Why can INTJ be an Engineer? | CS Joseph Responds


Why can INTJ be an engineer? CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question, can an INTJ be a good engineer?


Hey what’s up ego hackers back into the studio right now. And it’s new episode. So yeah, I just got back from taking a very nice walk and had myself a laranja. And great news.

My favorite Ron laranja cigar is the creamsicle ones. Oh, they’re so good. We’re just, they’re back in stock by my supplier and I was able to thoroughly enjoy one of those sticks. It’s so good.

The flavor is exquisite. But I really liked the SLA hose. I got this the blueberry awesome is epic. But hey, we’re not here to talk about cigars.

We’re here to talk about INTJs and the question for today is can INTJs be good engineers? What an epic question. Shout out to Beya for getting me to say epic at least five times and we have two out of the five let’s see if I get through the other three. Bear is a dope dude who hangs out with us on the discord voice chat on a regular basis. If you folks have not had an opportunity to get on to the ego hacker discord, the link is discord.gg forward slash ego hackers join it or you can click the link tree link below in the video description as that link has been fixed.

And you can join the discord we are about to break 1200 active members in our Discord community. People are typing each other people are discussing octagon people discussing temples and literally every aspect of union analytical psychology with the interpreted form of foresight sinamics on a regular basis and learning how to ego hack each other. It’s basically a giant free for all. And it’s fun and well moderated and a very excellent location to engage with the community in an active sense.

Although if you’re like me, you might want to like mute the notifications in the server because every channel notifying you is just insane. But I think we actually did a default setting where it doesn’t bother people. So we don’t have a problem anymore. But all right, I am back at the epic question up three out of five for can INTJ is be good engineers.

And I just have to balk at this question. Because I’m like, I mean, perhaps this acolyte member hasn’t watched much of the private content, or very many videos on INTJ is or any of the recent career related INTJ videos that I have done so far. And I’ve done plenty this year like plenty talking about this. So and this question, can INTJs be good as years to which I have to respond naturally with? Well, what kind of engineer? Which one? Which engineer? Are we talking about? Do we have any? Are we talking about a civil engineer, a mechanical engineer, an IT engineer, an engineer in general? I don’t know an engineer that works on what kind of machinery? Yeah, see, I really don’t know.

So. But let’s talk about ingenuity for a second because I think that is a much more valuable use of our time for this particular episode. So let’s talk about worldviews and the worldview known as the intellectuals, the NT worldview, the worldview that is responsible for the existence of totalitarianism and dictatorships upon the earth, you know, like, the Nazi Party. But yes, NTS, we can thank Auntie’s for bringing that to the world.

Congratulations, Auntie’s. Y’all played yourselves. No, just kidding. But not really.

But that being said, ingenuity is what intuitive thinkers are all about. And INTJ is are all about being a genius, all about being having high levels of ingenuity. And that’s not to say the INTJ is don’t it’s not to say that ENTP still that’s not to say that intp is don’t I mean, intp ingenuity is insanely powerful. That’s Elon Musk.

That’s Albert Einstein incredible ingenuity. And you look at ingenuity from an ENTP perspective, that is Steve Jobs. That is Howard Hughes. Like amazing, genius all around right, genius and genius is basically like a way of expressing ingenuity, right? And ingenuity is what N T’s are all about.

NT is also known as the intellectuals. worldviews come from Plato’s Republic, if you haven’t read Plato’s Republic, what do you do with your life? You need to definitely check out the work of Plato’s Republic, Plato being an INFJ, who was a student of Socrates and the intp and Plato basically breaks up all of humanity into four worldviews and those four wheels are the guardians, also known as SJ’s. And then you have the artisans, also known as the SPS, you have the intellectuals or thinkers, also known as the NTS, and you have the idealists, also known as the NF. Right? And the political spectrum matters here because, you know, if the guardians are running society, then you have the good old boys club, also known as oligarchy that always devolves into oligarchy.

When guardians are put in charge of society. When artisans are put in charge of society, you get anarchy or something similar to what’s in the film Gangs of New York. Basically, it is gangs, very tribal tribal games are just games in general. That is literally what artisans bring politically to the worlds and T’s bring dictatorship and totalitarianism and NFC almost always devolve into communism.

The point is, is that no one worldview is correct. So, but why did worldviews matter? It’s because in order to really understand INTJ is and being ingenious, and having really high levels of ingenuity, you have to be able to contrast that ingenuity and this typical behavior as thinkers as intellectuals, when compared to the other three of worldviews, because an INTJ is literally like that their purpose in life is ultimately to be a master of any skill. And I’ve said this many, many times, their job is to master any skill. As long as they are focused and practice and remain practice on that skill, no one will be able to outperform them at that particular skill.

So INTJ should have instead of having a wide repertoire of skills, like what en teepees do, an INTJ should have a small repertoire of skills, focused skills, where they can hone those specific skills because they care so much about those particular skills, and they take it to the next level. And that is where their ingenuity is because they can focus so hard and so harshly on one particular thing at a time that their genius comes out. And that’s where they become ingenious, basically, and have the ingenuity that would lead to them being a good engineer, be it and and mechanical, civil or information technology perspective. So obviously, the answer to this question is, yes, INTJ’s can be good engineers.

But the reason why or how is because as I’ve said, a million times on this YouTube channel, and on the podcast, that the purpose of the INTJ The purpose for their existence is to be the master of any skill. And the thing is, though, is that if they it’s use it or lose it, they have consistently use it or lose it. And it’s so funny to me, because INTJ is all CS skills as the same. Like, for example, I have a INTJ on staff.

And it’s so funny to me, because he’s like, hey, you know, typing people, it’s just like riding a bike. And every INTJ literally sees every skill is just riding a bike too bad. Like, out of all of the 16 types. They’re the only ones with that perspective.

They really are the only ones that perspective and maybe the the ISTP might come close, but it’s the INTJ that absolutely has the high level of skillful mastery, natural, skillful mastery within themselves. And by the way, if you haven’t read Robert Greene’s book mastery, and you’re an INTJ, what the hell are you doing with your life? Like literally grow up, go get an Audible account and listen to master Oh, wait, you can’t because your attention span is too low for that there’s no way in hell you ever do that, because y’all are obsessed with shortcuts. So maybe get a physical copy and just get and get through the slog. Or you could do you can just go to SparkNotes and just read the notes or, you know, whatever that app is that summarizes books, because apparently INTJ is don’t have time to sit down and read or listen.

And it’s funny that they really don’t, unless it’s directly correlated to a specific skill that they’re working on. And so funny because like, it’s always so great, and I’m sitting in it are standing in a room and I’m the most well read person there and I’m surrounded by INTJ. And all the INTJ Jays are like fawning over me, especially like the women, they’re all fawning over me because it’s like I’m extremely well read and they rarely if ever read books, which means I’m always like, technically their intellectual superior at all times. It’s kind of hilarious to me.

But however, they are by skilful superior, but the thing is, though, is that I can become insanely skilled to the point where I could actually match their skill levels and certain things with more things. But as long as that’s if they are not focused, if they say focus on those skills, they will maintain their mastery, there’s nothing I could ever do to beat them or outperform them, or in any way to be able to to outperform them. And that’s why out of the worldview for antes, the intellectuals worldview, also in his temperament within that particular temperament. The INTJ is when it comes to specific skills, no one can out engineer them.

No one has a high level of ingenious, no one can out ingenuity them. But that mean, that would mean that that’s the one skill that they’re focusing on. As soon as they divert their attention to something else while they start losing that skill, and it starts decaying skills to INTJ is decay very quickly. Because all things decay under entropy, it’s just the entropy is a lot faster with them.

But they can regain that skill back as soon as they retain their focus. It’s all about keeping the focus where it is. So yeah, can INTJs be good as yours? Absolutely, as long as they are focused on being good engineers, and technically, out of all the 16 types, they could be the absolute best engineer, as long as they choose an engineering niche and devote themselves and focus on that specific niche, and no one will be able to out engineer them. Literally, nobody.

And that’s a fact. That’s just kind of how it works. So keep all this in mind, when considering INTJ is and also guys, if you’re going to ask me career related questions, please get into more specifics about specific career things so that I could go on and on about something specific and not so general, like this question. This is a very general question.

And it kind of ends up being like a total slog for me to get through. Especially since, you know, career advice is insanely subjective. And I don’t have a problem giving career advice, I can absolutely give career advice. The problem is, though, is that if I’m lacking Introverted Sensing experience or anecdotal evidence in terms of specific careers, because sometimes I get really surprised about INTJ is with certain career paths, like for example, a friend of mine is an INTJ.

He is subconscious developed. And it’s also subconscious focus. He’s an SDS of INTJ. And you already did, he opened up a bakery truck.

And he’s a fantastic Baker. And that is he has the skill. He’s he holds that skill. He is the master of pastries, right.

And he engineers, pastries. So that’s where his ingenuity is, you see what I’m saying? Like, so that’s the thing about INTJ is they can literally master anything, because we have an INTJ like the skill is like riding a bike, right? And they project on everyone else didn’t expect everyone else to be as potentially skillful as them at least in their youth. And then they realized that that’s not the case. And they realized that they’re outperforming other people, but only because they focused on that particular skill, right? So yeah, just if you’re going to ask her questions, guys, which I’m fine with just please make sure that you’re adding in specific details going into a specific niche.

I just need more specifics because it’s a little too general. And then I end up having to riff based on how general this is, which it just comes to the territory. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching. I’ll see you guys in the next episode.

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