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CS Joseph responds to the acolyte question where should INTJ men look for women to date?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. And as usual, it’s pretty obvious I know I like saying that for some reason, but why not? quick announcement the Mohawk is definitely not going away anytime soon. And I’m very much enjoying my new hair dude.

His name is Mike total ISTP totally awesome, bro and he likes to smoke cigars with me. And it’s interesting that the guy who does my hair just happens to be one of my friends so and, oh, haka, he made a great, so why not? I’m definitely keeping it. So yeah. For those of you who like to make comments about my hair, I just wanted to give you a small hair update, because why the hell not? That being said, we’re doing acolyte questions, and I love acolyte questions.

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And it’s nice to have another INTJ question, but it’s basically where should an INTJ man look for women to date? And like de what a great What a great question. So he also provided additional information, quote, I normally find athletic women attractive, as I myself have always played competitive sports. previous girlfriends have done dancing, swimming, CrossFit yoga, for example. But I’m wondering if there is somewhere I should be looking to meet women that would benefit my development.

Okay, yes, but you can the way you’re asking this question or this information you’re providing, I could tell what your problem is. And it’s not necessarily what you think. He goes on. You don’t have to read this part.

In the video. Oh, okay. I’m not going to read this part in the video, because that’s private information. So I’m gonna leave it at that.

I’m glad he said that. Is an E nemesis. Paranoia was coming out. Yeah, I really hope CSJ doesn’t actually talk about this part of my question on the video.

So like, I’m going to put a little warning here and yeah, thank you for putting a warning. Much appreciated, because that would have been really embarrassing. But okay, the question so. So he says, Okay, I normally find a flat IQ when I’m attractive.

So I’m so pleased competitive scores. Okay. Yeah, that’s nice. previous girlfriends have done dancing, swimming, CrossFit yoga, for example.

Okay, I have a problem with that sentence. He says previous girlfriends have done dancing, swimming, CrossFit yoga for some, okay, well, here’s my question. What do you do? Like, seriously, bro, what do you do? Okay, like, cuz, here’s the thing, man, like, when it comes to like, finding women and whatnot. Like, like, I’m, I’m se demon.

Like, I’m super creepy. I can’t just like come up to like a woman and ask her out. But she has to, like already previously be interested in me, basically. That’s just kind of like how it works.

And so she has to come up to me because she’s the NI user. Now you’re the NI user because you’re an INTJ. So you definitely got to come up the women. But here’s the difference.

You need to start thinking a little bit more with your ENTP side of your mind, your shadow and to be like, Okay, what about shared interests combine that with your extroverted sensing, inferior, we’re all about having shared experiences, but they need to use your expert intuition Nemesis and think about shared interest. And you combine shared experiences with shared interests, which will turn you the INTJ man into an engine of fulfillment, such as you become a fulfilling partner to a woman or a series of women hopefully, because like, especially if you’re like a man in your prime, and you don’t have multiple women, what are you doing? But then again, like maybe you found someone that’s like 1015 years younger than you and you’re willing to like have a family with them. Great, good on you go for that. I highly recommend that as well.

But also like Don’t let the whole like alpha beta speak of the red pill like inhibit you from like, actually like being in love just throwing that out there. Because if you do not have love you do not have anything and I’m quoting the Apostle Paul when I say that even though I’m like not a fan of him in the slightest. So, but I can already tell like your head as to why you’re asking this question. Why should an INTJ man look for women to date? See, the thing is, is that you shouldn’t be looking for women to date.

That’s that’s the main issue. You need to just go do things because it’s stuff you want to do. But the problem is if you being an INTJ you’re often this hermit who stays at home instead of actually going and doing things that actually interest you. So like take up competitive shooting for example, go do some martial arts.

go mountain biking, longboarding snowboarding? I don’t know just literally sit down with a notepad and write out things that interest you. It could be Magic the Gathering. i It doesn’t matter. I have played Magic the Gathering multiple times a week.

I did multiple rounds last night doing commander format and I took kick total ass I was running light pause, Emperor’s voice and a mono white Voltron deck. It was amazing. And then I did braids, conjurer adept doing mono blue, and then cheating in Eldrazi, and completely owning people’s faces with my Eldrazi. And then like, I take my Eldrazi like a pathways or Umang.

It’s got like Annihilator, two or Annihilator, three on it. And then I copy it with a right of replication with kicker. And then all of a sudden I have like, and then I copy that spell. So then I end up having like 11 path raises a gulag, all on the field, and then everyone just dies instantly.

It’s hilarious. As I have, like, so many of these huge Titans to fight for me and whatnot. It’s a very dope game. But anyway, that’s it’s not really necessary for me to say this video.

But the point is, is that like I could tell that you have not engaged in your SI demon need of self exploration enough, go do things because don’t forget about the difference between men and women. Women talk but men do, what do you do, you need to write down what you do what you interest. And then you need to actually spend the time scheduling that throughout the week, scheduling your interests out so that you actually are doing your interests and taking yourself out on a date. And actually like doing that.

Because if you’re not going to do that, what the hell’s your problem? You definitely have to get that done. So please make sure you’re doing that. Because here’s the thing, women that will show up to those things that you like to do. They’re already interested in those things, and likely, likely, you’re going to meet the intp or an ENFP.

Woman, maybe an ESF J. You know, there’s three of the four starters basically, because guess what, they are usually interested in things that INTJ men are already interested in anyway. So make it about you use your FY child, make it about you make yourself a priority, use your ni hero, make it all about what you want. Screw te parent, this is a time where it’s okay for an INTJ man to cognitive loop and go cognitive loop by going and doing things that actually interests you.

And then ingratiate yourself amongst the women who are actually they’re doing it to because they have a shared interest. And then introduce yourself to them. And then make them feel wanted. Ask them out.

And then you’re good to go. Because the way you have it written here in your email, as that you’re, you’re you’re looking at what your girlfriends have done in the past, like done dancing, swimming, CrossFit yoga, why are you orbiting around them, you’re the man, the girls need to be orbiting you. So you need to go first, make your own interests a priority. Get up there.

Do those interests in the women who are already interested in doing those things the same time, they will start to orbit you. But the way you’re asking this question, you’re making it more about them. You can’t do that. You really can’t do that you need to stop making it about them.

Make it about you. If you want to be around athletic women who are attractive I mean, I think every man out there finds athletic women attractive unless they’re like this ISTP woman who has almost no body fat and she just looks gross, because of that. Okay, yeah, maybe but like an interesting like, I actually know someone that’s like that, like I go to martial arts with this woman all the time and like there’s a such thing as a woman being too chiseled and she is definitely that woman it’s crazy. And I don’t I don’t even like being near her.

It just it’s bothers my si inferior she bothers my assigned farrier you know, as much as you know, I like I like I like my women small and I like them, you know, not having much body fat on them, but they got to have some at least not not like you know, where you’re completely chiseled and you’re like, what? 6% body fat as a woman and haven’t had a period in two years. There’s like something wrong, like seriously wrong with that. Not attractive to me. No, definitely not.

But yeah, like, so you gotta make it about you. And I think that’s one of the reasons why are now if you want to find athletic women, then you yourself need to be athletic, basically and do athletic activities yourself. go kayaking, go white river, rafting and go paddleboarding, get on the sea, do snowboarding, do athletic things yourself. And because you’re doing them, the athletic women that are doing them as well, you’ll have an opportunity to introduce yourself to them.

And it’s really, really simple. Also, if you need help to kind of figure out how to introduce yourself, a book that I highly recommend any expert sensing inferior man read game by Roush R. Oh, sh game by Roush. He took that book down to probably have to find the PDF version, they’re very hard to find, I really hope you can find it, because they’re out of print.

And he like all apparently, apparently he found Jesus and lives in a monastery now and doesn’t want people to know how to pick up women apparently, because he doesn’t care about his fellow band anymore. I don’t know. He’s one of the original, if not the original Red Pill writer. So take that with a grain of salt, but definitely read his book game.

And if you can’t find his book, then read the manual by W anten. As like a backup for that because it really helps you figure out your approach. Because INTJ men really do struggle with approach due to se inferior because of their insane tear of rejection. So And remember, the only cure for fear of rejection is rejection.

But again, you have to make it about what you are interested in and what you want to do. And you spend your time doing that. And then eventually, you’ll notice women who are doing the same thing, and you might be attracted to them. And then you go introduce yourself, stop starting with the girls first, and then figuring out what you want to do.

That’s wrong. You need to start with what you want to do first, and then go to the girls. It’s not that hard. Okay, so like that’s, that’s it.

That’s, that’s really tough to do. And just, if you want to get the athletic ones, make yourself athletic, so you could do those interesting athletic things. And then the women who just happen to be present, you will attract them or you will introduce them self yourself to them and then they will be attracted to you as you pass them out. And then you’re off to the races don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Okay. It’s pretty simple. Okay. Birds of a feather flock together.

NTP ENFP and ESF J women which is what INTJ men should be going for. Definitely are interested in the same thing as INTJ men are so just have confidence that and you won’t have this problem. Okay, so I think I think that’ll solve the issue for you. So anyway, folks, that’s it for this question.

Thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys tonight use of silver so can you. Believe you


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