that not direct, and it’s like, well, stop watching clips and start watching interviews. And you will see that there’s more context, adding context, extra information that wasn’t asked for is informative.

And you’ll notice too, that people compare entertained to CSJ a lot. Because they’re both en teepees unconscious, developed and unconscious focused. You also see that Andrew Tay talks about like his suffering a lot. And the amount of stuff that he’s endured.

And he’s overcompensating with Introverted Sensing inferior. Not direct, not extroverted sensing, en TP. And you can also watch csga type and your tape in the journeyman section. I don’t remember what exact months it was, but it’s not hard to browse through.

So if you want to see him type Intertape go ahead and go there, but entertaining and TV. And for those of you that don’t know who entertainers he’s an influencer right now. He is mostly after the target of young men and trying to instill masculine virtues, basically the, you know, accepting discipline and responsibility like think Jordan Peterson, but like, with cigars and sunglasses. And then you know, of course, he has a reputation for misogyny, toxic masculinity, etc.

If you guys want, you could go through the footage and see what you think for yourself, because I think he’s interesting to watch. I like watching him with like, Twitch streamers because that it’s funny to me, how they almost treat it like it was an apocalypse that he was on the platform, very entertaining stuff. But ended up being said, Why did Andrew Tate convert to Islam? Now, there’s a couple of answers that could be and I’ll save the one that is most likely for the end. But one possibility is he is developing the ISFJ side of his mind.

The ISFJ side of the mind, from an octagon perspective for any NTP is that he is developing his fanaticism. Basically, the rallying behind a cause, is that idea. So that also comes into perspective, too, with the ISFJ side of the mind. Like the virtue that also comes in perspective of the virtue advice of an ISFJ faith versus fear.

And yeah, every side of the mind that had an INFJ side might like the ENTP sub conscience, and the INTJ, super ego, ESP unconscious, they still have the faith versus fear dynamic, it’s just they have one that’s more prevalent. And part of that faith versus fear dynamic, is what Andrew Tate is going through right now. Andrew Tate, and his perspective, says that the intellectual leader after him that because of him, preaching, what he is preaching to the younger demographic that the intellectual elite are after him, you know, the strike one was you’re taken off the platforms, Step two would be put in jail. Step three would be dead.

And that is coming from the Aiden Ross interview that he did. I’m not putting exact timestamps, but you guys can watch it those for yourself. There’s not too many of them. You guys can browse around if you’re interested.

But that idea of him the safety being a concern. That instills fear and he needs some level of faith to get through it which he has chosen Islam because you know, he has oppressed by activity that, you know, the West has failed, it’s doomed to collapse. And that’s kind of the answer that he went for. But before we get into that ego hack by text, the deal has been pushed back to December 2.

It’s about trying to go through text and learning from text messages and written notes and emails and all of that what type of person is and also how you can adjust your wording to meet their cognitive needs, so that your message resonates more. And if you want a demonstration of that, see us Joseph, and I did a live stream where he goes through the text other people on the discord and types of them out. And it’s like, I typed one guy. And it was like, you know, like, imagine digging for fossils.

I picked up this cool rock. And I was like, Yeah, I think that guy’s an INTJ. But like, man, CSJ is digging deep. And he’s finding fossils, man, and it’s like, we’ll have access to that ability through ego hacking by tech.

So get it before the deal is gone. So why do I think? All right, entertain a big reason for converting to Islam? If he’s pragmatic pragmatic is simply about what works versus what is good. And just or whatever, the right thing. Pragmatic is about what works.

And that doesn’t have to translate to you know, like, oh, let’s break the rules, then. No, it could just be a motive type of thing. You know, it could be as simple as, like, when I was in high school, I joined robotics as my extracurricular not because I was fascinated by robots or anything, but because that the program was only two days a week. And like a lot of the other extracurriculars were five days a week.

So I joined that. So I didn’t have to do a lot of extracurricular time, I could go home and play video games. That’s pragmatic. By the way, I still get my entry on my college resume.

And I get to play video games. So that’s a glimpse of how pragmatic works. Now let’s get into Andrew take from his perspective, how does prep and that’s a glimpse of how pragmatic works when making decisions like that. So Andrew Tate, his interest is high value women entertains against Western women, because a lot of that has to do with them not submitting, or they’re like to career focused and stuff like that.

So let’s take a look at Islam, especially in Eastern societies where it is a thing where the women are more submissive, and they don’t have jobs and they like live with their parents. Until you know, they get married to a man. And that’s normal. And that’s okay.

You know, it’s like, if a woman tries to do that here, it’s like, they’re a bomb, go get a job. So, and your tape is targeting themselves to those women. And, and I did a similar ish idea. After high school where I joined a Pentecostal church because it was like, after high school, I was very deep in robotics, where it was like, you know, I didn’t like the part where it was two days a week only.

I wish I could have done more. Because I got very involved in it after, you know, that first little taste, but you know, as I was dissolving, because graduating, and it’s like, no, I, I’ll never have a group dynamic, anything. Again, my third feeling inferior was like, I’ll never be accepted again, basically, in my head, but so my thinking was okay. Churches are basically the only stable, long term group building thing that I can think of.

I mean, I could do like a d&d group, but that, you know, they’re the meanwhile it’s like, oh, yeah, we only get together like every two months because everyone’s busy and that kind of stuff. But like, you know, churches are pretty stable or like, okay, yeah, Sunday night, and then you know, if you want to do like a Bible study group on like, a Thursday or Tuesday or something. Yeah, that’s the thing. So that was kind of the perspective I was going for, is that you know, I can always have my friends and that kind of idea.

And also from the women perspective. Pentecostal church girls are hot. I’m not gonna lie. I am a fan of like the dresses and skirts, I mean, jeans, jeans, skirts that are kind of weird to me, but it is what it is like I just kind of rather you wear pants if you’re gonna bomb out like that, but It is what it is, like, I don’t I just like the long hair.

It’s kind of simple. Not a ton of bright colors. I kind of like, I enjoy seeing them in groups where they’re like praying for each other. Singing stuff like that.

But yeah, I’m monologuing too much. I enjoy it. And that was my perspective for a while was I’d go to this church, I’d pray I get together with a bunch of these friends. And, you know, probably get a Pentecostal got a wife, because also, men aren’t as interested in religion as women are.

So that’s like, easier pickings. But there were problems that arose. Some of the more obvious ones was traditional Pentecostal churches are against facial hair, and I refuse to shave. I actually I remember at the beginning, there was a girl from another church that just saw me in a profile picture and was like, Hey, Church, lady friend, do you think you can hook me up with him? And but she was against facial hair? And I was like, No, I’m not changing.

And I honestly think that girl with an NJ back and like thinking about it now. Definitely an IFP user. Because that interest in me so well, that I know, no, because I still have my beard. But yeah, that also became a problem.

And I couldn’t like do things like worship bands or lead certain projects and stuff like that, because, you know, they had to look presentable. And it’s like, think the half bald. People with their hair back here are probably less presentable than I am. But sure.

I refuse to do the suit jacket thing because I wasn’t going to like go to the dry cleaners once a week. But I wore my sweaters like I do in most of my videos, and T shirt buttoned down if I’m feeling fancy. Basically a dress like extrovert sensing trickster, trying to look nice. But that kind of became some issues.

I had a lot easier times with the younger crowd. Because I was very servitude oriented. When I was like there. I remember right away.

I was carrying like a bunch of things for a person. And then there was like some girl that was like, Hey, can you want to be gentlemen opened the door. I think she was just talking to a crowd of people that were like just chit chatting. And you know, of course, I was like, carrying all this stuff.

Sparta kick. The door open and you know, it was like, Wow, that guy had the heart of a servant. It’s like, hey, try, you know, retrospect, that’s a sub development. But you know, and there were some jerk projects that I enjoyed doing.

I remember like, what actually made me convinced to actually start going to that church instead of just like a small time thing was there was like a church project. And I enjoyed just kind of helping out. I was basically running a little booth. And like, people are asking if I wanted a break.

And I was like, No, I’m good. I’ll just keep hanging here. Because like, if I’m free to roam around, I don’t know who to talk to. And I’m not a great conversationalist.

But hey, if I’m at a booth, people come to me. And all this was really before I truly understood Introverted Sensing, like that dynamic where it’s like, people come to me. It’s like, Huh, I guess I was doing something, right. But yeah, I mean, facial hair with a problem.

But like, I still had like a pretty nice heart or something. is basically the gist of the last five minutes of me rambling. But what came to be a final issue was the pastor, he was very interested in me converting my family over to the Pentecostal church, like talk about it, bring him here. And you know, I’m a very, not a TNT salesman guy.

If I say, like, Hey, I think you should try this. And they say, No, I’m not going to do it again, unless there’s like, some substantial change that happened to them, or the church or something like that, you know, I’m not gonna try to badger them every time because you know what I do to people that do that. Get out. You know, and that’s the thing, and it’s like, I wasn’t going to push people to that point.

Because that’s not cool. And you know, it’s like my dad and my brother. I knew they were not going to be interested at all. Because my dad had a history with the church and left.

Well, the not that the church specifically but the denomination. My brother ESTP, liberal anarchist. Yeah, no way. But my sister and my mom, I would talk about a little bit and I actually was getting some stuff going with my sister, but it wasn’t super fast or anything.

It was just like, casual talks. But it was like, over the course of several months, like the pastor would bring it up with me. And I’d be like, Yeah, I wouldn’t say it was like, yeah, yeah. Because I was, like, more socially concerned about stuff.

But you know, basically, it was like, Yeah, I hear you. But eventually, it got to the point where it almost got like, aggressive, like, coercing, like, he was like, very sternly at one point, just like, your entire family should be here by now. And I was like, Excuse me. Don’t tell me what to do with my family.

And I didn’t show up to another service. Like, I didn’t door slam, because I actually think there’s something more messed up than door slamming. Just walking away and closing the door. Because if I door slam, they just know hey, we’re done here.

Okay, that’s fine. Or not fine. You know, they probably tried to make up and whatever stuff but I didn’t say anything. I just never showed up again to nobody.

And then that leaves people wondering. You know, it’s like I didn’t show up next week. It’s like, oh, he might have been sick. That’s okay.

We’ll come back next week. What No, no, it’s been three weeks we’re gonna see you know, I like to fill up people that uncertainty when I’m that level of petty but yeah. So on my end that pragmatic didn’t work. It’ll probably work better for Andrew Tate.

But I think you guys get the idea of like, what was going on in my head when I was making a pragmatic choice like that or it’s like, you know, not insanely faith filled or anything just like I think this will work this will work and that kind of thing. And that’s kind of what entertains probably doing himself. But at the end of the day, Andrew Tate is not in this for the religion specifically arguable to that that hold of trying to fill this discord. So writer DAG is catch you guys on the next episode and see ya


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