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CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question which types like being approached for a date?


Welcome to the CSS podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph and welcome. Today’s question I’m super excited about. It’s funny because I actually did a lecture about this in the cutting edge.

Last night on the cutting edge podcast. It is available to journeyman members to become a journeyman member CS joseph.ly forward slash members and become a journeyman and watch the April 2022. Cutting Edge lecture. It was excellent.

And very, very pertinent to the answer to this question, which is definitely multifaceted. And this question comes from a gentleman who has been with us on the channel since probably the very beginning of many years ago. So shout out to Devin for this question. It’s great to still have you with us years later.

Thank you very much, sir. So here’s the question, quote, which types prefer being approached more directly for romantic and sexual interest is ESFP? One of them? Okay. ESFP is not one of them. In fact, ESFP is the last one.

They have. They’re like, they’re like No, like no more. So I mean, maybe they’re tied with ESTP. But se hero is literally the worst, the most, you are the most likely to be rejected.

If you actually approach them for romantic and sexual interest, it’s just not going to happen. The reason why is because automatically by default, they’re going to assume that you’re taking their choice away. Because it’s like, well, I didn’t choose you, why are you approaching me when they’re ni inferior is going to be mad, which is going to summon their any demon, and they’re gonna immediately any demon you. In which case, they’re going to destroy your future, which means any other options that you have in the room, they’re going to use their se hero to expose you such that all other potential sexual options that you had in the room, especially if you’re at the club, you don’t have any options, that’s how they’re going to do it.

So it’s literally one of the poorest decisions to actually approach an SE hero for romantic and sexual interest. ESFP is not one of them, they are on the bottom of the list with an ESTP. They choose you, they come to you, you don’t go to them, you don’t have a chance in hell with them. Nobody does, until they actually have already decided that they want you.

Now if you want to learn how to actually do that, what’s very easy, you just engage as a hero. They value time served time spent attention, give them so you just shower them and consistent attention and give them special treatment over time. And then eventually, they’ll notice Hey, he’s sticking around a lot. Maybe I want him and then all sudden they like okay, I do want him and then they come to you.

That’s literally how they work. It’s in my opinion, it’s gross. And it comes off to me because I’m an intp comes off as entitled to me but you know, I have an ES FP super ego. So of course I naturally react that way.

And that’s just cognitive projection on my part. But if I’m actually being understanding, that’s how they should be behaving, that’s how they’re supposed to act. Because ni inferior you’re not supposed to be taking ni inferior is choice away. If you go up to an ENFP and just straight up ask them out for romantic consent, you know, in approaching them directly.

That’s not going to work at all. There’s really only four types that are pretty safe ish. Well, technically two that are the most safe which are prefer being approached more directly for romantic and sexual interest and those are the any heroes with IE intp and ENFP. And it being ENTP.

The most NTPs love being approached the most directly for romantic and sexual interest. The absolute most, okay, you’re usually pretty safe, because ENTPs have si pessimism as pessimistic just like an ENFP does. They don’t really reject people. You see what I’m saying? And with ENTP.

Having Fe child they’re kind of pretty easy to obligate into remote romantic and sexual interest. And if you actually approach and ENTP directly for romantic and sexual interest, and they turn you down, that means they have insanely high strength of character. Keep going keep doing it. You’ll probably When in the end, but like, the reality of the situation is, is that like, that’s a good end B if they refuse, and like, actually had that happen to me just the other day I had a there’s this ENTJ and ISTP girl that were was on the side of the street and I was outside smoking a cigar.

I just left the building, I was checking out some cards for sale in the case. And I came out the building and decided to light up and have a smoke right there. And I just walked on the curb. And the en TJ came up to me like, hey, you know, do you want to F my friend and I was referring to her ISTP friend because they have the highest professional compatibility, you know, relationship, basically highest emotional compatibility relationship.

It’s kind of like the reverse of the pedagogue. It’s like, the the camaraderie refers to the pedagogue basically. So yeah, that was that was that was interesting. And my response was like, yeah, no, I’m not that cool.

Like, I’m no and then and then like, apparently, like, all of a sudden, it was revealed that the ISTP was high on shrooms at that moment. And it’s like, ya know, very flattering, though. But yeah, no, no, not. Not for me.

No, not not into that. Besides like it especially like, you know, me being a man, you know, like, what if what if it’s a setup what if like, you know, someone’s gonna claim that I write them even though like there’s so much risk there in that particular situation hashtag red herring, you know what I’m saying? But you know, that’s a situation where you have any intp who is very aware of consequences and had and has had very bad experiences in the past with people approaching them more directly for romantic and sexual interest but the atypical EMTP who often does not really have much desire going in their direction on a regular basis with definitely be down for as when presented an opportunity like that. You see what I’m saying? But yeah, definitely ESFP no, not one of them because they’re gonna have their choice taken away. That’s that’s a really really really bad situation.

Any heroes any heroes are more likely now the ENFP however, because their interest base there, you have to still get past their Fe critic in order for them to be okay with you approaching them more directly for romantic and sexual interest. Because they have your critics gonna be like, Okay, well, what are you getting out of this? What am I getting out of this? What’s your interest here, et cetera, but the intp is so unaware of interest because they’re triple systematic, that they may just be like, oh, yeah, let’s do it. You know? And it’s like, okay, are you sure that’s the wisest decision? You see what I’m saying? When I was like, like a lot younger like in my teens and early 20s Like oh my god i Yeah, dumb ass right here like I would have been completely unable to get out of those situations to be completely unable to be to an obligate myself from having sexual activity with a stranger if and even horrible, absolutely horrible, especially given given my past and if you want to learn more about my past watch the How to social engineer en TPS episode in the season 21 playlist here on the YouTube channel or on the podcast to learn more about that so you can kind of understand what I mean. So yeah, but yeah, like literally it’s any heroes prefer to be approached the most.

And then also any child so basically expert intuition optimistic types love being approached directly, and then also Introverted Intuition optimistic types also love being approached more directly for romantic and sexual interest. So you can direct approach those the NI heroes and the Anna child’s to any heroes and the any child’s you could definitely direct approach those the most. And you’re you’re you’re off to the races, that’s eight of the 16 types that really liked to be approached. But the other eight, they’re the ones who have to do the approaching basically.

So and if you want to learn more about that, please watch the April 2022 Cutting Edge lecture episode for the cutting edge podcast that I did. Last night it is in the members area in the journeyman area. So CS joseph.ly For slash portal, login to the journeyman area there and go watch it. We have two years of cutting edge podcast episodes just sitting there waiting for you to chew on on top of the fact that we have many seasons of premium lectures behind our table as well as a ton of other content so like, why not just go get involved and do that thing.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening. And I will see you guys tonight. You’re stone Can you believe you should


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