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00:02 What’s up ego hackers? It’s CS Joseph with CS Joseph dot life doing the same episode season 17, Episode Five. And this is part two or B, I haven’t decided yet or it hasn’t been decided for me, I have no idea because actually, I’m gonna say most people, 00:21 I actually just like continue filming because that’s what I do here, I just do everything freestyle mode all in one take, because 00:26 why the hell not right. And already, just like film that hour. And I’m just going to continue right along because the first hour was guess what the first two bullet points.

But now, in order to understand what the super ego is, and other to understand its gateway, we got to keep going. So let’s get down to business here. The origin of the super ego, we talked about how to reach what is the path to enlightenment and what the different gateways understand how to use the gateways to reach the path to enlightenment. But let’s get down to what the origin of the super ego is.

And I think I also touched on a couple of other bullet points here, we’re going to get to it because there’s a lot to cover. So the origin of super ego free, well, free will is the problem. So this is when or remember folks who are in a book giveaway right now the book gateway is John Milton, the Paradise Lost, definitely check out the book giveaway. To enter into there be a subscriber and leave a like and a comment on the channel below.

Do all those things? And will you’ll be entered to win the book as we get through these episode parts for season 17, episode five. So this is part two. So let’s get down to it. So the origin of the super ego, aka Free Will some free will.

Free well that’s that’s kind of a problem is a free will a problem. I mean, you know, it just brings us back to Neo in the Matrix, we go to talking to the architect, you know, choice. The problem is choice. Hmm.

i The problem is right, sir, is very, very much. So it’s his choice. The problem is always choice as time is a choice. Oh, it didn’t have 5000 it very interesting.

So it’s very late, but I’m filming anyway. So this really comes down to the origin of super ego is actually very well demonstrated by the book Paradise Lost by John Milton, and we’re actually going to talk about it directly right now, even though it’s part of the book giveaway. So what is Paradise Lost? Paradise Lost was written by John Milton actually, even though he was a blind man, and he dictated it to somebody else. And all it is is just a retelling of the Garden of Eden story, the story about Adam and Eve basically, it is a retelling of the story.

And I think it’s absolutely fantastic. I think it’s a fantastic story of so many lessons. In fact, actually the basis for human attraction dynamics, my theory about masculine feminine relationships, as demonstrated in season four playlist on this YouTube channel, which by the way, if you haven’t watched season four, how do intimate relationships actually work and you’re either in an intimate relationship right now, or planning on being on an intimate relationship right now and you need to understand how they mechanically work psychologically speaking, you might want to watch that. So go to the playlist on this YouTube channel, click season four and then watch all six episodes in order or you can check us out on the podcast if you you know, we’re on a podcast we got a podcast too.

You’re going to see us Joseph that life for slash podcast and pick wherever you want. We’re even on Spotify. We got it all working Eric the CS Joseph spot as the CS Joseph podcast, you can look us up that way. You’re not like destroying your cell phone data by listening to us.

You know, on YouTube, you can actually just download the podcasts on Wi Fi and then take us wherever you go. That way you can always be up to date on all of our episodes dough. So check that out. But anyway, angels versus demons and this is really the story of the super ego self because in the book Paradise Lost I’m just absolutely amazed I’m absolutely amazed as to the the retelling of the story of Adam II that what that means psychologically from a symbolic archetypical extrovert intuition collective unconscious standpoint for for all of us basically, and how we can get there.

I think I needed like a drink. Sweet actually had some left. So with that being said, free will free will continue to be a problem and it will and it’s a problem because if you actually look at the story between angels and demons, according to Paradise Lost, you kind of get an idea of where things started. So let me direct you to the most controversial part of my board right now.

Lucifer. Yes, the story of Paradise Lost is actually the story of Lucifer and and according to John Milton According to John Milton, Lucifer has a very interesting take. And when we’re talking about ego shifting, we barely touched on it in the last last part in part one, but for part two, we’re going to talk about ego shifting a little bit more. But when it comes to Lucifer, specifically, Lucifer, according to the story, and I’m trying to keep this in the context of Paradise Lost the story, not so much the Bible, okay, so like for all the people out there freaking out about the biblical concepts, etc.

Don’t freak out. I’m not here to sell you on church, I’m not here to sell you on Christianity, I could care less. What I do care about is telling the truth. And I like I really liked John Milton’s book and I’m using it as a model to reference this, this form of talk this form of speech, these stories, so that you the audience can gain those benefits from those stories because architecturally speaking, symbolically speaking, it’s absolutely relevant to the discussion we’re having today.

So, Paradise Lost. Lucifer, Lucifer is in the kingdom of heaven with all the angels, he’s the most popular, the most popular of all of the angels, he’s also the most entertaining, he’s an angel of light, probably the most intelligent of the angels, very all about extroverted thinking all about, you know, you know, ESFP, that ESFP, angelic mode, fantastic musician, he was the top dog Lucifer was the man he was like, on top of that, and potentially he was recognized, or given credit for being potentially the most entertaining Angel and who potentially made God on the throne, as happy as possible. And perhaps he was the leader, the lead Angel and making God the happiest at that point in time within the kingdom happen. And then all of a sudden, all the sudden, one day that changed it completely change.

Why? Well, according the story of John Milton, two things happen, Lucifer came to possess knowledge of two things. The first was, is that the Son, the Son of God, was coming. And it’s like, well, who is the son, we don’t know who the Son of God who is the Son of God, and the Son of God was basically, I don’t know born I don’t know, the story doesn’t say, I mean, if you look at the Gospel of John, verse one, chapter one, verse one, and beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and Word was God, and the Word became flesh. What that means is, is that the Son of God was always with God.

It’s just that Lucifer was just ignorant to that fact, at the time that the Son of God already pre existed even before his own existence. But he had no idea of that. I mean, I guess if you look in the context of season 17, episode one where we’re talking about the source of all cognition, aka, the source of all cognition, aka was super ego, of the of basically God, basically, which would be the source of all cognition. That’s like a theory.

By the way, we’re going to talk about that in a little bit. But at that point time Lucifer be like, Okay, well, why is he so important? Because I just found out that your son who why why did he get all the authority, all the power, all the glory, all of the everything that I’ve ever wanted? I go out of my way to be as shiny, as pleasing, as splendid, as amazing as I can for you. But you’re giving all of everything that should be mine to this son of yours who’s only been around for how long? How long have I been here worshipping you? How long have I been here? Going out of my way for you? Wow. Did like Lucifer just covert contract God? You know, that’s kind of weird, huh.

I want to look into that. Kind of is that is that the first covert contract? Interesting. So when listen for has that point of view. The other piece of information he stumbled upon, because there was a prophecy of prophecy about a God creating a new race, a new race of people that would potentially have would have the potential to become greater than the angels.

Well, the server didn’t like that either. So he freaked out, he freaked out, and he got mad, he can become angry. And Pride. Pride took in pride took in because it’s like, wait a minute, my position, everything is going to be given away to the son of his who hasn’t earned anything.

We don’t know anything about him. We don’t know anything about this. So it takes a bunch of his friends and angels they go off into the mountains in the north north of the kingdom, basically. And they start to plot and they start to plot to kill God.

Basically they plot the plot to murder God on the throne. And and when angels among them, tell them all that they’re all whack. They’re idiots, and then walks out and then just leaves. And then you know, he’s trying to tell he’s trying to tell the angels like oh, you know, we manifested ourselves, you know? Oh, God didn’t create us we manifested uh, We willed ourselves into existence much like those people, you know, those new agers think that they will themselves into existence or they can will anything into existence or kind of have that prosperity gospel, you know what I’m saying? Gotta get that prosperity gospel.

Yeah, folks, if you haven’t realized here on this channel, I’m here to slay and slit the throats of all the sacred cows, sacred cows don’t get to live on this channel, pack, 10:26 you know what I’m saying? Let’s be straight, all the sacred cows, they gotta go. They gotta get out of here. I’m done sacred cows. So like, seriously, there’s a sacred cow.

No, into the dumpster, and then lit on fire. And on the other goes, You know what I’m saying? Like, like, let’s be straight, Lucifer. Lucifer was creating rebellion, rebelling against God. And then they went in, they use their intuition that created weapons.

And it became this huge war in heaven, basically. And as John Milton explained that apparently angels know how to make cannons, and shoot cannons at each other. Who knows. But then the Son of God shows up and ends up overpowering Lucifer and his and the rebels and sends the rebels and cast them out of the kingdom and sends them to another prison world basically, like, you know, how are the Abyss etc, and they’re all in prison in this prison world.

And, and then they, but then Lucifer is still talking to his ilk, and the prison world, and they’re very unhappy on the prison world. And then they end up you know, breaking out the prison world and they head straight to Earth, because Lucifer tells them, hey, you know, Earth is where mankind is going to be created, we’re gonna go over there, and we’re gonna go interfere with that, because, you know, we realized that God is too powerful for us, we can’t kill him. So what we’re going to do instead is we’re going to take what he loves from him. If he loves mankind so much, we’re going to turn mankind into people like us, so that and to be like us, so that he would end up hating them too.

And then we basically broken his heart because that’s the only way that we can get back at him for betraying us for betraying me, etc. And then Lucifer goes off. So what just happened? That’s their whole plan. And then all of a sudden, that let’s that’s the, that’s the fall of the angels, and it’s leading to the fall of man, right? What what just happened? Let’s break that down, psychologically speaking, showing I content.

And again, this is a theory. Very metaphysical folks, this is super metaphysical. So like, don’t like super quote me on this like and don’t like freak out about this. But let’s be honest here.

I maintain that Lucifer was an ESFP. Okay, of course, it’d be very easy. And yes, I am very biased in saying this on take it with many grains of salt. My super ego is an ESFP.

Okay, yes. And based on me being an ESFP super ego, it’s very natural for me to assume or think or be bias that Lucifer could be an ESFP. So calm down, don’t freak out. I get it.

But if Lucifer was an ISFP, that would explain how he loves being so Paco, te child, he is the biggest entertainer, the best musician, the best, the most capable entertainer, and all of heaven, basically, how popular he is, how He’s respected as a leader, how his strength how he strategizes amazing ways to worship God and make God feel happy, et cetera, while he’s on the throne. All those certain things, but then, the super ego took root and the super ego attached itself to to Lucifer his mind and took away his angelic, his angelic power as Angelica countenance basically and turned him into a demon. And it caused an ego shift such that Lucifer became an NTP. You know, an ESFP stuck in NTP super ego interesting much like he’s letters portrayal The joker is an intp stuck in ESFP super ego, right? And anti P super ego is out according to looser now okay, I have made arguments before that angels don’t necessarily have cognitive functions in the same way as human beings but again, in the context of Paradise Lost according to John Milton, angels reason and think the same way human beings do NF four and would technically have four sides of the mind and eight cognitive functions the same way human beings do.

So like, seriously, calm down, like I get it, okay, this is just a model for explaining psychological concepts. Bear with me, folks, please bear with me. So So NCP, super ego is in play and then Lucifer then it’s like, Okay, I’m going to cast vision for all my homies now, and we’re going to go take revenge my ISFJ subconscious. We’re gonna go take revenge against God by going after what he He loves.

Just like the old adage, the old strategy. You know, the best way to defeat your enemy is to attack his heart. You don’t kill your enemy, 15:08 they don’t learn nothing if you kill him, he’s not gonna learn anything. So instead, we’re going to attack his family.

Yeah. 15:16 See, that’s that’s the that’s the more se demon way of doing things because it’s permanent damage, right? It’s permanent damage that attacks the heart. It’s like every child attacking the heart, the demonic child, attacking the heart of God by going after mankind, right? So ego shifted. And ego shift is basically when the super ego sin nature is the self bending in on itself, according to Martin Luther, and an ego shift occurred, where the subconscious or the unconscious, or the super ego switches itself with the ego, as my theory goes here with Lucifer, and that’s exactly what happened.

So, the super ego attached itself as a parasite and succeeded and making the switch within Lucifer, right. And ego shift occurred, right. And then as a result of this, Lucifer had sin nature, aka the human condition, or I guess the demonic condition. In this case, it’s like a sickness, right? And the sickness corrupted his soul, which led him to do all these evil, catastrophic things, which ultimately contributed to the fall of man, where the fall of man also ended up having the parasite attached to itself as well to mankind, and the super ego is then prevalent within mankind itself.

Okay, that makes sense? Well, let’s think about this differently showing, let’s think about this a little bit different. If I was created, as an angel, before the fall of the angels before the fall of man, before the fall was over, if I was created as an angel, okay, and, and I was like, what? sinless, and I knew what it was like to be sinless ahead of time. But then I had pride, right? pride comes before the fall, Lucifer had pride. Why does the sun get to have all these things, right? It’s kind of like, you know, women, and they, they see this big pie of life, and they get that slice of pie, and they look at other women like, Well, why don’t you get that slice? Right? Whereas man, they have this pie, they get their slicers trying to get their own slice.

But women compare each other and compete with each other. And they’re like, Well, why don’t you get that slice? You see what I’m saying? The same kind of thing. That’s pride. By the way.

This is why the source of beauty is humility. This is why women need to humble themselves. Wait a minute. As St.

Joseph, how dare you say that watch season four folks, seriously, watch season four, you need to watch these important playlists to understand the difference. Humility is the source of beauty. This is why the most beautiful women in the world, the most physically attractive women in the world end up with such the most horrible men. Okay? Because humility is actually the true source of beauty.

Not not a finance imperative. Let’s, let’s be straight. Think about that. Humility is a source of beauty.

Pride is a source of ugliness. You can give me a Victoria’s Secret model who’s like literally like 17 and a half percent body fat, absolutely perfect all the way around, laying on my bed naked, demanding that I do things don’t I’m going to throw her in the dumpster because she’s being disrespectful. Okay, because pride is ugly. And she’s prideful.

If she’s doing that, pride is ugly, humility is beautiful. See, Lucifer engaged in pride. He was so prideful, he felt so important. His self importance was so high that he put himself above the Son of God.

Right? He put himself above the Son of God, such that his pride came in, and then all sudden, the super ego was able to attach as a result of pride and then he became corrupted and an ego shift occurred. And it all happened because of pride. Right? Wow. Pride is the first sin basically, in that regard, the first sin that we know of, right? The first sin about mankind? Well, I don’t think as necessarily pride it was probably lust actually, if you want to learn more about lust being the person, go to world events in the and read Brandon Ward’s Bible studies on pre history.

It’s actually pretty incredible some of his work, and also flies in the face of the Catholic Church or any type of Christian narrative, it’s very like fringe. I enjoy how fringe it is, let’s be straight. Then again, I have no care for any church system to begin with. And I prefer people just apply critical thinking to their religious texts and their spiritual texts because why not? And by the way, for those of you complaining that we’re talking about spiritualism and how it relates to Union analytical psychology, I’m sorry, did you guys not know that Jung was like an occultist? And he maintained vehemently that analytical Psychology has a very spiritual aspect to it.

So it’s no wonder that as a union, I’m actually talking about these concepts, right? This is actually very normal within the human psychology community. Okay? So keep that in mind. Prior took place, and then all sudden he’s got the super ego shift occurs and then he’s EMTP demon mode basically and He is a demon Lucifer is a demon, okay? Angels started out, and then they fell into their super ego and all of a sudden, the path, the path to enlightenment, see mankind has a different we’re talking about the powerful white men, mankind has a different see mankind is on its path to integration, it’s on the path to enlightenment, right? It’s better to be the person who starts in a fallen state and gets to enlightenment than it is to start enlightenment and fall into a fallen state. You see what I’m saying? Which one would you rather be? I’d rather start down here and and with enlightenment, trust me, I’d rather start in the pit, I’d rather start in the suffering, I’d rather start in a fallen state and get to enlightenment, that would be nice.

Whether or not I earn it, or whether or not I’m assisted by some divine intervention or divine force to help me get there. I would rather start in that fallen state. See, this is the advantage that human beings have over the fallen angels. Because we start out in a fallen state, we start out with that parasite attached to our super ego.

And then because it’s attached to that super ego, we had the opportunity to reach integration. Unlike the fallen angels, who inherited disintegration, disintegration, where the opportunity to achieve integration, we have the opportunity to achieve enlightenment, and yet the fallen angels are constantly trying to sell us according to Paradise Lost enlightenment. Do you know how I know the story of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, where the serpent literally says to Adam and Eve, hey, 22:12 you could be like God, if you have the knowledge, the knowledge of good and evil, you could be just like God, 22:20 they’re being sold sold on disintegration instead of integration, because they chose the expedient route and not the meaningful route. Okay? The root of all evil, therefore, is pride, which leads to the human condition, which leads to expedient behavior instead of the meaningful behavior, right? We’re going to talk about a little bit more.

Alright, so let’s see here. So let’s talk about that. The Garden of Eden, the fall of man, okay? The fall of man. Here’s the problem with the fall of man, the fall of man is very, very, very interesting.

Some people think that eating of the fruit of the of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil like oh, you know, Railgun, and drew drew me like a nice piece of fruit that was eaten here at the tree of knowledge. A lot of people maintain, actually, that the fruit is actually more, it’s actually sexual. The entire exchange with the serpent at the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is actually it was a sexual encounter. And as a result, they were given the ability to the knowledge of sexual activity, such that then they understood what it what it meant to be naked, and what their private parts are, and what that does, and they became ashamed of it.

And then also, and that’s why we weren’t close, because in ignorance before we had the knowledge of procreation, basically, and sexual activity, you know, because then you could be like, God, you could be like God who had a son, and then you could have a son to like, God, wait a minute. Think about that. Lucifer is pretty upset that God had his son, and then all of a sudden is encouraging mankind to have sons before their time. Wait a minute.

Think about that for a second. Because it’s the expedient versus the meaningful. God had a son and took his time doing it, which was meaningful. He didn’t have a son too quick.

That would be nepotism. Right? I’d be nepotism even though the devil and his little te belief system thought am well, you’re obviously being nepotistic towards the sun and giving your son all my stuff. And now that I earned, am I right? Yeah, that’s that’s effective. That’s effective.

That’s really mature. Well, in the context of paradise loss, okay. But the reality situation is the reality situation is is that encouraging mankind to have sons according to this exchange, I mean, a lot of people maintain that, you know, It was a sexual encounter. You know, they went too quickly.

Mankind was not yet ready by design to have sons and they were not yet ready to have sexual activity. They were not ready to know the difference between good and evil, yet they hadn’t had their graduation ceremony. They hadn’t taken the classes yet they hadn’t been educated yet. What they’re supposed to do is go to the tree of life, you know, the source of immortality, the tree of life, but the tree of life, that’s the meaningful road, it’s the hard road, it needs to be earned it it’s the tortoise, this is the hare, this is a tortoise hard work, it’s really hard to do that.

This is faster. It’s a lot faster, right? And because it’s faster, they went for it. They went for it. Oh, I can be like God now instead of like, you know, becoming like God later, you know, and, and earning the right to procreate? What if the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was supposed to be mankind’s graduation gift? What if like, we finished all our education under the tree of life, and we’re good to go? What if you know a God said, do not eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good Evil? Maybe that was because it was implied? Not yet.

You’re not ready yet. You don’t just teach a new student, you know, you don’t just hand them a gun and be like, Okay, here’s a gun, you’re gonna use a gun? No, no, you take the gun apart, you show them all the safety features, you walk them through every aspect about gun safety, right? It’s a safety with a car, you don’t just let a student and get into a car the first day, they got to do book work. First, they got to sit in the classroom. So explain to me is it intelligent to give a young person who’s has no driving experience keys to a car and tell him to drive? No, no, it’s not, then? Is it? Or is it better to actually having to go through the class and actually learn about traffic laws waving rules? First, before getting in the car, the tree of knowledge, good and evil, especially with its sexual nature.

Okay, because I do definitely maintain that any interaction between the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and eating the fruit of the tree literally was sexual activity, okay? Mankind didn’t understand the implications of what they’re doing. And then they unlocked sexual activity. It’s like they, they they walk in that fire inside of themselves, you know, they’re not virgins anymore, right. And then also, the hunger is there, and they can’t escape.

They can’t escape the need for consistent sexual activity ever again, this is why virgins do not crave sexual activity, like people who are already sexually active. Okay. So that’s the same point. Human beings were not meant to have that ability yet.

But Lucifer comes in, through the serpent teaches mankind, hey, here’s how it is. And it was the equivalent of giving a young person keys to a car. And then they go driving, oh, they’re driving a car. And they’re doing a really piss poor job of it, because they don’t know what they’re doing.

They’re missing the mark, they have sin nature because of it, and all the consequences to that, right. And then also on the super ego is attached corrupting the four sides of the mind. Right? And all sudden, their their mind is disintegrated. And it’s not integrated.

It needs to become integrated. Right. Okay. So, but had they just gone with, you know, their craters original plan and stuck to the Tree of Life, psychologically speaking, they wouldn’t have that super ego issue.

And they would have reached enlightenment, actually, faster. But no, and then sexual activity would have been given to them as a gift, it would have been their graduation present, folks. But no, 29:00 we had to do it the fast way, the expedient way, not the meaningful way. That’s the problem.

29:09 As a result, because they weren’t, they left the garden. ahead of time, the fiery sword of truth comes down and breaks the entrance into the Garden of Eden. Think about the allegory of the cave folks. Mankind is no longer ignorant because now mankind has the ability to produce what if the Garden of Eden had perfect production of food, water, heat, everything the human body needed to produce for just two people, but the second they started having sex all sudden there’s gonna be more people.

Maybe the resources of the garden is not enough to support those people. Wait a minute, and they have to leave. Wait a minute. starting to make sense now.

Mankind is forced to leave the garden because The Garden doesn’t sustain them anymore. It sustain two people. It doesn’t sustain all people, so they have to leave. And then comes the curses.

God comes down to the garden. Adam, where are you? I hid because I was naked society who told you you are naked? The serpent told me. And then he blames Eve. And then Adam is cursed and the curse is given to Adam, Cursed is the ground because of you.

And through your toil and through hard work weight and the tortoise hard work, you will eat up the ground for the rest of the days of your life. Yeah, probably should because you took the expedient route, you learned about sexual activity way before you should. And now you’re producing children, you have to take responsibility for that, Adam, and you need to produce. Yeah, thought you could be king.

Now you’re not. Why is it naturally inclination as parents, when we have teenagers, and we tell our children, you can have as much sex as you want, provided, you have a job, you have a car, you have your own education figured out, you have your own insurance, you have your own bills, and you’re getting your own place. Sure, you can have all the sex you want. You want to be an adult, you be an adult, but then you have Adam and Eve who weren’t not adults, and they were having sex producing children.

Okay, and destroying the ecological equilibrium that was given to them. Right? This is a very interesting way of looking at things. But do you guys not see that and I’m just using this as a model here. I’m not telling you this is exactly what happened.

This is just a model. Okay? This is a theory. Okay. But the thing about it, the curse, curse is the ground hard work, you know, and of course, the women and says, hey, guess what, I’m going to increase your birth pains, you’re going to hurt more.

Oh, and by the way, and you get to curses, women get two curses, the first curses, you’re going to have increased pain and childbirth, and your other curses. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you. Right? While it’s happy business, those curses was heavy business. God had to put in some rules in the place because those traffic laws because he gave the kids the keys to the car and they’re flying around all over the place.

Well, we got to put up some laws. Now we got to enforce some laws, because that’s some that’s some dangerous stuff. They could be doing some huge damage with that. Since they’re off in la la land, the infrastructure is not enough in place, we got it.

Well, we got to do this and the tree of life. They lost out on their opportunity to have access to the tree of life. And because of that, that’s why men die. That’s why we have death because there’s no access to the tree of life because it’s too late.

We went right for the graduation present. It’s like, oh, we have this big tournament. We’re gonna play it but then we just walked out for the trophy wouldn’t even play the tournament. You see what I’m saying? So it’s supposed to be the trophy folks.

But instead, it was deferred. Be like, Hey, here’s the trophy. Enjoy. Oh, it’s fun, isn’t it? Oh, isn’t that great? And yet, the angel also says, you know, in the garden, you know, the cows do it right.

He loves sexual activity so much You do realize the cows do it. You know, if you carry on like that, Adam, she your wife will never respect you. Adam freaks out. Oh, crap, I want my wife to always respect me what do I have to do to prevent that from prevent that from happening? And the angel looks at him and says, quote, esteem yourself and other sees so that your wife will always respect you.

That’s why men, you should always be focused on you know, steaming yourself a personal man. See, that’s the thing. In order to reach integration in order to reach enlightenment, you have to put in the hard work. It’s no different with the gateways, the entrances, the gateways, you have the hair way of the tortoise lay in the negative way in the positive way, you have the chaotic way you have the orderly way.

Are you going to do the chaotic way which represents the path to knowledge and good and evil this tree over here? Or are you going to do the orderly way which is the wave of the tree of life, you have to learn all of the tree of life lessons while carrying on the burden of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Such that it creates this Yin and Yang Yin and Yang equilibrium of order versus chaos. When have you started in order because remember, order begets order we found this out and season 17 Episode Two order begets order. Order does not come out of chaos 34:58 because order does not come out again.

Evolution can’t be true. Which means if evolution cannot be true, I logically speaking that means intelligent design is the only possible course of action. 35:11 Order comes from order. Intelligence begets intelligence.

Chaos does not breed 35:20 order, folks 35:28 but there’s hope. There’s hope for all men. This is the key. There’s hope for all men.

And this is literally the path integration, the path to enlightenment. That is the hope. What is the hope? So the Son of God comes, and you know, it’s just this is like that that song from Swedish House Mafia, Don’t You Worry Child, you know, upon a hill across the blue lake. It’s where I had my first heartbreak.

Okay, that’s literally Adam talking about that time that he was with Eve and they had her first heartbreak. They had their breakup, right after they had their sexual activity for the first go round, right? And then all sudden, the Son of God comes to Adam and Eve and Adam and tells Adam says, Don’t you worry, child? See, I have a plan for you. Heaven has a plan for you. Okay.

Well, here’s the plan, folks. Hope for all men, that hope is the path to integration, that hope is the path to enlightenment. Okay. Why? Because Romans chapter three, verse 23, says, and I quote, For all have sinned, and all fall short of the Golden glory of God, which means all has to deal with the super ego, all must suffer with the super ego, everyone is subjected to the super egos parasitic influence in the mind.

But mankind was not ready for that and had it foisted upon itself too soon, too soon, it could have had the tree of life. So it’s after learning the lessons of the tree of life than it could have combated the desires or the will, or the loss or the evil of the super ego, such that mankind had it follow the lessons of the tree of life, it would have developed order, aka responsibility, it would have developed humility, it would have developed wisdom so that it would have all the tools necessary all the lessons learned from the tree of life, in order to combat the super ego, in order to try it away from its demonic ways, and set it back on the path of its angelic ways. That’s the point. That is the origin of the super ego.

It came from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. That’s where the super ego came from. Because we made the expedient choice. I gotta be honest with you, sexual activity is pretty dope.

There’s no way that after tasting that fruit we’d ever give it up. Such that mankind quite frankly, they would rather keep it instead and and, you know, or death, right? That’s choose, you get this plus death. Or you don’t get this plus, like, but it’s already too late. Mankind already has its eyes open.

Mankind already knows the truth. Mankind already knows how it works. We know how it works. It’s too late.

That’s why there’s the fiery sword of truth guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden because we can’t go back. Our eyes have been open. We know the truth. We can’t understand.

We can’t unlearn what we’ve just learned. And the truth is, we know how to make children. And now we have to work. We have to work.

Okay, no one if you think about it, logically speaking, the curses given by God onto men were just consequences. They weren’t curses. They were just consequences, direct consequences to us having sex before we should have. That’s all it is.

Because the angels 39:23 educated us. The Fallen Angels educated us through 39:27 the serpent long before long before we should have known because we did not have the humility from our subconscious. We did not have the wisdom from our unconscious. We did not have the responsibility from our ego, these traits that we should have learned from the tree of life.

Because we didn’t have those tools. Ooh, super ego signature, and then all sudden, melting. You see what I’m saying? Folks? This is the problem. This the super ego is why mankind cannot be allowed to achieve immortality before its time.

Why do you think when according to the occultus with Atlantis, Atlantis was wiped out, they according to the ancient story, according to the ancient history, we’re on the cusp, on the edge of obtaining immortality. They had immortality within their grasp, and they were wiped out by the delusion, also, mankind thing of the collective unconscious of mankind, you know, that thing that has everyone else’s mind psychically linked to everybody else. Okay, now I’m getting all voodoo and everyone. This is why, according to Carl Jung, you have stories like the hero’s journey or that architecture, shared architecture between cultures and cultures have never had any contact with each other that pyramids made on the eastern hemisphere of the of the planet, or also on the western hemisphere of the planet.

And the two cultures had zero contact with each other. And they’re telling the same exact stories. The same pagan Pantheon is the same Pantheon in Egypt and the same Pantheon in Babylon, for example. Okay, it’s all the same stories, and astrology, it’s all the same everywhere, even though these cultures never had any contact.

Read. Read the book known as Big Magic, read that book. It’s the book that defines extroverted intuition in a practical manner. You want understand expert intuition, you want to understand the collective unconscious of man and how mechanically works.

Read Big Magic, because big magic shows how ideas transfer you are given an idea from the collective unconscious, are you going to use it if you don’t use it’ll be taken away from you to give it to somebody else? Right? Give it to someone else. This is the reason. This is the reason why we suffer we cannot be allowed to become immortal Atlantis tried to get became immortal. They got wiped out.

And it happened again. It happened in Babylon. And then also everyone’s languages were confused. And they were scattered across the earth because the Tower of Babel they’re using the Tower of Babel as an engine to gain immortality.

And then they were all wiped out. They were they will lay the towers destroyed. Everyone was scattered across the earth. And everyone’s languages were confused Nations report for that.

Families were split apart, and also in the biodiversity of mankind because mankind only spoke one language that point in time. Well, they’re scattered across the earth, no one understood each other anymore, and then took the collective unconscious man, because when the Deleuze happened, which is like the flood, Noah went out that wiped out Atlantis. Well guess what? The clock on conch was just like a family like little bit little tiny, but then grew again at that size again, but there’s still United Airlines with the same language. And then it was separated in a tiny puzzle, these dots scattered across the earth in all directions.

So instead of wiping out mankind, again, they’re all speaking different languages, which sublets, the collective unconscious of the tiny pieces. And then in 1995, for the first time, in human history, was 1990. Hypertext Markup Language becomes the same language that everyone’s speaking again, the internet, and the internet is now the new tower of Babel. And the internet is getting to the point where it will become the reason mankind reaches immortality for the third time, we are on the cusp, a third time, mankind is about to reach immortality.

You don’t believe me? You need to read Ray Kurzweil. Ray Kurzweil talks about singularity singularity is inevitable, folks read the books about singularity, because mankind is being pushed in this place right now pushed in this place on on Earth, we have to make a choice between as Dumbledore would say, what is easy, versus what is the right thing to do? Because it’s easy to succumb to your fear of death, and then take on immortality and mortality via technology and then you become a slave and it becomes a slave world. Right? How about not having fear of death? How about, you know, Jesus said, The kingdom of God is in your midst. How about having a high quality of life, right? Maybe because you understand type make up because your entire society understands time, maybe such that everyone understands type and everyone understands each other so deeply that they have such deep meaningful relationships, that they are willing to die because they’ve led they’ve lived such a complete high quality of life, that they’re willing to die.

They have no problem doing that. They’re willing to die. They’re willing to succumb to That path of enlightenment and engage in responsibility in order, engage in wisdom, engaging ability and gain that angelic power and transmute that demonic power of their super ego into that angelic form, so that they can gain enlightenment. Right? It goes beyond that hope for all men, say, if you’re in the Garden of Eden, you don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it.

You don’t know what you’ve have, until you’ve lost it. You don’t know what you have until you lose it, folks, are not these things more important than the sensual desires of the flesh? are not these things more important? Do you not understand why we had to learn these things first, to gain the Tree of Life first, so that after having the tree of life, after gaining the ability to have immortality, or gaining the ability of making the world sustainable for everyone, because it was unsustainable, because we didn’t have the wisdom or the humility to make it sustainable in the garden, we start producing children in the garden, it becomes an ecological disaster. Wait a minute. Wow, did I just get all environmentalist right there? Wait a minute, like think about that? It’s a problem.

Michelangelo, Michelangelo painted this painting I think it’s in the Sistine Chapel, correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t know about God reaching down to man, you know, the two fingers meeting together, there’s a reason for that. And that’s where we get the INFJ archetype. That’s where we have Jesus Christ, the Son of God sent down to mankind to bridge the gap to bridge the gap between this and this, the bridge. Why is the bridge necessary because of what happened with the super ego, because, because we have ego shift.

The old ego like Lucifers, ego, the ESFP was switched with the EMTP ego, the old ego versus the new. Fear is the chaos not yet confronted, mankind is afraid is afraid of death, we need to confront death is appointed a man to die, we need to get to a point where mankind no longer has a fear of death, because fear of death is ultimately going to be the thing that enslaves us. We think we think we’re getting the tree of life, we think we’re going to have that through our foe and mortality, we think we are when reality is this more of this, which is going to make us even more deeply entrenched in our super egos. And our race is going backwards instead of forwards.

We’re literally going to make a deal with the devil and become on dead on dead is where it like vampires, you’re frozen in time, there is no growth. The only proof of life that there is as the quote goes, is growth. If you’re frozen in time, you’re not growing, aka you’re not alive, aka you’re miserable, aka you’re literally in hell. And it’s hell on earth, because, and you’re enslaved to it because He who controls that technology controls your soul.

You’re literally selling your soul to the devil, you don’t even know it. Don’t accept that in mortality. Don’t accept that mark of the beast, don’t accept their mortality, you need to be willing to die. Because if you don’t remember, fear, fear is the mind killer.

Fear is what leads to pride. If you’re afraid of death, you can get into pride. And then you’re beyond well on your way, folks, you don’t want that. The super ego.

That’s not what it’s for. 48:54 Fear is the chaos not yet confronted. Death is the chaos not confronted. That’s why fear of death is the ultimate fear.

We need to have faith. Faith is evidence of things hoped for. And faith is certainty of things unseen. As long as we are doing what is meaningful, we have proof enough that our faith will be rewarded, such that we do not have to be afraid of death anymore.

And as much as Jesus demonstrated that we’ll talk about how he did that in a second. So, think about it this way. Our subconscious if we do not if we do not develop our ego, it leads to disorder or irresponsibility, lack of responsibility. We need to develop our egos to reach responsibility, okay.

That is the whole point of the ego is to reach order or to reach responsibility. Order determines outcome. You want a good outcome in your life. You needed to get a good order or Maybe responsible enough.

That’s the whole lesson of the ego. The lesson of the subconscious is, you are afraid you are in secure, you’re insecure because you don’t have your tree of life Korean creature comforts that you had for and that sustainable environment known as the Garden of Eden. And you made it unsustainable because you started having children. Well, you’re afraid you’re insecure? Well, guess what? That leads to pride if you’re doing it to chaotically or if you do orderly you know, if you do it through the yang energy, nothing in the energy energy.

Interesting while we can like start talking about chakra Yin versus a yang energy access points directly into the gateways and the different sides of our minds. And does that sound like very Naruto esque with different gateways in terms of Mike guy and Rockley? Yes, it does. Interesting. So the subconscious, it leads to insecurity, which leads to pride.

Or if you do it in an orderly basis, guess what? Your subconscious cash starts getting developed. And that leads to security. It also leads to faith having faith in oneself because you’re not afraid, which leads to humility, because you realize you’re not all that and a bag of chips. You yourself have flaws.

Yes, you recognize these are your insecurities, but you can aspire to get over your insecurity you cannot aspire to overcome your insecurities until you accept that you actually have flies. This is why se inferior bothers me so much sometimes because se inferiors, like, look at me, look at me, I can outperform everyone else. I can look better than everybody else. And it’s like, Yeah, but you’re being prideful about it.

How about you just be who you are and accept who you are? Yes, you’re not perfect. It’s okay. Oh, but they can’t? 51:50 Or can they? The humble ones can woo. That’s why she really is the source of beauty.

Ooh, 51:58 dang, That’s powerful stuff. Or to go below the unconscious ignorance. Ignorance is what happens to the unconscious. Ignorance is default and as much as fear insecurities, the default subconscious, the unconscious, ignorance is the default.

And if you have ignorance, if you’re being ignorant, well, it leads to failure, it leads to foolishness in the unconscious. So we need to gain knowledge for ourselves as a result of seeking failure and learning how to fail all the times I make all the possible mistakes because our race was supposed to have known every possible mistake we could have made before going in this way. We were supposed to learn how to have a society based on equilibrium, a society based on you know, unsustainable life, basically, or wait sustainable life. Wait a minute, wait a minute.

It was supposed to be sustainable. But we went the expedient route. And now it’s unsustainable. It was going to be sustainable.

But we took the expedient route. Gosh, sex is just that great, isn’t it? But you know, we could have had time to learn how to do it, learn how to do it properly. But no, we had to go the expedient route. We need wisdom.

Wisdom is what we need for from the unconscious, okay. And then as a result, we can work on turning our demonic super ego into an angelic one, such that we would have had, how do we adhere to the tree of life and create a sustainable world? What else is Jesus say the kingdom of God is in your midst. 53:41 It’s right in front of you. Take it into yours.

You just gotta be willing to work for it. Right? 53:48 You got to be willing to put in the effort. Remember the unconscious the school of hard knocks hard work be the tortoise folks put in the work stop looking for the easy way out stop looking for the easy answer you’re not going to get it you think the Super Eagles got the answers all Yeah, I’m going to give you an easy street if you want it to so the demons all about the demons like hey, wherever you want. Are you willing to work boy? Are you willing to pony up and beg and I’ll give you the easy street wave when you want man.

You make the rules and 54:23 whenever you want, or whatever you feel you should do or wherever you feel like doing whatever I feel like doing Where do you think is best man? Whatever I think is best man. Whatever you want whenever I want so Okay, all a kind of functions are right there ready to serve your needs? Oh, yeah. 54:44 But they enjoy because capable. So let’s use some Christians symbology to explain how that works, especially in terms you know, in terms of of Jesus Christ.

Let’s look at that. This is a Venn diagram. With a green represents God, basically, the ego or the blue part here represents man, mankind. north south east west pole for each circle north, south east west.

This is a theory that was given to me my ESTP mentor Robert Bryant, good guy is an ESTP still thinks he’s an ISTP my isn’t ESTP and my other mentor maintains that he’s he’s a very narcissistic ESTP. They don’t like each other very much. It’s kind of interesting. But so this this represents a relationship between God and man basically.

And you can think of this as Michelangelo’s painting of you know, God reaching down to man, their fingers touching, you know what I’m saying, here, though, it goes north, south, east, west, north represents the ego. East represents the subconscious. And then south represents the unconscious, and West equals the super ego. Oh, but it’s a Venn diagram interesting.

And then over here on the circle that represents God, basically, you have the four sides of the mind of God, wait a minute, you have God the Father, which is direct initiating control, aka structure, interesting. And you have God the Holy Spirit, which is the starter interaction style and foreign initiating movement. Interesting. And then you have the finisher, known as the son who said, quote, It is finished, as he is said, his last breath on the cross.

Interesting how that works. He’s the finisher, direct responding movement. And then you have the super ego of God, the fourth side of the mind, also known as the foundation, aka the source of all cognition itself. Wait a minute, the source, wait a minute, because according to my mentor, the Trinity, you know, of God basically represents the his sides of the mind, basically.

Okay? Do I subscribe to this? Not sure. But I’m just sharing exactly what my ESTP mentor taught me and explaining how all these things kind of go together. He rejected the notion entirely the fourth side of the mind when it came to God, but I disagreed. So hence why we have source all connected cognition here at super ego.

And mankind is super ego here. Here’s the difference. What’s the point? What happens when our powers combined, right? So you have absolute truth, and absolute good, right? Jesus said, I am the Way the Truth and the Life No one comes to the Father except through me kind of interesting how that works. Let’s look at cognitive development, shall we? We started out as the ego.

And then we go, and most people you know, as it’s usually goes, ego, and then it goes into the, so we develop our sense of responsibility. And then we start failing at life. And we start developing our maturity and against ourselves wisdom through the unconscious. And then we start developing your subconscious, we started developing humility, awesome.

And then we’re ready to start integrating our super ego awesome, or developer super ego becomes angelic capabilities of a demonic capability, then all of a sudden, we’re able to have communion again with God like we had before. And then all sudden, it’s like this, you Yunnan Yang equilibrium between both of us such that it becomes like a psychic plank, which may have potentially existed before because when the super ego attached itself to the mind through here, and it was a parasite, and then self bending it on the self, according to Martin Luther, then all of a sudden the connection to the Creator no longer exists such that God comes down to the Garden of Eden saying, Adam, where are you? Wait a minute. Why didn’t God know where animals? Adam? Where are you? Adam, where are you? Where are you? Where are you? And then to interesting that the original crest of the early Christian church known as the way as set up by John the Baptist, the original symbol was actually fish like this. What’s interesting about this fish, a lot of people think it’s a Piscean symbol.

It’s a symbol of Pisces, but it’s actually very oddly similar to the Robertus or the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol is also another form of the yin and yang. It’s the same. Notice, wait a minute.

It’s all turning around like a robber is it’s an robbers. robbers. There’s a Venn diagram. It’s a yin and yang.

It’s an Robertus. It’s indefinite. It’s the Tree of Life, folks. So tree of life.

It’s indefinite because here we have death, because it’s our relationship with the source of all cognition is broken off. It’s completely broken. But here is complete app. For our super ego is no longer demonic and is angelic.

Because look at this, folks. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me. Jesus said that, and then all of a sudden, we have, wait a minute, ego, unconscious, subconscious, super ego. And then it leads to wait a minute, the Holy Spirit getting things started.

But then it’s finished by the sun where Jesus is right the Son of God. And that leads to the Father, no one gets to the Father except through me because the finisher comes for the structure the structure is put before the Father, right? Going through the source of all cognition, in that relationship, that relationship that’s had with God, the Creator, which leads to the Holy Spirit, which gets things started, which leads to the Son of God who finishes that because no one can get to the Father except through the Sidon. And then at last, mankind has access to the father against such as the way of the tree of life, such as the way of the super ego and angelic form. 1:01:09 Interesting.

So, what does all that mean? Let’s look at it this way. How can the super ego be angelic? Let’s give some practical application showing practical application. Let’s bring out my super ego right now and for demonstration purposes only. 1:01:33 Hey, guys, you know, I just absolutely love doing this.

You know, I have full freedom just dance around here looking like a total idiot sometimes. And you know, sometimes people tell me all Chinese, you’re no fun. You’re no fun at all. But don’t worry guys, I’m still here.

I’m always here. I’m always wandering, always observing, because extroverted sensing demon is all about watching and watching every by whatever everybody is doing. Within this thing you call reality, this thing that, in my opinion, my T child opinion should burn. Burn it all, you know, because just like Alfred said, In that movie, The Dark Knight was directed by Christopher Nolan.

Some men just want to see the world burn. And you know, I kind of liked that philosophy. I feel really good about that philosophy. Trust me, guys.

So yes, I am the super ego. I am the demon within. But, you know, yeah, there can be some angelic properties to what I do. I’m just so sick.

I’m so sick of everyone being so irresponsible, and lacking in wisdom. I am so sick of people being incapable of embracing humility, it makes me sick. Because of that. Reality sucks.

So I want to burn it. Burn it all. But every now and then I’m surprised. I meet somebody who has the humility.

I meet somebody who has the wisdom. I mean, somebody who is responsible, and has all of these traits online. Sure. Love those traits.

And, you know, it just makes me wonder whether or not reality is worth preserving. Right? I mean, Tony Stark and other EMTP came up with that, right? And he ended up trying to save reserved reality. Maybe that’s what I can do. But then again, I see those other people, those si demons out there, who are like, No, I have this covert contract with life.

And I am so insecure that I give into my own pride, such that I am like, Oh, I’m going out of my way to perform for everyone and do all these great things for everyone. And you don’t appreciate anything I do or anything I say. And you know what, I’m just going to go up here on this hill. I know like myself on fire, and hope that someone actually cares about me, as I’m burning myself away, as if I’m nailing myself to my own cross, tear.

And then they’re burning. They set themselves on fire. And I see that fire because I’m always watching right I’m always watching and I see that fire. I go right up on that hill.

I get my lawn chair. I sit down my launcher. I get nice and comfy my launcher. I got my popcorn.

I love popcorn, especially when it’s all oil and salt. So nice. I really liked that popcorn. I eat my popcorn watching them burn themselves alive.

What an idiot. But it’s just an amazing Specter. Call me so who am I to get in the way of a hat? And you know, I just can’t help myself. I just can’t help myself.

But to mock them, mark them as they burning. Mark them. Wow, look at this amazing spectacle of you burning burning on the Hill burning up your wall. I’m sure so many people are going to come to stop you.

I’m sure so I think someone’s coming right now. I think I see someone coming right now to put some water on you all they’re coming. They’re coming. Come here.

Come here. Come here. Oh, I’m just kidding. No one cares.

No one cares. And I’m just gonna mock you while you light yourself on fire. I’m gonna mock you. I suicide bro.

Nice. Nice. I self destruction, bro. It’s really useful.

You were so prideful and claimed to be so arrogant. You did to be so intelligent without God Complex of yours. But you light yourself on fire. Where’s your humility? Oh, and obviously lighting yourself on fire.

That’s the wise thing to do. Si demon. That’s the wise thing to do. So you’re literally self destructing before everyone here on the hill.

Wow. So I’m just going to mock you because of how stupid it is. No wonder I want to destroy a reality when you’re willing to destroy yourself. So why should reality exist? You’re just going to set yourself on fire.

Why? Why should I care? That’s why I’m just gonna make fun of you from my launcher with my popcorn and just be like, hahaha, what an idiot. But then, you listen to my mocking. As I make fun of how stupid it is not Yeah, it is stupid. Your words hurt, but I really shouldn’t be lighting myself on fire.

So I’m just going to put myself out and stand up out of the ditch. And keep walking step by step. Thank you, Sid. And thank you for realizing what I was trying to show you.

You actually do have value. But you can only see it until you see just how silly you look. Lighting yourself on fire. Because what a waste.

What a waste. 1:07:25 So see, folks, that’s the difference. That’s the point of se demon. Se demon.

It mocks people. It’s very spiteful. It causes the intp to become extremely spiteful. And other people mocking them making fun of them sarcasm for example, being smarmy, right, or snide or sadistic in a lot of ways.

This is all about the super ego, the super ego. The SE demon wants to permanently maim other people it wants to permanently destroy reality. That’s what it does. And it wants its damage to be permanent.

Such that that INFJ, who it’s lighting itself on fire on the Hill permanently remembers my Ste demon mocking its SI demon so that it never forgets. Never, ever forget it being mocked so that it as si demon, we’ll never forget, because it bears the scars of being mocked by my se demon the last time it lit itself on fire. So it never forgets how useless of a play that is. How useless how it has no value.

There is no value and lighting oneself on fire. There’s no value and self destructing as the demon already hates reality as it is, and you are just destroying yourself. So it’s like okay, yeah, sure. So I’m going to mock you while you’re doing it.

I’m going to mock you and your dumb, stupid self destructive behavior, because you need to permanently remember how silly ly look and how no one actually cares. So you bear those scars on your heart for the rest of your life such that when you think about self destructing, you never actually do. Such that my se demon ends up saving lives ends up preventing suicides, ends up creating totems and the souls of other people such that they do not go that far such that they do not self destruct such that those permanent scars that brand being burned on the heart of that si demon, for example, by my se demon, that they always bear those scars so that they remember how much of a waste it is a waste of time, a waste of energy. Jean a waste of resources, a dumb decision to self destruct, as si demon does, such that they never make that decision again.

As the demon is harsh, it is spiteful. It is snide. It would rather maim instead of murder, right? This is why maiming laws are more severe than murder. It’s the one that’s like, if you kill them, they won’t learn nothing just like the Riddler says and Batman Forever.

There’s a reason for that, folks, there’s a reason. If you kill him, they’re not going to learn nothing. As the demon exists to permanently strengthen other people by etching onto their souls that self destruction is bad. Wait a minute, as a demon is a dick.

Se demon is harsh as the demon just exists to harm and maim. Wait a minute, but it’s also saving lives. It’s preventing suicides. Do you know how many people I have talked to and brought them back from the edge.

As they’re about to commit suicide in front of me, I had a woman one time holding a knife in her hand ready to slit her wrists. She was already in process of doing it, I saw the blood myself. But she didn’t do it. 1:11:31 My se demon came out.

1:11:34 See, folks, the super ego is demonic and can cause a lot of destruction. But it also has the power to save so many lives. And it’s angelic form you have to have in order to wield the power of the super ego so that it is properly contained so that you’re getting that nuclear energy instead of getting nuclear weapons, massive destruction. And instead you’re getting unlimited, renewable, sustainable energy, instead of mass murder.

Wait a minute, maybe you should pay attention to the power of the super ego, you want to wield the super ego properly, you want to harness its power for good. Well, instead of making a deal with the devil and going direct, maybe what you need to do is become responsible. Maybe you need to have humility, maybe you need to have wisdom, and then use these tools to harness the power of your super ego properly, such that you could change lives and save lives forever and ever, and create for yourselves a sustainable earth, a sustainable kingdom of heaven here on earth, because the Kingdom of God is in your midst. I’m not saying that Jesus said that, you know, the INFJ that tip of the spear moving our race forward to the next level as all you INFJs out there should be doing but you’re deciding not to because you’re too busy self destructing because you’re too afraid.

And you’re too prideful to accept that you’re not always going outperform everybody, but you have the potential within you but because of your fear. Fear is false evidence appearing real fear is the chaos not yet confronted. You can’t realize that you need to have faith. Faith is evidence of things hoped for.

Faith is certainty of things unseen. Why aren’t you doing this? Why do you doubt yourself? You can be watching on water. Why do you doubt metaphysically speaking that is I bring out my super ego to show you folks. While it’s very spiteful, while it holds a lot of hatred, hatred for this reality, hatred because I’ve been given such a bad experience in my life.

I have a lot of pain in my life. And I carry that pain with me everywhere I go, that I automatically hate reality by default, because I remember all the pain I’ve ever suffered, I carry it with me all those bad memories everywhere. I’m not some se user, they can just take the totem side of my life, because the totem isn’t in my life anymore. Then all of a sudden, I just forget.

I don’t have that. I don’t have the luxury of burning down a house and starting fresh. I don’t have that I have to take my pain with me every single day everywhere I go, and I have to suffer with it every single day. No wonder my super ego hates reality and yet through responsibility, humility, wisdom, my super ego can be that angelic force instead of destroying lives.

Instead of destroying reality. It could save lives and save reality by permanently etching the souls of others and reminding them just how stupid their bad evil ways really are. how it makes them look silly how they are a mockery, and it’s permanent. Sometimes folks, pain is necessary to strengthen others.

Remember, we are human beings, we are here on this earth, the curse, we are here to suffer because we made the deal with the devil, we made the expedient decision, instead of doing a meaningful decision and going towards that tree of life, that sustainable world, that kingdom of heaven on earth, the kingdom of God is in your midst. But instead, we knew the quick, easy thing. And because that reality sucks for all of us, because we made that decision. My super ego is carrying it just like everyone’s super ego is capable of meeting our absolute destruction and tragedy upon the earth and our fellow man.

Absolutely. We see the human condition, we see sin nature, we see how it happens over and over and over, in order for race to reach the level of enlightenment to create a world, like the tree of life, to the point where the earth becomes the tree of life. It literally has that capability. In order for that to happen.

We have to master the other sides of our mind, we were supposed to master a science of the mind before we made that decision. But we went for the end goal first. beforehand. And now we have to suffer.

Life is all about suffering. We are diamonds, diamonds are made of carbon, human beings are made of carbon. There’s a reason for that, folks, we have to learn from our suffering. Do not let your suffering go to waste.

If you allow your suffering to go to waste, it’s worth nothing. And you are proving my super ego, right? That all of reality must be destroyed. Give it a reason to preserve reality or reason to preserve life. When it’s trying to harm somebody.

Is it really trying to harm somebody for the sake of harming somebody for funsies? Yeah, some men just want to see the world burn, right? Sure it does. But there are times when it’s actually harming for the sake of helping. It’s called negative help. It happens all the time.

Ti parent ti hero do that all the time negative help. It’s why Ti is attached Fe Have you ever figured about that? It’s called negative help, folks, you have to understand that level of importance. Think about it this way. There is an old story I forget who said a man dies, he goes to hell.

He is being tortured by demons. They’re beating him and torturing him, poking him stabbing him cutting him yelling at him, belittling him, exposing his nakedness to everybody. And they’re torturing him. It’s like, why are you doing this? Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this? And then one of the demons comes up to him right in his face and says, We’re burning the lies away.

Wait a minute. See, folks, hats what my se demon does. In fact, that’s what all of our demon functions do. They burn the lies away.

Because if you lack humility, you’re lying to yourself. If you lack responsibility, you’re lying to yourself. If you lack wisdom, you’re lying to yourself. It exists to burn the lies away.

Because that man who was being tortured by those demons come to realize oh, hey, you’re actually angels, and you’re saving my soul by burning the lies away. Please proceed. Such as the way of the demon function, such as the way of the super ego. 1:19:07 If you found this lecture useful, helpful, educational, enlightening, please subscribe to the channel or leave a comment, leave a like while you’re at it.

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There’s some people who are practicing how to attack each other, talking about the science, talking about games, talking about anything. It’s a fantastic community. Sometimes I show up sometimes I DJ on there as well be great to have you join our 2000 Plus person community on Discord. So, anyway, folks, what is the super ego and its gateway, that’s the origin of the super ego.

That’s where it comes from. According to John Milton’s book, The Paradise Lost the gateway functions, we talked about how there’s the chaotic way in there’s also the orderly way and chaotic act, chaotic activation or a chaotic transition, orderly transition, etc. Going in and out. There’s also you can go into these gateways through we haven’t talked about yet, but I’m talking about soon through kind of orbit activation or cognitive access or activation, we’ll be talking about that in the future probably about a season 18 lecture, but the bottom line is this folks, the super ego, while is by default, demonic the source of sin nature and the source of the human condition for our race, it is also it is also the source of the absolute good or the absolute truth are trickster functions, think about that.

Think about it, the parent function is the source of responsibility in the ego right. And when that and then when the child function becomes the parent function of the subconscious, it is the source of humility. And when the critic function is energized and and developed in the the unconscious that becomes a source of wisdom. What happens to the Trickster function, what is developed in the angelic form of the super ego, folks, guess what? If I have FYI trickster, that means I can come to the highest understanding of what the absolute good is if you have ti trickster, this is you ENFPs and you ESFPs you have the capability to understand what absolute truth really is.

Specifically because your trickster functions have become developed so much

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