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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question which type would be the best match for an ISTP Woman?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host see us, Joseph naturally. Because, obviously, and if you didn’t know, I’m sorry, but not sorry, at the same time because i fi trickster. And today we are answering your questions from our acolyte members, which get to ask a question each month, and then I make a video or podcast response to it.

And I’m very happy about today’s question. It’s pretty cool. It’s great. So I love me some refreshing questions.

And actually, for the very first time, someone asked a one of the acolyte members asked a question that I had already done a video response, and I had to email them back and be like, Hey, can you give me a different question? Please? So that we can, you know, keep going. But yeah, that’s, that’s like a thing. I’ll do that from time to time. But yeah, today’s question is, Which man type? And cognitive focus Do you think may be the best possible match for an ISTP? Female? Who is fairly developed balanced with F fi and FE for fulfilling long term sexual relationship? Okay, my first question in response to that is, how do you know that you’re developed and balanced with F fi and FE, I mean, I don’t even know that.

I didn’t, I couldn’t even take myself. I had to have someone else type me, like, but you really have that high level of introspection. I think that ti hero pride is getting in the way. I think that ti hero pride or it’s so funny to me than when I when I talk to ISTP, especially ISTP women who actually think that they know all about themselves.

And they also think that they know how they come off. When they when when they don’t, they actually they actually don’t. And my TI parent has no choice but to correct them. And then they don’t like being corrected, and then their deadly sin of pride comes out.

And it’s just like, Okay, well, I guess I’m just going to have to withdraw because, ya know, anyway, she goes on loyalty, faithfulness, great sex, deep love, a little fun, that depth of conversation growth, quality time, and good communication is important course. So, sorry, if this question is cringe, I really have no idea and nothing I tried, it’s worked so far. And I don’t know if I’m just being incapable of maintaining an enjoyable long term relationship. Like if I’m defective, or something, thank you.

No, I don’t think you’re defective at all. And I actually know this person, she is not someone I would ever label defective in any way, shape, or form. And she has a lot of extenuating circumstances in her life, that could potentially be getting in the way of a long term of a fulfilling long term sexual relationship. Something that has a little bit to do with type.

But the thing is, a lot of it doesn’t have to do type, it actually is very nurture related. And I’ll probably end up having a conversation with this person to discuss what those things are in the near future, because I care about her well being and I want her to have a better future. So that being said, let’s actually get down to the brass tacks for the specific question she asked. So, okay, you know, it, it’s really hard for me to say I mean, ultimately, like you have the you have the eight sexual relationships that are available to any person, the affection relationship, which is traditionally called the Golden pair, you have the companion relationship, which is traditionally called the pedagogue relationship, then you have the natural relationship traditionally called the bronze pair.

And then you have the intrigue relationship, which is traditionally called the supervisory relationship according to Socionics. And then you have your silver pair, which is number five, and then you have the respect, or no, the silver pair is also known as the respect relationship. That’s number five, and then you have the type that is similar to silver pair and I think for you, silver pair is ISTJ. So then number six for you would be ISFJ, and then number seven, would be the TE inferiors so that would be ISFP, which is basically your super egos number seven, and then the absolute last one would be nice FP excuse me, that was ridiculous.

INFP My bad. And then the last one would probably be non ENFP. No know. The kindred relationship.

It’s literally the Kindred that intp That’s right. The the Yeah, the Kindred relationship. intp would be the lowest. So those or like the eight types, that would be for an ISTP woman to be in a long term fulfilling sexual relationship.

That would be it. The thing is, is that ISTP females have a lot of natural issues that they have to face when it comes to being in long term sexual relationships with people anyway outside of type. And for example, like them being ISTPs alone, they are they come off very masculine, so they come off very emasculating. And a lot of men just don’t have the patience for that, especially the higher value men, they’re just not going to put up with that in any way, shape, or form.

They can also IOCP a women can also because of their pride, deadly sin. They can also come off as someone who just doesn’t listen, even though they are listening, but they don’t look like they’re listening. So they get judged and treated as if they’re not actually listening, which can and then they get even they get mad and rage II over that because it’s like, Hey, you’re treating me unfairly when the reality situation is, is that no one around them actually knows what they mean. And that’s also a huge problem.

Because expert intuition trickster, it’s hard for them to convey meaning to other people, or intention, basically, when they can state their own attention. And they can see how people are going to react to their own attention. But the thing is, is that they have no clue what other people’s intentions are, they also have no clue with a long term reactions of what they’re going to say they also have a really hard time, like, for example, especially with their intrigue, relationship, which would be EMTP, they really struggle having an idea of like how the ESTP is actually going to react to them. Because the reaction they’re going to get is a mixture of SI inferior, and F fi trickster versus they were with an ENFP, they’d end up having an F fi parent, with an SI inferior reacting directly the ISTP woman and the ISTP woman could get may get confused as a result of that situation.

So that can be a problem. The thing is, though, is that like, you know, I was actually talking to Chris Taylor about this recently is that when it comes to sexual relationships, they’re really they really happen based on you know, the needs of the moment. What do I need now is basically the question that anyone should be asking. And some people have been in relationships, where their egos just end up getting bruised and taking a lot of hits.

So that’s what the Kindred relationship does, like, that’s the lowest of the most like, so that’s like ESTP. For me, that’s intp for the ISTP, for example. And, you know, the Kindred relationship, it’s not really very supportive, and also a super ego relationship as well, which would be ESFP for me. So like, for me, that’s se heroes, right.

And that would be, you know, that would be si child’s basically for the ISTP. And that ends up, you know, your ego is not actually being fed in the relationship, right. Or if you’re in a situation where you have a golden pair, or you’ve been in new golden pair, or you’ve been in a companion relationship, you’ve had the highest sexual compatibility, basically your whole life, you’re looking for some diversion, right? You’re looking for something different. So you might actually go for the bottom for, you know, just for diversity, you know, or diversion or something different, you know, variety in your life, right.

So that’s also a risk as well, it really just comes down to like, what are the actual needs at that moment, from a natural standpoint? Has past relationships actually fed your ego or fed off of your ego? Right? And what relationship are you going to need after the fact? Now, given that I know this person, pretty well, I mean, what I would actually recommend to them probably, I’m probably going to have to say a shadow focused ENFP would be my recommendation for this particular person. Shadow foot. Yeah, the the reason why is because I think with that ENFP being a higher performer in life, because their shadow focus, very socially aware and aware of social consequences, it would take a lot of stress off of this ISTP woman’s mind on a consistent basis. Not only that they themselves are, it would be in a super ego relationship with her son.

And that would also really help things there as well. Because then her son would have a potential father figure that would be able to challenge him on a regular basis because of that super ego relationship right then and there. And I think that would probably be the ideal balance that she’s looking for within the context of her relationship. And, you know, don’t forget, you know, the ENFP would be the natural it’s number three on the list of the eight sexual relationships for her type and So it just, it just kind of naturally clicks.

And what’s really good about the naturals that it really really ends up feeding the ego moreso than feeding off of the ego. Whereas the intrigue relationship feeds off the ego and it can be emotionally draining. And what a lot of people also don’t really understand is that the pedagogue relationship, the companion relationship, which is slated for number two, of eight, it also has a risk of being draining and can feed off of the ego per se. So for the ISTP, that would be the ESFJ and the ESFJ can actually emotionally drain an ISTP.

And you know, if you are not interested in being emotionally drained at all, and usually an ISTP, especially an ISTP woman would not be interested in that because of Extraverted Feeling inferior, desperately looking for acceptance and wanting acceptance. And I think she’s going to find the acceptance and that emotional connection that she’s looking for from an ENFP male, especially a shadow focused INFJ focused ENFP male, like a good example would be Conor McGregor, he’s a shadow focused ENFP right. So she’d have to look for a clone of Conor McGregor, which, which is definitely possible. And to do that, I mean, she could just become a martial arts instructor and then she’ll, she’ll find she’ll find her, her Conor McGregor cologne, basically.

But yeah, that Conor McGregor would definitely be the archetype that I would highly recommend for this particular person, especially with the situation that she’s facing with her own life, etc. Yeah, definitely. I would say stay away. Like if you’re, if you’re gonna just just look at just top four, stay away from your pedagogues slash companions, stay away from the entry relationship, just really stay away from it.

Golden pair, I mean, are you really prepared to have the highest highs and the lowest lows within your golden pair? You know, I, especially with you know, being you know, a single mom, I, I really don’t think that’s wise, I really, really, honestly maintain that a shadow focused ENFP would be the absolute best for this particular situation. They’re insanely loyal, they’re very faithful. They, as long as they’re maintaining their Introverted Sensing inferior and have insanely high work ethic that work ethic directly translates into sex ethic, basically, they’re very deeply loving triple affiliative they can be very fun and you’ll have depth of conversation they didn’t know that you’ve ever experienced before. And they’re all about personal growth because they are part of the soul temple focusing on character.

And they really do enjoy spending quality of time, quality time and obviously they’re great communicators because they have te child it’s like, it’s like Tony Robbins. Like who what ISTP woman wouldn’t want Tony Robbins, let’s be straight. So anyway, I think that very much answers this particular question. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening and I’ll see you guys tonight my silver so can you believe you


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