Season 12, Episode 4 Transcript


Chase: 00:04 Hey, it’s CS Joseph with Doing the next episode in our Social Compatibility series. Today’s type we’re going to be talking about is the ENTJ and all of the types that are associated with the ENTJ in terms of Compatibility, Social Compatibility. Remember, Social Compatibility basically means Face to Face Relationships combined over an average with Shoulder to Shoulder Relationships averaged together and we get Social Compatibility or Friendship Compatibility. And here we go! So we have taken this algorithm, applied to the 16 types and came up with a particular order with which we can utilize. So ENTJ’s, they’re mostly compatible with Intuitive Perceivers, NP’s, SJ types, NJ types and SP types. To derive it further, we do NTP’s and SFJ’s. NFP’s STJ’s, STP’s, NFJ’s, and SFP’s. Okay. Well yeah, I get that, you know, technically it’s ENTJ at the very bottom which would maybe NTJ’s are at the very bottom, but reason why it is shown in the way that it is here for some reason. No, excuse me, the missing one. Here we go. Now it makes a lot more sense. You know, getting rid of the typos on the whiteboard. Right. So, that basically means the top four. Well, I’ll just do it in order from top to lowest. This is also for those who just are listening on the podcast and are not watching this on YouTube, I tried to actually spell them all out for everybody so that those listening, because they have like only the benefit of seeing the white board itself, will actually explain that to them. Okay.

Chase: 02:05 So, INTP comes in at number one of highest compatibility. Second highest is ENTP. That’s my type. Yes, that means I love ENTJ’s, and yes I do. And then we have ISFJ’s as a close third and ESFJ’s is fourth, fifth being INFP, six being ENFP. And then we start getting into the more neutral area which has ISTJ, ESTJ, ISTP, ESTP. And then we start getting into more of the negative aspects, which is INFJ, ENFJ, ISFP, ESFP, INTJ, and ENTJ. So what, why is that relevant? Well, the bottom part, it’s for when you’re having a Social Compatible relationship, a Friendship Compatibility, you want to keep those people not so close to you more at arms length and then keep them at a point where it’s like, okay, they’re kind of acquaintances, you know? Yeah, they’re “friends,” in quotations, but they’re not like super close friends.

Chase: 03:00 Super close friends will be much higher on this list. So anyway, like I said in previous episodes of this particular season or series or playlist, what, what have you, Social Compatibility gets really repetitive. So I’ve only doing the top four types and the bottom four types in terms of compatibility for this series per type, but I’m just going to let the rest of you figure out what this list right here. You know, INTP all the way down to ENTJ in the list for Social Compatibility to save time. And also like not keep it super repetitive and keep the content fresh. So yeah, with that in mind, let’s look at the first type which is ENTP and ENTJ. So this relationship, you notice they are going immediately across the. All the cognitive functions are line up together on the same spectra. Remember, if you haven’t seen the episode where I’m talking about the Eight Cognitive Spectra, this comes into handy with understanding how compatibility works.

Chase: 04:01 Also, I recommend you watch Cognitive Synchronicity as well and I’ll be including those at the end of, at the end of this lecture, I’ll be putting up ENTJ, as well as Social Compatibility, but I’m gonna be adding in Cognitive Synchronicity and the Cognitive Spectrum, those four at the very end screen of this a lecture so that you guys can dive into that too. But remember, Cognitive Synchronicity means shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and Extraverted Functions are looking to consume Introverted Functions, with how they relate to each other. No one, for some reason people just don’t know this well. That’s why I’m here to enlighten everybody. And in fact, we had good old Scott Jordan informing everyone this morning that what I was saying was heresy and misinformation. Shout out to you, Mr Jordan. I appreciate the criticism. It helps keep the content fresh and also demonstrates to people that, you know, “Okay, well this guy may or may not know what he’s talking about because he has these naysayers,” and it’s like, great, we’ll keep the nay saying up because that separates the men from the boys, if you know what I mean.

Chase: 05:12 Anyway, let’s get on a compatibility between the ENTJ and the INTP. So ENTJ’s are constantly all about what other people are thinking and guess what the INTP always knows what they’re thinking. So the ENTJ can go to Ti Hero of the INTP and be like, “Hey, what do you think about this?” So ENTJ’s are aware of what other people think, but guess what, the INTP is aware of what they think. So there’s no conflict in that relationship. And the ENTJ is always aware of what they want. I mean, let’s think about it and they get super, super want-y. And this is why impulse buying racks exist in grocery stores. Have you ever noticed, I mean, besides the fact that you’re herded, like cattle everywhere you go into a grocery store. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s like going to the trough, you know, or then you’re around like cattle.

Chase: 05:58 It kinda reminds me of airports too weird how things are structured that way if you think about it, but in any way, ENTJ are very want-y. They know what they want because they have Ni Parent, and good thing Ni Parent is responsible with what they want so they’re not always going to splurge when those impulse racks, like some types do, you know, ESFP’s or ISP’s Ni Child. Anyway, but, Ni Parent knows what it wants and guess what, INTP’s know what other people want and they are aware of what Ni Parent wants. So no conflict there. The ENTJ ‘s are committed to giving everyone the best possible experience with their Se Child and INTP or they’re willing to receive the best possible experience. They’re always looking for that best possible experience. Kind of why they’re willing to try out was kind of gnarly ice cream flavors.

Chase: 06:48 And it’s like, “Whoa, dude, are you seriously gonna have like that? Uh, that Maple Bacon ice cream?” and the INTP’s going to look at you and be like, hell yeah, I am. And then the ENTJ is like, “Dude, that’s gross.” And the INTP is like, “Actually it’s pretty dope. Try it.” And then the ENTJ ‘s like, “Okay, you’ve tried it, you’re telling me it’s good. Okay, sure. I trust your judgment. You usually know what you’re talking. I’ll try and be like, wow, it is actually good. Who’d a thunk that Maple Bacon ice cream would be that dope?” Well, that is an interaction between ENTJ dates than INTP’s because ENTJ likes to do what the INTP is doing or likes to give the INTP a good experience. The INTP knows experience. It would like to have solution to a conflict there in that relationship.

Chase: 07:30 And then, we have the ENTJ knows how they feel, but they’re kind of afraid of how they feel. They’re kind of walk around afraid that they’re a bad person. And the INTP is walking around afraid that people feel that they are uncaring. So you know, the ENTJ’s like, “Well I’m afraid I’m not caring enough,” and then the INTP is like, “Well I’m afraid that I’m not caring enough for you.” So you know, they kind of go together that way because, you know, “I’m afraid I’m a bad person. I’m afraid that I’m not carrying enough towards you so I’m going to care for you more and then make you feel like less of a bad person. So then we both don’t feel like bad people.” Yay! And then their relationship works all of a sudden. Oh, but Mr. Scott Jordan says, you know, there’s too much conflict between Fe and Fi for some reason I must be out of my mind! Anyway.

Chase: 08:16 So, Worry. The fifth functions were worries. So ENTJ’s walk around worried about whether or not they’re intelligent. They worry about whether or not they’re smart. This is one of the reasons why the Te Hero, because Te Hero it goes to other sources of the reference points constantly going up to people and we’re like, “Hey, what do you think about this? I had an idea, but I’m worried I might be wrong or I’m worried I’m not intelligent enough or I’m worried I’m not smart enough, so I’m going to go to the other people and find out what they think about it. If they agree with me, that makes me feel better about myself and makes me worry less that I might be stupid.” Oh, but wait, the INTP already walks on the world worried that everyone else is stupid, so the ENTJ ‘s like, “I’m worried that I’m stupid,” and the INTP like, “I’m worried you’re stupid.

Chase: 08:56 We’re both worried about it, so no conflict there.” Right? Anyway, the Critic Function, the ENTJ, which really needs loyalty. One of the reasons why they need loyalty is Se Child, but Ne Critic protects the child in the same way the Ti or the Ni Parent protects the Child, but Ne Critic also kind of protects the Child too because Ne Critics like, well, I have a slight trickster and I’m not very loyal to people, which means if I’m not well people, other people, Se Child, may not be loyal like, like I am and I’m always Critically aware of other people potentially going to backstab me be disloyal to me. So sometimes they’re very Critical over the attentions of other people and what they want. So then the INTP is like, well, I’m very Critical about what I want. I just let myself want things because I know everyone else with Ne Parent shows me that they’re irresponsible what they want, so I’m just not going to be all willy nilly with what I want because if we do everything I want, the entire world could just explode.

Chase: 09:57 And then the ENTJ like, well, yeah, you shouldn’t want things. Bad things anyway. So INTP is very critical with what they want and the ENTJ is critical with what they want. So again, no conflict, right? And then the next down here, the tricksters ENTJ just doesn’t have any concept of like the experience or having or tastes. They want to know what other people are tasting before they taste it themselves, you know? Whereas the INTP is just not aware of what other people are doing. They’re not aware of the physics. So again, no conflict there and the ENTJ just doesn’t give a damn about how you feel or how anyone feels because their mind is so focused on trying to make sure that they are a good person, that they don’t care if anyone else has a good person, it’s not relevant to them. And guess what?

Chase: 10:39 The INTP just doesn’t care if they’re a good person because what they care about is whether or not they’re intelligent, whether or not what they’re saying is true or false because the Logic is king and in the INTP/ENTJ relationship. So because logic is so valued so much, they just don’t care about morality. And guess what? ENTJ’s don’t care if INTP’s are moral anyway, so guess what? No conflict. So these Eight Spectra and what’s these functions are in there basically tuning, tuning into each other and there is the availability of cognition for all and it is like an excellent, well integrated thing. One thing about this type of relationship, remember, because it is this type of relationship, these functions can actually tend to compete with each other at times because they’re on these same level sometimes. Te Hero believes that it is smarter than Ti, which because I mean that’s probably not true, but I mean if Te, Te just happens to have more reference points than Ti Parent, Ti Hero and Te Hero doesn’t have as many experiences as Si Child to back it up.

Chase: 11:41 Yeah. The ENTJ would probably win that argument. Conversely, if the INTP has a personal experience that is outside these, the scope of the ENTJ ‘s research, that means the INTP would win that argument. Now guys, just because I say a relationship, is super compatible does not mean that there isn’t going to be conflict. Conflict is going to happen in any relationship. And if there isn’t conflict in a relationship, you’re probably not really having a good relationship. If you think about it, he probably as a Nice Guy Syndrome, right? You know, if you’re like a masculine person or a male person in in a relationship, you probably have Nice Guy Syndrome, which basically means you’re too nice, which is probably why your woman doesn’t respect you very much anyway, which is leading to a lack of conflict in the relationship. When the woman would probably respect you more if there was more conflict in the relationship.

Chase: 12:28 Have you ever thought about that? Maybe you should probably read Dr Robert Glover’s book, No More Mr. Nice Guy. And then while you’re at it, throw in The Way of the Superior Man for good measure just to make sure that you don’t revert back into being a man-child would do us all a favor. Anyway, infomercial done. Let’s continue. So I remember one thing that is important about this relationship, the Ego and the Shadow. All of the Cognition that the Ego is looking for is available in the other Ego. This is super critical for Social Compatibility, for Friendship. It’s also the same year for this relationship. ENTJ plus ENTP and this relationship ENTJ/ISFJ, and then this relationship ENTJ/ESFJ which is number four. So number two, me! I am the ENTP. I love ENTJ’s, ENTJ’s are dope! Absolutely dope. You know, like I actually watched Deadpool yesterday.

Chase: 13:22 Did you know my opinion, and I don’t care if y’all think I’m crazy, but Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds portrayal of Wade Wilson. Yeah, that’s an ENTP and like his girlfriend Vanessa, she’s an ENTJ. it’s a good example of an ENTJ/ENTP relationship. That movie, “No man. The Ryan Reynolds character or Wade Wilson is actually an ENFP!” Okay. Yeah. Stop relying on the four letters to type people and focus on the cognitive functions for once and if you don’t know how to type people properly, maybe you should go to my website, and download the pdf for like, you know, the type grid so you can use the grid to accurately type people 100% accuracy instead of relying on stupid tests or the four letters for typing people because obviously, you know, people are mistyping everyone all the time. Especially INFP’s and INFJ’s.

Chase: 14:11 It’s probably why there’s so many, so much, so much hatred in the comments section of the, “Who are the INFJ’s” video, huh? It’s probably because people are mistyped all the time. Come on guys, wake up, download that pdf file. It’s recommended. So, alright, ENTJ plus ENTP. It’s basically the identical relationship with the INTP between the ENTJ. The problem or the differences is, that there is actually built in humility. Now here’s the thing though, remember ENTJ is Extraverted. INTP is Introverted and they’re able to Initiate. They’re able to Respond and that is also really good for compatibly, but in this relationship, this is why this is actually one level below the INTP, is because they’re both Extraverts and both of them are trying to Initiate the same time and that can create conflict, but there is built in humility.

Chase: 15:01 The reason is, is because of the Parent function. Parent-Hero Relationships, Ti Parent and rational Te Logic and Te trying to find the Logic, but instead of it being on the same level, that means Te has the Ti Parent respects the Te Hero a lot more because Te Hero gets to be on the top, right, and Ti Parent there and Ti Parent honestly doesn’t care what Te Hero does as long as it’s staying accurate and when it becomes inaccurate, Ti Parent is like, “Okay, hold the phone. Your accuracy is hurting other people, which is making my inner child freak out and my job here is to take care of my inner child. So because of that, or I’m taking care of your inner child as well,” you know, Parents going to take care of the Child Function, the other person as well. I’ll be like, did you know that?

Chase: 15:48 Anyway, so like let’s say “You’re inaccuracy is giving people a bad experience like myself for example, and I know I’m getting a bad experience because you’re being inaccurate, which means you’re giving other people a bad experience, which is probably making them feel bad. I’m not going to stand for that. So Mr. Hero, when you’re flying around, saving the world, make sure that you’re accurate because you’re gonna end up having collateral damage that’s going to harm the Children.” And then the Hero is like, “Oh, okay, I need to probably listen to the Parent because I need to be a role model for the Children.” Uh, yeah. So there’s built in humility there, but the Parent still has its day in court with the Hero. Same thing here. Ne Hero is flying around, saving the world, you know? And, and Ni Parent is like, “Dude, you just need to get back down to earth right now because I don’t feel good about the fact that you’re so theoretical, that has nothing to do with reality and it’s making my child freak out.

Chase: 16:39 Ni Parent is like, yeah, I don’t want what you’re trying to do right now.” And Ne Heroes like, “Okay, yeah, my bad.” So there’s built in humility in this relationship. Same thing down here with Si to Se Child really likes to envelop Si Inferior and give every possible good experience to Si Inferior on a regular basis, especially in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. And Fe Child is constantly trying to make Fi Inferior feel good at trying to envelop Fi Inferior just to give that ENTJ that hug that they need and just remind them that they are not a bad person, that they are not shit. Basically, even though the ENTJ walks around believing that consistently on a regular basis. So same thing here. You know, ENTJ’s worried about what they think. But, you know, ENTP’s are critical, over what other people think.

Chase: 17:29 And actually helps increase their accuracy because the criticism is super helpful. The ENTP helps ENTJ grow Extraverted Intuition is very critical as well, and criticizes the ENTP Ni Nemesis, which is where the worry is ENTP worry about their future and the ENTJ is constantly trying to remind the ENTP like you need to stop worrying about your future and because it’s through the worry of their own future that ENTP is especially, immaturity and ENTP’s end up becoming, you know, disloyal, which is what the ENTJ will not stand for with their Se Child or their Ne Critic. And the Ne Critic is one of the ways to keep the ENTP’s head on straight. So to make sure that there is no such thing disloyalty and they consistently stay sincere. Because remember the Virtue and Vice, the ENTP Sincerity verses Insincerity, right? Well, conversely, Te Critic criticize the ENTJ.

Chase: 18:24 It keeps the ENTJ honest, while simultaneously keeping them altruistic instead of allowing them to sink into the dark pit of avarice or greed, for example. These functions help take care of that exists here as well. And the ENTJ plus INTP, except it’s just, it’s just more direct. This is more of a punch in the face, you know, and there’s, there’s a lot more, there’s a lot more accountability in this relationship, which is why it kind of seems like even though this is the highest compatibility relationship, there might be a little bit more conflict there is because there’s more accountability, but there is still enough accountability as relationship that it could still work. And then obviously ENTP’s don’t care about how they feel and ENTJ ‘s don’t care about how they feel and ENTP’s don’t care about the experience they’re giving to other people because like, I’m sorry, like you maybe my audience, but I’m just going to do these the way that I want to do them.

Chase: 19:12 And Yeah, I’m willing to listen to criticism and whatnot. But am I overly concerned about my presentation and my experience that I’m delivering to my audience? Not really. It’s all about the content. To me, content is king and, and trying to get to what people want versus like I’m not going to be like Se about it because it’s Se Demon isn’t focusing on giving you guys a good experience, you know, I might as well dress myself up and like some demonic clown, you know, while while having a riding crop or something and just slapping the board every few seconds, you know, that may be funny for a few minutes, but then after awhile you just be like horrified, like annoyed and then just never watch this channel again. So why would I subject you folks to Se Demon? Yeah. Not gonna do that. Anyway. The next relationship is ENTJ/ISFJ. Super Common in the United States of America in my opinion, when it comes to the ENTJ’s marrying people, I would say at first World Society because of how disloyal people get, especially around ENTJ’s, that to guarantee that they get the loyalty that they’re looking for, they’re just going to settle for an ISFJ because it’s Si Hero, maximum loyalty.

Chase: 20:14 And this is super mega common with ENTJ’s. I have to say eight, nine out of 10 of all ENTJ’s I have ever met. They are with ISFJ’s. It’s just so weird. And then. And then they go for ESFJ’s as well, but this is even more common. It may not be the highest compatibility here in the friendship compatibility, but in terms of marriage, I’ve seen more ENTJ plus ISFJ marriages than I have any other kind of relationship when it comes to ENTJ’s it’s just super mega common, it’s kind of interesting how it works that way. But again, as you can see in this relationship there, the functions are not having to go down into the shadow or the unconscious are still able to get what they need from the Ego. Although this is a Child/Hero relationship in this case, which can be good.

Chase: 21:01 It can also lead to conflict. They’re both primary optimistic functions. Instead of going after, you know, a secondary or pessimistic functions, etcetera. Because the Child remember that the Hero is the Child’s role model. So this, this actually can work out really, really well. And the ISFJ can teach the ENTJ a few things about duty that it doesn’t understand and helps it develop it’s Trickster pretty well. And also a Fe Parent also keeps the ENTJ from observing social rules and even though it constantly, which that can lead to conflict because the ENTJ can actually feel like a worse person in the presence of Fe Parent, so you’ve got to be super careful about that, but at the same time the ISFJ can also live in fear and be actually afraid of what the ENTJ’s about to do before they do it because they know how impulsive the ENTJ can get and it kind of makes them a little uncomfortable their Si Hero uncomfortable.

Chase: 21:55 So there is room for conflict here, but this is still a very compatible friendship relationship and I would recommend this and I’d even recommend this for ENTJ marriage because for some reason, First World Society and how Human Nurture Impacts you in Nature. This is one of the safest relationships that ENTJ’s can get for long term relationships or marriage or even though I would kind of recommend that they go for INTP or ENTP. Although ENTJ Se Child has a hard time sometimes with the INTP’s because of their lack of fashion sense, the more immature they are, both a little more mature they are, they would have received fashion sense training by that point and then you’d probably be more presentable, especially if this was like an INTP woman for example. But, which is why you don’t really see very many ENTJ’s with INTP’s.

Chase: 22:41 And of course ENTJ’s are out and about and INTP’s are stuck in their laboratories. They don’t really have as much opportunity to like meet each other, which can be difficult, which I mean just go to a local politics and philosophy group. You’ll meet ENTJ’s and INTP’s there, you know, like, because people like debating about that stuff for some reason, Intuitive types are actually willing to like get to the depth of these discussions instead of, you know, being shallow about it like SJ’s and young Sj’s and young SP’s are the older SJ’s and SP’s get, then there’ll be more likely to show up to those discussion groups. But the younger they are probably not going to happen. And people like getting married young. Last I checked, so based on that, okay. Married in their youth, that’s what I mean. You know, so for example, if you want to meet these people, you’re an ENTJ go to those.

Chase: 23:28 Go to where these people are is basically what I’m saying. So ENTJ/ESFJ, very similar to the ISFJ relationship, this time has the Heroes to the Inferior and this relationship is cool because it can really develop the Hero, the, the Inferior Functions and help them get over their insecurity pretty quick. It can be very conflicting and it can actually lead to bitterness and envy and angry and anger if the ENTJ or the ESFJ, either one of those more mature than the other, but if they have the same level of maturity and they’re committed to communication, this can be an absolutely fantastic friendship and I recommend it. So, more on the incompatible side, same type of thing except these functions on the top, Extraverted Thinking, is trying to get down to Introverted Thinking demon because this is an ISFP. ENTJ plus ISFP relationship.

Chase: 24:13 Look at this huge traffic jam in the middle. It’s like, are you freaking kidding me? Like how’s that even going to work? The interference and the frequency and the amount of mental energy required to actually sustain this relationship is retarded and I would not recommend this. “Oh! But according to Socionics, this is a Duality Relationship and this is highest compatibility, man. We really should pay attention to what Socionics has to say!” Yeah, no. If you listen to socionics, you’re going to be miserable you’re whole life. Yeah, don’t do that. Guys, this is, this is, this is not recommended. Do not do this to yourself, especially if you’re going to have a romantic relationship with this person. Runaway, runaway quickly, and in fact, I would recommend you, you, you, you really rethink your life really quick, seriously. And then, and then on this one, we have a few little convection points here, here and here, a little traffic jams and whatnot.

Chase: 25:07 That can be an issue. Here’s some more, you know, more traffic jams for the ENTJ plus INTJ relationship and ENTJ/ESFP relationship because this is funny. ENTJ/ESFP Te Hero’s trying to lock on the Ti Trickster and ESFP’s, because they don’t have Ti, they can’t really finish their own thoughts because they are starter type. So they ended up coming off amusing, you know, without thought, because that’s the definition of amusing and Te Hero is like “What?” They just look at the ESFP, and they’re like, “Wow, you’re so stupid.” And that’s literally the attitude ENTJ’s have towards the ESFP, so why would these people ever be friends? You know what I’m saying? ENTJ’s don’t give a damn about how ESFP’s feel. And they also look at ESFP’s as stupid people. So “I don’t care about your self worth.

Chase: 25:56 And I think you’re stupid.” Great. That’s, that’s really great. Building blocks for relationship. Oh, but Mr Scott Jordan still disagrees with me on this point. He would rather do like the Socionics Duality thing because apparently he thinks they’re compatible. I don’t know why. Seriously, I don’t know why, but whatever. And then you know, ENTJ/INTJ, Te’s trying to look for the critical Ti. Okay. Yeah, I mean they’re both NTJ’s and they could technically be friends, but again, that ENTJ plus ENTJ situation could end up causing conflict. They just start competing with each other and, in a lot of cases the ENTJ just doesn’t really hold as much respect for the INTJ over time and the INTJ doesn’t hold as much respect for the ENTJ. The INTJ is like, well I’m getting more done because I’m able to focus with my, with my Ni and the ENTJ’s like, wow, you’re doing too much and you’re focused on the wrong things.

Chase: 26:53 That’s just kinda how they are. They criticize each other. Again, not a good idea. And of course the worst of the worst is ENTJ plus ENTJ, which is a lot of interferences. You could see all of the functions are competing with each other, the amount of mental energy it is. And when you’re doing an ENTJ plus ENTJ relationship, it’s just like literally pure conflict and leads to competition. And I don’t recommend it. Why? Why? Like, why would you want to be friends with like someone who is exactly the same nature as you, like you’re not really gaining any mental benefit from each other or giving any mental benefit to each other anyway. So don’t do that. You can be acquaintances, very shallow, standoffish from a distance, you know, keep it arm’s length, relationships. Sure. That’ll be just perfect. That’d be fine. No one would have an issue with that.

Chase: 27:42 But why would you, how would you subject yourself to this? Why would you do ENTJ plus ENTJ, like why? It doesn’t even make sense. Okay. So anyway, to sum up INTP, ENTP, ISFJ, ESFJ top for dope. Recommend it for friendships, and for friendships avoid ISFP, ESFP, INTJ, ENTJ. Avoid these, go for these. And you know, these are kind of like this is like best and this is like good and this is like neutral. This is like run away from them and please stay away. You know, you don’t need to have deep, meaningful, super friendships with these people.

Chase: 28:19 Although, remember this is talking about one on one relationships, this is all one on one, so just remember that and if you like start getting into a three’s, a crowd, Extraverted situation, the compatibility does not matter as much because you’re getting, your Ego’s able to gather the cognition of so many different sources all at one time and everyone can get together and everyone can, like even fellow ENTJ’s in the room can have a good relationship with each other as long as there was other people present, etc. And this Extraverted situation, so please be aware of that. So that concludes this episode or this lecture on ENTJ Social Compatibility. If you found this lecture it useful, helpful, or educational, please subscribe to the channel here on YouTube and on the podcast and if you have any questions about ENTJ’s or their compatibility, leave it in the comments section and I will answer your questions and read about your questions and, or complaints or like, especially if you’re Scott Jordan and man, he’s getting a lot of shout outs froim me today. I mean, I mean, kind of cool, right? Anyway, so yeah. Thank you all for your support of this channel and I have many, many, many more of these to shoot today. So I’ll see you guys tonight.

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