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What makes an ISFJ? Sad? But before I can answer, please consider subscribing the channel. So school lunches can have at last a higher quality than McDonald’s. And for some reason that I can’t even explain, they think it’s okay from buying from this food distributor known as Cisco, which is like a total waste of time. And perhaps they could like ever consider getting organic and non GMO foods so that children end up actually having better genetic expression, instead of being as horrible as they are away.

That’s right, schools have no concept of proper nutrition for children now do they? That being said, Please also hit the alert bell so you can get notified when I go live? So what’s up? Hackers? This is CS Joseph response. And I’m here to answer your questions on anything union analytical psychology or the four sides of the mind. And the question from today is Cora as usual. So let’s take a look.

And then we have pebbles will help mean clerk from 2017 to present, awesome. Seeing people in need when you see others and even yourself living comfortably, and then you’re aware of the fact others are wasting what they have, might be a great help to others. Other people would also feel sad about this. Perhaps the reason why that makes me feel sad is because I can’t do anything to help them.

iossef J’s have a character that is eager to help and wanting to see others live comfortably as well. Yeah, I’d say I’d say that’s accurate to the extroverted sensing nemesis, being worried about the comfort of other people. I also feel sad when people don’t understand what I am, and want me to fit into the extrovert norms. I feel sad that we understand who they are all the time, often, but they don’t mind understanding us or leaving us alone, though, they know what introversion means.

So basically, this is an ISFJ or someone who claims to be an ISFJ complaining about the fact that they are a behind the scenes person, very introverted and whatnot, and being forced to behave in an extroverted worlds. Because extraversion is normal, which is technically not true. There’s technically more introverts than there are extroverts, technically speaking, you can review the old MBTI, statistics radio relating to that. And we have a conscious shoroma, psychological counselor and an author.

These are the things which make an ISFJ sad one. Seeing their loved ones or close family members dealing with depression. Not entirely sure if that’s accurate, but I mean, I’m sure an ISFJ would not like someone dealing with depression in general. So I think that might be a little too general, but maybe, too, for their loved ones to be in situations that are a risk to their safety and physical or mental health.

Okay, that’s pretty accurate. People behaving badly with each other not getting along with each other. Okay, that’s about the having their need for harmony. Yeah.

Vulgar modes of speaking or dressing up in a very revealing way. That’s true, because iossef j’s are insanely traditional, much to their own demise. People who don’t work hard, yeah, because ISFJs, technically can outwork everybody else and outlast everybody else, with the exception of maybe the ISFP. Should they actually want to do it, but sometimes the ISFP doesn’t want to, and the INFJ will, regardless of whether or not the INFJ actually wants to work hard or not, which is pretty awesome about them.

Number six people who don’t listen to the ISFJs thinking ti child, that’s very true. Not being valued or appreciated for their hard work. That’s also true. This is definitely the strongest answer here.

I’m a voting this for sure. So now the CS Joseph responses question, what makes an INFJ sad, a lot of things make ISFJ side. But the thing that makes them the saddest, the most like the worst, the most impactful thing that causes the most pain to an ISFJ is if they actually walk around feeling unwanted or undesired by others. That’s the one thing that truly truly screws with them more than like anything else.

And it absolutely screws with them. So based on that, if you’re in a relationship with an INFJ, if you’re friends with ISFJ, you really have to make them feel wanted. And one of the ways you could do this is change your language if you are an SI user who wants to be wanted as well. And then you literally just change your sentences and you say, Well, I want to go do this thing.

You should come with me right? Even though you’re an SI user, and then the isfdb Okay, yeah, let’s go with answer’s no, I’m not comfortable doing that. But you know, it is what it is. Obviously, everyone knows they have a choice but saying to an INFJ that they should come with you to go do something that you want to go do. It makes them feel wanted, it makes it feel factored in some of the greatest pain that I have observed, at least within my own ISFJ Mother, is how no one ever actually invites her to any anything.

And this is something that she’s had to deal with her whole life. She used to be the probably the second highest authority woman within a church, a very popular biker church. You know, that was planted by past pastor, Phil Aguilar, and he sent the Anaheim nine up to northern Washington State to plant churches, etc. And they created this biker Church, which is a set free type of, you know, church, etc.

And my mother, she handled all the youth. So to my dad, as she was teaching dance to the young girls who’s on the worship team, she had, she would answer the phones, et cetera, for the church on a consistent basis. And my mother would struggle with the fact that even though she put in all of this effort for the sake of the church and the church community that she helped co create, as a result of Phil Aguilar, his influence from Anaheim up into a northern Washington State with his church plant. Still, though the people who went to the church especially the fellow women, would not invite her to anything.

Even though she put in all this effort, that’s another thing that harms and hurts iossef J’s is them not being appreciated for their equity that they put into their friendships or their relationships, or the work that they do. They take equity very seriously. It’s kind of interesting, though, that if you’re an INFJ, man, just remember that hypergamy don’t care about your relationship equity, you might want to figure that out what that means at a later date. That being said, though, overall, iossef J’s, regardless of gender, regardless of gender, they really take equity very seriously.

And it’s because of this equity approach, which other Crusader types use all the time is that sometimes an ISFJ can become socially entitled to things from other people like my mother potentially being entitled to invitations to go to various events, or various parties, etc, when she was working in her youth, because I mean, I observed this ever when I was like a four or five or six year olds that my mother was just not really that wanted by people. And I could recognize this because I’ve expert intuition hero, and I could see who wanted what, even as a small child, and she just really wasn’t invited that people and I think the reason why is because her ti child was potentially alienating people. And she came off with this holier than thou approach even though that was not even her intention whatsoever. She saw herself as this person who’s just trying to help people and improve people’s lives and give them a better future.

Right. And that’s very important to my ISFJ. Mother, definitely. But anyway, the bottom line is is that making them feel unwanted or them being undesired is definitely what makes nice FJ sad the most.

The other thing that makes them super sad is them not getting recognition for their efforts to whatever cause or whatever system whatever person they’ve allowed themselves, or they’ve decided to be loyal or obligated to. And other things that make them sad, basically, feeling like they’re not good enough on their own, they have FYI credit, they’re very critical towards their own self worth. So they’re not exactly, you know, always, you know, pro themselves consistently, and they need other people to show them recognition because it’s like, hey, if other people are listening to me, if other people are valuing me, that tells me that, you know, I can actually feel good about myself, but only after other people do. Whereas an FYI user feels good about themselves, regardless of what other people do, unless people are thinking poorly of them.

And they’re losing status and reputation or potentially being publicly shamed or exposed to other people, that could really hurt their feelings. But from an ISFJ standpoint, their feelings are already by default basically hurt and they need other people to provide external validation for them to get better. This is why I recommend the ISF J’s that all eyes of Jays read the book codependent no more, as well as the book attached to learn about attachment styles, and the book when helping hurts. And if you’re an INFJ, who is a Christian, and very involved in the church, I highly recommend you read the book when we were on fire, which is a very ISFJ the author is an ISFJ.

And it talks about how the church and being loyal to the church and obligated the church fundamentally changed their life to the point where it even led them to cheating on their own husband, for example, I also recommend this book as a way for these three books as a way to get yourself some therapy in that area. You know, so that you guys don’t allow yourselves to enable people who abuse you, but you also are not covert contracting people as a result of that either. Which is super important. So yeah, ISFJs just these are how these are the things that make them sad.

If you want to make them happy. Do the opposite of those things. Obviously make them feel wanted give them recognition. Thank them show gratitude to the eyes.

Is FJ, and then the sad things will go away. And then they’ll actually be really happy. It’s especially importance between an INFJ father or an INFJ mother and their relationship with their children, they carry the sadness with them on a daily basis. If you just do these small little things for them, it will, it will come back to you in major, major major ways.

Because it’s just something that they because an ISFJ, between ti child because of TI, because of Te trickster, believing just about anything. And then so being so concrete, and so stuck in their ways, it can lead to this stubbornness, where they have they’re too stubborn to take their heads out of the sand, which can lead to some various problems. But if you want to unlock them, if you want to open their hearts and open their minds, hid them in these areas, take away the sadness, bring them to an area of of happiness, and you will have a fundamentally transformed relationship for the better with your ISFJ. So if you’d like your chance that your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave it as a comment below.

If you want a free copy of the Type grid to assist you in typing yourself or others go to CS joseph.ly forward slash type grid, put in your email and get a copy of it sent to you as type of version 2.0. And anyway, with all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.



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