Season 17, Episode 8 Transcript



00:03 Hey guys, this is Chase to CS Joseph dot life to another episode for season 17. This is season 17, Episode Eight, who are the gamma Quadra also known as the Wayfarers. This is the S T J, or excuse me, the SFP NTJ Quadra. Now remember, as we’re talking about quadros, we’re kind of borrowing a little bit from the Socionics theory of quadros.

Although my definition of quadros is not exactly the same as Socionics, but I do maintain that, you know, understanding of Cuadras is absolutely necessary a specialist we’re trying to learn about how to type ourselves, etc. And kind of type other people and just generally understand, especially when you’re talking in terms of compatibility, when it comes from a compatibility approach, be of social compatibility, romantic compatibility, professional compatibility, parental compatibility, it doesn’t doesn’t really matter, but like from relationships, as far as we know. It’s, it’s absolutely necessary to that end to keep track of you know, people’s different quadrants and the reason why is because a person’s quadra, it kind of manifests, you know, like, right, right as someone is born, you know, in their within their quadra, and then as they develop a, they end up picking one of the two sides that they’re associated with within their Quadra as they get older, although there’s two competing theories about developing one’s Quadra and we’re two episodes away from talking about that. We’ll be talking about that immediately after the Delta Quadra.

But the gamma Quadra is is is a bit different. And while you know it’s easy for me to lecture on the Crusader Quadra because like I am a crusader type because I’m an NTP or it’s easy for me to lecture on the, the the tempo or quash also, I’m just the beta quadra, because like I’m married to a Templar. I’ve been trained and raised by Templar types. The wave fire the wayfarer, quadra, which is the s, or the NTJ SFP.

Quadra has definitely been something that I’ve had to spend a little bit more time on in preparing this particular lecture from a season 17 point of view, because they’re actually very misunderstood. And, you know, that can be a problem in a lot of ways. So, it’s important to make sure that we have this general understanding as to How’s quadrille works because, like I said, romantic compatibility, for example, sometimes you might have a golden Quadra or silver quadra, if you’re a crusader type or golden Quadra is, you know, basically something that you’d want to have relationship with. But then you’d also want to know what your silver Quadra is so that you can have relationships through silver Quadra.

For example, what’s the best relationship that you could have from your silver Quadra? Right, so what is the silver Quadra silver Quadra? It’s like The Quadra that you would add the four times that you get the second highest potential compatibility with it for like really zooming out here and looking at the forest and whatnot, and the highest relationship that you would be able to have the best way she’d be able to have her silver quadra, but basically be the pedagogue relationship, right? So if like you’re an INTJ, that would mean an INFP. For example, if you’re an ESTP, that’d be an ISFJ or ENTP, INFJ ENFP INTJ approach, right? So it’s where you have the we have highest sexual compatibility, but you don’t have very high emotional compatibility, right? And it’s stuff like that, that you kind of have to be aware of, you know, that works. Although we do have one pedagogue relationship video out right now, at season 14, episode nine, it’s available for Patreon. So for members, you can do that at CS

Forward slash patreon to find out more in case you want to like little understand at least one of the pedagogue relationships, but be that as it may, it is necessary. And by the way, also, at the very end of this lecture, I’m going to be doing a q&a session and also asking people who are on this little webinar, some questions in the q&a session, I have a kind of like a potential poll that I’d like to ask everyone joining us tonight in terms of like which relationship pairing they would like to see for the next season 14 episode so episode 10. So we’re gonna be talking about at the end of this, so stay tuned, all the way to the end so that you can get your your voice heard in on that. But anyway, so understanding quadrants, again, it’s just really necessary to understand because the Cuadras themselves all of there’s four types for quadra, and they all share the same cognitive function.

So if we’re going to look like for example, at you know, my whiteboard right here, so you can see like for ESFP ISFP INTJ INTJ they all have the same cognitive functions are all extroverted sensors are all ni users, they’re all F fi users are all ti users, they all have the same cognitive functions. And this can cause, you know, a lot of incompatibility because they all like to compete with each other in certain situations. But conversely, due to the high camaraderie that they have, they can also use this as something that they can utilize to learn from each other, which is absolutely necessary. However, there are a lot of commonalities between these four types that they are, you know, sharing the same Quadra.

And some of those commonalities are, you know, hey, they’re all pragmatic, if you ever noticed that. It’s kind of like the Crusaders, the Crusaders, while they’re half chromatic, pragmatic and half affiliative. They’re actually all of them are informative, but the wayfarer types, they’re all pragmatic. They’re all focused on doing what works.

They’re all focused on being independent, and having, you know, a sense of personal freedom, etc. So just make yourself aware of that, like, when it comes to wayfarers. They’re all about freedom. They’re all about their personal freedom, they’re all about their choice taking away their choice is horrible.

But in the same way that they’re all about their choice and our freedom. They’re also about their personal performance and some capability ESFPs hailed as the performance type, all about performing, etc. And putting on a show INTJ is all about getting over their performance anxiety and outperforming everyone and E and TJ is unlocking the secrets to performing really well what are for whatever aspect of art form that is or the ISFPs. While they are very artistic themselves, you know, naturally, they’re trying to utilize their art to create the Master System, but it’s all from the standpoint of performance.

So like the gamma Quadra is known as the performance or performing quadra, it’s what they do, right? But they’re not necessarily performing for others. And as much as that they are also performing for themselves. What why what’s the point of performing, right? Because the thing is, is that the Gamma Quadrant, from the Gamma Quadrant point of view, especially in terms of relationships, they, for some reason, believe and obviously, times this can actually be a lie that they tell themselves, but they believe they believe that, hey, you know, if I perform really well, for other people, that means people are not going to abandon me. That means people are always going to be loyal to me every single time, as long as I keep up my performance.

And then I’m like, Okay, if that’s true wayfarers so how the hell do you even live your life? What’s gonna happen, like when your performance goes down, and you’re old, and crunchy, and elderly? And you’re not able to perform so well anymore? Especially in the bedroom? For example? Are you just going to be okay that people abandon you? I mean, like, do you even have any substance there? Think about that. Are you? Are you honestly Okay? With people just abandoning you after all that, right? So that’s the thing like, it’s like, you just don’t have any faith in the human race whatsoever. You have faith in yourself. So you have this self belief over yo and ability to perform, but in terms of people being loyalty to you, regardless of how you perform, apparently, you know, for the large part, gamma Quadra folks don’t even actually believe that that’s true.

Or even could even possibly consider that. That’s true. Wow, that’s a really horrible and stressful way to live life. Apparently, like you must live around like horrible people in your life who are just there to take advantage of you consistently.

I mean, the SFPs would be aware of this, right? Because at least they’re interest based. And they know what they’re getting out of a situation. But what about you systematic and TJs out there who just is like, oh, it’s all about, you know, what I have to offer someone and you know, I’m just here to like, be the ultimate catch. You know, what, what happens when you stop in the ultimate catch? What’s your contingency plan? Little wayfarers? I wonder Do you have a contingency plan? Have you thought about that? Because you’re basically automatically assuming that you know people like me out there all of a sudden like my super high opinion of you is just going to change on a whim the moment you stop performing, and it’s like oh, you know, like I’m in a relationship with this NTJ she’s really good in bed you know, she’s she’s really cute she’s got a super tight body but she’s getting fat up nope, she’s not really performed well in the bedroom up nope up Guess what? That means I have to like you know, throw in the dumpster.

Wow, I must be like a total heartless asshole. Wait a minute gamma Contra. Are you guys walking around everywhere assuming that everyone’s a heartless asshole. Is that really how it is? Do you really think everyone else in the world is so shallow? Wait a minute.

10:01 Maybe it’s because your shallow stop. See, it just comes out on your behavior. The gamma Quadra is the most shallow of all the types. And TJs SFPs.

All about that shallowness, right? Super, super shallow. Like, let’s be honest, let’s be honest, show me how you’re not shallow, right? Because you’re showering us is proof based on Well, if I perform really well, and it’s all about what I have to offer and be the ultimate catch, then you assume that that’s what buys you loyalty. Right? You know, because you think everything’s some kind of transaction, some kind of relationship transaction of some kind who, yeah, that’s effective. Why? Well, it’s pretty easy.

Let’s look at why. Think about it. Crusader types focused on justice, right, and fairness, Crusader types, you know, keep it to the shadows, like the row, right. All about, you know, Bruce Lee, he was a crusader type.

He’s in ENTP. Right? Hitler was a crusader type. Right? We have all these Crusader types all about fairness, but they can be pretty sneaky, those Crusaders. They can be real sneaky, right? You know, and, and that sneakiness definitely happens.

Of course it does. It absolutely happens that sneakiness Why does that happen? Well, you know, because they, you know, sometimes if you were to challenge a Crusader and single combat fight or flight, right, they’re gonna fly away so that they come back in the shadows and they nail you when you don’t see it coming and they land a deathblow. Right. You know, kind of like ropes and World of Warcraft.

They just ambush you. It’s kind of an Honorless way of doing it, right. So they’re like ninjas, crusaders, like ninjas, but gamma quadra, you know, their golden Quadra the Wayfarers. They’re like pirates.

You know, take what you can and give nothing back. It’s because they’re shallow. You people are shallow. I’m tired of you people being shallow.

You know, there’s a reason I married a Templar. It’s because I’m tired of shallow. And like she’s real, and she’s amazing, and she’s respectful. And someone who I have a high opinion of, and guess what my high opinion of her is not going to change.

It’s so funny because the gamma Quadra one of their top seductive styles, especially in a relationship standpoint, is the siren railguns seductive style is the rake. I love how rakish she is. It’s amazing. And you know, and I’m a co cat, because hashtag Crusader types are all about being co cats and templates is all about being rakes, right? So it works out.

You know, the rake is great for a co cat. It works out perfectly right? But you know, sirens it’s like, well, you know, eventually you know that I may be like Cleopatra, According to Robert Greene 48 Laws of Power. But as soon as my beauty fades, you know, it’s not as much so I better control the situation. I better make sure that you know, I have them to pendant on me.

How many times have I seen en TJ women getting into relationships with NTP men or NP men are all stuck in their comfort zone, who don’t have jobs who don’t who live in their mothers basements, or and then they end up moving in together and they still don’t have jobs. And the INTJ woman is like, you know, well, at least he’s dependent on me. He’s not going anywhere. And then I have to deal with my fear of abandonment, because one day I’m going to not be able to perform for him, but he’s already dependent on me, and then I have to worry about it anymore.

Wow, that’s appropriate. That’s like, Okay, thank you. So what’s the point? So when you’re talking about performance, another way to look at performance in terms of the Wayfarers is achievement. They’re all about achievement.

Of course, the ISFPs scared the most about achievement. You know, they’re pretty scared about that. But even they understand that dynamics can change, right? They say dynamics can change because there’s so shallow themselves that because they’re willing to think that their own personal dynamics can change and because dynamics can change for them. Just because their opinion can change on a whim doesn’t mean everyone else’s opinion changes on a whim, but they automatically assume and project that onto other people.

It’s really annoying. Stop jumping to conclusions about other people’s behavior. I at least can say that ESFPs do that the least. Which is funny because ESFPs out of these four types within this Quadra have the reputation of sleep Being around the most, when that’s not actually the case.

They just have the reputation of it probably because all those any heroes out there who are trying to like, compete with them end up spreading rumors about them that are not actually true. And then they have to combat the rumors and they get scared of the rumors, then they just remove themselves out of the situation. And because they’ve removed themselves in that situation, the popular opinion about those ESFPs is that oh, well, they obviously left. So it had to have been true because they’re ashamed.

No, it’s one of the reasons why ESF peas have such a hard time testifying in court that they were raped. Then they are actually raped. But they don’t want to do that, because they don’t want their accuser to deal reputation has to them. Because fifth law of power, According to Robert Greene, and I quote, so much depends on reputation, guard it with your life.

And this is what ESFPs do, especially ESFP women who have been raped and have the ability to testify in court, but they choose not to because they’re scared. They don’t like being labeled by the person who raped them publicly labeled as a whore. So you can kind of like understand where they’re coming from all about that performance and achievement, but then, hey, I gotta guard my reputation. Because, you know, oh, well, I’m not so beautiful anymore.

Or, oh, you know, I got fat and I got fat or, Oh, I’m old now. Or, Oh, I can’t have children anymore. I’m not able to perform as much anymore. So all I have left is my status, all I have left is my reputation will allow.

And then because of that they allow in justices like a rapist to get away, you see, because that’s all they have left. Although, truth be told, I’m sure most of these types, these SFPs, these wayfarers, these NT J’s, they often don’t have a choice but to be so shallow, right? It’s just how their minds work. But then they can rise above that. shallowness they have that capability, right? But will they take what you can give nothing back right? The pirate way? Because, let’s be honest, wayfarers, a pirates think about it.

Think about what what pirates do. What do pirates do they get on their ship, their ships represent absolute total freedom. There’s nothing like having the ability to go anywhere you want. Which of the types have the travel bug which types want to travel the most.

It’s the way fares. And trust me, if you’re talking to a Wayfarer who’s like not really into travel. 17:48 They’re lying. Don’t believe them? I don’t care if they’re se inferior, and they’re an INTJ.

And they’re like, Oh, I’m not really sure about traveling. Okay, yeah, Bs. They will, especially if you’re like, okay, hey, I’m going over here. You want to come with me? Like, okay, yeah, because they know you’re going because they’d rather have that shared experience.

It takes their fear away, right? But wayfarers they go their own way, every year about that men’s movement called MIG tau men going their own way that was literally invented by Nt J’s, think about that. So wave fares are people going their own way. They are pirates and search a freedom and in search of treasure. And while they are focused on getting theirs, because, you know, that’s how it goes.

How many times have I seen this contra Be The Other Woman or the other man in relationships, trying to like take someone else’s treasure. They’re like highway man or claim jumpers, right? You know, like ESFP that duelist you know what I’m saying? Hey, I’m gonna duel you, you know, kind of like that. ESFP duelist. And that for movie, you know, the guy with a blonde Eric a little sword, you know, as Cutlass? You know, and he’s an ESFP.

There’s a reason for that. He is the duelist. Right. And they duel in terms of trying to find the truth, but they’re also dueling and competing for treasure.

Because from their point of view, if I can outperform the rest, that means I get the glory, I get the treasure, I get the everything, right. It’s when you know, the difference between wayfarers is that while they are trailblazing new paths forward, it’s whether or not they allow people to follow them. It’s whether or not they allow people to go in that same direction and to be able to, you know, get treasure with them. Right.

It’s so hard so hard, especially when you’re raising a wayfare child. It’s so hard to get them to share. These are the four types. I have a hard time sharing, because hey, this is mine.

That’s my man or that’s my woman. It’s Mine, I own that, you know, it’s always interesting how NT j’s and SFPs are all about having ownership, right? It’s kind of weird, because it’s like, they’re like, no one can own me, you know, I’m not going to be tied down to a ball and chain, but I definitely own them hypocrites, absolute hypocrites, your your you always expect, you know everyone else to be okay with how you know, you know, you know, I gotta read your phone and make sure you’re not talking to someone, or, or ooh, I gotta make sure you’re not following this person on social media, or who I was gonna know what you’re doing at all times. Because you know, I might be threatened and my reputation like, what would my girlfriends think if if, you know, if they find out that you’re talking to other people, even though even though you’re like not doing anything wrong, but you’re talking to other people, they might perceive that you might be cheating on me, and then that my relationship with you is not as strong as as as it really is. And they’re seeing it that way.

And they’re seeing an opportunity to get with you what if that’s happening? Wow, kind of love that NTJ, a paranoia cone in there. And yet, SFPs, you know, have that same point of view, oftentimes, it’s because they’re afraid of being abandoned, these people don’t want to be left behind. These people don’t want to be left out. But they also want to have the freedom to be able to find their treasure and own their treasure, but they don’t want to be owned themselves.

So weird. And it’s so backwards. It’s so annoying, right? They’re selfish, right? The level of achievement that each of these types can can achieve is great. But when it comes to that treasure, they expect that that is their treasure, take what you can and give nothing back.

And it’s funny because they’re willing to take other people’s treasure. I have coached so many people in this Quadra over the last year, and you know, I coach people who who have been victims of cheating, or people who actually do cheat. And, and I would say, over half, probably about 60% of those situations is as a result of a Wayfarer type. Getting in this situation and creating a cheating situation where a Wayfarer is almost always involved.

The Wayfarer themselves are either being the cheater, or they’re the other man or the other woman in this situation. It is consistent. And it’s because hey, I just got to get my treasure. I’m all about my treasure, much treasure, right? No, because it’s about achievement.

It’s all about the glory. Because hey, you know if I can get with that person, you know, that’s going to increase my status. And I just want to be able to prove and show everybody else that I’m good enough that I can actually pull off getting with that person, even though I don’t actually care about them. Cleopatra was that way, that’s how she behaved.

But Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, According to Robert Greene in the 48 Laws of Power, or the artists adduction when he talks about the siren, gamma Quadra are sirens. That’s their main seductive spiral. It’s all about hey, look at me, hey, are performing really well, hey, look at all these achievements that I have, right? I was actually coaching an ESFP recently, who was asking me for advice on how to set up their Tinder profile. And I’m like, oh, here we go.

But you know, for some reason, you know, everyone thinks that Tinder is, you know, pretty cool. But within their culture, you know, Tinder is not exactly, you know, something that’s all about, you know, just, you know, getting, you know, straight up getting laid, but while in other cultures it is, but in their culture, not so much. We’re putting together, you know, their, 24:02 you know, their profile, and they just keep listing all these achievements, all these achievements over and over and over, and they’re trying to find their treasure, and they think that their treasure is gonna come for them. Because of all these achievements, they got listed out, and I’m like, Alright, listen, you do realize how intimidating that is, right? Why is anyone going to be comfortable? Right? Why is anyone going to be loyal to somebody who constantly keeps achieving? Because then they themselves are going to be like, Well, wait a minute, what if I’m in achievement? What if I’m a new pair of shoes for this person? What if I’m a new car for this person, right? What if they just want a bank account? Or wait a minute? Oh, that’s right.

Way fares are the gold diggers of the types. Oh, yeah. Because hashtag gotta get me my treasure. Take what you can give nothing back.

You know what I’m saying folks? Like, seriously, this is what happens, way fairs. You know, Hey, man, I’ve been going out pretty solo. But hey, I’m a self made man, I got mine, you know, and I did this and I did this. And here’s my trophy wife.

Wow. It says if you expect the rest of the world to be as shallow as you are an unbelievable, are you out of your mind? Why? Why? Because if you think about it, logically speaking, if you’re going out of your way, okay to perform and achieve, and then all of a sudden, in exchange for gaining that treasure, gaining that loyalty from somebody, someone who will be loyal to you to follow and follow you over a cliff, you’re trying to go out of your way to become that ultimate catch, right? You could finally catch that person. I got him, I’m lassoing him yet. He’s mine.

He’s mine. I own him. He’s mine. He’s branded, he’s mine.

And his reputation is attached to mine. And if I go down, he goes down, blah, blah, blah, and I can’t let go because I got him lassoed, et cetera, right. And it’s as if the person doing the lassoing it says if the wayfarer themselves because of how shallow they are, because they’re so focused on achieving that, they assume that everyone else is like them, everyone else is trying to achieve the same way. No wonder INTJ is an E and TJ says F, Fe, demon and FE trickster because they don’t care about the social norms.

They don’t care because they assume everyone else is as shallow as they are. And what’s even sadder is when NT J’s don’t even realize how shallow they are. Oh, that’s even worse. It’s kind of pathetic.

And it’s so funny to me, because they automatically repulse their golden and silver pairs. Do you think NTPs are remotely interested in shallow and TJs? Absolutely not. Why is that? Because all those achievements, they’re really intimidating. Yeah, because there’s no humility there.

Remember, humility is the source of beauty. You can give me a woman who is 910, nine out of 10 Beauty Victoria’s Secret model, but if she’s arrogant, if she’s shallow, I will throw her ass in the dumpster straight up. I don’t care. That’s where she belongs.

Because if she lacks humility entirely, I’m not interested. Because men don’t care that much. I mean, yeah, great. A fine ass Nice.

paratis. That’s fantastic. Sure. Okay, great.

But the thing is, men already know that’s not going to last long. Men already know that. Hey, you know, everyone gets old one day, they already know that. So what’s going to set this woman apart from everybody else? Who has a finance imperatives? Oh, yeah, that’s right.

Humility, the ability to show the man respect, right? Or reverse that in a woman situation to a man and man’s ability to love you know, what’s going to happen? You know, when is he still going to be love me when he loves me when He no longer sees me as his achievement? Or if He no longer sees me as his trophy wife, right? Is he still going to love me? Am I still going to be able to put my faith in him? Am I still going to be able to be loyal to him? Even after all this time? Does he? Is he esteemed enough? Is he respectable enough as a man to do that for me? Right? Or is he shallow? And has he been showers entire time? Right? Let me tell you something. Crusader types, when they fall in love with the Wayfarers. Crusaders are looking for the flaws, folks. They’re not looking for the perfections.

And yet, these pirates, they these these wayfarers are going out of the way to, to to achieve and get all their treasure and be the best, you know, gotta catch them. All right, you know, I’m gonna be the best Pokemon master out there. And they’re focused on that and being the best and being perfect. Who cares? NTPs are not attracted to that Sf j’s are not attracted to that Crusader types are not attracted that they are attracted to people who are willing to admit and wear their flaws, like a badge.

Okay? Stop taking your pain for granted. That’s a form of being shallow. Don’t do it. It’s wrong.

It’s wrong. Because of you know, the achievement and the performance and the you know, the whole shallow thing that’s going along with it, it’s like okay, well, you know, yeah, would you ever notice when when people like flatter themselves be their chances Are there a wayfare they’re always flattering themselves, especially INTJ is it’s so annoying. But even ESF peas do it, they flatter themselves. It’s like, Oh, I’m such an important person, I should be treated like a VIP.

Everyone knows me. And everyone likes the sound of my voice. And you know, and I and I performed so well for him or, you know, the ISFP you know, inside their gallery, you know, in a little, little private forest, they have, you know, it’s like, oh, look at all these amazing creations that I made here in my little private gallery. And, you know, I’m, I have a really big brands, you know, because you know, to the wayfarer, everything is all about their brands, just like Napoleon, the Marshall, the EN TJ was all about his brand.

You know what I’m saying? The Napoleon brand, he got so arrogant, that he ended up chasing his enemy down and didn’t even realize he was being ropa doped. And then he lost at Waterloo like an idiot. And for some reason, he thought, you know, the Rothschilds of the world will keep lending him money over and over and over again, because he’s so he fell in love with his own brand. So these types do, they have this self flattery problem.

And then they flatter other people, because they already flatter themselves, because they expect everyone else around them to be just as shallow as they are. And they don’t even realize it. And yet, I always hear about wayfarers complaining about the quality of their relationships, because then they come to me complaining and then I get to be the one person that tells them smiling in the face me like the Your problem is that you’re shallow, you’re not willing to accept your own flaws. And you have such insanely high standards for relationships, right? The thing is, is that your relationships, your relationship standard is so high for women, or it’s so high for men in your life, that in order for anyone to possibly be able to meet that standard, you know, that standard that not even you yourself, either meet or will be able to meet tomorrow.

But in order for them to even get to that point, you are forcing that person to be fake, because they themselves cannot even be themselves or even be real to meet your standard in order for them to have a relationship with you. So and then you get all butthurt when you find them, when you find out they’re being fake. Maybe it’s your own damn fault, maybe. Maybe you’re shallow, maybe it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

Right? Maybe it’s your own damn fault, not theirs. Maybe listing all of your achievements, and leading with your achievements, just basically just is intimidating. And you wonder why it’s funny, you know, statistically, out of these four types, which of these four types seem to have the most successful relationships? It’s the ISFP actually, even though the ISFP can be insanely manipulated and manipulative, because you know, and the absence of communication or explanation, perceptions become reality, and ISFPs are masters of handling perception. Gosh, you know, my favorite things to do to ISFPs is, is expose them, I love exposing them publicly and just showing people moving the spotlight right on top of the ISFP to see if they have the strength to withstand it, while they’re very hypocritical, expecting everyone else around them to be able to perform because it’s like, well, if I could perform, you can perform like, Oh, you think that’s okay, that spotlight on you? Let’s see if you can do it for sure.

Because most of the time, you know, ISFPs, as much as the rest of the Wayfarers are all like, hey, fake it until you make it. Wow. It’s funny. Who’s the flimsy straw man now? Oh, you know, 33:58 maybe that’s what’s actually going on.

But then, of course, they’re the Wayfarers who are not that way. There are the Wayfarers who work really hard. There are the wayfarer sagoo there. Here’s a great example of a Wayfarer, John Ferner.

new CEO of Walmart. Fantastic fella. He’s a Wayfarer Sydney and TJ great dude humbled Himself. Do you know what he did when he became CEO? He went and toured every single Walmart he used to work at and met the original teams, people that were still there.

And he became CEO, he started off as an associate, at some humility. He’s not shallow, because he recognized that he wasn’t that person who was able to do it all by himself. That’s the difference between a bad way fair and a good way fair, a way fair who expresses gratitude for that people that helped them get to their high level of performance? No one and I mean, no one actually gets there or achieves anything by themselves. I don’t care if you didn’t know Your father, I don’t care if your parents died, I don’t care.

If you think that you did everything by yourself, because you didn’t welcome to the human race, no human being, none of the 16 types are designed or by design, capable of doing everything on their own. Do we are built for relationships, and it is by the standard of foundation of relationships in our life, that we are allies that we’re able to achieve wafers not withstanding. But apparently, you know, wayfarers forget, they conveniently forget everybody else who has ever actually helped them. And they really struggle with showing gratitude.

Gosh, isn’t it so weird how I claim the ENFP in the eyes, INFP are the most selfish of all of the types. Yet for some reason SFPs and NT J’s actually forget people that who have helped them forget people who have been loyal to them this entire time, and wonder why they’re alone this entire time, because for some reason, the SFPs and NT J’s out there fall in love with their own brands, they forget the people that got them to where they are. Wow, that’s so shallow. They deserve to be alone.

Listen, if you folks want to like actually have meaningful relationships with people, and work and business, sexually, intimately, parents, whatever, show some freaking gratitude for once actually take the time to write down who has ever actually helped you call them and and me and thank them at least do that. You know, it’s funny. I haven’t exactly been thanked, very often, by SFPs and NT J’s in my life. It’s very rare that I get thanked by them.

I get I get thanked. It’s funny. I get spanked more by NFPs than I do. And TJ is pathetic.

But it happens. It’s really weird. They always seem to conveniently forget that I was the guy that elevated them to where they were that I was the guy that gave them a shot that I was the guy that saved their marriage, that I was the guy that introduced them to the love of their life. The I was the guy that helped them find who they were, but they’re not very grateful now, are they? You know, that’s a problem, right? Show some gratitude.

Yes, I get that you’re absolutely obsessed with treasure, I get that you’re absolutely obsessed with achievement. I get it. I get that you find yourselves. But here’s the thing, folks, stop trying to cover up your flaws.

Your flaws are what makes you beautiful. Your flaws is what allows a crusader type or golden Quadra to be loyal to you. Actually, not your top performance. It’s your flaws.

That’s what endears us to you. That’s what makes us loyal to you. That’s what makes us desire you. That’s what makes us not want to abandon you.

But you know, when you assume we’re as as shallow as we are, wow, how does that make us feel? It makes us feel objectified. Because you treat us like objects a new pair of shoes, right? The Wayfarer is the type that objectifies people the most. That’s really sad. But it’s true.

wayfarers also, you know, at least you know, some of them are like you know, while truth is subjective, it’s all about what you believe. SFPs do that NT J’s can accept that there is no such thing as absolute truth, which is great. But at the end of the day, it really comes down to their moral principles and their beliefs. But sometimes their moral principles in the face of their reputation are in the face of treasure in the face of achievement or in the face of personal gain.

They’re not willing to give it up. And the thing is, is that they wonder why they’re alone but they’re holding hard so hard on a treasure it’s slipping through their fingers like sand. They’re trying to control it so much but they cannot let go. They have to be willing to let go.

They have to be willing to share. A Wayfair who shares shares their treasure shares their journey He is someone who gets people who will be loyal to them and never abandon them. That’s the key. That’s the secret.

It’s when pirates and ninjas come together, where the pirates like telling the ninja Hey, you want to be a soldier of fortune. Let’s go together on this journey. I’ll share the treasure. I know where I’m going.

And the way fare moves forward and it starts blazing that trail and then ninja follows right behind. That Crusader falls them right behind and protects them and guarantees that they can continue to move forward towards the treasure so that they can reach the treasure and share the treasure together. Because what’s the point folks if you have treasure, but do not share it with anybody? What’s the point? There is no point. No wonder wayfarers are so lonely.

They just can’t trust anyone else with their treasure. But ninjas, you know, the Crusaders. They’re very loyal people. They’re very trustworthy.

If you give them a chance, if you don’t assume that they’re as shallow as you are, let go of how shallow you are folks, be deep for once. Recognize that if your treasure gets taken away from you go get more. There’s always a way where there’s a will there’s a way, the Wayfarers are all about where willpower meets achievement. And I plus te that’s how it works.

She achievement treasure that which means you can always find a path to new treasure. If you lose your treasure, just go get more, don’t use in evil way and become the other woman or the other man in the relationship and take someone else’s treasure go find your own. You shouldn’t be performing well enough to be able to find your own right. Are you too shallow even for that? And you got to take someone else’s treasure.

How much like how King David did too. Was it was it Uriah the Hittite and Bathsheba. He took Bathsheba you know, Uriah ENFP wife you know and just be like hey, you know I took her and and then arrange for your right to get murdered over the whole thing. And then the prophet Nathan comes before King David is like, Oh, well, you know, you like literally took that one sheep that you have a huge flock of sheep.

You know, and David’s like I will you know, bring that man before me. I’ll punish them and then the Prophet Nathan’s like you are that man, you did this? Because he’s a murderer. Because he was selfish because he wasn’t willing to share taking someone else’s treasure. Go earn your own.

Go earn your own. How many times do I hear about end J’s Oh, I’m gonna start this company. Start at the bottom. Go make your own company.

So I’m trying to take someone else’s company unless they want you to write? You know, or are the ESFP always trying to steal the show is trying to steal attention be the life of the party, right? Or the ISFP my art is better than everyone else’s. I have a big brand. My naming is more valuable than yours. Wow.

Are the INTJ no one can outperform me. No one can even though I procrastinate and can’t actually get anything done. Or I can never start anything because I’m too afraid that I might fail. Wow, hypocrites.

Stop it. 43:24 Stop it wayfarers. They live in the moment they need people who are loyal to them. They also need to have absolute freedom of choice.

They need to have the ability to seek treasure and get the riches for themselves in their own life. Here’s an example of Wayfair Robert Kiyosaki talks about how in his youth he didn’t have the opportunity to learn about money because I want to be rich one day, I want to get my treasure. So what Wayfair is all about getting their treasure? Well, he didn’t realize that society was built such a way that they didn’t help him get treasure and he want to treasure so we had to find his rich dad to learn treasure, there’s a reason for that. The thing is, folks, what good is it to gain all the treasure in the world and not have anyone to share it with? That’s the point.

That’s the point. So wayfarers, please bring us with you on your journey. Because we all know that once you get your treasure, that’s great. Then you realize the people that you bring with you that people that you share your treasure with.

Those people are actually your real treasure. For it is written where your treasure is your heart will be there also. If you found this lecture useful, helpful educational enlightening, please subscribe the channel here on YouTube and leave a comment below. The q&a session is now going to begin so I’m going to switch over to the rest of the webinar here and start taking questions.

and from people and make sure that you wayfarers show gratitude so that you can have your true Cheshire otherwise, you’re just going to be shallow and get like literally nothing. Anyway. Let’s, let’s continue on here. Let’s see your I’m going to allow people to talk here.

I think everyone present has that. And Awesome. Cool. Go ahead and use the q&a thing or you guys put your questions in the chat.

Or if you guys would like to speak up, go ahead and speak up. laugh You look like you have an earnest question. So go ahead and give it up for us. Your question, sir? 45:46 Oh, didn’t really have anything planned.

Sorry. I don’t know why I’m talking. 45:52 And it’s all good, man. Anyone else? Any questions? Regarding this lecture.

I’m gonna give it about couple more seconds here. Maybe no one has any questions. All right. Question.

Go ahead. Go ahead. And Tanya, you have the floor you can unmute yourself trying to unmute still or you can just type out your question in the channel. Okay, oh, wow.

She’s getting that figured out. Anyone else have any questions? 47:07 JC I have a question now. All right, cool. Okay, how does SJ shallowness compared to the gamma Cuadras, Shaolin, Shaolin is because I know as an ES TJ myself when it comes to, like, people’s looks like Yeah, I’m pretty bad at that.

But like, what’s, like, how does how do ashtrays compare in terms of like, their shallowness to the Wayfarers? 47:35 Their shallow us is not necessarily as achievement focused, it’s more of like, they just have this belief of things should just be this way, because this is the ideal that I’m looking for, especially like from an S T J standpoint, because they have an ENFP. subconscious. They’re idealist. Right? And you combine the idealist subconscious with se critic or se nemesis.

That’s where that Shaolin is comes from. It’s not necessarily something that’s based in achievement per se, right. It’s more based on like a form of idealism, or expectations or the norm. Right, right.

Apparently, Tanya dropped. 48:29 So speaking about gratitude, thank you for answering that. 48:33 Yeah, sure. I mean, gratitude is definitely a component of the Delta quadra, but we’ll be getting into the Delta Quadrant for next month.

The Delta Quadrant is a little bit different. I don’t know if you guys noticed, but we released the symbols for the Quadra is on Instagram at CS joseph.or. At CES dot Joseph, it’s a we released the four symbols and icons for the four quadrants on our Instagram and I wonder if you guys had a chance to check that out. But if you notice for the Delta quadra, it’s the symbol for the philosopher’s stone.

And there’s a reason why that’s the case. And yes, I’m gonna go pretty alchemical for the Delta Quadra in the for its lecture, for sure. Looks like Tonya has returned and I am giving her the ability to talk again. So go ahead.

49:33 Hey, Chase, can you hear me? Yep. Okay, cool. Um, so I did have, like a whole bunch of questions, like, while you were talking? Sure. Um, I guess I could start with one.

And in terms of you mentioned, shallowness, I mean, for me my experience as an I guess, an INTJ. I almost but um, so when I was a lot younger, I always felt that being like a gold digger or being a woman that just wanted to take from my lover, you know, and not give anything back. It’s just such a terrible thing, you know, and I could never see myself do that. And so that’s probably a big reason why I’ve never really committed to anyone, until I’ve actually been in a relationship with a guy who I didn’t see it like that transaction.

It was more like we were both like, golden pair, I believe he was an intp. But he thinks he’s an intp. So, I learned a lot from that relationship about myself and self development. But I think also, I completely understand when you say, when you say stuff about shallowness, because after this whole relationship ended, I kind of went back to that sort of, well, you know, trying to be shallow in a way like just wanting to be with guys just because they looked really hot.

And then having nothing to really kind of vibe off of other than just appearance. But then I can sort of understand where where that goes. And I think, could there be kind of like a transitioning between shallowness and being like, like being specific and having standards? 51:23 Yeah. Well, absolutely.

I mean, everyone has to have personal standards. And by the way, I’m not saying all wayfarers are gold diggers, I’m saying all lifers have the potential to become gold diggers at their worst, that’s what I’m saying. And the out of all the 16 types, they have the highest risk of being a gold digger, basically. But in terms of your other your other question, it really comes down to the sharing, it really comes down to like, is it an equal change? Is it or is there any form of imbalance there? What is there more to offer? Because if you’re just leading with your achievements, the entire time, it becomes imbalanced? It’s like, you know, 52:08 what do you say achievements? I’m not quite sure what your I mean, like, I, I don’t go and say, Well, hey, you know, I’m smarter than you, and, and so forth, and so on.

Okay, I have a master’s degree, but I don’t really, actually, I’m not that type of person, which is funny, because I only use that stuff when I need to kind of use it when I have to use it when people are trying to like, sort of like put me down or for whatever reason, I just say, Well, you know, I have this achievement, therefore I can achieve, so forth and so on. But, um, when you when, when in terms of relationships, like I don’t even like a personal relationship. I don’t even know how how that would come across. 52:46 Right? But are there situations where you’ve perceived that people are putting you down but they’re not actually putting you down? And then you lead with an achievement in that conversation, but they weren’t actually putting you down but you miss perceive that.

And because you miss perceived that a left thinking that you were shallow. I’m especially with someone who has Effie trickster, right. 53:08 Right. I mean, honestly, I just, it’s really hard for me to know what how people are, in a way, like, maybe feel or what they think you see.

And so like, because of that, I almost feel like maybe I am an ESFP because of the any trickster and that you mean any demon? Yeah. Yeah. Um, 53:34 well ESF peas have this approach of like, you know, hey, if you’re going to take away my choice, then nobody gets a choice. It to the point where, like, the ESF p becomes insanely controlling.

Because it’s like, who you’re restricting my freedom, then no one gets any freedom until my freedom is unrestricted. 53:50 That’s interesting. That’s interesting. Because I, I kind of feel that same way, as well.

I mean, maybe it’s just because I’m in that Quadra. 54:00 For, well, each of the Wayfarers actually have that point of view, it’s just extremely sensitive to the ESFP. Whereas, you know, performance anxiety is extremely sensitive to the INTJ. Because of the you know, their performance per se, because an ESFP, for example, like when they’re in a relationship with somebody they need attention at.

And they need attention all the time. And sometimes they feel bad about asking for attention. And then because Because from their point of view, it’s like, well, if I’m not shiny enough, or if I’m not getting enough attention, then then then this person is not really going to be loyal or they’re at this is a sign and then potentially going to abandon me, and I don’t know what to do, this is not good. And then they freak out inside and then sometimes they clam up as a result of that because they’re ISFJ shadow cousin the clam up, whereas from an INTJ point of view, it’s a little bit different.

The INTJ is more like UK. Hey, I agree. really like getting attention. But I don’t always need that attention because sometimes taking someone else’s attention can actually get in the way of me having my own freedom of choice.

It’s the opposite or at least different. 55:14 Okay, because I know you mentioned and he’s more like freedom or this Quadra is more like freedom based. Yeah, they all do. I do.

Yeah, I do feel a lot more health like compared to I guess, feeler, feeler men are and F’s, NF men? I almost feel like, they put a lot of burden on me when they want so much of me. Can you hear me? Yeah, can you hear me? Okay? I’ll just ignore that. That’s just the way. But um, so I just when I like I’m currently not seeing anyone necessarily.

But I do have this kind of like relationship with an NT. And I think that he’s like, he’s like me, I just feel like free. And he feels free. So it’s like, snow kind of burden in that kind of way.

56:07 Right? Because it’s like you’re sharing, you’re sharing the treasure. There’s a movie recently called A star is born with Bradley Cooper. And Lady Gaga, yes. And this in this film, you can kind of almost see it’s like two way fares in a relationship with each other.

And one’s feeling bad about the other one going up. And it’s all about, you know, his status versus her status and how that really inhibits their relationship, etc. And instead of actually sharing the experience, with both it ends up becoming an unshared experience, because they’re not they’re not, they’re not sharing the treasure and joining the treasure together, it’s all about well, that’s your treasure, what about my treasure, et cetera? And it really creates relieves a shallow relationship, please, you know, when in the negative parts of that relationship within that film. 57:00 So is that like to NTS? Or is that to UNOPS? 57:05 That’d be that would be within the wafer quadrants of SFP plus and TJ.

Oh, okay. 57:11 Wow. Wow. I can I can totally see that.

Yeah. 57:19 Which is one of the reasons why, you know, duality, according to Socionics is not accurate at all, it is completely inaccurate. Because in order for you to be with your dual, and it’s funny, actually had someone in the community actually reached out to me today about how recently Eric was talking with famous people finally admitted that duality, you know, well, it’s only half right, you know, I Okay, whatever, you know, he’s finally starting to see that it’s not actually correct, especially given you know, his own relationship. As a result, it’s because duality just really puts people in the situation because everyone’s trying to get their own thing, you know, because like, for example, Crusader type, we want to have honor, honor is what we want to be honorable and, you know, to have people come to us for help, and then also to take up the cause of justice and fairness, we don’t care about treasure, we will help our Wayfair basically, that we’re in a relationship with, gain their treasure and find their treasure.

But we also hope that they would share their treasure with us. And if they don’t share their treasure with us, then we want to move on. That’s that’s literally what causes the Crusader type to not want to be loyal to a Wayfarer type, just right there. Like for example, even amongst friends, and I’m not talking about intimate relationships, but they get like, like from businesses and business partners.

Initially, you have an EN TJ who’s handling a business. And you know, he for some reason thinks oh, I became CEO this business by myself. I did all my own. It’s like, No, you had some NTPs and SF j’s to a lot of the hard work for you to get you to that point, but you don’t even appreciate them.

You’re not showing any gratitude. And then all of a sudden you’re taking all the glory, you’re taking all of the everything. You know all the benefits for yourself when we’re the ones who did most of the work. This is what caused fu che and Tali Iran especially through che to betray Napoleon which caused Napoleon to lose Waterloo.

Fu che was an NTP Napoleon is an EN TJ and because of that food che did not give the Polian the benefits of his intelligence network during those battles, and that caused ultimately caused Napoleon to lose and Waterloo because who che turned on him by deciding not to give any help or support to Napoleon. Because Napoleon was basically being a glory whore. You know, taking all the treasure and all the glory for himself is not sharing. Right? 59:52 So that’s interesting because, um, you know, it just for me as an INTJ I guess I don’t know.

I don’t understand when people don’t understand how I guess why, you know, like, when you achieve something, it’s like, it’s kind of for me, it’s obvious, you didn’t really achieve it yourself. There’s people around you that helped, regardless. So just maybe, in terms of maturity perhaps has something to do with maturity, 1:00:24 it absolutely does have to do with maturity, every Wayfarer type has to come to that conclusion at some point in time in their life, they’re not going to do it. By default.

They’re not going into do it right in the beginning, right? It’s not. It’s not something that’s just going to occur to them right after they’re born or right after they’re able to talk. Because they have to come to that point of view. At some point in time.

The more successful wayfarers out there, the ones who come to that point of view sooner than later. But eventually, every single one of them has to write has to recognize others and be grateful for the help and support that they’ve been given. There’s a reason why SFPs are with SF J’s because ESF j with ISFP F fi hero with that Fe hero support her and being very supportive, right? Or the en TJ being with the intp that has the supporter subconscious that’s all about support. But we’ve seen so many times throughout history and so many times with immature Auntie J’s, or at least Auntie J’s who are mature, but then they can regress.

And they can go backwards. They can backside and life and fall in love with their own brand, fall in love with their own fame, fall in love with their treasure such that they forget who were the people that helped them reach their to begin with? And then those people abandon them? And they wonder why they’re alone. 1:01:53 Right? I almost feel like maybe, and I always say feel and that’s why maybe I 1:02:03 mean, I just do it all the time they that fight child? 1:02:09 I can see that. Yeah.

Um, so I think if, okay, it was like gonna say, I just like lost my train of thought. Um, so if perhaps, like a mature INTJ in terms of them wanting to, you know, get to their super ego, if that makes any sense with that. With the trickster? I think I think if you master the Trickster function, you get to your super ego is that what, from my understanding 1:02:47 your demon function, if you’re able to go through your demon gateway, in an orderly manner, instead of a chaotic manner, you can turn it back in the process of turning it into an angelic function, which will give you the ability to unlock your trickster function and turn that into a master function. 1:03:05 Hmm, okay.

Okay, I thought that’s what it 1:03:10 which means, which means the INTJ, in their angelic form, literally becomes the avatar of the person who shares the most. 1:03:21 And it’s so crazy, because I actually want to say that I’ve, I was that way once I discovered, kind of freedom to, to, to make and create. And I am an artist, and I’m also another part of me, I have a career, but I don’t see that as me, but it is me. But I just maybe I’ll keep that aside anyway.

When I, when I made a lot of art and when I just really enjoyed the process, and it made me it made me kind of transition to the type of person that wants to like that would want to give to others and help others and just because of what I’ve experienced, being an artist and and spending so much time making stuff. You know, it did I feel like maybe I did tap, tap my super ego in some sort of way. Right? And that being said, would that be kind of like could I be be at my super ego for a long time? Or how does that go? Like, how how long can you be in your 1:04:35 it’s more of becoming balanced over time. It’s not like to some logical switch if your soul is like a farm right with four different crops.

And you just prefer to focus most of your energy on one crop because it makes you the most money and you kind of ignore the other crops over time. That’s someone who’s very ego focused and very egotistical. It’s just the thing is is that the furthest away crop the crop that requires you to move the equipment around and water and take care of the most the one that takes the most effort is your super ego. But the super ego itself, you realize that that crop actually has the ability to produce produce the highest yield and the most the most return on investment.

This is why some people move from their ego crop directly or superego crop and do the expedient, but they lacked the experience and the tools to be able to take care of that crop because they have ignored the other two that are much closer and easier for them to do. Right. 1:05:28 Okay. Right.

Okay, so now another question I wanted to ask about. Leading with, like, the Ni, I mean, I can intuitively understand that it’s like the element of fire and how that’s, that’s a very kind of, like, kind of, like a It’s emotional. It’s just like water, I guess, like any water, right? So and so, um, I almost, I almost feel like as an INTJ, that’s my, if that’s my type palette, typography, whatever. could, like, I feel like my personality may may come across as too strong for most like my energy.

It’s just like, Is it maybe because of my achievements, because like, once, you know, I went back to school and did all these like things and stuff, I almost have this energy, it’s just like, achieved, like achievement driven. It was just, it’s just like this energy of like, does, like so much. Kind of like passion and desire to achieve something, that wherever I go, I have that sort of thing around me. 1:06:40 Right? And that’s very healthy.

1:06:43 I think people get off put by that. Sometimes they do, 1:06:47 because it could be because of their own insecurities. You know, so I’m gonna go devil’s advocate mode here. From the NTJ point of view, it’s like not it’s not the it’s not the Wayfarers fault that other people can’t achieve as much as they can.

It’s not the way for as fault that they can’t get as much treasure that though as much as the wayfarer candidate, they can’t find treasure like the wayfarer can they can’t earn treasure like the wayfarer can. The issue is is that the Wayfarers are either refusing to acknowledge who helped them receive the treasure or the Wayfarers are not willing to share the treasure with the people that help them actually get it along the way. That’s the only issue. And sometimes the wayfarer likes to flash their treasure or flaunt their treasure to other people.

And that’s very intimidating and ultimately alienating. 1:07:41 Okay, I know what you mean by that, um, I don’t know, it’s just I have this conflict in my mind where I am so 1:07:51 bearish. I’m not even aware that they do it though. Especially when you look at Fe demon and FE trickster, the NT J’s, the NT j’s are not so aware that they do it.

Whereas the SFPs are and that’s one of the advantages that the SFPs have over the NT J’s, however, and TJ is are kind of more aware of the consequences of their own actions compared to SFPs. They lack that awareness. So it’s kind of in balance. Okay, interesting.

Wow. Okay. Bottom line is to be the, to be a great way fair, show gratitude to the people that helped you achieve, that’s the bottom line, if you’re, you’ll you will be successful. 1:08:41 Now, here’s the thing that I noticed about myself, I, I try and trust people, like, I tried giving people the benefit of the doubt, you know, wherever I go and trying to be open with people in that kind of way.

And sometimes they’re closed off, and I can sense it, and I can, like intuitively know it. And it’s just, it doesn’t bother me, but it just, it kind of feels bad for me. Like I feel kind of like well, back Am I like a good person, like what’s going on here? But then I have to like, go back and like, think, Well, maybe it’s just their, that’s their issue, you know, 1:09:23 which it gives me. 1:09:26 So I sometimes like, I sometimes have to remember or maybe I sometimes have to kind of help myself and say, Well, you know, I need to take care of my needs and I need to like not be so open in that way, you know, with people because maybe they they don’t want to understand me.

Maybe they don’t want to get to know me, you know? And I mean, I inherently know and I really like you know, just spiritually speaking that people are good people, you know And I don’t know how other INTJ czar in terms of, you know, being like, I guess untrustworthy, or is more. I mean, I don’t really know how I feel like I’m a lot more softer as an INTJ. Perhaps, because maybe, you know, I can understand people, are there any kind of developed? Maybe? So I just, I want to be able to with that question that kind of want to know, like, how do I not beat myself up? Or how do I not trust people trust? Like, how do I know not to trust people that aren’t good? And in that kind of way? 1:10:43 So there’s i Great question. The asset question is the parable of the talents.

In the parable, the talents, the master trust is servants with money, basically. And so you give you give somebody some money, lend some of them some money, you lend them some of your treasure, and you see what they do with it, can you trust them with your treasure, don’t throw pearls before swine, right. So you just don’t want to like give a whole bunch of somebody and see what they do with it, you’ve given them a little and see what they do and how they grow with it, and how they maintain it, if they respect it, share some of your treasures, share some of your status, share some of your fame and see what they do with it, if it corrupts them, if they if they don’t, if you don’t get more out of it than what you put into it, then there’s a there’s a problem there. Now, granted, that doesn’t give you the right to have a covert contract, where you expect to receive or you’re giving with strings attached.

That’s not what that means. Think of it as a test, it’s kind of the SFP NTJ loyalty check, where you’re trusting someone else with a small amount of your treasure just to see what that is. Because if they if you can trust them with a little bit, and they do well with it, you give them some more, and then eventually you can give them all of you. Right? You can give all of yourself to this person and all of your treasure to this person, because you can absolutely trust them.

Because it is written The one who has more will be given to and the one who has not even that will be taken away from him. It’s that entire process. 1:12:18 Right? And yeah, that makes sense. I almost feel like the more you give, the more you get back 1:12:24 in some cases, yeah.

And ultimately shouldn’t be because remember your relationships be intimate business, parenting, whatever, it doesn’t matter. Any kind of human interaction should go like this. If you get less out of it than what you put into it, it’s cursed. If you get more from it than what you’ve put into it, it’s a blessing.

The thing is, though, is that especially an intimate relationship, both partners are putting in to the relationship, but they’re both receiving more than they’re putting in because it’s an energy. It’s an energizing engine cycle. You know, it’s like a yin and yang equilibrium that’s able to produce more for both. 1:13:03 Wow.

Wow, that’s supposed to be really interesting. Yeah, absolutely. Um, okay. I know, I had a question when you said something before what you said before, the last thing you said and then they just kind of like disappear.

1:13:21 Oh, good. 1:13:25 Yeah. Okay. 1:13:31 Oh, we got another question.

Dominic said my wife broke open my treasure chest lol. John Doe says can you could you say all could you say where FERS utilize the Laws of Power the most? No, I think everyone needs a license all the laws of power. I just think some Laws of Power apply to certain types more than others, basically, and law five especially applies to wayfarers, for sure. Whereas like the final law, part of the 48th law, which is assumed formlessness law formlessness that applies the most to Crusader types or NTPs.

The specifically so so it’s just it’s kind of different and subjective in that way. Right, awesome. Does anyone else have any questions? 1:14:30 One more question. Chase.

Yes, sir. Okay, this goes out to my ESFP best friend. It’s not that great of a question. But do you ever noticed or have you noticed that ESFPs do they demand you remember everything that you say because my ESTP friend? I don’t know if it’s as se hero just demanding so much si for me but he wants me even as a starter type.

He speaks a million miles a min About everything, and expects me to remember all of it is that is that common for ESF peas? 1:15:05 Yes, it is. Because from their point of view, if you’re not paying attention to them, then then they’re not important to you. And concrete proof to them that you’re paying attention to them as if you remember things that they tell you. 1:15:21 See, I can remember maybe like 80% of what he’s saying.

But it’s also like, I want to speak as well. 1:15:29 So all you have to do live is just go up to him and be like, Yo, listen, you speak really fast. And I am paying attention to you. And I know that, you know, you be paying attention to you makes you feel important.

And that’s fine. I’m happy to make you feel important. But you can’t feel less important just because I’m not able to remember every little thing. Sometimes I may ask you to repeat yourself, or sometimes I’m not gonna be able to remember every single thing.

That’s it. So you got to do. 1:15:55 Okay, very cool. Thank you.

No problem. 1:15:59 All right. It’s just another question I see here. Yeah, yeah.

Thank you, John Doe for your interesting comment about Hillary Clinton. All right, cool. I think that’s it for me, folks, I gotta get ready to leave here. Railgun and I are going on a date.

And we’re going to be having fun, and she’s very excited. So, but thank you all for attending this month’s live lecture. We’ll see you guys next month for the next lecture. We’re doing the Delta Quadra for the next one.

It’ll be very excellent. And we’re doing some more eight rules for love. I know it’s Christmas time, I’ve been really sick. And I was hoping to have more content out.

I am going to be getting some Patreon lectures out very soon, this weekend. And we’ll be doing another eight rules for love here as well. So thank you all for your patience. And we’ll see you guys.

We’ll see you all next time. So with that being said, y’all have a good night later.

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