CSJ Coaching Value Explained


What’s up EgoHackers?  Yeah, so interest in personal coaching here at CSJ continues to be strong, but I’ve come to realize that some of you are hesitant to schedule a session.  You’ve got questions about expectations, effectiveness, value…  Fair enough.  We need to do a better job in highlighting our accomplishments and successes in coaching so that we can toss those concerns into the dumpster and get you the support you need. 

Most gratifying to me in my coaching work is seeing that moment of epiphany brighten a client’s face.  It’s being able to create a space where clients can finally forgive themselves.  It’s sharing clarity in understanding and helping a client develop confidence to take those first small steps toward a better life.  To say coaching has a positive impact is an understatement, and yet it’s what we have brought to thousands of clients and continue to do so every week.

And coaching here at CSJ is focused on more than personal growth alone.  We also help clients find their paths in relationships, careers, and parenting.  Quite frankly, coaching clients to be better parents is the most near and dear to my heart.  More than any other, it fulfils our mission to remove fatherlessness from the face of the Earth.  I feel quite privileged to have the trust of so many people in this community to guide them to a better tomorrow, not just for themselves, but also for their families. 

Like any organization, we at CSJ strive for continuous improvement in all we do.  In our early days, personalized coaching included significant time teaching the basics of personality and Jungian analytical psychology.  Clients typically didn’t have the background to allow for a deeper and more comprehensive approach to their concerns.  Time and cost were constraining factors.  Since then, however, with the production of numerous, in-depth, and publicly available CSJ lectures and blogs, the overall quality of our personalized coaching has increased.  Clients are now able to come to a session prepared with a fundamental understanding of typology, and that allows for valuable coaching time to be put to its best use.      

Knowing the effectiveness of 1 on 1 coaching, we determined to find ways to make it available to more of you.  For example, we recently enhanced benefits in each of our membership tiers (https://csjoseph.life/members) to include discounts on coaching.  Still, there was more we knew we could do.

This is why I am pleased to announce WIZARD (https://csjoseph.life/wizard) as a high-value coaching alternative.  Wizard exists to bridge the gap between publicly available instruction and personal coaching.  It increases accessibility to our coaching services by providing you with a solution to a specific question or problem in your life.

Wizard gives you the ability to share with me a pressing concern or problem.  In turn, I will personally review the matter and respond back to you directly.  My answer will be in the form of a personalized video with the same coaching and counsel that I would provide in a traditional session.  Privacy options will exist for Wizard clients that will allow these response videos to be made available to the wider CSJ community or to keep them completely private in all respects.  Our goal is to provide Wizard clients with the same level of confidentiality that our traditional coaching clients receive, but also open a path to sharing with others who may be faced with similar challenges or circumstances.   

I sincerely hope Wizard will enable more people within our community to get the answers they need for their most burning questions.  Epiphanies abound to those who venture forth upon the path to seeking truth.


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