Where Can I Meet People With Compatible Octagrams? | CS Joseph Responds

CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte member question, where can I go to meet people with compatible Octagram types?


Hey what’s up yo hackers. Welcome to the CS joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph, today’s question Where can I go to meet people with compatible aka grams? What a question, an extremely complex question. I love me complex questions.

So a special thanks to the acolyte member who submitted this question for us this month. It’s really great to have and I would love me some octagon questions. For those of you that don’t really know or are already know, off the ground represents the ego hacker community’s version of the Enneagram. The Enneagram I found is inaccurate and mixes nature with nurture, whereas Akram is just pure nurture and combines really well with the type grade which is all about our nature.

And it’s it represents the feedback of the input process output feedback loop for humanity, the output is our nature. The feedback is ultimately our nurture form to learn more about that, whereas an input process output feedback episode in Season 18 Collignon mechanics season 18 is our private season although we release one episode of it a month on YouTube and on the podcast as we add episodes, behind the paywall, and there’s like, like over a year’s worth of content within season 18 COG mechanics you want to check that out CS joseph.ly forward slash members become a journeyman member and you can log in to watch it and csjoseph.life/portal so where can you go to meet compatible Oct grams compatible Oct grams really actually matter compatible nurture actually matters for example, one of the ways that you can determine compatibility with off the gram it’s really basic system but actually go in deeper in the cutting edge and also on season 18 COMM mechanics behind the paywall, but to get in deeper with it. Or actually no, just just a basic understanding this just give you the basic understanding. But to go in deeper, you know, obviously be a journeyman member.

But the basic understanding comes down to cognitive origin, cognitive origin, or is the thing that someone is looking for out of life more than anything. So there’s eight cognitive origins in the soul temple, its justification and also intimacy and connection or intimacy in the heart temple it’s referenced known as deep respect or satisfaction also known as contentment in the mind, Temple, it’s all about validation. Receiving validation. And then also cigar is almost about to go thank you for your your, your patience with me.

It’s very strong as this is, this is probably one of the strongest cigars I’ve ever smoked, I was not expecting it to be this strong Holy smokes. So yeah, but the bottom line is, you know, for the mind sample they want, they want them some validation. They also want some power and authority, right authority is the another origin. And then for the body temple, it has purpose and its discovery.

These eight things are ultimately what people are looking for the most in our lives, but depending on what your type is, one of them ultimately dominates your life. And for me, that satisfaction also known as contentment, right. However, your aka gram ultimately determines how you go about doing that. Your nurture determines ultimately, how you actually gain your calling and abortion.

And that’s important. That’s very important. It’s everything. It’s absolutely everything.

You do this by understanding what your tempo wheel is. And to learn more about tempo wheels. You want to look up the eight tempo wheels of the octa gram that is the name of the specific article and that’s available at CS Joseph dot life and take a CS joseph.ly forward slash blog, read about the tempo wheels there and you start to understand shadow pull aspiration Pol, deadly sin living virtue, as the different ways of expression that a person has with their nurture for them to actually get what they’re looking for out of life, which is their cognitive origin was also really great about cognitive origin is that it never actually changes. And you can actually type people based off of cognitive origin, which is great, because it’s the one thing in foresight dynamics, it’s the one thing and union analytical psychology that doesn’t change per person.

It’s always there. But there are four different interpretations or four different expressions of a person’s Archigram. And as we have mentioned before, that’s SDSS, which is subconscious developed subconscious focus as to us, which is subconscious developed unconscious focus UDF, which is unconscious developed subconscious focus, and UT UF, which is unconscious developed unconscious focus, right. And each of them have different ways of going about their, their cognitive portion, SDS F people, they’re looking for 3x or three times their help like three helpings, they, they really really want their main cognitive origin, right, because they’ve been unable to do so in their life.

SQF types want two parts of their cogs, their main common origin and one part of their secondary cognitive origin. Same thing also goes with UDF types. UDF types also want two parts of their main cognitive origin and one part of their secondary cognitive origin. Again, SDS F types, they want three parts their main cause and origin and they don’t really care that much about their secondary cognitive origin.

And unconscious developed unconscious focus types UD us like myself, we actually want to parts of our secondary cognitive origin and one part of our primary cognitive origin although that that common origin is still primary. Remember, UD U F types basically, are a, they’re not really permanent. They’re, they’re sort of permanent state of being. It’s not really where you want to be mostly in your life, ultimately, because you want to work hard to develop, you’re developing your subconscious still, so you can get back to being UCSF so you can have more hope in your life because being ut UF means it’s related to despair, ultimately.

So those are the four different octave grams. Now, how do you determine compatibility between those aka grams, it really comes down to cognitive origin, right? So if you’re in a relationship with like a golden pair, I’m UD UEFI, and TP so I would be best suited for an INTJ because they’re my golden pair from a nature perspective. However, from a from an octave grant perspective, having the same octave Graham is important because while they’re looking for their primary origin, they’re not competing for my primary origin. Or if I’m looking for my secondary origin, and they’re looking for their secondary origin, we’re not competing for our primary origins or secondary origins, there’s just no competition.

So compatibility is based on reduction of competition for gaining your cognitive origin, especially in terms of sexual relationships, right. But every single one of our human interactions is dominated this way. Not only that, if you get with if you get with your natural pair, the rules changed a little bit. You want to be with your Octa gram that is the opposite of your Octa gram because their nurture is able to serve up the cognitive origins you’re looking for and your nurture your Oxfam is able to serve up the cognitive origins they’re looking for.

So it’s always a fair exchange. Right? And again, there is no competition for those cognitive auctions. That’s literally how that works. Okay, it’s a really big deal.

So that’s important. And everything matters. From that perspective. It absolutely does.

That’s how compatibility basically between Archigram is determined. Now, again, in terms of sexual relationships, there are eight sexual relationships, there are the four long term relationships and there are the four short term relationships psychologically speaking, okay. And the long term relationships are basically the affection relationship, which is your golden pair, then you have your the respect relationship, which are silver pair, you have your natural pair, which is your bronze pair. And then you have your super ego, which is known as the challenge relationship, the challenging relationship.

Those are the long term relationships, short term relationships are the pedagogue relationship, although many people do have long term relationships in a pedagogue relationship, and then also the intrigue relationship. That’s also a short term relationship. And then the trust relationship, also known as the Benefactor relationship, and then the Kindred relationship, right, where it’s basically an exchange of kindness, et cetera. And that’s the the lowest compatibility out of the eight sexually compatible relationships and usually Kindred is based on a trauma bond typically.

So an each of these eight different sexual relationships are serving up and consuming, producing and consuming cognitive origins in different ways. And if you want to understand production and consumption of cognitive origins, I highly recommend you get the ego hacking by text course and the masterclass you get that ego hacking by text.com. Sign up for the course get the course and then upgrade to the master class so you can actually learn about something known as the Rosetta Stone, the Rosetta Stone basically replaces all the cognitive functions and shows you which function is consuming, producing each of the cognitive origins for each of the 16 types. And we also go through each of the love languages because the eight love languages are actually based on production and consumption of cognitive origins within each of your guys’s relationships.

That’s how it works. And that’s why it matters, right? It matters entirely right? Get educated, because if you want to actually have the best compatible relationships, especially from an AKA Graham from a human nurture perspective, you really need to understand how the Rosetta Stone works and how love languages are basically consumed and produced by each of the 16 types. For example, my love language is acts of service, I consume acts of service but when I go into my subconscious, I also produce acts of service. And then obviously, you need to learn the concept of soft locking, which is ultimately the driver behind what forums a person’s aka Graham over time.

Soft locking is a concept that is heavily discussed behind the paywall. In the journeyman membership in the cutting edge episode, I believe it’s December 2022, where soft locking is discussed at length and that is a prerequisite for the ego hacking by text course as well as ego hacking by text masterclass. If you happen to already own the course, you can get the masterclass by going to offers.cs joseph.ly forward slash abt hyphen masterclass. So, once you have all this knowledge, and you actually can understand how you might be compatible naturally, people would have the question, okay, hey, how do I? How do I actually find people that are compatible with me from a neutral perspective? And the short answer, I got a short answer no long answer.

I’m gonna provide both within this video. But the short answer is you can’t. You can’t, you can’t plan that out. And you know, if you’re like an INTJ, who’s asking this question and like, and like stuff, you know, because ni hero is all about the outcome and trying to plan every little detail about everything in life.

These are the people who, for example, think a lot more about sex instead of actually having sex for example. And they never actually get out there and never actually experienced the world and just let things naturally happen. Because the reality is situation is is that your Okta gram is the way that it is and you will naturally attract people that are compatible with your ox gram that are compatible with your nurture, you will naturally you will naturally attract those people. So but you won’t be able to realize that until you actually get out in the world and actually do it, you actually like have to do it.

And oftentimes, people don’t even know that that’s an option. They just don’t know, they don’t know that that’s a thing, right? So get out there and go meet people. So long answer is some specific strategies you can do. There’s one overarching principle that you can always bank on when it comes to finding people with compatible Oct grants.

It’s called the shared interest principle, okay? So you want to go be around people who have the same interests as you what’s the best place to do that meetup.com. Go to meetup.com. And go put in your zip code and find meetup groups, where people are meeting in person, not just online, but in person, go find these people. All right.

And once you found these people, you’re participating in these groups just because they have the same interests you have. Technically, you will meet people who have compatible nurtures with you compatible, aka gram. So with you, and Meetup is just one example. But again, if you go do something where other people are doing it with you, maybe you’re volunteering, maybe you’re at church, maybe you’re doing some kind of community event, maybe you’re at a party, but regardless, as long as there’s a shared interest of some kind, right, or when you’re talking to strangers, like I do, because that’s like my favorite hobby is actually going out to people and talking to strangers.

It’s like my favorite thing to do. Eventually, you’ll put out your interests in conversation, you’ll see if they share those interests. And if they do share those interests, naturally, you’ll get to a point where you know, you’ll realize that they have a compatible nurturer with you. And then perhaps you are able to serve up their cognitive origins to them, or they’re able to serve up your cognitive origins to your primary and secondary origin and it becomes this awesome exchange, right? That’s literally how it works.

You just have to position yourself for greatness by actually going and participating in the situations, even if you’re an introvert, go and participate. Besides, as an introvert, you benefit by extroverted and being drained of your energy because then you’ll actually get sleep for once. And this is especially important for INFJ types. Really, really important for INFJs to learn, and actually do and actually participate.

Because without doing that, well, they’re gonna have a really lame boring life that lacks substance entirely. Don’t let that be you. You don’t want to be that guy. All right, so make sure you’re understanding that appropriately.

My IBT is like really itchy right now. So probably because the temperature went up, that usually happens when the temperature goes up. So, but yeah, make sure that you guys are going out there and meeting new people, because that’s really the only way unless, of course, you get really good at typing people by their autograph, but you’d have to actually master the octave great, which don’t worry, we’re going to be releasing a course very soon called how to type yourself on Instagram addition, we’re also releasing a course a free course for how to type yourself in terms of being able to use the Type grid and educating people on how to type people using the Type grid. And it’ll be a free course available to everyone within the eeglab community.

But we have this paid course is going to be how to type yourself, aka gram addition, right? That’s going to be really key, that’s going to be a very, very big deal, right. And then as a result of that, you’ll be able to, you know, get in use some of my techniques that I use on the street or anywhere in my life, where you actually get to learn about how to identify somebody else’s Archigram. And then once you know their doctrine automatically, you know their type already, because you would have to know their type to know their Okta gram, you already know how compatible you are with them. And you would already be able to see exactly where your nurturer fits in with them as to whether or not you want to pursue a friendship or maybe even a sexual relationship with that particular person.

Or maybe it would help you parent your children better, or facilitate your family or run your business or your team. All of that actually applies. Okay, so but again, we’re getting there. And until that, of course, is available, go to meetup or go out there and meet people and just get to know people and then eventually, through getting to know them there, octagon will eventually become self evident.

And you will see whether or not your origins are being provided to you or you’re providing your origins to them. Or if you’re being drained, you’re providing your origins to them, but they’re not providing them back to you. And then maybe that should not be somebody you should be investing in, etc. So that’s basically how it works.

Otherwise, unless you’re properly educated on how after ground works, you’re not really going to know you’re just not really going to know. So you got to get out there. You got to get life experience. You have to socialize, because socialization is the only way that’s going to work.

So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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