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Chase: Hey guys, it’s Chase with So we talked about cognitive functions, we talked about the four sides of the mind, and although I really want to go into how to type somebody without the use of a test, I think it would be a good idea if we actually talk about tests just a little bit. So a test, there are a lot of tests out there, a lot of MBTI tests, a lot of other tests trying to not infringe on the MBTI’s intellectual property, because all the MBTI is, it’s just a test, that’s all it is. And it’s a very large test, so many people have tried to do different tests, and as I said in the previous video, they’re just, they’re really inaccurate. They’re inaccurate for a lot of reasons.

Chase: One reason that they’re so inaccurate is because when people take the test, depending on how mature they are, sometimes they’re insecure, they’re more focused on what other people think of them or how other people feel about them. Because of that, they end up taking the test from an outside-in point of view, instead of an inside-out point of view. And that can cause a lot of problems. So I try to shy away from that. Now there is some value to tests, I have given people tests to take, ’cause I have three or four tests that I actually like or I guess I wouldn’t say like, but they’re useful because they can ballpark somebody’s type in the right area. At least somewhat. So I hand them out to people from time to time, if I’m not able to type them because I’m not in their presence, or maybe they schedule a session with me and I just give them the test ahead of time, just to save time, so they can get more out of the session, right?

Chase: But yeah, there’s a lot of problems with tests, accuracy problems, not so much the test’s fault as much as it is the user’s fault, the person who’s actually taking the test. That would be more of an issue. And to be honest, the amount of time it takes to go through some of the tests is insane. Some of them are like 150 questions. Now, one of the tests I hand out to people is the HumanMetrics test. All you have to do is just go to Google, type in “humanmetrics test,” and it’s like the top link. That’s 64 questions and that’s pretty good. It tests on basically the letters, and that’s how most of these tests do. There’s another one,, they also test on the letters. The four letters of the type of the 16 types, according to Meyers-Briggs at least, and Socionics.

Chase: And there’s also IDRlabs, IDRlabs has a 44 question test, which is actually in my opinion a lot easier to take. But I also have had complaints of various clients of mine who have said that it’s horrible and you kind of don’t really know what they’re asking, and because of that you don’t know how to answer it properly, right? So that can also be a problem.

Chase: So with as many tests as there are, how do you know that you’re going to take the right one? Honestly, you just don’t. At best, the HumanMetrics test is like seven out of 10, eight out of 10 accurate. The IDRlabs test, I would say, is probably about the same, and the maybe eight out of 10. But for example, I took the HumanMetrics test and when I first took it I scored INFJ. Then I retook it again, and then I scored INTJ. And it wasn’t until years later that I understand the proper way of how to type somebody, which is using temperaments and interaction styles. And I realized I was actually an ENTP, right? Well, the problem with that is that I took those tests again and I still didn’t come out my actual correct type, which doesn’t exactly help.

Chase: And remember, when you’re taking these tests, the results of these tests, you’re only getting the four letters for your ego, you’re not even getting the rest. You’re not getting your subconscious, your unconscious, or your superego. So there’s a lot of data missing. Also the tests rate you by these little percentages, that they’re saying, “Oh, you’re extroverted this percentage, or intuitive by this percentage, or sensing by this percentage, or thinking by this percentage.” To be honest, the percentages don’t mean a damn thing. I don’t know why these tests think that that’s important, but it’s just a waste of time. Like don’t even pay attention to the percentages that they give you, it doesn’t mean anything. And quite frankly it’s because of those percentages that you have people like Tai Lopez out there complaining about these tests and saying that the big five or the Hexaco test is like the test to take.

Chase: While those tests do have some merit to them, they really are only giving you like a picture of an outside-in view based on human nurture, and not human nature. If you want to understand your nature, then you’re going to want to go with a Jungian depth psychology type of point of view, right? That’s essentially what you’re going to have to do to understand your nature. It’s just not good enough, it’s not good enough to know how narcissistic someone is, for example. And how do they even measure that, right? How can they really judge a human being based on that? It’s almost as bad as those tests they give you when you’re applying for a job at a grocery store or a fast food joint, right? To try to see how much of a risk you are to steal something from them, et cetera. And it’s just more of the same, right? It’s just more of the same. There’s no point in doing it.

Chase: So test-wise, they’re not very accurate, they only judge you on the four letters, and even then you have to be mature enough, you have to be honest with yourself enough to be able to take them to get any real result out of them. If you’re not honest with yourself, if you’re not mature enough to do it, if you’re not really … It’s almost like hypnotism. If you have doubts that you’re going to be hypnotized, you’re not going to be hypnotized, right? That principle kind of applies to these tests. But yeah, if you are going to be willing to take a test, the only tests that are currently available that I would recommend,, HumanMetrics test, and the IDRlabs test. That’s it. Outside of that, probably not cool. And I’ll include links to those in the caption for this video, so that you can go check them out.

Chase: I’ll also be releasing my own test very soon. Now, my test is not going to be testing on the four letters, although it will have a four letter result and it will also tell you your subconscious, your unconscious, and your superego. Now, if I had the ability to create the ideal test, it would just test people on their cognitive functions. But it’s extremely complex, and we’re looking at possibly, I don’t know, almost 300 questions to be able to do something that accurate. Who has time for that, right? That’s just not going to work. So the test that I have in the works will probably be two questions, and follow a different model. The interaction styles versus the temperaments. So when I’m finished talking about how to type someone in the next eight video series, and also going through each of the types individually and doing a profile for each, 16 profile videos, so in about 24 videos from now, I should have that test ready and then I’ll give it to you guys and see what you think.

Chase: But I believe it will be the quickest and the most accurate out there that we can use for additional ballparking. Or maybe not, hopefully it’ll be that good that it won’t be a ballpark and we can finally have a test out there that’s 10 out of 10 accurate for once.

Chase: But anyway, those are my thoughts on tests, and if you have any questions, leave a comment below. If you found this video educational or helpful, please leave a Like and subscribe. And I’ll be doing the “How to Type Someone” series in the next video. So I hope to see you there. All right, later guys.

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