What Makes ENTP Men Attractive? CS Joseph Responds 


What make ENTP Men Attractive? CSJ responds to the Acolyte question about how ENTP men can raise their SMV.


Hey what’s up ego, hackers, welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. It’s been a while since he saw me mostly reason why is because I’ve been dealing with this, which is some new sound equipment that we got to improve the sound quality of our production. And I’m also in a random co working space right now. Because I am traveling with the family and I have all of my children in one place, so that all of the siblings can play with each other, they don’t often see each other.

So you know, for this Christmas, you know, part of my gift to them is to have them all play in one place and further get to know each other, and enjoy each other and just, you know, be part of the family. So yeah, it’s been, it’s been really fantastic to have that opportunity. So anyway, today’s episode is an acolyte question and the question is what makes ENTPs attractive to women? ESTP men that is and very fascinating question. And, obviously, there’s like, you know, a cognitive function answer based on cognitive function access pairs just off the bat.

But there is ultimately a lot more to it a lot more to it, because the thing is, though, is that like, a lot of people don’t really intrinsically understand how en teepees are approaching, you know, relationships, especially when you look at the differences in terms of Octo gram because Okta gram actually changes what an intp is actually looking for, you know, from a relationship. And like, so for example, in my case, I’m a UD UF ENTP variant, and UD u f. So for example, unconscious development, a conscious focus, which means I’m closer to my INTJ side and my ESFP side, while not really as close to my ISFJ side. So the intp and the INFJ side of my mind are looking for satisfaction as their cognitive origin, whereas the INTJ and the ESFP side of my mind, the sides, they’re looking for reference basically also known as deep respect.

And this kind of presents an issue because when you’re looking at Okta, gram compatibility amongst the types, you know, people can end up competing for each other’s cognitive origins, right. So in terms of what an ESTP is looking out, looking for in a relationship, it’s really just hyper dependent, actually on their Okta gram because for example, like you would never want to play say, SD SF, octagon, gram INTJ, with a UD U, F. ENTP, because they’re both seeking reverence at the same time. And this can lead to competition for that cognitive origin.

Within the confines of the relationship, it’s just wiser to put a UD U S. INTJ. To go along with the UD U F. ENTP in the context of golden pair.

Now, when it comes to natural pair, that’s not exactly the case. It’s kind of the opposite. And John Bodeen, and myself, we’ve been working on helping everyone translate cognitive origins, to kind of help people gain understanding. And the first layer of the understanding is something called soft locking, which is what we just talked about in the cutting edge podcast for the members.

So that CS Joseph dot life for slash members become a journeyman member. And we have over two years of cutting edge content. I mean, I’m probably getting closer to two and a half years at this point of the cutting edge podcast, there’s just so many episodes of times where like one or two hours, we do q&a Here and there, sometimes we don’t just kind of depends on the particular topic, because like certain topics are so out there. I don’t really indulge much q&a, because I don’t the answer those questions would be kind of spoilery for like some of the stuff that we have coming out soon.

Like, for example, the master class. If you guys did get the ego hacking by text master class, which I hope you guys did, or if you did get the course that’s great. But if you still want the masterclass and you’ve already gotten the course, then I recommend going to offers.cs joseph.ly forward slash EBT hyphen masterclass, and it’ll take you right back to that sales page. So you can guys get in on the master class.

The reason why I bring it up is because of origin access. Origin access is going to be insanely important to ego hacking, but it’s also so insanely important to understand for the sake of relationships. And if you want to have the absolute best relationship possible, regardless of your type, regardless of your Okta, gram, and you want to optimize that for the sake of your relationship, then I really, really recommend that you folks consider you consider what that means you consider what that looks like. And you really have to learn something that’s going to be presented within the masterclass and you combine it with the soft locking lecture that we just did in cutting edge for the cutting edge podcast.

So you can bind soft locking with something in the masterclass that we’re gonna be discussing known as the Rosetta Stone. And the result of stone is a really, really big deal, like a very big deal. Because the Rosetta Stone probably is one of the greatest discoveries since Okta grid since the Type grid itself. I am constantly staring at the Rosetta Stone and having constantly new epiphanies on a regular basis in terms of relationships in terms of ego hacking, in terms of compatibilities and camaraderie.

It just it really unlocks an entirely new fundamental understanding of cognitive functions and how they work. And we’re going to be presenting the Rosetta Stone as the core piece of what we’re teaching in the masterclass. But in order for you to use the Rosetta Stone properly, you have to understand the process of soft locking. And that is available in that cutting edge episode that we just did for December 2022.

That way, it’s out there people understand it, because I’m going to be heavily referencing that particular lecture within the masterclass itself. So, anyway, all of this is relevant to this particular episode as well. The reason why is is because you can actually leverage all of these tools to make yourself as attractive as possible as an ESTP. Man.

But let’s and you know, and and as much as I would you know, and I’m going to be presenting the basics of what that is for the sake of this acolyte question answer. The thing is, though, is that if you have all the additional context of soft locking and cognitive origins and origin access as presented by the what we’re calling the Rosetta Stone, these, these, you utilize these tools, you can identify and on top of your Octa gram, you know, as an intp, man, you can identify specifically, what your exact strengths and weaknesses are and what you can basically offer different women within the context of the eight, sexual compatibilities. Don’t forget, folks, the eight sexual compatibilities are very important and all of you need to understand them. So the first one is known as the affection relationship, and it is the relationship that solves a lack of joy in someone’s life, that is what people why people go to the affection relationship is also known as the Golden pair highest compatibility on paper.

Then there is the companion relationship, which is also known as the pedagogue relationship, and it solves the problem of loneliness. Right? So people who deal with loneliness a lot often end up favoring faith favoring the companion, also known as the pedagogue relationship. Yep, I’m in California, for sure. Anyway, and apparently, they’re just immediately across the street with their fire and rescue folks.

So oops, that kind of sucks. Anyway, so be that as it may, there. The next compatibility is known as the natural pair. And this is the relationship that solves the problem of lack of acceptance, it brings acceptance, and then after that, we have the entry relationship, which solves the problem of boredom, then we have the trust relationship, or Now excuse me, the respect relationship with obviously solves the lack of respect and the trust relationship, which solving the lack of trust, then there’s the challenge relationship.

And the challenge relationship is fascinating. Because it’s the relationship that a lot of people opt for, if they have an insane amount of sexual experience, very high body counts, and they’re just trying to find something different basically. And the challenge relationship constantly is renewable and always keeps people guessing and on their toes consistently. These are the people who like are gluttons for punishment, basically.

But it is the challenge relationship is all about challenge. And it basically solves the problem of a lack of challenge people who see relationships as not being challenging at all or lost all the fun because they basically mastered all the others. And then finally, there is the Kindred relationship. The kindred relationship basically solves the problem of a lack of kindness and this is a relationship that’s based on trauma bonding, I was first introduced to the concept of trauma bonding by my ex ante the INTJ.

And was one of the few things that I took from that relationship, which were really great actually learned some, some really cool things from her. And she introduced that concept to me. And it’s been great. But yeah, that is basically what a kindred relationship is.

It’s a relationship that’s based upon shared pain. So having the knowledge of the eight sexual compatibilities. And what you can offer as an intp man to these relationships is insanely important on top of what you can offer from a cognitive origin perspective, as well as what you can offer. From a soft locking perspective and in terms of how soft locking actually works among the eight compatibilities.

It’s just really, really important that you as an intp man are aware of this system and aware of how cognition will directly impact each of your relationships. Now granted, the intp men you know, sometimes like we’re heart tempo, we’re all about passion. We just, we can’t choose who we love. We just can’t.

It just kind of sort of happens to us. And you know, most people think that DNTPs fall in love easily. I don’t think that’s true. I think it’s more of EMTP love, it just isn’t fake.

And because it’s not fake, it’s pretty easy decision. Okay, do I love this person or do I not love this person? Because and TP men are feminine enough to realize that they’re not really often into having casual sexual relationships, or at least relationships that aren’t deep, because en TPS are insanely deep, and they’ll never be satisfied because satisfaction is their cognitive origin. And they’re consuming satisfaction on a regular basis. NTP men are just not satisfied with cheap or shallow relationships.

Just we just aren’t I mean, it might be fun here for a couple of weeks or whatever, a fling every now and then. But the thing is, is that the NTP will eventually inevitably try to turn the flame into a deep and meaningful relationship in the long run. It’s just how NTPs work, by and large. And the reason why is because they’re already so misunderstood.

They’re already so like, like, they’re this deep, hugely deep ocean who was willing to penetrate the Abyss to try to find the buried treasure underneath the depths. Or they are in a frozen wasteland, and they’re locked inside of an ice block, who is going to bring the flame thrower to try to attempt to thaw the EMTP out who’s going to want the EMTP enough to do that, right. So because of that, that requires a deep connection, and an intp eventually, just in a casual sexual relationship, they just come off as cold, very cold as ice, and if there isn’t any depth to it, then they will remain cold, basically. And, you know, oftentimes the NTP men are accused of being insanely cold, especially the UD U F ones.

The SDS F ones have the least difficult time dealing with that coldness. But at the end of the day, it’s the UD U F. Ones who have a far worse, way worse, because they don’t care about satisfaction as much. You know, someone’s got to be willing to revere them enough to actually penetrate all the ice, not just some of the ice.

And it’s so interesting that some UD or some SDSS NTPs can be content with you know, some of the ice actually being you know, removed instead of all of it. So, and they’re, they’re willing to do SDS, Fe and TPS are actually way more willing to participate in flings and casual sexual relationships or friends with benefits. More so than, you know, UD UF en TPS is one of the reasons why Andrew Take for example, has had as many relationship problems as he has. It’s also the same thing for me why I have had many relationship problems.

And as much as I’ve had successes, what as well, it’s been, it’s been really hit or miss. And it’s because UF ENTPS just really don’t accept a lack of depth when it comes to their sexual relationships. And this is super important to know. But anyway, you know, to actually answer the question, it really just comes down to what makes an ESTP man the most attractive to women and a couple of things, first of all, what generally attracts women to men in general, and that is a man’s ability to prove that he has the best judgment.

Basically, men are all about decision making. We’re about judgment, and thus we are more attractive to women because of judgment. Men are attracted to women because they have perception Very good. People perceptive capabilities.

And perception is a really, really big deal. Because perception, if a woman who has proof of perception is a beautiful woman, this is a woman who looks at herself in the mirror, who actually takes care of her hair, who actually does research and having a proper wardrobe. A woman who makes sure that she has a proper body fat percentage, that’s also a really, really big deal. And, you know, oftentimes, like they don’t oftentimes women, especially in Western society, are so enabled are so conditioned to be career focused, that they just allow that side of their femininity to just decay.

And it’s like, really horrible and really gross. And then all sudden, we have these obese women everywhere, especially the United States of America, who also don’t even know how to dress or take care of themselves, or even know how to act feminine at all. And it’s just a travesty. And insane travesty, as well as a tragedy in its own right.

Like, I bet it’s just horrible. It’s just horrible. I’d rather I’d rather live in Colombia, honestly, I’d rather spend my time there because like, almost every woman you encounter is a minimum of seven out of 10, basically, whereas in the United States, like those, those women are extremely rare. You know, it’s just, it’s just, it’s entirely ridiculous to me, as to how that is the mature feminine has just been completely obliterated within the context of, you know, this culture.

So now starting to warm up finally, cool. So So judgment, you know, a man who has proof of judgment, this is why, you know, women are assessed as art because the art, you know, you know, the artists, perceptive capabilities, this is why women are judged like art. And it’s very easy for a man to be attracted to a woman because it’s easy to assess art, because it’s just there in your face, you just know if you like it, right? Whereas women assessing men, understanding whether or not men have proper judgment, they’re basically, you know, men are assess like businesses, right? So it’s all about how much judgment that they are offering, right? It’s all about judgment, and whether or not an ESTP male in this case has proper judgment. So the intp male has to do a lot of things.

So so the answer the main question is, is that obviously, you know, the more effort an ENFP puts in the more Introverted Sensing the more life experience than ESTP has, the more attractive that intp is, the problem is, is that when it comes to Introverted Sensing is that all introverted sensors can end up putting their effort in the wrong place. This usually doesn’t happen integrate sensing parents, though, Introverted Sensing parent usually ends up putting all their effort in the right place, or they just put in no effort at all. That’s kind of like the extremes that they oscillate in, which is amazing. And I kind of wish I had that capability.

It’s one of the reasons why ESF J men are so attractive to women. And oftentimes ESF J men basically have unlimited access to pissy at all times, even though they’re technically one of the most feminine men out there. But as long as but as long as they’re putting their effort in the right place, they’re just consistently desirable, consistently wanted wanted, and it did that to that end. So I ended up oftentimes envying them as long as they just you know, as long as they just don’t give up.

I mean, oftentimes ESFJ men just have to just show up, and that’s it. That’s all it is, you know, and they just, you know, wag their expert intuition child around and eventually, you know, a woman bites and then it’s like, you know, off to the races, you know, so whereas Introverted Sensing inferior, we oftentimes we struggle the most out of all the introverted sensors in terms of putting our effort into the right place. And it’s especially bad with ENTPS, because we’re triple systematic, we don’t have the advantage from, you know, the ENFP perspective, because at least they have Introverted Feeling and the Introverted Feeling can like show them, okay, what’s a valuable use of my time, etc, right. Whereas the NTP doesn’t know what a valuable use of their time is.

So oftentimes, the NTPs we waste our time, we waste our time on the wrong things, we put our effort into the wrong things. And that’s a that’s a problem. That’s a serious problem. And it’s a problem that continues to just get worse and worse and worse and worse.

So, the NTP then has to learn, you know, the constant struggle of trial and error and everything the intp has got to figure out is like, Okay, what should I actually be putting my time in? Right? So, I’ll share a little bit of my journey so that you guys can understand, like, how I’ve done this, and how I’ve done it to be able to do that. But like, I realized that, you know, in order for me to put my effort in the right place, is that I need to understand like, obviously, I have the responsibility when it comes to women assessing me as a business that I need to make sure that I’m you know, assessable as a man who has good judgment, right? So I’m like, Okay, well, what is what is proof of judgment? As a man? How do I prove proper judgment as a man a thing, and I realized, I don’t actually have to prove that to women, I actually have to prove that to fellow men, actually. Because proving it to women, it’s not really going to help you. Women just will eventually know if you have really good judgment.

But it’s really the men in your life that are going to sharpen you to help you put your judgment in the right place. And that is as iron sharpens iron, so just one man to another. So for me, I realized that like one of my bucket list items was to be capable at a martial arts. So I chose Krav Maga, it was one of the few really good styles that was available.

And I started training that and really enjoying it. It’s for Battlefield combat. It’s what the Israeli Defense Forces learn. And, and I’m training very hard to get that figured out.

And I’m also training at a gym that trains you know, military as well as police. There’s even a few police trainers, which are also very awesome to be a part of, and if they drill us, and it’s really hardcore, and the most physically taxing thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I enjoy it. And the reason why is because you know, the men in my circle, we just came to realize that there’s a really good chance we’re going to be at war in the very near future, we need to make sure to increase our survivability. The US military is not equipped to handle battlefield combat.

You know, like, from a martial arts perspective, we need to get trained, we need to get survival skills, you know, and especially like, if we’re all conscripts are drafted, because the war is just that bad, they’re probably going to end up behaving like the Russians did in World War Two, or they’re just giving two guys okay, you get the box of ammo, and you get the rifle, go, you know, without any training or whatever, you know, and that’s, that’s, that’s a really serious situation. So we don’t want to find ourselves, you know, defending our country, you know, well, well being like completely naked on the battlefield. So we’re investing in survival skills we’re investing in, in combat skills, basically, for martial arts as well as, which also helps us protect our family and also deal with street situations or even bad situations at the bar, because I’ve personally been in plenty of bar fights in my time, and gotten in some serious trouble, narrowly avoided some serious injury in each of those cases, but But yeah, it’s just wise to have that experience, it’s wise to have that knowledge, basically. You know, and just like Andrew Tate said, like, you know, hey, you know, if you can’t pick up one of your guys, like deadlift, 200 pounds, and then walk a mile with it, then how do you expect to be able to save and if your friends on the battlefield, you don’t, I’m saying, so.

This is just an example of like, judgment, right? So, so I decided, Okay, I’m gonna learn karma Gah, and then that means I need to be lifting. So I can actually be effective at Krav Maga, and then that needs to be I need to be eating right to support the lifting. So that means I measure all my food and count my calories and my macros and doing Botox and then doing cuts until, you know, get it down there. It’s like, it’s like when, you know, when women see, you know, six packs.

It’s not that they’re attracted to a man visually in that regard. But all that six pack does is it’s just concrete proof of proper judgment that a man is disciplined enough to be able to do to get the six pack because you can’t fake it, basically, it’s not fixable. Right. So, and that’s one of the one of the ways that women, you know, assess men as businesses, because it’s not faked.

Right, it’s not faked. And it’s super important. You know, that’s why I highly encourage men to consider getting six packs, because you can’t fake it, right? Just like you can’t fake being effective at martial arts, just like you can’t fake being really good at shooting or survival skills, you can’t fake any of that, right? You can’t fake entrepreneurship, right? So everyone in my, you know, male circle, I help them all with their, with their businesses, with their careers, I help them get more money constantly. And I do that for them as well.

You know, like, if I meet if I meet beautiful women everywhere I go, which I do, but because they’re just everywhere, you know, like I have conversations with them, they talk to me, oftentimes I talk to them. And then I collect their numbers and then I hand them out among my crew among my men, because you know, we have each other’s backs in that regards and we also warn each other okay, you stay away from that girl, she’s dangerous, you know, she’s she’s a sock, she’s a black hole, get away from her, you know, that kind of a thing. And we just work with each other, we work together to help each other out. You know, and that and that and then we ended up conveying and insanely high level of respect.

It’s just like, you know, like, for example, women in my life, you know, there have been times in my life when I’ve had to, like literally tell them like look, you know, you’re going to treat them with the My my male friends have the utmost respect, because the reality situation is, is that they know that I would lay my life down for them and their women. And they also and then by proxy, conversely, through the law of reciprocity, they would lay down their lives for me and my women, which basically means you so based on that, what business do you actually have? What business? Do you have? disrespecting any of the men in my life? You have no business, right? So it’s actually like a huge litmus test that I would have for winning my life. If if a woman in my life disrespects one of my male friends. Like, that’s a huge red flag, and I might just remove her from my life entirely.

It just, I it’s, it’s untolerable. I mean, okay, yeah, one failure one time with one warning. And that’s it, do it again, it’s just not going to happen. Because the reality of situation is, is that men are the disposable sex, it is written, There is no greater love than when a man goes up his life for his beloved and for the expectation for all of us to give up our lives, you know, for each other, because we have that expectation as men, right? Because men are affiliative, when they come together, guys, what masculinity is all about, and our masculine idealism towards each other, to have each other’s backs and to protect each other and be there for their families and be there for their women.

You know, like, for example, an ISTP, friend of mine, great dude. Huge respect for the man, very powerful fellow very intelligent. He has like he’s getting closer and closer to having master mastery over the elements. He is a fantastic fellow in terms of his survivability and what he’s able to do and everything he’s able to build with his hands.

But he got laid off, right? And, you know, Railgun, she comes up to me, who’s she’s friends with his wife, who is an ISTJ and railguns, like, hey, you know, Can we can we buy them diapers? I mean, it’s your money, but like, can we? Can we buy them diapers, please? Cuz they don’t have any money? And I’m like, Yeah, sure. So went to Costco bought them this huge, big, big, big box of diapers, whatever, and delivered it. Because that’s what we do. Because you know, the family you choose is more important than the family you inherit, right? These are, these are your neighbors, right? These are the people that you’re going to look to, and they’re going to look to you, when all society inevitably collapses.

And it will trust me, it will, you know, and all those women out there who who are enjoying, you know, the so called protection from society, that protection is gone. If there are, you know, all those women out there who are going to enjoy all the provisioning, that they get from having a job in society. Well, with economic collapse, they can’t provide for themselves anymore, that’s gone to, you know, all those women out there who are enjoying child support, instead of actually child rearing out there, well, that’s going to go away as well with the child with with with the collapse of society. And then as a result, well, there’s not much really, there’s not very much hope, you know, for those women at that point, because the women he chose to be masculine, because society basically is providing all the beta traits to women in that in that gender, you know, in that general sense, they’re going to end up being alone, or they’re going to have to change.

I mean, that’s just, that’s just kind of the reality of the situation. So, but anyway, the point is, is that you have to prove as an intp, man, you have to prove proper judgment. And it’s not that you’re proving proper judgment to women, you will have proof of proper judgment. Already as a byproduct, if you can prove proper judgment to your fellow man, it’s all about your relationship with fellow man and that, and those fellow men, if they challenge you, especially men who are at higher level than you, they will challenge you to be in the proper way of doing things, the proper behavior, what you should actually be what you should actually be spending your time and attention on basically, you know, and for me, like crop a gauze, like probably the most highest priority in my life, everything around my life is centered around my my training schedule, basically.

Although I am not training now, I begin training again, on the on the second of the year, basically, but, but, but the point is, you know, everything in my life is structured around the success of you know, me, you know, being in this martial art, being capable at it. And then ultimately, you know, everything’s prioritized from there, because at the end of the day, I need the proper skills, right? It’s all about having those skills and you know, the men in my life, being able to respect me, or look to me, you know, as their neighbor basically, and me being a capable man for them and their families and as much as I would have that same expectation for all of them as well. And that’s the thing, you know, men who join my crew, especially up where I live, and, you know, if they’re not pulling their weight, if they’re not, if they’re not doing the time if they’re not improving themselves, you know, in terms of their health in terms of their wealth in terms of their relationship. Just in terms of their level of survivability, you know, eventually I’m just going to shy away from them because my time and attention comes at a premium and you know, it’s not really going to be going towards those minutes can be going towards the men who are actually willing to change and actually willing to go in that direction.

So anyway, folks, the bottom line is, you know, obviously, it’s the intp who has the most life experience that is the most attractive intp out there because of cognitive axis because Introverted Sensing inferior, built up with life experience makes expert intuition hero more valuable, more desirable. The problem is the issue is is that NTP men just don’t realize that while that’s great, you have to make sure that your Introverted Sensing, inferior is focused on the right things that is being challenged properly, that you are growing and spending your effort on the proper things. And the only way to do that is to surround yourself with men in your life that are better than you that can mentor you that can challenge you so that you can actually make those changes and those commitments and keep it moving forward. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys on the next episode.



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