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Welcome to CS Joseph response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions on any topic union analytical psychology or foresights dynamics. Excuse me why it’s myself my elder one. Today’s question is, what is the best match for an ESFP.

And this question comes from Cora. So let’s take a look at what it has to say for us today. And what’s the best match for ESF P. And looks like it’s got a couple of answers already.

Like the see what see what we can do here. So Isabel main who says the best match for an ENFP would be fairly easy to find ISFJ personality type both will obtain what they need with minimal effort. The ESFP will provide the fun and social networking the ISFJ needs, the INFJ will provide a stable home and nurturing the ESFP needs. Both will do better in the long run with feeling types, even if strongly attracted to thinking types.

Sandy Pope who is a BA in journalism and psychology in 1979, she says quote ISFJ is often said to be the best match for ESF p, because they are very loyal, accommodating and stable, which is really what an ESFP needs. Very fair. And a fair answer comes from Sylvia trained INFJ and Enneagram. One compulsively studying people, of course, best answer I can give you whoever can offer what that particular ESFP is looking for in a romantic relationship? And who wants what that ESFP can offer in return? Wow.

Has anyone like ever told you that you’re really novel? When you talk like that? That’s I mean, how about you just answer their questions that have like, making me sound intelligent, but I guess that’s typical for INFJs with ti child’s MBTI generalization answer, I think an SF Jey and fp or even an I T type, who likes someone lively to move them out of their comfort zone and do the heavy lifting and social situations who Wow, that’s fundamentally wrong. And like every way, so I’m glad that I can definitely come into this question and be of assistance. So that’s what we’re going to be doing right now. So, Sophia train, thank you for your attempt, at least you’re partially right by saying SFJ.

But what are what relationships should SFPs get into? Like, what are the what’s that? What’s the best match for needs FP? Well, let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about cod compatibility. Compatibility comes from cognitive synchronicity actually have an entire lecture series on YouTube available. It’s the season five playlist on my other YouTube channel, CS Joseph, just search, search CS Joseph, you can also go to like the channel front page of this channel, go to feature channels and click CS Joseph and boom, you’re there or you got to see us Joseph dot life forward slash social, click on YouTube.

And boom, you’re on the YouTube channel, go to playlists. Season Five. Learn about cognitive synchronicity, which is basically the foundation that explains the foundational theory that explains how compatibility for relationships actually works. And you could also go to season 12 And watch social compatibility for ESFPs.

It’s not necessarily romantic compatibility, but as a little bit, their romantic compatibility is actually discussed a lot more in season 14, but that’s available at Patreon at CS, forward slash Patreon, hashtag commercial over on answering the question. So that being said, SF j’s are amazing for ESFPs. Well, what is what is what is that all about? What where does that come from? It really comes from let’s see, I think I actually have a visual aid prepared here, a little bit of a visual aid to use for this, but you know, and I use this before, so let’s, let’s share the screen here. So this is known as The Quadra Foursquare and each of the 16 types belongs to one of these Cuadras and ESFP.

Specifically, they belong in the Wayfair the wayfarer, Quadra ESFPs right here, this is known as the dualist. They are Wayfair way fares are all about Introverted Feeling and extroverted thinking. And they’re also about Introverted intuition and extroverted sensing, fire and when versus Bo and spear, etc. And that’s literally basically how they live their life and the people that they’re compatible to the most in terms the quadra, Foursquare are the people that they are opposite of, kind of like opposites attract, right.

So in this case, the ESFP would be really good in a relationship with an intp and ISFJ and ESF J or an intp. The reason why is because the top four functions of an ESFP is extroverted sensing Introverted Feeling Extraverted Thinking and Introverted Feeling right Now those who cognize synchronicity go really well with Guess what? Introverted Sensing Extraverted Feeling Introverted Thinking Extraverted intuition and they just kind of go together. Those types of handles other four functions are all Crusader types according to this visual aid, right? That’s why the ESFP should be in a relationship with them. However, there is a bit of a caveat.

So, I, in general, recommend people get into relationships with people within the Quadra that they should be, you should never want to be in a relationship with the same Quadra. That’s like a disaster. And this is what Socionics teaches people with their like duality bullshit. And honestly, I’m not down for that.

But the reality is situation is that they need to be in relationships, especially sexual relationships with their with Crusaders, their opposite, facing Quadra. However, their super ego is so there’s four sides of the mind, right? The super ego. So you have your ego, which is where your type is, you have your subconscious, you have your unconscious, and you have your super ego for basically personality types living inside of your head at all times. That’s why you’re like, oh, you know, one side of me is like this, the other side of me is like this, and I’m in the mood for this, but I think this I believe this, and it kind of changes.

It’s like you’ve got the little devil on one shoulder, not the angel on the other. You know what I’m saying? It’s because you have for literally for human beings or for personas inside your head at all times. Well, here’s the situation ESFPs they have within their super ego, which is the opposite the polar opposite of the ISFJ type, which is the NTP which means they’re not exactly going to have a really good healthy relationship with the NTP. So basically terms of relationships, they want to keep it to ISF J intp.

And ESF J for their top matches in there. And so the ISFJ is known as their golden pair. The ESFJ is known as the silver pair. And the intp is known as the bronze pair, funnily enough, so bronze pair, statistically is the majority of marriages out there with people types.

For some reason people get married to their bronze pair more than ever any other types. And it’s just so interesting to see on a consistent basis. Not very many people actually end up in relationships with their golden and silver pair, much less a marriage for that matter, they actually end up marrying their broxburn There is one additional relationship in there and it’s something that comes from Socionics. As soon as they pedagogue relationship, like the golden pair, the pedagogue relationship has highest sexual compatibility with a with like the ESF P, and that would be the ISTJ type.

So going back to our visual aid, again, where’s the ISTJ. The ISTJ, interestingly enough, is down here in the philosopher area. And the ISTJ it’s known as the pedagogue to the ENFP. And the ESF P is also the pedagogues the ISTJ.

So as a result, when they’re in that situation, from a from a pedagogue standpoint, they learn from each other, they have amazing sexual compatibility, amazing sexual chemistry, just like they would have their golden pair. The differences in that situation is that if they ever have any conflict in their relationship, they could always solve it in the bedroom, which is awesome. However, they lack emotional compatibility how but that can be a good thing. So when you’re talking about personal growth of each of the individual 16 types, if you want to have a life of as an ESFP, well, that’s really focused on personal growth, etc.

And being the best one that you could be having a relationship a sexual relationship or being married to your pedagogue type can really actually advance you a lot faster on the path to enlightenment. If you want to learn more about the path to enlightenment, for each of the types, I recommend watching season 19, which is available at CS, forward slash Patreon. Just get a gold to your membership. And you can watch all of season 19, which there’s like 17 episodes of so it’s like it’s like a lot of content.

And there’s also season 14, which is like nine episodes as well. Plus, there’s like an additional season 14 episodes at Silver and whatnot. So either way, all of these things are available to you as resources, whatnot. So anyway, where does that leave us bottom line to answer this question, what is the best match for an ESFP? The answer is really ISFJ.

And then I’d probably stick ISTJ is number two, followed by ESFJ. And then intp has their bronze pair don’t forget the bottom one, which is their bronze pair as also statistically the one that the ESFP is most likely to get married to so anyway, I hope this was useful and helpful to you. And thanks for watching. If you liked what you saw here, please subscribe to the channel leave a like while you’re at it.

And if you have any questions or comments about ESFPs below, leave it below and I’ll answer or I read all of them. I may not answer but I definitely read all of them guys. So anyway, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys tonight.

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