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CS Joseph responds to the acolyte question what’s the difference between a shadow or subconscious focused INTP?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. And today we have yet even more accurate questions. In fact, I got a like, wow, it’s always interesting towards the end of the month because people are trying to get their questions before the end of month in the meantime, and then the new month happens when they get their next question in.

So it’s just kind of like ends up piling up, you know, little little pile of questions to get through, which is totally cool by me. I’m happy for the paid support of what we’re doing here for the community soon because it helps keep the lights on. So anyway, today’s question is, what is the difference between a shadow and subconscious focused? intp? Oh, it’s great to have an intp question. It’s been a while since we had one.

So shadow focused and an subconscious focus on two. So when it comes to differentiating cognitive focus between types, the first thing you want to look at is, like do they have are they more balanced person or they have a double helping of what’s already in their ego, like, for example, an ESF J focused intp they’re far more caring than a shadow focused one, or unconscious focused ENT TJ focused intp, they’re far more caring because they’re having like a double helping of extroverted feeling. And Extraverted Feeling is turning from an infant to a hero within their subconscious, right. And that means they’re far more caring and more and way more often a lot more affiliative focused on doing the right thing, behaving more like ESF J’s, for example, and they exhibit far more self sacrifice.

And they’re not really going to be sacrificing other people, they’re really actually gonna be sacrificing themselves for the sake of others. And that’s really the biggest difference between a shadow and an subconscious focused intp. What’s very known, good known, well known shadow focused intp. Well, Bill Gates is because he’s willing to sacrifice the human race.

He’s willing to sacrifice others for sure. For whatever goal, you know, the ends justify the means that is the shadow focused intp willing to sacrifice other people in order to reach the goal. Whereas a subconscious focused intp potentially like I mean, I think maybe Elon Musk might be I’m not entirely sure about that. I don’t know I have not consumed enough content about Elon Musk to really make the judgment.

But definitely does not see him as evil as Bill Gates because Bill Gates is absolutely willing to sacrifice other people for his own his own goals, his own outcomes that he’s looking for. Not entirely sure. Elon Musk is willing to do that. I think Elon Musk more often is willing to sacrifice himself actually for the sake of others.

And that’s really the prime difference between a shadow versus subconscious focused intp Gosh, my nose is just itching. It’s funny, I saw this awesome meme about me itching or playing with my nose. During these podcast episodes, it’s just this montage of me doing it like hundreds of times it was it’s actually pretty hilarious. You guys should do more of those memes.

I am cool with being made fun of my favorite one that was that parody that one guy did. That was like the awesomest. That was pretty dope. Not gonna lie.

So now, Shadow focused. intp is however, they go in a different direction. They they’re willing to take charge. They’re oftentimes more entrepreneurial, they are actually more prone to being leaders.

Whereas an ESFJ focused intp they’re actually more willing to be followers, right? So if an intp is exhibiting more leadership qualities, chances are they’re shadow focused. And if they’re, or if they’re doing like follower, being like that little puppy that’s following people around kind of a thing. They’re more likely to be subconscious focused as an intp. And all a lot of these things definitely, definitely matter.

Now, granted, his subconscious focus intp is way happier than shadow focus one but a shadow focus one is way wiser than a subconscious focused one. So that could be a thing and also, subconscious focused intp is don’t often get laid when compared to the shadow focused on NTPs where they absolutely do so. And that’s because they’re closer to their Alpha traits, with their ENTJ shadow instead of the beta traits that are being extracted from their es FJ subconscious. And since alpha traits are technically more sexually attractive to women, the intp men who are shadow focused would be having way more sex than an ESA Jay focused one.

So that’s just that’s just how life works in today’s day and age. So that’s, that’s definitely a thing to be aware of. Not only that, they’re still triple systematic. So you still have amazing systems.

And that’s not really a way to differentiate the two. But again, the subconscious focused is intp is going to be more aware, or at least trying to do the right thing or whatever the right thing actually is. Whereas the E and TJ focus one is just not really going to care. A good example of an ESF J focused intp that I know is John Bresson, the intp who runs fix your gut.com and as the main content creator for fixer got.com.

He is an ESFJ focused INTP. So you can compare John Bresson to Bill Gates, Bill Gates is Shadow focus the INTJ John would never be willing to sacrifice other people. For his goals are or XYZ goals or goals of another, for example, he wouldn’t he’d be actually more willing to sacrifice himself to that point. Whereas Bill Gates however, like I said, he’d absolutely be okay with sacrificing other people for those goals.

Because again, the ends justify the means this is again, that is the primary difference between a shadow focused and subconscious focused intp. Right then in there, it’s it’s pretty, it’s obvious. It’s understood. It’s just it’s just, that’s that’s just how it is.

I don’t know how else to say it differently. So. All right, I’m cool. I think that I think that answers the question that I cover everything.

Oh, here’s another thing though. ESF J focused intp is when it comes to their Inferior function and dealing with the fear of being accepted, they start out being super mega afraid of being not accepted in their life, and then literally in in like midlife, it just kind of goes away. Whereas with the shadow focused intp, it’s a little bit different, they don’t really actually care if anyone accepts them, and they kind of keep it that way throughout most of their life. And I guess that’s one of the reasons why they’re willing to sacrifice other people for XYZ goals is because of that they’re just their shadow focused ones are really, really detached from other people over time.

And it takes them an entire lifetime basically, to get to the point where they’re okay to have you know, relationships with other human beings and actually understanding you know, the value and other humans because they can end up making the same mistake that ENTJs make of you know, let’s make the system but then completely ignore the human beings offering that system, which is what causes the NT J’s end up looking like slave drivers. And I talked about this consistently and like for example, the ENTJ hypocrisy episode as well as the ENTJ demon episode in the members area. Speaking of which, if you want to become a member, go CS joseph.ly forward slash members and become a journeyman member and then upgrade to accolades. So you can have make videos answering your questions and then they’ll be released on the podcast or on YouTube.

Who wouldn’t want that? Let’s see It’s joseph.ly forward slash members or CS Joseph dot life forward slash portal. Go ahead and check it out. So anyway, folks, thanks for listening and watching today. I’ll see you guys tonight you’re still absent can you? Believe you

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