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CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte question what’s most important to an ENTP?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph aka C us J CS Broseph. No, just kidding. But yeah, do more acolyte questions and today’s question is an EMTP related question.

Apparently we’re getting back to our roots because we have a lot of non INTJ, non INFJ non intp questions last month, but we’re getting back to our roots folks, which is pretty awesome. Not gonna lie. And this is one of our regular acolytes and I love. I do enjoy her questions.

Thank you for your questions. Thank you for being an Acolyte. Remember, to this person, you know who you are? I have, I’ve always found your questions. Very fascinating.

So keep up, keep up the good, fascinating questions. So her question is what’s most important to an ENTP? Well, I’m glad she asked because I’m an ENTP and what ENTP is not interested in talking about themselves. Okay. So I don’t know the context from which she is asking this.

So I’m going to try to answer this question in multiple contexts. And hopefully, that will help. But I think let’s start with a very general context, I think in general, for me, right now, was most important to me, is convenience. Like, or being made comfortable, that kind of a thing? Because like, I mean, I have si inferior, right.

So like, my greatest fear is me being weak, right? The problem is, is that convenience, if I have too much of it, I’ll end up being weak. So it’s, it’s really lame, you know, it’s really lame. That’s, that’s just kind of how that works. So it really ends up having to become a balancing act between convenience and comfort.

versus, you know, me trying to make myself strong, because the NTPs have this problem where we will work really, really hard to like deal with our, you know, weaknesses and how we feel weak. And it’s like, the most annoying thing in the world, and how we do that consistently. But and then we’ll burn out, like will seriously burnout and that could like, set us back. Or there’s times where we just get really, really too far in the comfort and convenience to the point of committing idolatry, maybe even being a little gluttonous, like our intp brethren, as our fellow NTPs would do.

But tbh like, it’s important that we just don’t get stuck there. And eventually, like, we’ll get end up getting restless, and our SI inferior will start rotting. And our brains and our se demon will be kicking our own butts mentally inside. And it’s like, okay, great.

So I’m literally like, this, this person, you know, who is weak, and I hate be weak, and then I’ll force myself to go like, work on being strong again, and ends up becoming this yo yo in life. And the yo, yo, the yo, yo, just, it doesn’t help. It really doesn’t help I actually got an important text message, and I gotta write this down. So I can do that in editing later today.

Thank you, Mr. J, actually, for your text. Okay, so what’s so yeah, like, really, I guess in general, the most important thing for an ESTP is for us to not be weak and learn how to be strong. And everything in our life kind of needs to be centered around that, because it’s really basically on our Inferior function.

But there’s so many different contexts that that apply. It’s like if I’m in a sexual relationship with somebody, what’s most important to me is that like, they aren’t being an obstacle to me, they aren’t getting in the way or they’re not ugly to me or they’re like, it’s really centered around si inferior si inferior ends up being like the number one priority and a sexual relationship. And a parenting relationship. It’s a little bit different.

It’s more of like, when it comes to my children, I’m trying to get them to understand you know, critical thinking that’s like a big thing that I need to confer upon my children, and also to get them to be aware of the consequences of their actions, which is any hero So like any hero, and Ti parent end up combining and applying to like a parenting situation. And the lessons of any hero and the lessons of TI parent is really ultimately what I want to confer upon my own children on a consistent basis. It’s like Mega important. And then obviously, like doting on my children with my Fe child, which is like a big deal as well.

It’s like it’s like a major, big deal. So, from there, what about their contexts or their professional, professional context? I would like to be the smartest person In the room, and I would like to actually be able to solve problems and actually be capable as a result. So I’m very self taught, but I need the room and the space to be self topic. And that’s another thing that’s super big important in the NTP space.

Sometimes we just need space, sometimes we just need to be left alone, sometimes we need to, like, it’s not always a good thing to just call us all the time. Like, I really don’t like it when people call me all the time, I like to be the initiator and call them when it’s convenient for me, basically. And like, for example, if I have sex or friends, or if I have sex, or sexual relationships, and like, they, for some reason, just over time, like every se user in my life just ends up becoming super mega entitled to my attention. And they’re always trying to get my attention all the time.

And sometimes I’m not ready or prepared to give my attention to them. Because I have to take care of myself, you know, for like, what if I was going, you know, I’m on the edge of burnout, because trying to not be weak anymore, and I’m working on my strengths, etc. And I just need time to recover like recovery time is super important to any intp. You know, this is why like, really like se parent, for example, people in my life who have se parent, because se parent like really knows when to back off.

It really does. And like as long as like, if you have an SE parent, that means you automatically have si critic. And you know, this also kind of applies to ENFPs as well, like I know, an ISTP friend of mine who’s in a relationship with an ENFP friend of mine. And like it’s just really important that like se parent is there knowing when to back off.

And like their si critic is like developed enough to like actually have some patience with their ENFP and actually be willing to wait on their NP because no one else no other se user really does that you think an SE hero and an SE child does that to any NTP or an ENFP? Hell no, they don’t. Because they’re very optimistic, right? Do you think se inferior does? Well, that’s the inferior is usually so preoccupied with I don’t want to be rejected or I need loyalty, you know, not being rejected the INTJ side or I need loyalty, I need you to stick around, I need proof that you know that you that I still have your attention. You know, that’s that’s the INFJ type of thing. And it can be really stifling it can be really stifling can be really overwhelming to the ENFP.

And sometimes they need the space to be able to like spend their own attention on themselves, because they end up giving it to other people. And this is especially bad with the NTP is like ENFPs don’t have as big of a problem. But it’s really bad the NTP is because we have every child, we just want to give everyone balloons and candy and oftentimes the balloons and candy come in the form of our own attention. And all sudden we have all these se users that are just sucking away our attention and then that then they end up becoming emotionally draining, maybe even physically draining in some cases.

Like for example, you know, Railgun her being as the hero like for, like, it’s it’s, um, you know, like, like, because se hero could be like Mega jealous, you know, sometimes, but like se hero can also like be so demanding of attention that like he they actually inhibit my ability to get a good night’s rest. It really is, but that it’s not just her though, like I was in a relationship with an INFJ Scarlett, her name was and Scarlett like, she would just attempt to go out of her way to dominate my attention. And I would never get a good night’s rest with her either. And it’s like, okay, so like I need to like really spend some time away from from you also like, so that I can like actually have a moment to myself and like be my own person and like actually get some rest.

Like and that’s the thing about ENTPs especially INTPs who are like really all up in their inferior not so much aspiration is built in their life because they’re so afraid of being weak that they end up overcompensating by burning themselves out. And working extra hard. This is how an ENTP can become like some mega workaholic. It’s like super annoying, right? That they do this.

And they can also take on so many obligations, because just trying to prove to themselves how weak they’re not actually, which is funny because that’s how aspirational is the strongest out of all the 16 types, but then at the same time, like they start out super weak, and they just they’re so ashamed or they’re so guilty about being weak, like enps just hate that. So and then having to cope as a result, but they just need as much as they are like, you have to teach your NTP like this is probably the most important thing I guess like to to actually answer the question. As I’ve finally arrived to my conclusion, as like, as I’m talking aloud here, you have to get your NTP to realize that while hard work is awesome, and it is a virtue and having a great work ethic is is a huge virtue. It’s only 50% of the equation.

The other 50% of the equation is that they need to understand that rest is just as important. So please make sure that you add potentially as an SE user, if you’re a friend or a Love or if an intp in your life, that you make sure that as hard as they work that they also rest just as hard. That’s the answer the question that is what is most important to an intp? Right there like definitely. So yeah, that’s definitely thing.

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So that’s a thing. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching. Thanks for listening. Hopefully this was a great answer to your question.

And with all that being said folks, I’ll see you guys tonight use of silver so can you in the cave you put


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