Season 17, Episode 5 Transcript



Hey what’s up may go hackers. It’s CS Joseph with CS Joseph dot life doing another episode for season 17. This is going to be my second take for this particular episode. Reason being, the sound was screwed, I accidentally stepped on my microphone, and it’s a bit of an expensive piece of equipment.

So I have my backup microphone, not as high quality. Hopefully it does the job. So let me know in the comments if you think this microphone is okay. Or if I need to switch back to my other one, I ordered a replacement.

So we’ll see how that goes. But anyway, this particular lecture, we are going to be talking about the path to enlightenment, if you want to understand what it is to become enlightened or integrated, or become a better view, and how to unlock the angelic power of the super ego and get it away from the demonic power of the super ego, then this is the episode for you. And season 17 Episode Five, what is the super ego, and its gateway basically. And the gateway function for it is the demon function.

For this particular episode, we’re also doing a book giveaway. The book is John Milton’s Paradise Lost in plain English, it is the giveaway. And it will be I believe, it’s pretty awesome as life changing book for myself. And it also is the basis of this particular lecture.

Kind of interesting, like not having a cord attached to me and whatnot. So I got a little bit more mobile freedom than I’m like used to. So it’s pretty awesome, maybe I’ll just like have a little bit more, you know, want dancing as, as I normally do. So who knows how it goes, I mean, elder one and hand and everything.

So, and let’s just get down to the lecture, I don’t want to have like any of those 15 minute introductions that I’m used to. So the path to enlightenment, what is the super ego, the super ego, while the unconscious is very mysterious, in terms of the four sides of mind, as we had last talked about in our last episode, which is season 17, episode four, the super ego, I would say is definitely the most misunderstood. It’s also the least talked about. I mean, if you think about it, the four sides of the mind as a theory, you know, four sides theory of union, analytical psychology, or typology as we know it.

I mean, it’s a very, it’s a new theory, it’s a it’s a theory that just hasn’t been around. And, you know, you know, when, when, when I, when I first developed it, you know, back in the day, it really had a different a different approach. It’s kind of evolved, you know, over the years, but, you know, like I said, you know, it comes from like, you know, pieces taken from me, from Freud pieces taken from Jung, and various other psychologists, you know, throughout, and just kind of put together this comprehensive framework, and the super ego itself, a lot of people don’t understand the super ego, where it comes from what it does what it even means. And I think the most in depth I get about the super ego is what is the cognitive attitude of the demon function, which is season 16, episode eight.

So you can basically think of this episode as like the continuation of what was talked about in season 16, episode eight. This is kind of like part two and part three, I guess, of that particular lecture, if that lecture is part one. And by the way, this outline is frickin long, there’s a chance I might actually get to two hours with this lecture. And there may be like, part one and two, because the super ego is so not covered by the psychological community, that I think it definitely needs its day in court.

So this is definitely going to be its day in court. A lot of people maintain the super ego is worthless, useless. Why do we even bother trying to develop what’s its what’s the purpose? Why is it even here? Is it just where people’s evil comes from? Is there anything we could do about it? Is there any advantage to having etc. And I think I think that because it’s so misunderstood, people can’t realize you know, just how important it is.

I had talked a long time ago about you know, I’ve dropped a few bombs here and there about God functions and whatnot. But before anyone can even before we can even begin talking about God functions and what that even means. We just start talking about angelic functions. And what that is, well, what is an angelic function.

Angelic function is basically a demonic function, a demon function turned into an angelic function, the demonic force within the mind being turned into an angelic force. And that’s done through developing one’s super ego by using a an orderly transition instead of a chaotic transition via an app Access activation or an orbit activation into the mind. Now wait a minute, for CS Joseph, that’s like a lot of like word soup there that I don’t even really know, don’t worry, folks, we’re actually going to be releasing a book in the very near future, that helps actually take all this terminology, put it all in one place that you can, like, understand it, and we’re actively working on this book right now. If you’d like to make it come out faster, by all means, please assist us by becoming a patron and financially contributing to this to this movement, because that will make that book come out faster.

And then we can definitely, you know, have it available, etcetera. We, it’s halfway done, and it is coming. And it has all this information compiled in one place, kind of like a compendium, it’s like the Compendium, companion, I guess, companion book to all these lectures and everything here. So you can understand each of these components of psychology, and moving forward, etc.

And of course, the super ego is definitely represented. But you’ll learn about cognitive access activation, ICANN orbit activation, all these different pathways is neuro pathways within our souls themselves. To help understand exactly how our brains work, you know, because you have positive energy charge and negative energy charge with there in each of the gateways. This is something I haven’t really talked about very much.

It’s like pretty cutting edge right. Now, I’m just gonna be talking a little bit more in depth about chaotic versus orderly activations later, but I’ll be slightly touching on this lecture, when we get to get to that point in terms of the gateway functions, probably might actually talk about a little bit more in the next lecture just to make sure it’s really flushed out. So, but more on that later, I will be touching on it in this in this lecture. So anyway, it’s no secret that you know, the four sides of the mind, we have the ego, we have the subconscious, we have the unconscious, and we have the super ego, each of the four sides of the mind, 1234, etc.

And they all have this primary, secondary yin and yang dominant recessive relationship, all the way through as much as the cognitive functions do as well. This is how our minds are structured, each of our souls and each of our souls represent sixteens, human natures, all the way across the board. Our typology is our nature, although how we live our lives and express ourselves through our typology through our nature is equals our nurture, right and nurture and nature ends up having its own yin and yang dominant and recessive relationship equilibrium and of its own self. That’s really complicated, but it’s actually how it works.

Just understand though, like, when it comes to super ego, specifically, you have to know where it is in relation to the other to really understand it, you have to know where it is in relation to the other sides of the mind. And at the top of the decide at the first at the apex of our minds is our ego. And remember the egos purpose is bringing order to chaos and tau tau. That’s what it is.

Whereas the subconscious is where a person is able to seek happiness and they gain happiness as a result of conquering their insecurity, which can either lead to pride or if they are they conquer their insecurity and gain security as a result of faith, then they can gain humility and humility is necessary to achieve happiness as the final result of the subconscious. But the final product of the subconscious is ultimately humility, right? Then we have the unconscious side of the mind, the unconscious aka the shadow, the unconscious side of the mind is where a person is ignorant and they have a lot of suffering in their life and obstacles in their life. And that ignorance gets in their way and they’re basically fighting this constant battle against ignorance. So that they are forced to gain knowledge as a result of being ignorant so that they can have the final product which is wisdom ultimately wisdom that comes through the developing of the critic function as much as the person’s sense of responsibility is developed through the parent function of the ego etc.

Well guess what we have something similar going on for for the unconscious side of the mind and that’s like the development of the critic basically. And that critic would that critic development it comes wisdom so wisdom is the final product of the of the unconscious, so the egos final product is order. The final product of the subconscious is humility, and the final product of the unconscious is wisdom. What’s next? What’s that? Well, we got to go to the super ego of course, how do we how do we go to the super ego? What’s the super ego all about? Where Where does the what is? Why is it useful? What how We get there, why don’t you do it? But here’s the thing.

Think about it this way, if we’re going to be developing our super egos, basically, if we’re going to be really developing our super ego, how are you going to achieve this? I talked about how, you know, the super ego. And I mean, we have a super ego up here. Here’s an ENFP. Mind, here’s the ego, the subconscious, the unconscious, the super ego.

The Super, the super ego is where a person’s like absolute power is definitely, you know, located within their brains and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And so the thing is, is if you’re the ego up here, and you go directly on the super ego, it’s the equivalent of doing a deal with the devil, you’re gonna get completely screwed, right? So why do you have order why a facility while you have wisdom, okay, then you go to the super ego, after conquering all these other sides of the mind, well, then all sudden, the super ego is not so superfluous anymore. It’s not so demonic anymore, it can actually be turned into an angelic force, because instead of doing the quick way, the expedient way, you went to the meaningful way. And because you spent all the time doing the meaningful thing, then you are at last able to conquer your super ego, control your super ego, develop your super ego, and then utilize your super ego as a force for good.

Instead of using it a force for evil, which is the default. Why? Because just like Dumbledore said, a time a time will come when people need to make the decision between doing what is right versus doing what is easy. And when you take the easy route, it’s literally your ego going directly to the super ego, which turns into a very destructive force, and then the entire world explodes while you’re at it. You don’t want to do that.

You know what I’m saying? It’s kind of like, I don’t know, everything going wrong with the world happening all at once. Not exactly. The best thing, right. So this continues to be an issue for the human race, this is a huge problem for the human race.

Because what the super ego itself, it’s innately demonic, it’s innately evil, it provides, it’s like this parasite that’s attached to our souls. And it’s latched on basically. And it’s corrupting. It’s got literally anybody tendrils going all around trying to get to the ego, right.

And it’s trying to turn the ego evil, actually, beyond that, its tendrils of evil or corrupting force, the soul such as grabbing ahold of the ego, and pulling itself to the ego, so that it, you know, ego shifts, ego shifts with the ego, and it basically effectively flips and replaces the ego. And then we have this outcome here, where the demon or the super ego becomes the ego of the soul. And that’s ultimately the super egos goal, the goal of the super ego, the goal of the demon is basically to ultimately replace the ego. And instead of being a source of order, like the ego is, it becomes a source of chaos, right? So look at it this way, the ego is responsible for being the source of order, and then the subconscious is there to execute that order, and in humility, et cetera, the unconscious, you know, it’s the it’s the executor of chaos and the source of chaos ultimately, would be the, the super ego.

And, and that’s and that’s basically kind of where it is these these other opposing ends of this unit Yang equilibrium with basically how the universe works, etc. Because that equilibrium is like an everything, it’s like a consistent and Roberts and more about Robert Slater Rockstar, gonna dive into what a robber is actually means, at least in terms of our minds, etc. And how that symbol is very necessary for like, eternity, etc. But the point is, is that the super ego is responsible for the human condition, Martin Luther of the father of the Protestant church.

And disclaimer here, I don’t care about church, I don’t care about Christianity. I don’t care about selling you on religion, you guys, I mean, honestly, you guys can be atheist, you guys can be Muslim, you can be Mormon, I really don’t care doesn’t make no difference to me. I have my own personal belief system, my own spiritual beliefs. I’m not here to like sell you on them.

I’m not here to push them on you. I could care less. I just hope you allow me the freedom to practice my own faith or my own belief system. And as much as I would allow you to practice your own faith in your own belief system, because God knows I’m going to defend your right to do so because that’s what this country is all about.

But apparently, you know, that is not necessarily thing everywhere. And I understand that. But let’s be honest, folks, how about we have mutual respect for our neighbor and love our neighbors ourselves? Instead of like, you know, being douchebags about it all the time. Like that would be nice, but probably because of the super ego, because that’s what the super ego does folks that corrupts all of humanity.

The Human Condition is everywhere. You hear people talk about the human condition. That’s basically a Um, I don’t know what the Church calls secular speak for sin nature and you know and sin nature is what the church would call it. sin nature being, humanity, humanity’s propensity to be corrupt and perform evil acts, and it’s because of the super ego lashing in onto the soul like a parasite and sucking, putting so much pressure on the ego that wants to switch the ego.

Martin Luther the father Protestant Church says, the sin nature is defined by the self bending in upon the self basically, and then they replace each other. And then you have an ego shift that leads to a very dangerous super ego situation. There’s plenty of examples of that. And I always talk about the Heath Ledger portrayal of the Joker is an example of an NTP stuck in their super ego as a result of ego shifting.

That’s basically what happens it’s a great portrayal of it. There are some other examples as well, for example, like Darth Vader is another example of him ego shifting into ENFP, a super ego and executing and through the lawful evil of ISTJ shadow, for example, because he’s an ESTP ego, okay, yeah, that’s my opinion, I get it, but trust me, like on that one, or you don’t have to whatever, Anakin Skywalker, I maintain as an ESTP. And you know, and then Darth Vader is more of like this ISTJ ish shifting between ENFP super ego and ISTJ unconscious, and then going back into ESTP mode, Fe child activates the safest son from being killed, but also makes sense that they’re like polar opposites because the son Luke Skywalker is an INFJ and he himself is an ESTP. Super high camaraderie there the camaraderie leads to like, this negative relationship between the two, which ultimately teaches the other huge lessons that saves both of the other person.

So just kind of think about that, you know. So anyway, based on that, the self bending and on the self, this causes humanity to become corrected over time is causes a lot of strife, pain, anguish, this is like okay, we have nuclear power, but because of the super ego now we have nuclear weapons. When knowledge or wisdom is uncontained, it can create basically a mass catastrophic failure or loss of life on global proportions. That’s the power of the super ego is extremely powerful.

A demon is extremely powerful. And it can literally make anything happen literally has the power to make everything anything happen. And unless the thing about mankind, mankind has limitless potential, I don’t know why people think that they’re so limited, but in reality, people need to start viewing mankind is completely unlimited. Mankind is unlimited it that’s a fact folks that that that is a total fact, mankind is completely unlimited.

I mean, Genesis chapter 11, verse six says that if as one people who speak the same language, if they can accomplish all of this, then nothing that they set out to do will be impossible for them. Anything is possible with the mankind. So be aware, they just have to be united, and have the same motive, and speak the same language and nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them. And according to the book of Genesis, God said that, so we might want to listen to that.

So anyway, so why so how do we solve this problem? Well, we solve this problem by you know, gaining enlightenment or integration in it. Cognitive integration, as I’ve talked about before, is basically, when you finally have inner peace, with all sides of your mind, Buddhists talk about like, not having a care in the world, which is like they make this cremation of care argument that you know, something that you some crazy dancer, you’d probably find it the Bohemian club or something like that, you know, talking about the cremation of care, the cremation of carries, like, Oh, we’re, we’re suffering so horribly. So how about we just stop caring, and then we won’t be suffering anymore, which is basically a huge cop out and an excuse, and actually a very demonic point of view. I mean, think about it, if you’re a bunch of angels cast out of heaven and exile in heaven, and you were put into like, this fiery prison for all of eternity, and everything was absolutely miserable there.

You know, maybe if you could just turn off, you know, whether or not you actually care about that or not, maybe you’re suffering wouldn’t be so bad, right? So I guess that that that song or that chant or whatever they call it, the cremation of care. I guess it would make sense from that point of view from the super ego. And, yeah, well, that doesn’t exactly lead to enlightenment or integration, it leads to ignorance actually. Because How about taking responsibility for your actions? You know, I would wager taking responsibility for one’s actions may actually lead to enlightenment or integration.

Instead of actually having The ultimate excuse aka cop out and focus on not caring about anything at all. Hashtag no attachments, right? See, this is where I absolutely fundamentally disagree with the Buddhists because I don’t like or even or even Jedi tradition from Star Wars, attachment leads to all these problems actually have to I have to argue that attachment is actually a very good thing. No, this is where all the people would be like, No, you need to read that book attach we’re talking about attachment styles, you have secure attachment style, or an anxious attachment style, or, or avoidant attachment style, all these different attachment styles, etc. Okay, yes, definitely research attachment styles.

But that’s not the context with which I’m speaking. Having attachments, like relationships with other people is super important. Because let me tell you something, folks, when you die, there’s the there’s only one thing you can take with you. And that is your relationships with other people.

So I suggest you go out of your way, investing in relationships with other people, and becoming a better version of you. And reaching integration and reaching enlightenment as we’re defining it today. And not necessarily enlightenment, or Nirvana, as defined by the Hindus, or Buddhists or any ism out there. Because that’s not really what life is all about.

It just really isn’t. Life is not about what is a good or bad thing. Life is not about what is the true or false thing. Life is about what is a wise thing and what is not right.

So let’s shed our ignorance focus on what is wise and do it in humility, because here’s the thing, if we’re trying to develop our super ego, think about it. What’s actually let’s use let’s use blue here. If you think about it, we have we have humility, okay. And we have wisdom.

Right here. We have order, okay. And then here we have the meaningful or the angelic, right, we’re trying to unlock this an angelic, okay, so why do we care? Why do we care about it being angelic? Well, I mean, in the same way, it’s the Nemesis function, which is the gateway to the unconscious. It’s a nemesis, it’s a villain, but we could turn it into an ally, right? Or the same way we have the gateway into the subconscious knows the Inferior function, we could turn into an aspirational function.

Well, the gateway into the super ego is known as the demon function, and the demon function that can be turned into angelic, right? So why would we want to turn that into July? Well, it’s kind of hard to make it to not have it just go demonic, you know, straight away, because it will have a demonic, we just go straight from the order, you know, and try to force the demon against his will to do something with the order provided by the super ego, or by the ego. How many times have people written in literature in history? I mean, even the Apostle Paul does this, you know, I can’t just order myself to do what I wanted to do. That’s just not how it works. Right.

I think that’s actually, I think Ray Dalio said that in his books and his book principles, I think that was also mentioned in the laws of human nature by Robert Greene don’t quote me on that, I need to verify that. I think that may have also been mentioned in the 50th law by Robert Greene. And there’s another book that I read recently where they’re talking about that. Maybe it’s mastery by Robert Greene, I’m not sure.

But the bottom line is, you can’t just order yourself to do something even you are going to not do what you do in that regard. See, the thing is, is that the demon needs to be humiliated, the demon needs to succumb to wisdom before it has enough respect to listen to what the ego is trying to say to it. You see what I’m saying? Why does the demon have any respect for what the ego says? The demon sees the ego as something that is not worthy of its respect. It sees it as unwise.

It sees it as immature it sees it as lacking humility. It sees it as prideful, that demon absolutely harbors hatred for the ego. See, that’s a problem. Huge amounts of hatred for the ego.

And because the demon thinks that the super ego thinks that the ego itself is a problem, that the demon thinks that the hero is a waste of time, the demons like I’m more strong, I’m more powerful than the hero, the hero, like is weak. The hero is like, Come on, I’m the master of the underworld here. Why do I have to care what the hero has to say? How can the hero have anything to benefit me? Why should I serve the whims of the hero? Why should I serve the whims of the ego? Why should I have anything to do with that? So subsequently, the super ego has this absolute disdain for the ego, right? Well, that’s a problem. That’s, that’s a huge problem.

How are we going to get away from this? How is this going to happen? So as a result of that, if you’re trying to exert border or exert control of your super you Go, you will fail. Because guess what, folks, that’s the expedient route. You’re using that order to try to control superego. You think you can catch the devil in a deal? You think you can catch them catch them the fine prints with with the contract there? Yeah, no, see, that’s not going to happen.

That’s not going to happen at all right? You’re going to lose. It’s like, oh, yeah, Mr. Devil, I’m going to make a really big deal for you. You’re gonna bring me the most beautiful woman in the entire world, and she’ll become my wife straight up.

And that was like, oh, yeah, sure, we can make that deal. I will definitely do that for you. But didn’t exchange you must give me your manhood. Right? Or, as Paul would say, or maybe, or, as I as Jesus would say, I think Jesus said, It is like, what profits a man if he gains the entire world but loses his soul? Right? What profits man, you know, and that’s, that’s really important because like from an NTP standpoint, it’s funny because we have the power to gain the world, but we don’t have the power to keep it, you see what I’m saying.

So there’s like, there’s a lot of interesting innuendos, or symbology attached to that subliminal messages will say, that we’re just not really aware of. And that’s just one example. Why? Because the super ego, again, hates the ego, and it has no respect for so if the ego tries to go after the super ego right away, it’s just gonna turn into catastrophe. And this is where we continually have that destructive demonic nature, that sin nature coming out of our souls, and literally wiping out everything and destroying things, destroying relationships, destroying our lives, causing us to do bad things.

And it’s also what causes bad things to happen to good people and all those types of things, right? Bad things don’t just happen to bad people, right? So you got to look at it in that in that in those terms from that from that point of view, right? Well, here’s the thing. It’s also not good enough for the for the super ego to even respect the ego because it’s like, okay, you’re coming at me with order, okay, sure, fine. You’re coming at me with wisdom. Okay, sure, fine, but you’re not humble about it.

You’re being prideful. You lack humility. You didn’t develop your subconscious. You lack humility, which means you’re prideful.

So I still have no respect for you. So I’m still going to take you out. Or vice versa, you know, oh, you have order. Oh, and you have you have humility.

You’re really happy in your life, huh? Wow. That’s really be a really good security yourself, hon. Yeah, but you’re an idiot. You’re ignorant.

You don’t actually know anything. You are not wise enough. So why should I respect you? Ego? Why should I respect you hero function? Why? Because you’re lacking in humility. You got all the wisdom in the world, but you’re so prideful about it.

Or you have all the humility in the world, but you are so unwise, how can I self respecting super ego? Have ones have anything to do with the ego? Why would I want to be friends the ego? Why, why I want to be integrated into the rest of your mind and let you use my awesome, amazing super high power and let you have my power. Why, when you’ve demonstrated to me that you’re unwise, you lack humility, you’re completely chaotic. And because of that, I’m just going to mirror what you’re doing. I’m just going to be chaotic to kind of interesting how STP and FJ Quadra their mirrors, right? Especially INFJs.

They’re just going to mirror everything back to you. And the super ego sees that the rest of these things are not in order. Wait a minute. The ego sets the order, right? And if any of these things, I think these bases aren’t covered, the super ego is not even remotely interested.

So what does it benefit the super ego? Remember, the super ego is all about evil. What is evil? Spoiled goodness, let me tell you if I am going to go to the cookie jar, and don’t be wrong, I want me some cookies. It’s like life rule number 17. According my father, beware of women bearing chocolate chip cookies.

That’s a fact. Let’s be straight. Use if a woman shows up with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, and she’s offering them to you. You gotta be like, Wait a minute.

What does she want from me? You know, it’s a covert contract, right? That’s why we have life rule 17 Beware of women burying chocolate chip cookies, because those chocolate chip cookies they’re gonna get you. What are you going to do? Like what like, seriously? What are you going to do in that situation? It’s a covert contract. So the super ego is like, oh, okay, your covert contract me right? That’s not going to work. Okay.

So how do you get the super ego to a point to let go of its demonic nature Are and allow you to use its angelic power. For the sake of the rest of the mind, it has to come to a point where it loves and respects the ego. The only way that is as if you have full development downsides in mind, the ego needs to develop its parent function, so that it has a sense of responsibility, aka order, the unconscious needs to develop its critic function so that it has because remember, when you’re developing yourself, when you’re developing your functions, not including gateways, this is not including gateways to finish the development of a side of your mind, you have to develop the second function, the axillary function per side of the mind. And for the ego, that’s the parent, the parent function is the last function to actually develop that is not a gateway, okay? Because the hero you’re given that first and then your child comes to swipe people getting the hero child and mature loops, because the parent function isn’t there to have a sense of responsibility to keep the child in check.

Right? So the parent function when it felt that sense of responsibility, sense maturity, its sense of order, then okay, and the super ego starts to respect a little bit more than ego but it’s still not it’s still not all the way there. Right. And then it’s the same thing with the with the unconscious, you know, it’s credit function. Okay, you got wisdom now great.

You got responsibility figured out, you got wisdoms figured out? Okay. That’s awesome. Oh, yeah. Now you got humility figured out.

Because you’re not letting giving, you’re giving into pride, you know, because the child function can be insanely prideful. But that Pride goes away. And the child function usually becomes prideful, as a result of the insecurity bleeding into it from the Inferior function, when it’s inversed into, it’s for an exit in this example, the INTJ subconscious, or it’s like, oh, you know, I, I’m really intelligent, I know all about everything, because I am te child es FP mode, right? You know, I, I’m the most research, I’ve put in the most effort, I know what’s up, you know, and then like, the super ego doesn’t buy it, right. So each of these things, if you do not have all these bases covered, you’re not gonna be able to integrate the super ego and the rest of your mind, which means you’re not going to reach integration, you’re not going to reach enlightenment, you are going to be left behind, okay? And then you are literally going to be consumed by your super ego for the rest of your existence such that imagine this, if mankind was immortal, everyone had these super egos and will basically mean that since people have to worry about sleeping pill to worry about pooping, people don’t have to worry about, you know, eating as much anymore because their moral are basically frozen in time.

They’re undead, basically, all that extra time that they have, they’ll just use the plot against their neighbor, and it literally turns the Earth into a hellhole. It turns into a slave world. Think about it. Ray Kurzweil, the leader of the transhumanist movement, the guy who talks about singularity, talking about immortality via technology.

I’m here to tell you folks, immortality via technology is inevitable. It is absolutely inevitable. And it’s so inevitable that according to Ray Kurzweil, it’s coming the century. He who controls the technology that gives mankind immortal, it will let a mortality will literally rule this planet, because that person is able to solve fear of death.

And that fear of death can be used as leverage over anyone who participates in that foe and mortality. Oftentimes, I even consider from the book of Revelation, the Bible, oh, gotta love all those biblical examples because Chase, you are raised by a pastor, no wonder, Sumi book Revelation talks about the mark of the beast, I often wonder if the Mark of the Beast is actually people accepting that faux immortality, they literally become slaves. Because there’s always an off switch. And if you don’t do what I say, I’m going to turn off your immortality.

Think about that. Better to die in your feet than live as a slave on your knees. Right. So that’s the difference.

That’s kind of what the forefathers had in mind when they set up the Constitution of the United States were more so actually the Declaration of Independence, right? Declaration of Independence as a document symbolizes that whole ideology. But it was it is the vision. That’s the the brainchild of Benjamin Franklin, the Declaration of Independence is the vision but the Constitution is the execution of that vision. Right.

The Constitution would be the NTJ to the direction of independence is NTP. Think about that. Right? And it’s very pragmatic Declaration of Independence is all about pragmatism has nothing to do with that King George affiliative. That’s right, folks.

Pay attention Why is it important integrate, if we do not integrate, then this world will not change, and we will be in misery indefinitely. You got to view life not as this finite thing, you have to view life as this eternal thing. Okay? Eternal this is all eternal, right? There is no late because why? If the ego exists and the ego represents the why, and the unconscious represents the how, for example, then what’s the point? Right? What’s the point from putting all of this complex cognition together and just leave us on our own from like a deist point of view, or from a you know, oh, we manifested ourselves Point of View More on that in a second. It really comes down to like, integration is absolutely necessary, because it’s the only way to solve the human condition.

You hear about your about the transhumanists, you hear about the New Atheists you hear about Scientology, you hear about the Christians, you hear about the the hominins, aka the Muslims, you hear about the Mormons, you hear about whatever you read about the Buddhists or Hindus or whatever ism that exists on this planet, everyone claiming to have like, the ultimate path to God, or the ultimate path to the crater, or to enlightenment, or ascension, or immortality or all these things, right? You hear people make all these arguments about they have the best way, et cetera, was one of them actually solves this problem. Like seriously, which one actually solves the problem of the super ego. Say no one is actually explained how it actually works. This is what bothers me.

This is why I can’t subscribe to a specific church or a specific belief system. Right? Because people don’t understand the system. This is the system, okay. Enlightenment is defined by you reaching absolute full integration with all four sides of your mind.

And all four sides, your mind developed in such a way where you gain the tools, the tools to integrate in your super ego. If you try to integrate your super ego, without humility, and without wisdom, and without responsibility, aka order from your other three sides of your mind, you will fail. You will fail. And when you fail, the consequences are disastrous.

The consequences can lead to death. Everyone watching this knows just how far human evil can go. We still see it to this day. You don’t think slavery is a thing today.

You know, apparently some guy just committed suicide, who’s going to go down in history as as the greatest human trafficker ever. Apparently, his his a human trafficking sex Island was raided this morning by the FBI. You know, who knows? I don’t know what the full story is. I just know that.

You know, in situations like that, like human evil is definitely a thing. Because there are people out there that view us, aka the profane. They view us like cattle and they treat us like cattle, they structure our monetary system like our cattle are the food we eat kibble like cattle, they regiment, our lives like cattle. I mean, look at how soldiers are treated.

Look at that speech given by Charlie Chaplin and his speech within this movie of The Great Dictator, where he actually spoke. And it was a parody about Hitler. And he gave this great speech that supposedly ended all of war. Basically, it’s like, you know, you know, soldiers Don’t give yourselves to Bruce to brutes who diet you who regiment your lives, right? And there’s a reason for that, okay.

You know, the faster you come to realize that people are treated like cattle in this world, the more you realize that, hmm, I’m just a number or I’m just a tag or I’m just a thing, a little, a little record in a database. That’s literally all you are. You’re just a statistic. If you want to go beyond being a statistic, I suggest you integrate all four sides of your mind and become a great human being a human being that changes history.

Not unlike people like Malcolm X, or Jesus Christ, or John the Baptist, right. There’s so many other famous people, even Martin Luther, you know, even though I fundamentally disagree with him in certain areas, Joseph Smith, another person I fundamentally disagree with in certain areas, but the point is, people are capable so much more if they just integrate all four sides of their mind. It is the path to enlightenment, okay, because enlightenment is when you’re at at peace with all four sides, your mind, sometimes people are like, you know, hey, I’m like this way, you know, I mean, one side of me at Rusu. But the other side of me is like, ya know, when that when they say that they’re literally referring to the four sides of their mind.

That’s what they are. That’s what they’re saying, Folks, that’s they’re saying, So, you got to integrate, you got to integrate. So. So how do you reach integration? Again, it’s this simple, you just have to find the order.

Develop that responsibility within the ego through your parent function, develop the wisdom through your critic function, develop humility, develop humility, bring that child to form of humility and not pride when that child becomes a parent function basically, within the within the inversed ego of the subconscious, essentially, and gain for yourself humility, because if you lack humility, you will have pride. How many times for example, if we seen INFJs, have this God Complex, their ti child to cover their insecurity of their performance anxiety from their se, inferior, right? Or look at ENFPs ESF peas, how many times do they cover their insecurity of not having enough experience by pretending to be a no at all? It’s pride. And remember, folks, pride comes before the fall, because the super ego guarantees that they’re going to fall, because they’re prideful. That’s how it works.

The super ego has no respect for the ego. So that’s how to reach enlightenment. In a nutshell, that’s literally how you reach enlightenment. And that’s, those are the tools they need to extract these tools, as adults are developing the size of the mind such that you go to the super ego, the super ego sees all you have humility, all you have order, you have responsibility, aka order, you have wisdom.

Great, I’m ready. Okay. But let’s talk about how that actually, mechanically works within cognitive transitions. When you’re going into well, there goes the one when you’re going into each of the different sides of the mind.

You know, you have a you have the inferior gateway in here. And then you have then the Nemesis, the Nemesis gateway into here. Then you have the demon gateway, and here, right. And then you have the whatever gateway here for the hero, for example.

Oh my gosh, those directions kind of look weird. Like a, you know, I mean, an Robertus. Wow. More on that later.

But the point is, is that you have different gateways going in different sides, your mind, the heroes, the first gateway, the first the second gateway, the Nemesis is the third gateway and the demon is the fourth gateway. Well, you can go into gateway one or two ways. Yes, two doors. Actually.

There’s two doors. You have a big door, you have a small door, big doors, the negative door, the small doors, the positive door, these are doors, okay. And this is the gateway and each of them positive negative charge basically now we’re getting into like physics here. Yes.

Your mind for these neuro pathways that are going through your soul. Yes, your soul as neural pathways. That’s how it works. I wonder how its represented in the brain.

Maybe we need to talk to Dario Nardi about that and find out I don’t know, but the point is, positive or negative, okay. It’s the you know, just like, just like the Bible says, The way is narrow. The Narrow Way, is what we call the orderly way. Okay, the orderly way, The Big Easy Way.

The expedient is the chaotic way. Wait a minute. This is like a yin and yang, hold on, hold on a yin and yang, what really? Chaos versus order? Wait a minute, how does that work? Hmm. So when you go into any of your gateway functions, you’re going to go into them chaotically or you’re going to go into them in an orderly manner.

I would imagine it’s a lot mentally harder, more difficult. Gosh, hey, my grammar is terrible today. For some reason. You can go into your Inferior function in an orderly fashion, to you know, get into your subconscious or you can do in a chaotic way.

What happens when you’re going being pushed into your subconscious chaotically what happens? Oh, you are insecure. You are afraid as good old Mr. Kevin chin. God bless him, said this, quote, fear is the chaos not yet confronted.

Ah, ah, love that. Thank you for posting that Mr. Kevin Chen. That was the dopest.

Okay, so fear, if you’re afraid, and you’re insecure functions, your Inferior function and you’re going into your subconscious, okay, you’re going into your subconscious and you’re afraid you’re gonna go into the chaotic and trance through your Inferior function. So all of this right here, Inferior function, okay? Very function which store you’re gonna go in, are you gonna go in the narrow path, the straight narrow path? Or are you going to go into the chaotic Easy Street Map path? You know, it’s kind of like that movie I want to watch the child talk about the prodigal son has all these biblical references, you know, I mean, that’s what happens when you’re raised by a pastor’s kid. But think about it. This this movie talked about, you know, this guy he was the prodigal son, you know, is like, oh my god, it’s all about smart work.

Not necessarily hardware. Wait a minute, chaotic order. Is this like the hair? You know? Is this like the tortoise? Wait a minute, the tortoise and the hare? Why is that fable keep coming back? Maybe it’s just like yin and yang equilibrium everywhere. Maybe expert intuition hero can actually see how all these symbols come together.

Oh, but no J’s, you’re actually an EN TJ and you’re just afraid to admit it. Because your entire brain is all set up right on top of being like, you know, an intp. When we all know you’re really an ENT, TJ, Mr. CS Chow staff like, Okay, guys, how about you actually present some evidence to the contrary? Oh, but wait, you can’t.

So I think we’re just going to move forward, exactly as we’re doing. Because that’s true. As someone pointed out to me, my meetup group yesterday, and especially is just saying if like, I do now that your framework is very consistent, but you define the cognitive functions different than everybody else? And I’m like, Yeah, of course, because they’re all wrong. And I’m like, the only right person about that.

Well, don’t you think that’s really arrogant to say, like, no, not if I’m right. If I’m actually correct about something, it’s not arrogant? Well, I that’s a matter of opinion. No, it’s not because you can actually take the system called the four sides theory, and actually had us practical application and find out that actually works. And it’s consistent, which would make me correct and everyone else incorrect.

Whereas you look at other people’s letter dichotomies, you have one group over here, claiming that I’m an ENT, TJ, you have another group over here, using the same four letter dichotomy system that group A is using claiming I’m an EN TJ, group B over here is claiming that I’m an ENFP, which they’re more, they’re more consistent claiming an ENFP because this group B is also the same group that claims that people that get like Gary Vaynerchuk, and Tai Lopez, and the like, are actually in TPS, okay. And they’re claiming that I’m an ENFP. And this is Group B, right? But Group A over they’re still thinking that like, I’m an INTJ. For some reason, I’d be more inclined to agree with Ruby, even though I know they’re wrong.

But at least they have some semblance of consistency there. They’re still consistently wrong. Whereas no offense guys, I’m consistently right. So, the point is, for the gateways, we talked about Chapter Seven of 12 rules for life right? Do what is meaningful, not expedient, I cannot stress how important that entire concept is.

That literally is the fable of the tortoise and the hare, the tortoise, or the hare represents talent, raw talent, but that raw talent uncontained leads to chaos. This is like, you know, the martial arts students studying on their master. And the master has got a rod, they’re constantly hitting the student over and over and over every failure that they ever make, right? Wax on wax on wax on wax off, right? Wait a minute. You see what I’m saying? Like it’s uncontrolled.

It’s uncontained. It lacks order. It lacks order, folks. So what does that exactly mean? If it lacks order? Well, because it lacks order, the tortoise? Well, it’s hard working.

It lacks talent. But it’s hard working. Maybe human beings are a mixture of the both maybe the tortoise and the hare is a yin and yang equilibrium of both. Maybe we need to become more orderly, and, you know, bring order to chaos and shed the chaos, right? Maybe, maybe that’s what we should be doing.

You ever thought of that? You ever thought of that? Maybe Maybe that’s what we should be doing. I’m losing my word. internal capabilities, but not my one. I’m good to go.

So raw talent. Here’s another way of looking at the hair. You ever hear the term youth and skill? Ah, that’s the hair. What is the tortoise, the tortoise is all about hard work.

It’s the school of hard knocks, basically, school of hard knocks, it’s all about hard work, hard knocks, etc. And nice cactus. That’s Larry, the cactus, I should probably want her hard work the straight and narrow path, also known as h and treachery, because agent Treasury always beats youth in skill, hard work always beats talent, the tortoise always beats the hare. But no, you want to do the quick route, the quick route is going to the expedient route, you’re going to lose the race.

That’s why when anytime you use any of your gateway functions, any of your gateway functions whatsoever, when you’re integrating doesn’t matter if you’re integrating or not, you can go into a gateway function chaotically or you go into a gateway function orderly. So this is what you call a chaotic transition or an orderly transition into one of the sides of your mind. If you’re going into your side of mind chaotically as a negative experience, it’s where your insecurity is going to come if you’re doing your subconscious, or unconscious, it’s where your worries going to come out. And you’re doing it because you’re worried or you’re doing it because you’re insecure for your for your subconscious, or for your super ego.

It comes out demonically very destructive, fear, very chaos. Right? It leads to chaos, because it’s destructive, not constructive. This is why the laws of thermodynamics support all of this, because the law of thermodynamics is that the man that everything in the universe is subject to entropy except our souls. Except our souls, our souls are actually increasing an order over time provided we do not succumb to the chaos, we have a choice, we have freewill, we can choose to have a chaotic transition, or sometimes we can’t choose sometimes we’re forced into a chaotic transition against our will.

But still, that is because of someone else imposing their will on to us. It’s external, it could be from another person or external stimuli from the chaos within nature, for example of the Earth itself. We’re going to talk about that. But it’s still chaotic.

Every single gateway function has these two doors you can go through you can be a hare or you can be a tortoise, you can do the chaotic gateway or you do the orderly gateway, you can take the harder way, the more meaningful way to get a better result. Or you can take the expedient route, and then burn out halfway through. Okay, this is the problem, the super ego will only accept being integrated, as long as you are using it to every single gateway for the other three sides of your mind. And they are all in tortoise mode.

They are all an orderly transition consistently. Okay, guys, this is raw mechanics of psychology right here, you won’t hear this anywhere else. You will not hear this anywhere else is the raw mechanics of psychology and cognitive development right here. Talk more about this later on other subsequent lectures, but I wanted to touch on it here, for the sake of this super mega long lecture right now.

It’s probably gonna be broken up into small pieces as we keep going. It’s probably at a stopping point, you’re pretty soon, but you want to develop the four sides of your mind. That’s how you do it. You got to watch out for, you know, doing the easy way, or doing the hard way.

Choose the hard way guys, just like that statement. You know, aim high. It’s better to aim high and Miss than to aim low and hit trust me. Way better.

Way better. Trust me. Am Hi. Don’t be a hair folks be the tortoise, getting that school of hard knocks put in the effort, right? I know that we talked about school of hard knocks for the unconscious right to gain that wasn’t because of failure, sick failure.

But the concept if you zoom out a little bit, it’s a yin and yang equilibrium between order and chaos and you have to choose how am I going to transition into my other side of mine because you You can use your freewill to go into that other side of the mind and get over insecurity, you can will yourself or discipline yourself, depending if you’re an SI or an NI user through your gateways and use them as such as you develop your souls. That’s how it works mechanically, but you have to make the choice. Sometimes external sources put you in those positions against your will. But if you developed your villain into An Ally, AKA your nemesis into An Ally function, then your hero and your ally can team up against those external forces and prevent them from putting you into chaotic transition against your will.

But then, again, sometimes you might have to make the decision to stand up for yourself. Hmm. Or maybe you’d have to be willing to put your life on the line for something, right? Kind of like what they did. So many times throughout history, put your life on the line.

So many people that put their lives on the line today for the right causes and the wrong cause, but they believe in the cause, right? Right and Wrong has nothing on belief. Because as far as anyone whose belief is concerned, right and wrong, kind of goes out the window. Again, life is not about what is good or bad. Life is not about what is true or false life is about what is wise and what is not.

There’s a reason for that. Awesome, we’re really only gotten through the first two bullet points, and we’re almost at an hour in of it. So remember, folks in order to reach integration, and what is the super ego for its gateway to really understand full integration all across the board, because we have to do that before we go into the super ego and its specific gateway, we have to understand how this works. You have to make sure that you’re going towards that chaos, and you’re going towards the order.

Which one are you choosing? Which one should you go in? Or which one do you want to go win? Right? It’s all about integration. Okay. So I think I think this is going to be a good stopping point. So if you found this lecture useful, helpful, educational, enlightening, please subscribe the channel.

And also leave a comment while you’re at it. If you have any questions about this, let me know. And hey, by the way, guys, this is only season 17, Episode Five, part one, I think there might be like two or three parts to this, this is going to be an ongoing lecture, okay? Because the super ego is a big deal. No one else is talking about it, no one else understands it.

And right now this community is coming to that understanding right now we’re getting to it, you just got to remember the tortoise and the hare, you got to remember that there are different gateways, different ways of passing through each of the gateways within your soul for you to be able to integrate your soul and unlock the capability that you unlock the right to correctly meaningfully develop your super ego folks, it is very, very important. It is very, very key. Don’t forget. So with that being said, also, like if you’d like to financially contribute to community forward slash CEUs Joseph become like a gold Tier member this private lectures, we’re actually doing a lot of this related content right now with each of the 16 types and how to cognitively develop how to get them closer to integration, how to get them closer to enlightenment.

So we’re actually walking each of the individual types through the path to enlightenment, and the path to development and maturity and wisdom and responsibility, etc. To get there. So like definitely, like get involved that I’d really appreciate it. So anyway, folks, with that being said, this is part one or part a part two or Part B I don’t even know what we’re going to call it I had no clue is going to start soon.

It’ll be released probably later this week. So look for it. Again, Episode Five is just going to be like it’s a monster episode multi part so we’re gonna get down to it. So anyway, folks, with that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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