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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question, which type responds best to “I want you”.


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph, and we’re doing yet another acolyte question today for the show. And so let’s just get right down to it. Which type appreciates the direct verbalize sentence of I want you the most while rejecting all forms of games played to display, I want you without actually saying it out loud, which is an extremely confusing way to ask a question.

I hope next time they make their questions, a bit more simple to understand, because I’m going to have to go out of my way in attempts to interpret what this person means. And I honestly really just, I really just don’t know. So in terms of like, what they’re asking, I have no idea what they’re asking. So I’m going to guess at what they’re asking and then answer that guess.

So hopefully, that helps. So yeah. So which type appreciates direct verbalize sentence, if I want you the most, without actually saying it out loud, I’m talking about which type would notice it or which type would appreciate it, I would have to say it would definitely have to be ENFPs. ENFPs are very important, or very informative.

And the thing is, is that it’s not enough to say to an INFP, that you want them, per se, because they won’t believe it. Te inferior or combined with expert intuition, parent, and then they’ll just kind of just naturally doubt that you do actually want them until you make it so painfully obvious that they’ll go for it. But because they’re triple informative at first, they’ll appreciate that it’s kind of more of a guessing game at first, because then they’re not gonna be made comfortable. Or they won’t be made uncomfortable basically from that, because if you advance too quickly, they’ll be like super uncomfortable, but but after a while, they’ll start to expect it from you, they’ll expect you to just spell it out.

So that’s just kind of like when we do that however, the ENFP you can just straight up tell them yeah, they kind of enjoy the guessing game a little bit. And, you know, obviously, you know, you will you’ll make them comfortable without like actually saying out loud. But like, honestly, just just be honest. Honestly, be honest.

Yeah. Be honest. Like, just be honest about how you feel I want you the most while rejecting all forms of games played me if you’re playing games to display, I want you without actually saying out loud. I don’t know how to say this.

Are you? Are you literally, I don’t even know what this question is. Or you’re literally saying, which types appreciate you just directly telling them that you want them instead of I think you’re saying playing games without actually saying allow. So the you’re saying that you are playing games, if you’re not being directed them and saying it out loud, basically. And if you’re not doing that, kind of coming off, like an INFJ would actually with his questions, almost.

But anyway. So now, if right, so ultimately, the answer is NPS. But let’s like put them in different categories. So like NF peas would kind of rather have the guessing games to go with them, I guess is what I’m trying to say.

But the NTPs will not the NTPs which is rather you get up in their face and just straight up tell them I want you and I know that is my type the E and TP that would appreciate that most I like I got ti parent like it’s great. In fact, I would need that. Like for example, you know, like the women in my life that have been the most successful with me, especially like getting me into bed with them are the ones who are just straight up Direct. Like I there’s this one en TJ coworker I had this one time.

And then she just came up to me randomly and said, Hey, I want to take you to this restaurant tonight. I’m going to buy you steak tips and you are going to tell me about psychology. And that’s how she asked me out. She just kind of ordered me around a little bit.

And I looked at her and I’m like, Sure. Let’s do that. Okay, and I showed up. She ordered mistake tips.

I started talking psychology and then midway through the dinner, she’s like, Okay, I’m going to I’m going to take you to my home now and we’re going to have sex. That’s just straight up direct straight up like that was it you know? I don’t know, like, okay, and we did. And it was it was It was fantastic. Um, and what a lot of good memories in those days and she was the INTJ.

And she’s just being like, straight up front about it. But yeah, like, you’re gonna like out of out of the four NPWS when it comes to like really expressing, I want you the most you know, or I want you that that statement. When you are, obviously I’m talking about MPs, because those are the MPs that would respond the best, those are the people of the 16 times that was spawn the best to like, you know, the phrase, I want you but again, the NFPs they’re pretty informative, they kind of like it to be a little guessing game at the beginning. So they’re comfortable, because they’re FYI, could be offended.

And they also like have doubts, but then eventually, over time, you have to ramp it up, and then just make it more painfully obvious to them through action, not just words that you actually want them. Whereas with an NTP, you can just go right up to him and be like, hey, I want you done. Okay. Like, easy.

Over. Like, there’s no, like, you’re not you’re not making a game you’re not, it’s just no question. You’re straight up direct about it. You just straight up tell them.

Yeah, I want you. That’s it. Congratulations. You know, like, that’s it.

That’s all you got to say. And a lot of people don’t even realize that. But yeah, it’s really that easy. Asking out NTPs is the easiest of all the 16 types to ask out.

But we get so intimidating sometimes I know, we have sad men and we can also be really creepy. I know, you know, as he trickster can also be an issue to take it over like NTPs it’s hard, it’s really hard. And granted, the intp has any parents, so they’re not really going to accept it as readily as in any hero, because any heroes optimistic, and me being optimistic for long comes out there and just like, hey, I want you period and a story. Okay, you know, like, That’s it, you know, so any hero is just, it’s just kind of like that, you know, but combined with ti parent, you know, because ti parent, like I go out of my way to be super honest with people and en TPS go out of our way to like, be super honest with people, you know? And it’s like, okay, yeah, we’re going to be super honest.

And if you’re being willing to be just as honest with us as we are with other people. So we’re gonna find that really valuable with our Fe child naturally. So and then we’re gonna say, Okay, well, at least this person is being honest. And I don’t have to wear a mask around them.

Great. Well, yeah, sure. And, you know, ENTPS don’t really like rejecting people either. So there’s actually a very good chance that the NTP is going to respond pretty well to your assertion of I want you, you know, so why not? Why not go for it? So it’s just, you know, these are some of the differences that an NPS have amongst each other, when it comes to like approaching them, you can have the easiest time approaching an intp, even though they look the scariest, right? And it’s still decently easy to approach an ENFP.

But because they’re very interest based, and you know, there’s a few additional mental barriers to get through intp. Is that more like, okay, cool. It’s nice that you want me I kind of doubt it, though. I need a little bit more, you know, and then like inf, peas, it’s like, Yeah, it’s cool.

You want me I kind of doubt it, but I need a lot more, basically. So it would be the hardest to approach an INFP. With this approach, I think it’d be second. So.

So in order of easiest to hardest ENTP would be the easiest fish with me triple systematic, second easiest is intp, we have to do a little bit more effort. Third, I’d say ENFP. And then fourth INFP. Because again, there’s still interest based but you know, when you combine the N E with a systematic on the Crusader side with the NTPs, it’s a bit easier with them.

But again, you have to deal with any parent on the intp. And it’s like, because the intp is gonna be like, Well, why didn’t you tell me this before it, you see what I’m saying? Like, they’re, they’re gonna want a little bit more. But there’s still a lot easier to convince, or at least to show I want you when compared to like an ENFP. Because they’re, they’re very interest based.

And while their N E is still very optimistic, you still have to get past their Fe critic, which can be a little bit difficult. And there may be a little bit of doubt there in their ISTJ subconscious. But as long as you’re forward with them, and you just don’t give up, they’ll eventually relented, they’ll realize, okay, yeah, it’s true, this person really does want me so it ends up becoming, you know, a benefit or a beneficial experience down the road. So definitely think so, anyway, I really hope that I answered or interpreted this question properly.

You know, there’s, uh, yeah, I mean, it’s pretty, it’s pretty important to do that. Like, try to ask your questions, guys in a way where you know, for sure that I understand, because this question has kind of been a jumbled mess and it lacked proper add some punctuation in it, but it was like a run on sentence. So let’s just try to like have a communication standard here. So actually know what I’m talking about.

So So yeah. Anyway folks, thanks for watching and listening Hopefully I answered the question and you guys got something out of this. I’ll see you guys tonight a silver so, can you push a button

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