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sup egohackers, it’s Chase with CS Joseph dot life doing another episode for season 17. This is Episode Six, who are the Alpha Quadra aka the Crusaders. Before we get into this lecture, I’d like to remind everyone that season 21 Episode 17 Just dropped. That’s how to social engineer INFP is the final episode of season 21.

And you can listen to that or watch that here on the YouTube channel, or also on our podcast, which is that CS Joseph dot life forward slash podcast, I highly recommend you guys check that out. It is a bit of a longer lecture. But it also has an attached q&a at the end. So if you guys want to watch it all the way through, it’ll definitely be worth it.

Anyway, moving on to this lecture. Welcome to the first episode where we talk about the four quadrants. The four quadrants are another vector with with which you could utilize to identify types using the Type grid. The Type grid traditionally, people been using interaction style, aka communication style, or temperament, aka disposition or cognitive access analysis.

But this particular vector, which is like the third or fourth vector, I don’t know what we’re officially calling but this particular vector for using the Type grid could help you eliminate up to 12 of the types after identifying, you know, a person’s Quadra. In order to identify persons Quadra all you have to do is perform cognitive access analysis to figure out, you know, if they’re an SI plus and II user or an or a se plus ni user for their perception functions, and then for your judging functions, you decided they are a TI EFI user or if they are a TI Fe user, combine their perception function with the judging function set within cognitive access analysis, and the output is a quadra. And once you identify persons quadra, you’ve just eliminated 12 of the types on the Type grid. And then you can proceed with temperaments slash dispositions or interaction slash communication styles, to be able to determine which type somebody is with 100% accuracy.

But anyway, in order for us to get to that point, let’s actually talk about the nature or the behavior of the Alpha Quadra aka the Crusaders. You know, according to the theory, now, I do have to give credit where it’s due this particular theory comes from Socionics. I am not the biggest fan of Socionics. But Socionics has a very, very large amount of very useful information.

And I’m just cherry picking the pieces of Socionics that I think are the most relevant and the most accurate. The rest of it, I’m not really utilizing, because it’s not really necessary to do so. Or it’s flat out incorrect. I’ve talked about how Socionics might teach people to get into relationships with their duels or their or their conflict types, et cetera.

And when it comes to compatibility, I am very against Socionics approach and recommendations to compatibility for intimate relationships. That being said, Socionics also has a lot of value to add, when it’s talking about the roles of various types to one another. Like, for example, I’m an EN TP, and the pedagogue type to the intp is the INFJ. Because the INFJ exists to teach the intp.

But also vice versa, the ESTP exists to teach the INFJ. So those are just some really the good things about Socionics. But part of Socionics, we have the four quadrants. And one thing to know about the four quadrants is that initially the four quadrants definitely.

What’s great about the quadrants is that each each, there’s four types per Cuadras lists for quadros times four types, so 16 of the 16 personality types, of course, but within each Quadra the types are eerily similar. And the reason why is because they have the same four cognitive functions within their ego within their cognitive function stack. So let’s use an example here on this whiteboard. We’ll just take a look.

So notice we have this four piece little grid we have the ESFJ Cavalier, the ESTP rogue, the ISFJ knights and the intp ardent each of these four types belong to the alpha Quadra or what I like to call the Crusaders. The Crusaders each have Extraverted Feeling Introverted Sensing expert intuition and Introverted Thinking cognitive functions within the The top four slots of their cognitive function stack, and they are all within their ego. So that basically means effectively, these four types are basically they think, the same way they they have the same very, very similar nature. It’s just that they had different priorities and different awarenesses or levels of awareness within each of their cognitive functions.

They’re afraid of things differently. They’re stronger in certain areas, they’re more responsible in certain areas, and they’re very challenged in different areas. And then obviously, this affects the rest of their four sides of their mind per type within the Alpha Quadra. So, a particular example that if you notice, each of the four types within the Alpha Quadra have a different hero function with the ESF J having the FE hero than the E and TP have the N E hero, the iossef J having the SI hero and the intp having the TI hero.

So each of the individual cognitive functions within a quadra becomes the hero of each individual type of the four types within a quadra. Now remember, folks when we’re talking about Cuadras, quadros themselves are not the same as the four sides of the mind as some people have called them. Like, oh, yeah, you know, I’m an intp. So, you know, my Quadra contains ISFJ, INTJ and ESFP.

No, no, no, no, no, your four sides, your mind are not the same thing as your Quadra. That’s completely different. Your Quadra is the other three types that share the same cognitive functions that you do. It just may be in a different order, or in a different awareness within their cognitive function stacks within their ego.

I just want to make that very clear. Before we continue, it’s absolutely critical that we know that. So anyway, but But let’s continue. What is the purpose of the Alpha Quadra? What’s the point of them? And? And why? Why is it necessary to know that, like we just said, it’s important to identify a person’s Quadra because if you’re typing them from a type read standpoint, you can eliminate 12 of the 16 types off of off of the Type grid, and then get them down to just four types basically.

And you can see examples of me doing this in the how to type live streams. But I haven’t exactly explains, you know how I arrived at those conclusions until now. And this is why we have season 17 Episode Six. It’s also important to realize that I’m doing these episodes for season 17, specifically to kind of lay down a foundation for when we talk about cognitive development in children.

And then ultimately parenting, etc, which I believe is the rest of season 17. And then we’re going to do a deep dive into cognition under a season 18, which is cognitive mechanics. But we can’t exactly talk about cognitive mechanics until we first done, you know, the quadros and some kind of fleshing out a little bit about Socionics. Before we continue deep into the weeds, we need to look at the forest first.

I mean, think about we’re like literally in the helicopter right now. Whereas we’re singing the song loving the smell of napalm in the morning. And then checking out the fact that there’s a very nice forest of quadros and Socionics and whatnot before we get really deep on the ground. And the jungle of cognitive mechanics will toggle cognitive orbit and cognitive access and cognitive focus and all these different other all these other concepts that really get into the weeds and the really the details of the human mind.

But first, we have to look above that kind of get a bird’s eye view so we can get our little plan of attack here before I move forward into that much more rich content, I guess in terms of understanding how, you know foresights theory works and before we move forward with that, so Anyway, welcome to the alpha Quadra aka the Crusaders and what is the alpha Quadra and their purpose, but basically, the alpha Quadra is where you have knowledge and endurance and perseverance. It’s where they meet. Another way to look at this is like, it’s where faith and truth combined to create justice, basically, or fairness. And one of the big principles and life lessons of this particular quadra, is that Sf Jey NTP quadra, which is the alpha quadra, this particular Quadra is basically obsessed with fairness, absolutely obsessed with fairness.

09:29 You could even argue in some cases, these four types of worship fairness where they make everything to be as fair as possible. Everyone’s heard the old adage, you know, life is unfair. But the reality is situation is is that life is actually very fair, because these four types make it fair, or they’re able to use their extroverted intuition functions to intuitively figure out that yes, actually, logically speaking through their awareness of logos, and extroverted intuition when their ne and their ti combined They come to realize an absolute truth about the universe. And that is, quite frankly, life is fair.

Now, I recognize that just triggered the entire audience by saying that life is fair, but it actually really is fair. And one of the reasons why, you know myself as an NTP NTP and and an NTP, and having an ISFJ, subconscious, and being a member of the Alpha culture, or the Crusaders, I realized that in order for me to actually like forgive myself, and not walk around carrying this huge burden of guilt on my back, like I do, often with my Fe child, I am able to let go of that guilt, because I have that still small voice inside of me telling me hey, by the way, Chase, just so you know, nobody is innocent. Because these types, these four types are all about protecting the innocent, or it’s all about coming to the aid of the innocent. Innocence is super highly valued by SF Jey NTP Quadra and fact they’re actually attracted even sexually attracted to people who maintain their innocence and that’s why they set up intimate relationship with adults that they see still have an aspect of innocence about them.

And that’s why these types typically end up in relationships with their fi users. Because if I users see more innocence then fellow ti users something for you folks to remember in terms of innocence. And of course, the most innocent looking of all the types are you guessed it? inf peas with ENFPs you know, followed around them. It’s like, interesting how that works, right? Also, but to these types.

ISFPs are super innocent ESF peas, you know, the I think it’s the gamma Quadra. SFP NTJ Quadra are very innocent, looking to the SFJ NTP Quadra. So, anyway, but these types, they’re all about long lasting. They’re all about having endurance and getting through things and gritting their teeth.

And just surviving these types are the survivors, they are all about survival, not so much about thrival. They learn how to survive first, and everything is about survival before they can actually really begin to thrive. And one of the reasons why is is that if you actually notice something about the Alpha Quadra about the Crusaders is that they always have to have some kind of crusade or be on a crusade of some kind. And the reason why is because they have this weird normalcy bias about them.

This normalcy bias that basically it gets them to a point where if they don’t have some kind of adversity in their life, it’s like, okay, there’s something wrong, which it’s really actually hard to get SFJ NTP quadra, or the Alpha Quadra to accept being happy, because they’re so used to reality sucking so much for them, that they have a hard time, you know, accepting, you know, a form of a form of happiness, right? And it’s because they’re always like, you know, waiting for the next shoe to drop, you know, or what’s this? What’s the next catastrophe that I’m going to have to endure? It’s because these times are built to have such a high strong faith that they can literally endure anything with the ISFJ be the one that can endure the most, or the NTP with isI aspirational, being able to endure just as much if not more, when compared to the ISFJs si hero, right? And that’s the reason why is because they have faith, but what do they put their faith in, they put their faith into the truth, aka logos. So when you have faith and truth combined, you get this Quadra you get these four types, and you get their ultimate purpose, which is to bring about a fair and just world fairness and justice is everything to these types. So So since we’re talking about similarities, let’s talk about a little bit more about how they’re similar. So both these types of TI Fe and si ne within their cognitive axis analysis, so they have the axis of TI Fe for their decision making functions, and they have si ne for their perception or information gathering functions.

And these two cognitive axes combined and equal SFJ NTP Quadra aka the Alpha Quadra aka the Crusaders. Now because they’re LSI users, if they were going to have like a magic attached to them, you know, using the using this kind of like Dungeons and Dragons esque you know, lore or formula, etcetera. They would be basically or using Avatar The Last Airbender type of they would be Earthbenders basically, because it’s all about Introverted Sensing. They all are, they are trying to be the immovable object, right? That is Introverted Sensing.

That’s mostly the earth and mostly the SF j’s are more of the earthbending immovable object approach whereas the NTPs they rely more on extroverted intuition which is the cognitive function that is attached mostly to wants her. And they can actually assume formlessness and if they need to hard enough, then they become chilled, chilled to the bone, the cold as ice such that their watery comes as hard and as ice, it’s extremely hard to break and extremely heavy a burden based on all the knowledge that they’re able to gain within within the water. And I guess if you’re gonna look at astrological signs, you think the Aquarius the water bearer, the bearer of knowledge, that’s NTPs basically, well guess what SF J’s have NTPs inside of them. And as much as s NTPs.

Have SF J’s inside of them, you know, in terms of their ego, subconscious relationships, psychologically speaking, that they all have those relationships with earth and water. So if you look at it in terms of like, you know, what is the magic behind the SF Jey NTP Quadra it’s earth and water. Whereas, like you would say the NTP server Waterbenders whereas the SF j’s are more Earthbenders for example, using that avatar example. So and also if you look at virtue advice, you have faith versus fear, caregiving versus caretaking, sincerity versus insincerity, and, you know, apathy Vyas of the intp, for example, you know, giving all their attention or being completely apathetic.

These virtues and vices all apply to every member of the SFJ NTP, Quadra all of them, a lot of people. And this is one of the reasons why especially when you’re looking at caregiving versus caretaking, which is probably the virtue and vice said that most represents the manipulation known as the covert contract. These types out of all of the types covert contract people the most. And it’s more like, hey, you know, if I scratch your back, then you have to scratch mine, although I never actually told you that has to be so I ended up having in coaching sessions.

When I’m talking to SFJ NTP quadro people within my own Quadra that I’m coaching, I have to remind them to not be covert contracting people, or having a covert contract with life. If you would like a good source to utilize for covert contracts, I recommend reading Dr. Robert Glover’s book, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

This is important for men and women to read, it’s important for men to read so they can hold themselves accountable. It’s important for women to read to be able to hold men accountable, and also give a nice rubric to women as to how good men should behave. So women don’t find themselves in relationships with weak men. But interesting to know Dr.

Robert Glover is an intp like me, so no wonder he’s talking about covert contracts within his book. However, this his book definitely affects all men. And I highly recommend that as a resource. So also, another thing that they’re similar is that all of these types, they’re all informative.

And remember, when you’re informed with your speech, or kind of being indirect, you’re not like, you’re not choosing how you communicate with people, you’re not choosing to like choosing your position in the conversation, someone who’s indirect, you know, kind of like Bruce Lee saying, who was Bruce Lee was also alpha, quadra, he was Crusader, you know, you know, let your opponent come at you, and then redirect their force back at them, et cetera. And that’s all about being indirect, you know, and, and kind of more of the Yin. These types end up letting themselves more closer to the Yin, and not so much to the ying yang types are more and AI users and ISC users, whereas the N types are more N E users and ESI. Although si itself has a yang attached to it.

So you could argue that the SF j’s are more Yang oriented because Introverted Sensing is more Yang. But then the NTPs are more yen because expert intuition is more of a yen related cognitive function. So there is still a yin and yang equilibrium balance within this Quadra. And as much as there is with the other quadrants.

Something to remember, also, all these four types are systematic, so they are committed to doing the best way of doing something. And when they’re doing the best thing, you know, 19:18 they end up putting their faith into a system. But what happens when they put their faith in the wrong system? We’ll talk about that in a second. And it can be at disastrous effects.

But they’re all about basically having that faith. And if they’re in if their faith is weakened, well, then there goes their loyalty there it goes. Their steadfastness there it goes, their perseverance, and they just kind of fall away. It’s kind of interesting, you know, how these types have that point of view.

And like I said before, they put their faith in fairness, faith and justice and justice itself is a system because they’re systematic, because these four types are committed to doing the best way of doing something right. So how how They different well, they’re SFJ NTP Quadra es F j is opposite to and t p. So wait a minute, there’s some opposition there. While these types are extremely similar, and while these types have the same cognitive functions, these types are actually usually completely opposed to one another.

Why is that? Well, they have Introverted Thinking. They’re all trying to get each other to let you put them all in a room. They’re all trying to get each other, listen to each other and no one’s willing to listen, anyone everyone’s trying to be the person listened to, but then no one else is willing to listen. And then they call each other out as being unfair for not listening.

It’s so hypocritical. You want to expose SFJ NTP Cuadras hypocrisy, put them in the same room as another SF Jey or NTP. You’ll see that hypocrisy come out real quick, especially when you put an NTP in the presence of another SF Jey. They’ll be pointing the fingers at each other before long, and it’s like, wait a minute, can you guys not hear yourselves? It’s true.

I do it all the time. I’m actually very guilty of it myself, let’s be honest. So they have the same goal, the same goal of justice and fairness, but they oppose each other’s points of view as to how to get there because everyone within their own quadros. So the Crusaders here in this case, the Crusaders are like, Hey, I know the best way on how to run a crusade? No, no, they don’t well, wait a minute to them, they do.

So this is why it creates a lot of conflict and competition. While they are comrades they are not compatible with one another because they have the opposing points of view of how to achieve fairness and how to achieve justice. They had different definitions of fairness. They had different definitions of justice and how to get there, which is why there’s conflict created between people within their own Quadra.

This is why I do not recommend people who are in relationships with their same Quadra be in intimate relationships with their same Quadra as well as like business relationships to at least in terms of business partners. I don’t recommend it. I seriously don’t recommend it. And remember this quadra, especially sexually speaking, you know, they like to receive inexperience in bed.

They kind of like want to be the canvas with which the SE user paints upon what happens if an SF Jey marries an NTP which is actually really common in people’s youth for some reason and they get super loyal to one another and then they’re not going to break apart due to that loyalty complex that they have putting their faith in the wrong thing. But the thing is, is what happens when you have in the bedroom two canvases and no painters what happens in the bedroom when you have two painters and no canvases it sucks it doesn’t make for a very good loving intimate you know intimate relationship apparently serie wanted to join in on the video as well. So they have the same goal yet oppose each other. And while they are fellows soldiers in the trenches, they they’re basically nothing more than comrades.

So if they are if the SD SFJ NTP Quadra can come together basically on two things, that is for mutual benefit in terms of learning from one another, and becoming each other’s teachers to help each other become better alphas, better Crusaders, basically, or when they’re all in the trenches, fighting against the same obstacle, or the same enemy. You know, the enemy of my enemy is my friend type of approach. That’s really the only way to get this Quadra to, you know, behave with one another and be with one another as a result. So it’s just, it’s just really goes to show you know that while people have the same cognitive functions in their function stack, it’s not exactly ideal.

And this is another reason why I have such a huge problem with Socionics. Because you know, where the Cuadras you know, come from, is that Socionics would be like, yeah, it’d be in relation with your dual being in relationship with your with your conflict type. And it’s like, No, don’t, don’t get in a relationship with those people because you’re basically screwing yourself over. That’s not appropriate.

And this is why I maintain that camaraderie is definitely not something that you’d want for an intimate relationship. If you want to find out more about intimate relationships, I recommend you read or or watch or listen to Season Five on cognitive synchronicity here on this YouTube channel is going to playlists go to Season Five and watch it. Also season four which is how do intimate relationships actually work and other playlists on this channel, and also season 14 which is available out for our Patreon gold tier [email protected] forward slash CS Joseph. So anyway, so let’s move on.

So how, what are the strengths of the Alpha Quadra? What are the strengths of the Crusaders? Well, they all wield what I call the icy Sword of Truth, not necessarily the fiery sword of truth, the fiery sword of truth, you know, and I have said it before because ti by itself as a fiery sword, but look at this way. Introverted Thinking as logos, it’s a sword. And your tongue is the sword. And it’s the tongue of logic basically, and given people a tongue lashing, and it’s a double edged sword, the sword will cut you and as much as it will cut the other opponent, but, but instead of it being, you know, ablaze with fire, it’s actually cold as ice.

And when you cut somebody down where they’re using the harsh truth of TI as a crusader, you’re actually slowing down your opponent and slowing them down and causing them to weigh Wait a minute, maybe I should think a little bit. You know, maybe, maybe I should like, realize that what I’m doing maybe I’m not doing my duty, maybe I’m being irresponsible, right? Or maybe I’m going to become unwanted based on the behavior that I’m doing. Maybe I’m actually causing harm to other people. Maybe I am being unfair, right? It’s all about slowing down the opponent with truth for that to get them to like realize that they shouldn’t be so ignorant anymore, right.

And this is really important because expert intuition is combined with Introverted Thinking, you end up having a vast array of knowledge that you could process with your Introverted Thinking, to be able to provide insight. And it’s oftentimes interesting how Crusaders, especially NTPs are known as you know, like, these major intellectuals, it’s like, they’re they’re trying to utilize intellectualism for the sake of fairness for the sake of justice to create the ultimate system that is fair for everyone or to increase quality of life. While simultaneously the SF Jays are trying to just enforce it. And force those, though, enforce that system created by the NTPs, basically, and they adopt the system from the NTPs in order to enforce that system.

Now, granted, that can have a lot of problems, because oh, wait a minute, they have opposing viewpoints, and it’s like, well, the ISFJ looks at the E and TP and it’s like you’re nothing more than a disaffected night, you’re willing to harm people, you know, for, you know, you’re not doing the right thing. Whereas the NTP is like, okay, hey, the ends justify the means, which is funny because the ISFJ will hypocritically called the NTP for being a bad person because the NTP is point of view of the ends justify the means when the reality situation is the ISFJ will be willing to eventually gets so down, you know, having a bad day that they would we really do behave like super pragmatic, and all sudden the ends justify the means, to the point where they’re willing to do evil for the sake of good where they’re willing to lie for the sake of telling the truth, which is what en teepees do on a daily basis, but then the ISFJ with their more pious approach with how they act with their faith, etcetera, would actually end up doing the same thing. It can be pretty unfair, right? So, it’s funny when they point each other fingers at one another, they’re actually like, you know, being pretty hypocritical. So that’s why, you know, if you want to expose someone’s hypocrisy, just put them in the same room as people within their Quadra then all sudden, everyone’s hypocrisy is going to be going to be shown and exposed.

It’s, it’s very, it’s very interesting. But the icy sort of truth like why, why is it necessary is because like, you know, the fight was let’s compare the fiery sword of truth versus the icy Sword of Truth, the fiery sword of truth, it’s going to cut and it’s going to burn, but those burns heal, right. And they can be some serious burns. But you know, and it could leave some scarring, but the icy Sword of Truth, it’s trying to leave such permanent damage that it lasts forever, basically, to make a clear, searchable cut.

It’s almost the point of meaning. That’s why the truth being spoken by the SFJ, NTP Quadra can actually be severely harsh, because it said with authority, it’s a said with the authority of the just as soon as the authority of what’s fair, and you know, it’s like an eye for an eye. Yeah, well, it makes the whole world blind, right? That’s the icy sort of truth. It’s like, okay, it’s cold as ice you really want to you really want to be fair right now, 29:09 because you’re harming this other person, which gives me license to harm you for the sake of other person because you’re harming someone who’s innocent.

A look at it from the intp standpoint, the intp rogue archetype is literally Robin Hood, he started as a crusader in the Crusades, fighting the good fight, good fight in the Middle East, and then comes back home and robs the rich to feed the poor, because the rich have completely neglected the poor while the Crusaders are away. And he sees that that is unjust and it is unfair. So he thinks it is his duty for the sake of truth, to do evil for the sake of good to lie for the sake of truth in order to get a more freer outcome right. It’s no different than Benjamin Franklin and his influence over the Sons of Liberty you know and Samuel Adams during the in sparking the Revolutionary War to free The colonies from England and England’s tyranny, it’s the same point of view.

So tyranny is everywhere, and the intp. And the intp basically lead the charge to get away from tyranny. While simultaneously sometimes the eye, the SF J’s can get on that bandwagon, or sometimes they can put their faith in the wrong thing and end up actually supporting tyranny. You see what I’m saying.

So the more advanced the SFJ is, the more likely they are going to, you know, get away from tyranny. But then at the same time, you know, sometimes NTPs can take it too far with their pragmatism and become that which with which become the tyrants themselves. We see this all the time. I mean, look at look at Adolf Hitler, he became a tyrant when he was against tyranny.

He became a hypocrite, essentially. So it’s the same kind of approach, right? So. So, again, their strengths are all about endurance, they can persevere, no one can persevere them. And when it comes to telling the truth, sometimes they can just be as cold as ice because they want to make it so clear cut that it has lasting permanent damage, such that because think about it, when a limb is frozen, etcetera, and it’s completely frozen, and then that hit comes down, that limb comes off, and that’s permanent damage.

It’s not like a burn or the limb would still be there after the fact with the fiery sword, the icy sword, clean cut, it’s gone. You’re not getting that back. That’s cold as ice to justice. And that’s the SFJ NTP Quadra way of doing things.

Asset js, for example, when they get to that mode, they feel even sell their own children down river for the sake of what they perceive is justice and happens all the time, they will betray their own family in the name of fairness and justice. Because if it’s fair, or if it’s just, or if my family member is harming this person, I’m going to be the one that call the police and to get them turned in. So they go to jail. So they stop harming other people, even though they’re blood related.

So, so at the end of the day, they SFJ NTP quadra, their true loyalty is not necessarily to their family, their true loyalty is to fairness to justice, right? So keep that in mind, although that sense of justice while it can become tyrannical, so how are they weak? What is their weaknesses? Well, like we’ve said earlier, covert contracts, you know, doing good things for other people and expecting something in return, even though we never told those people the good things were doing them had any strings attached. And it’s all about giving, with the expectation that you would give back or you give something and then take it back later, for example. That’s a covert contract. And it happens all the time.

It’s like, you know, it’s like, hey, you know, I like it, like in a relationship, according to Dr. Robert Glover, you know, hey, I did this nice thing for you. So I expect sex and return. That’s a covert contract, right? Well, SFJ NTP Quadra the Alpha codes with the Crusaders, the Crusaders are the most likely to commit the manipulation covert contracts.

And it’s a serious problem, something to be aware of. So also, you know, what’s interesting about SHA NTP quadra, and here’s probably their biggest weakness is that they can put their faith into the wrong thing, they could put their faith into the wrong system. Remember, while Ti is attached to truth, or logos are the Absolute Truth, there’s still at the end of the day, a processor. And the thing about ti users is that if you have garbage coming in, you’re going to get garbage coming out.

And that’s just typical of TI Fe users garbage in, garbage out. And if they are fed a belief system that they believe or were taught or brought up to think was just or to think was fair, they will become the enforcer of that belief system and force that belief system on other people, because of their duty to the systematic and the best way of doing something because they see their belief system or their religion or their spirituality or their faith is the best thing to put their faith into, or the best way of doing it. And anyone who doesn’t follow that faith or follow this, well, then they’re going to be enforced. I’ve seen Alpha Quadra people do this to people all the time.

Why is this happening? Don’t forget folks, you have input process output feedback, ti feeds ti which creates Fe output, which then gives you FYI feedback, which leads to more input to start the system over again. Okay. And that’s extroverted thinking. The thing is, is that if there is very low quality input going into the TI user that leads SFJ NTP Quadra at high risk of putting their faith into the wrong thing.

And this could be catastrophic to the point. And you know, I put my faith in the MBTI system, I thought I was an INTJ. And I judged other people in my life as me thinking that I was an INTJ and what they were supposed to do and giving people the wrong advice, and just absolutely being a horrible, terrible person as a result. I regret that, but I put my faith in the wrong system.

Or when you’re putting your faith into the wrong fad diets, right, how many times does that happen? Right. SFJ NTP Quadra is super at risk of putting their faith in wrong things. And sometimes they get too lazy with their Introverted Sensing, to even use their Introverted Thinking to actually verify their own belief system. This is a problem and it’s very consistent amongst SF Jey NTP quadra, it gets so bad that even sometimes you get intp, who are like, I’m not going to put my faith in anything.

So they end up being people who believe in nothing, which ends up making them incapable of persevering anything, because they have to put their faith into something in order to persevere, you know, to be able to have that endurance, to utilize, you know, faith and endurance mixed together to achieve great things. And the intp is not going to be a good achiever, because they can’t put their belief in anything, because they’re too lazy or not willing to take the time to verify any belief systems to come to their own conclusion. The thing is, is that oftentimes SFJ NTP Quadra are raised up and belief systems or religions or spiritual institutions, or even non spiritual institutions, they’re raised to believe in the medical establishment or the monetary establishment right, raised to believe that fiat currency has actual value, right? Or, or that the FDA knows what it’s doing. And they’re the experts.

It just leads to ignorance. And these types are just as weak to being ignorant as other types. All they have to do is make sure that they’re seeking out input and not input that fits their Introverted Sensing preference. It also has to be input that completely challenges their core inner belief systems at all times because they have to be willing to endure and persevere tests of faith.

That’s the point of the SFJ NTP Quadra it’s all about surviving tests of faith. That’s why the Crusaders in the Crusaders and having their their, their, their faith things. Also, you know, another weaknesses is that if they perceive, you know, a lack of justice or lack of fairness, they’ll backstab people they will become they will they will backstab their own family for what they believe is the sake fairness and what if they’ve put their faith in the wrong thing and then they perform backstab move. They may feel just and backstabbing that person only to find out that they put their faith in the wrong thing.

And then they backstab someone for non reason. And now they’re a backstabber and up trader, horrible, not something I’d recommend. Or to get even more, they in their, their own inner belief systems become so corrupt, and their logic becomes so corrupt because the roots of their logic is completely wrong. So all of their logic all their thinking is completely wrong.

But which introverted sensor especially SFJ. NTP Quadra is willing to destroy their entire knowledge, challenge their entire belief system, their entire string of logic, and start over and rebuild again. Because that would mean they’d have to like take personal responsibility, they’d have to admit that they are wrong. And because they’re unwilling to admit that they’re wrong, they’re actually very arrogant.

38:38 I even had my wife today, tell me to my face that I was arrogant, because I was unwilling to listen to her because I was jumping to the wrong conclusions about what she was saying. She was trying to teach me something. But instead, I jumped to conclusions. Instead, I put my faith in the wrong thing.

I put my faith in an incorrect belief that I had about her which had nothing to do on the truth. And I ended up disrespecting her as a result. And then she had to hold me accountable. And I had to take responsibility for my actions.

How many SFJ NTP types out there are willing to do that and realize that there is a chance that they’ve put their faith in the wrong thing, such that which SFJ NTP Quadra actually allows other people to bring in other belief systems to them, and then they’re like, oh, I should learn this to see if this is actually disproves my beliefs. Instead, you have SFJ NTP Quadra the alphas out there. They’re the people who want to burn books, because they’re trying to preserve and protect right because they see their belief system as being innocently attacked. And then because of that, they stay ignorant.

They’re the ones who are willing to burn the books. It’s really sad. When they should be protecting knowledge and being neutral parties, not partial parties. That’s one of the big weaknesses of ES FJ NTP Quadra is that they can end up protecting the wrong beliefs, the wrong knowledge and think, arrogantly and concededly that they are wise when they are actually fools and they don’t even realize it.

It’s like, you know that SFJ mother sheltering her children and not letting her children watch her read Harry Potter because she thinks it’s evil. It’s the same concept, when they should actually have an open mind and allow other points of view and other belief systems to get close to hers and maybe even conflict with her so that her Introverted Thinking is able to process all of it so that her Introverted Thinking would be like, okay, hey, you know, maybe they have a point to be willing to understand that her belief system may not actually be true. This is why I personally apply critical thinking to my own personal belief system. And that, my friends is the ultimate strength the ultimate lesson for the Alpha Quadra it is when they acquire when the Alpha Quadra acquires critical thinking, because critical thinking is everything critical thinking is what prevents SF j’s and NTPs from putting their faith into the wrong thing.

It is absolutely everything. Because if we put our faith in the wrong thing, not only you’re harming ourselves, but we’re harming everyone close to us. So folks, if you are an SF Jey NTP, make sure you are applying critical thinking everything that includes the Bible that includes the Koran, the apana shots, Confucius, Taoism, it doesn’t matter what belief system it is, it could even be the medical establishment. Don’t put your faith into the Food and Drug Administration, are you out of your mind? I don’t care how many credentials or how experts it is.

Credentials just enable you the person who should have critical thinking, who should be challenging them, because you are allowing other people to challenge your beliefs. Because if your beliefs are actually true, they can stand up to the challenge. But if you are burning books, because you’re afraid of being challenged, maybe that fear of challenges you already recognizing the truth that your belief system is actually a lie, because if it was the truth, it would be able to stand the test of time to stand the test of endurance, you know, because you’re introverted sensors, all about endurance, right? All about perseverance. How can your belief system handle the test of time? How can it if you’re not willing to allow it to be challenged because you’re sheltering it and not willing to have critical thinking? Do you know what that means? That means SFJ NTP quadra, you are ignorant, and you’re harming yourself and everybody close to you because of it.

Take that icy Sword of Truth and apply it to yourselves not just to other people, and you’ll be far more successful. The greatest strength of SFJ NTP Quadra is critical thinking, use it and the icy charred of truth will end up saving lives instead of destroying lives. If you found this lecture useful, helpful, educational enlightening, please subscribe to the channel here on YouTube. Also, if you want to catch our podcasts, go to CS Joseph dot life forward slash podcast.

If you want to join us on Discord to get in on our q&a sessions and get all the nice little fancy tags, please go to CS forward slash social, click on Discord and join the community we have over 2000 people talking about psychology on a daily basis active on our server we know because we prune it all the time. And we sometimes will prune it for the people who are like, not active over the last 30 days. And the last time we prune we had like over 2200 people active on the server within the last 30 days. That’s pretty nice.

You know what I’m saying? So anyway, please join the community. Please get involved. I’m very excited about the second half of season 17. I hope you folks enjoy it as we continue to talk about Socionics as we are leading up to talking about cognitive development in children and we’ll be doing that here in season 17 and we will not be behind Patreon it will be a public lecture.

So thank you very much folks and thank you all patrons as well for your support very much appreciate it as you are literally keeping the lights on so with that being said, guys, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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