Season 3, Episode 10 Transcript


Chase: Hey guys, this is Chase with CS Joseph dot life. And we’re gonna be continuing on with our series on the 16 personality types according to Jungian analytical psychology. And we finished our last video yesterday, about ISTJ’s, also known as “The Scholar”, some people call them examiners.

Chase: And today’s video is on The Craftsman, also known as the ISTP. So, I got my trusty white board here so we’re going to do a deep dive into one of my most favorite types, the ISTP. They’re also kind of a pain in the ass too, but then again, so is every type.

Chase: So, this is the ISTP. They are introverting, introverted, sensing, thinking, and perceiving. They’re all about … what are they all about? See it through artisans so they like to finish things. Kind of have a hard time starting things, but once they get started, they have to finish. And they are known as the Craftsmen. They’re interaction style being that they’re see it through, means that they are direct with their speech. They are responding. And they are movement, which is being dedicated to progress basically.

Chase: So, the craftsmen. They are known as the craftsmen for obvious reasons. It’s mostly because of xrated sensing parent, which really gives them this pessimistic mastery over mechanics. An ISTP can literally fix anything. They are amazing at mechanics. ISFP’s as well because they also have S E parent. But specifically for ISTP’s, the ISTP S E parent is unbelievable. My cousin’s an ISTP. He actually owns an HVAC company, an extremely successful one. One of the few HVAC companies to survive the 2009/2010 economic downturn. And he basically swallowed all of the market share in his region. And they became a very super successful company.

Chase: Well, ISTP’s are super mega diligent and because of how diligent they are, and with their mechanical mastery they can literally create some of the most amazing things. And it’s usually, from tearing a hole out of the side of a house to install a ductless mini split system, to tricking out a car, or inventing a new gun of some kind, or the mechanics involved with running and operating a train.

Chase: ISTP’s are really cool like that. They also create some interesting inventions and then they have to try them out immediately, right? So, you know, imagine the guy who made, who invented long boards and oh, I’m gonna create a long board and then I’m gonna go try it myself. Yeah that was definitely an ISTP. And ISTP would do that. They have to make their crazy invention and then they gotta go and do it themselves and see how it works for themselves and then make it better at their own peril or their own risk of course. But that’s what they do.

Chase: So, the ISTP is their ego. Their hero is introverted thinking, also known as TI, also known as logic. Introverted thinking to them, basically ISTP’s can literally think through anything. And because they live in the moment with their SE parent, this makes them really not good at strategy, but it makes them extremely good at tactics. ISTP’s are amazing tacticians. Why is that? Well it’s because they’re very responding and they kinda take things as they come, right? So, when they are in that responding mode, they respond like life’s just throwing them obstacles and then they instantly react to that in situation. They have insanely quick reaction time. Very good at tactics. Really bad with long term strategy, but to them it doesn’t matter. They’ll just take any minute and then deal with it right then as it comes.

Chase: Imagine an obstacle comes right at them, they see it in front of them and it’s like, okay well, if this is happening with this obstacle, then I’m gonna do that, and then just keeps processing obstacle after obstacle after obstacle, and just kind of going through until whichever pathway they can carve through for themselves works out just fine.

Chase: They also do that with NI child. Introverted intuition child is like this childish sense of want. This childish sense of desire. Where, the ISTP imagines that they can literally want anything and because they’re wanting anything, they can … as weird as you try to stop NI child from wanting something and getting what it wants, it’s almost impossible. It always ends up and it gets it’s man basically.

Chase: It’s kinda like the little kid, you know, running through a mine field to go get a cup of sugar from Grandma across the mine field. Then the kid goes to Grandma and gets the cup of sugar and the kid comes back through the mine field and the mines never explode, because NI child is like having liquid luck. That immediate capability to be tactile with any possible obstacle taken moment by moment from the outside in, just makes it look like ISTP’s have the greatest luck in the world. When the reality is, they don’t.

Chase: It’s not about luck as much as it is … it looks like luck, but it’s not really luck. It’s just their amazing ability to be tactile in the moment. And they’re amazing tacticians immediately from childhood in through their adulthood. And they spend so much time, thinking and processing everything, that they really have a huge mastery for logic, and truth, or what they personally believe is true. To the point where they seem callous at times, or the point where they get insanely arrogant. Most ISTP’s I know are insanely prideful and insanely arrogant because from their point of view, they can out think you and they can out think anyone. And to be honest, that’s true.

Chase: TI heroes can really outthink everybody. And it’s very hard to outthink them. The only way to really get TI hero to see your point is if you provide statistics and data and research that proves them wrong. That’s really the only way. So you have to use TE. You have to use extroverted thinking. You have to use those data and statistics, those models, research information, studies that prove their point wrong. And it has to be a lot of studies. It’s not just good enough to show ’em one and they have to have many that are corroborating the same thing and that’s showing an obvious pattern of, okay, SE parent can see, okay this is what these people did. Here’s their results and it’s multiple sources. It’s not just one source and then only at that point in time will they be convinced of it.

Chase: Well that’s why ISTP’s best friend ties with the highest compatibility is the ISTJ. Because the ISTJ’s a walking library of Alexandria and because they’re this walking archives, the ISTP is confronted with the fact that they have all of this rational data in them so the ISTJ can completely, actually intellectually own the ISTP at times, even though, predominantly the ISTP is the more intellectual of the two because of their mastery of logic, right? But the ISTJ is definitely the type to go to if you need to convince an ISTP of something because the ISTP’s just basically going to write you off most of them because from their point of view, they have superior thinking to you.

Chase: Why? Well because their TE nemesis … they worry about the thoughts of other people. You know, the nemesis functions where a person’s worry exists, right? So they worry about the thinking of other people. ISTP’s literally walk around worried that other people are stupid. Worried that the world around them is stupid. And that they’re the only smart person in the world.

Chase: And like the whole saying of, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”, that was invented by ISTP’s, like, literally, because they don’t trust anyone else to do something responsibly because they’re responsible with how they impact the environment around them.

Chase: But that’s because they are so critical about how they use the environment around them, which is kind of hypocritical, given that they can be super messy sometimes and ISTJ’s would agree with me when I say that, but they see themselves with this person, who’s like perfect in their execution and use of tools. So they don’t really trust anyone else with their tools for example. Or trust anyone else with their cars or their vehicles, or their shop, or anything like that. Because it’s like, I can just do it better than you and I know I’m smarter than you, because I’m worried that you’re stupid. And my TI hero can prove it. And I don’t care how you feel about it because I don’t have very much FE.

Chase: Although, to be fair, FE inferior, ISTP’s where their fear exists, they are very insecure about how other people feel. And it’s kinda interesting. One minute they’re like, I’m right, you’re wrong, get over yourself. And then all of a sudden the next minute they’re like, oh I’m sorry for being harsh about it. It’s kinda weird, you know, and ISTP’s are like, oh you know, I wanna make you feel better and I feel guilty for the harsh things I said, but I’m still right about it. I’m still right. I’m still true. ISTP’s are all about being right, you know. And that’s where the saying, “So right, you’re wrong” comes from. Yeah it’s cause there was and ISTP there. You know.

Chase: It just funny stuff like that, that they keep finding themselves in a situation but yeah, ISTP’s, very insecure about how other people feel. Why is that? It’s because ISTP’s, they believe in the concept of negative help. You know, a lot of FE users, especially high FE users, FE parent, FE heroes believe that FE xrayed feeling, ethics is all about being caring and caregiving to other people and making their day good and making them feel good all the time. The ISTP’s like, yeah, no I’m not gonna make you feel good that way. I’m gonna tear you down limb from limb and criticize the hell out of you with my TI hero, for your benefit. Why? So then you learn something. Because they have this ENFJ mentor subconscious who the ISTP’s trying to be. And they’re trying to mentor people. Mentor people into being better people.

Chase: The ISTP is all about trying to mentor somebody, here let me show you how to use this tool. Here, let me show you how to drive this car. Right. Let me show you how to operate this tractor correctly because you’re obviously doing it wrong and you’re too stupid TE nemesis to know how to do it properly, SE parent. So I’m going to show you SE parent, I want to show you SE parent how to do it right, TI hero. And then you’ll feel good about yourself afterward because you did it correctly. Yay. FE inferior.

Chase: I mean, c’mon, but that’s literally how they work. They’re trying to mentor people. ISTP’s have the greatest joy in life when they see other people that they’ve tutored or mentored actually maintains some kind of mechanical mastery and it’s especially in ISTJ’s ’cause ISTJ’s can pick up that mechanical mastery very easily ’cause they have ESTP shadow. And the ISTP basically gets the mentor. Ego gets the mentor. The ESTP shadow through his EFNJ through his subconscious and that ESTP shadow within the ISTJ is able to have more mechanical mastery and then the ISTP feels so good about himself, and look at me, look at this person I’ve mentored. Look at how capable they are.

Chase: They’re great operating tractors now in farming equipment, so I’m obviously the smartest dude on the block ’cause I was able to teach him this amazing school right? Yeah. That’s how ISTPs are. You know. And I have had many an ISTP teach me a lot of treat stuff. My cousin, for example, he taught me how to do clay pigeon shooting. And I got very very good at it because of his direction.

Chase: My last boss is an ISTP, he taught me some very good concepts about IT and troubleshooting especially ’cause TI hero and SE parent are amazing for troubleshooting, you always want an ISTP on your side if you’re looking at troubleshooting. ’cause they just have this insane grasp with mechanics. Especially when it comes to a network. And it can be any form of mechanics. They can do it. It’s amazing just how capable they are and how much mechanical mastery they really have. And then how they augment it into this mentor and they become this mentor and you’re their apprentice, right. And they’re trying to mentor you through that. Just gotta be careful because that TI hero will rip you limb from limb and criticize you to your face so you better have a think skin.

Chase: But if you don’t have a thick skin around the ISTP, SE parent will start losing a respect for you and then they’ll no longer want to be around you. And then they’ll have no more value for you and then they’ll think that you’re just stupid. And then their SI critical will be like, well you’re annoying, and I’m just gonna put you in my annoying person zone. And then you’re never gonna be able to get out of that annoying person zone. And then they’ll have nothing to do with you every again, and I’ll never help you again, and I’ll never even bother mentoring you again because you’re annoying.

Chase: ISTP’s get very sensitive around what they consider annoying people. And it’s usually intuitives, especially NTP’s that annoy them the most. So that’s like basically, my type. I annoy the hell out ISTP’s and I know it. But i love them. Gosh why is it that ENTP’s love people that hate them. I don’t know. It’s a problem we have. But whatever, so TE nemesis, like we said, it walks around worried that people are stupid FE inferior is afraid that people don’t value ISTP’s. If you want to make an ISTP feel really good, you want to give them recognition. You want to thank them for their contributions. Their SE contributions and their FE contributions to you.

Chase: Be grateful. Show them gratitude. Remember them. SE parent needs people that are loyal to them so show that loyalty. Show that gratitude to the ISTP, it brings ’em to cloud 9. They feel elated when they know that you appreciate them. That you appreciate the things that thy have shown you, or built for you. The experiences that they’ve given you. The sensations that they give you in the bedroom if you know what I mean. ‘Cause ISTP’s, they’re very direct, especially in the bedroom if you know what I mean. And they definitely like being on top. Hands down. Because to them, you’re just a canvas open to them which which they write upon in the bedroom. That’s how ISTP’s approach it. They definitely wanna be on top.

Chase: So, the next function is SI critic. So this is a very interesting function. SI critic basically comes in multiple ways. Every ISTP I know, they always tell me that they have the memory of an elephant. And they can remember everything. But I’m sorry, the truth is, ISTP’s are actually very forgetful. It’s because they live in the moment and new information is coming into their head and all the other information is getting pulled out. But SI critic is at least strong enough to remember things that it will really hold on to what their mind perceives is very important for them to remember. And they will remember it. The problem is though, that what’s important to them is not necessarily important to you. And they can forget those details easily. So you just have to remind them. And ISTP’s are that type that forgets about anniversaries, or birthdays or whatever so they have little sneaky alarms on their Iphone to remind them or whatever. And it’s not that they’re being sincere, it’s just that they’re trying. Like they’re totally that guy that’s gonna forget about the anniversary, or the birthday, or forget it’s Christmas, they do that, why? ’cause they’re tinkin’ around in their shop and time just goes by because they’re just not really aware of the flow of time because they live in the moment so much with SE parent.

Chase: So SI critic exists for you to criticize their SI critic, hey, why don’t you remember this, you know. Or hey don’t you remember this? And even though they swear that they have the best memory in the whole world because it’s a critic function guys. I have the best memory every. They really don’t. You just have to remind them they don’t, and prove it to them.

Chase: It can get so bad, especially with the ISTJ’s in a relationship with an ISTP, the ISTJ literally starts taking notes. They have a notepad with them for everything the ISTP is forgetting, including the date and time that it was said sometimes, just so they can throw it in the ISTP’s face and be like, see, I told you. And oh by the way, other people have signed their name on this list to say that they agree with what I’m saying so it’s multiple people saying that you know, and then of course, the ISTP starts raging with their SE parent at that moment. How dare you do this to me. You’re supposed to be loyal to me or whatever. And then you go in to other people behind my back and blah blah blah, and it’s like you never believe me that you forget anything. And I’m trying to prove my wrong. And now you’re getting butt hurt that I’m proving you wrong. C’mon. Yeah. Definitely amazing. Not really, it’s actually pretty frustrating. I hate it. But it’s ISTP’s and I love ’em but … I hatee to love ’em but I absolutely have to have them in my life.

Chase: I cannot take a hammer for a nail. And I love my ISTP’s because they can and they’re amazing at it. So, NE trickster. This is one thing about ISTP’s that everyone needs to realize. It’s one of their greatest weaknesses, if not their greatest weakness. This is why they go really well with SJ’s, because they’re an SP. They are completely clueless about metaphysics. They have no idea that other people want anything. They have no idea that other people may have negative intensions for them. Or that they’re trying to be manipulated. ISTP’s are especially linked to ENFP’s. If EFNP’s are trying to use TE child thought manipulation, or get them in a legal contract or the fine print. Trying to schist them out of it. ISTP’s are easily sheisted by ENFP’s, so it’s very important that there’s an ISTJ or an ESTJ around to try to protect the ISTP from thought manipulation.

Chase: Yeah. They have TI hero, and you think that TI hero can’t be manipulated by rationale, actually it can. And TE child can do it even. TE inferior not so much, but TE child could. And definitely TE parent. That’s ISTJ’s have. And TE hero, of course. ESTJ’s have that and ESTJ’s are super compatible with ISTP’s so what do you expect, right? The ISTP’s not immune to thought manipulation even though they have TE hero. And they have to be aware of that. It’s usually because TE users are using their FI and taking advantage of that FE inferior because that FE inferior is like, I’m so insecure about how you feel about me man. And a rational user automatically has FI ’cause TE and FI are connected on axis right. And that could cause things to go badly for the ISTP.

Chase: The ISTP could end up getting sold something or a bad bill of goods, and they don’t even know because they’re completely unaware of the possibility of what people may do to them. They have no idea about the intentions of other people. Why? Because their mind only has room to keep track of their own intentions and what they want. And they’re constantly focusing on what they want. They don’t have time or room in their head to consider that other people want things, or what possibilities exist.

Chase: That’s another component of NE trickster. And this is really frustrating. ISTP’s are like, oh hey, you know, there is only what is. There is only reality. What is is the only thing that’s real. Don’t talk to me about what if. Don’t talk to me about theory. Like seriously, talking to an ISTP about theory or what if or maybes is like you’re wasting your time. I mean unless it’s like a roulette table because ISTP’s are like obsessed with luck because NI child thinks luck is a real thing and that they’re gonna get lucky at the casino because lets be honest SP’s and SJ’s, but SP’s most of all make up casino customers more than anyone else. Let’s be honest. That NE trickster is just not really aware of that. They don’t care about the what if. They don’t care about theory and if you’re talking theory, you better have data and facts to back up that theory immediately and research and studies. Otherwise they are not even going to care, and guess what, if you keep talking theory around the ISTP, they’re gonna immediately put you in their you annoy me zone. And you’ll be stuck in that you annoy me zone forever because anytime they try to think back about you with their SI critic, they’re gonna remember only how much you annoyed them. And it’s really annoying.

Chase: That’s why they’re with ISTJ’s right, and ESTJ’s, ’cause those two types really go out of their way to make a good first impression. That’s how ENFP’s get them with those crazy deals or bad contracts. Read the fine print because the ENFP goes out of the way to use his ISTJ’s subconscious to create a good first impression and then the ISTP gets suckered in. Hook, line and sinker. Oh no, but I’m an [inaudible 00:20:53] I would never do that. No on could every manipulate me. I’m too smart for that. Mm yeah, but you can’t see when a train is coming to hit you from behind. ‘Cause you’re only focused on right now and what’s in front of you and you can barely see past your own nose. You do not have long term thoughts. Only for you to choose the best path forward for you right now. But in terms of all the other possibilities and all the what ifs, that’s not even real to you bro. And I’m sorry, you’re not gonna go very far with that. That’s why you need an ISTJ or an NFP around, that’s got your back because they can see into the what if and protect you from the evil what if or the scary what if that may happen. Or the can even guide you to the good what if.

Chase: Hey, what if you do this? See what happens. And then all of a sudden you do it and you end up inventing this amazing thing, which makes you millions and millions of dollars. Right. All because you as the ISTP listened to the what if person. See, what if has it’s place. And just because it’s not in what is land, doesn’t mean that it’s not in what if land.

Chase: And this is why you can’t even talk conspiracy theories or any kind of theory with an ISTP ’cause they’re just not gonna believe you because if they do not see other people already talking about it, and because they already assume everyone for the most part, they worry around, they not so much assume, but younger ISTP’s, they do assume everyone else is stupid, but more mature ISTP’s are still worried that everyone around them is stupid, they’re definitely going to take literally everything you say by default with a grain of salt, because if they’re not already thinking it’s true and they are not already seeing other people talking about it and because they worry that other people are dumb, then they’re not really going to have anything to do with that theory because it’s just not even real to them, sorry, you’re wasting your breath.

Chase: Talk to their STJ counterpart wherever they are. If you find an ISTP, you’ll find an STJ, trust me, or at least an NFP around them. And then talk to those people about theory. But the ISTP’s not gonna have anything to do with it. And if you talk to ’em too much, like I said, they’re not gonna have anything to do with you very soon. And there’s nothing you can do to change that status. Be careful.

Chase: So, the last part is FI demon. Now, ISTP’s get a real bad wrap when it comes to feelings because every ISTP I know is accused, especially by their wives for example, my cousin all the time gets accused by his ISTJ wife that he is soulless, that he is human less, that he has not feelings whatsoever, that he’s just a machine. And he’s like, well yeah, of course I’m a machine, I have TI hero, what do you want? Why can’t you have feelings? And he’s like, eh, I don’t care about how I feel about anything. How I feel doesn’t mean anything to me, it’s all about what’s true or false. Is this true? Is this false? Is this real? Okay, if it’s not true or false, and it’s not real, then why do I care, right?

Chase: Exactly that’s how ISTP’s behave. It’s not that they’re bad people. It’s just that it’s not relevant to them. What’s relative to them is how you feel. Make it about how you feel and that’s what I would tell all of my cousins. Well I’ve just like stopped trying to get ’em to have feelings. He doesn’t and he never will.

Chase: Make it about how you feel. Make it about the experience you’re getting from him. Make it about whether or not he’s making you comfortable with his SE parent. Make it about whether or not he’s making you feel good with his FE inferior. Is he telling you how much he values you? Are you telling him how much you value him? ‘Cause that’s all an ISTP needs. They need someone else to tell them that they’re valued, that they’re appreciated. Because guess what, if you don’t tell FE inferior if you do not tell FE inferior that you value them. If you do not give them the recognition that they crave, they will hate you because they’re like why the fuck am I completely going out to my way to support you and give you everything that … and I’m using superlatives ’cause that’s what they do. They get ragy and start using superlatives like crazy.

Chase: ISTP’s are kind of the most vulgar of the types, other than ESTP’s. STP’s, definitely have a sailor’s mouth if you know what I mean. But that FI demon gets in place and it’s like, you don’t appreciate me, why do I even bother? I try to show you things, I try to mentor things, I try to contribute to you, I try to support you and I don’t get nothin’. No respect, are you kidding me? And then they just go in their FI demon mode and activate their INFP superego, which is, you know, they’ll get so completely indifferent. The ISTP in that moment, when they’re in their FI demon, they’ll just straight up ignore you.

Chase: They will only be about what they want and themselves. It’s kinda like this … they become the most disloyal and the most selfish human being you’ve ever met basically. Because it’s like, well why bother? I’ve gone all this way to help you so I’m not going to bother helping you anymore so now I’m just gonna help me and focus on me and do what I want and do what makes me feel good. Because obviously you don’t feel good about me and what I’m doing for you so why do I even care? Right. That’s FI demon.

Chase: That INFP demon’s like, fine I’m just gonna do what I like and I’m gonna do what makes me feel good. And I’m gonna do what gives me a good experience. And how many times I’ve seen ISTP’s get ragy in their marriage you know, and then all of a sudden they show up in Vegas just randomly. They blow all their money on the roulette table and then they’re snortin’ coke off the butt of you know, two twin hookers basically. Because it’s like, why bother? You know, if you’re not gonna respect me, if you’re not gonna value me for what I’ve done for you and all the contributions I’ve done for you, and all the things I’ve made for you and all the things I’ve shown you, fine. Why am I even gonna be involved with this?

Chase: And that’s not just how they react in relationships. They do it at work too. It’s like, okay, if I’m going out of my way to do this for you and you’re not even willing to be loyal to me, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna be loyal to you. You know. And that’s why the INFP demon comes in. Even though INFP’s are very loyal people. INFP demon is the exact opposite of that. They are completely dis loyal and it doesn’t matter if it’s 20 years of marriage. It does not matter. They will definitely get involved with other people immediately and it will be quick because they’re movement oriented. It’ll be immediate. And they’ll be like, oh that was really excited for all this and it’s like … and the ISTP’s like, yeah well you deserved it because you completely ignored my FE inferior and just caused me to go into my FI demon mode.

Chase: What are you gonna do in that situation? I recommend you guys avoid that. Remember, always ask ISTP’s what they think. They’re extremely intelligent. Allow them to make you comfortable. Always give them the freedom to do what they want. If you don’t give an ISTP the freedom to do what they want, then they’re not gonna be able to mentor you or contribute to you and you’re not gonna be able to appreciate them or give them the recognition they need and then their FI inferior’s gonna get pissed off and then they’re gonna go in their FI demon mode and then you’re completely screwed.

Chase: You don’t want to have that relationship with an ISTP at all. ISTP’s are great people. You just have to give them what they need. Allow them to think. Give them what they want. Tell them you appreciate them. Tell them that you like the sensations that you give them, or that they give you. And tell them that you appreciate how comfortable they make you feel et cetera. That’s what and ISTP needs to hear. Especially in their intimate relationships. And it goes true with work, family, any human being that comes in their life. If they have that relationship with them, they really value those people and they really are diehard all about those people to the end of their days. And to the point where they would be willing to take a bullet for those people because they love them that much. That’s how awesome ISTP’s can be. On top of the fact that they’re walking mechanical geniuses.

Chase: Anyway, if you found this video to be helpful, educational, and what not, please leave a like and subscribe. If you have any questions about ISTP’s, please leave a comment in the comment section and I will do my best to answer your questions. Also, thank you all to those of you that have been sharing my videos, especially on Twitter and a couple of shares on Discord, some people were telling me about, which has also been fantastic. I will also do my best to help any of your friends and family as they’re trying to discover depth psychology and type and what it means. And also maturity for human nurture et cetera. ‘Cause I’m doing some videos on that too. So yeah, otherwise, I’m gonna be doing another video soon on the human nurture series that we’re gonna be finishing up here. I’ve got two more videos left on that and then I’m also gonna try to do additional types. The next type video is the INTJ type. So I hope to be posting that tomorrow. So yeah. Alright, with all that being said, I will see you folks tonight.

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