Season 13, Episode 8 Transcript


Hey this is CS Joseph with, doing another episode on personal sovereignty and the sacred genders. It’s been a very interesting season, season 13, and I believe this is episode 8. If it’s not then it’s seven, but I really think it’s episode eight and Yeah, so We’re talking about the mature feminine again today. We talked about Queen as the last archetype of the mature feminine and that was probably the least liked lecture I’ve done on this channel because it got a lot of down votes on that, because for some reason, people are not willing to hear the message that I have to give in that particular lecture, but it is what it is. I can’t make everyone happy and sometimes the truth hurts and that’s just how we have to get over ourselves and deal with it. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there so today we’re gonna be talking about the mature feminine and the next archetype of the mature feminine according to Jungian analytical psychology, also known as depth psychology, and this is derived from the theory of Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. They wrote the book King, Warrior, Magician, Lover which I recommend anyone watching this lecture series to get a hold of as soon as possible.

Everyone and their mother needs to read it. Speaking of books that everyone and their mother needs to read, also coinciding with what we’re going to be talking about in today’s lecture, the book No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover. That’s a giveaway right now. And I believe this is the last lecture that you can attempt to enter for the giveaway. We’re giving away a free copy of No More Mr. Nice Guy in this particular round of giveaways and to enter for that all you have to do is be a subscriber, like this lecture, leave a comment, and you’re automatically entered to win a free copy of No More Mr. Nice Guy then that will be announced in my next lecture, which should be done over a whiteboard. I’ll write the name of the winner on my whiteboard and I will also announce it at the end of the lecture just in case. Anyone who is listening on the podcast could also potentially realize oh, hey, I’m a winner. I should probably, you know claim that. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there. It is a giveaway that we’re doing and like I said for this channel, since we broke 5,000 subscribers, we’re going to be doing giveaways on a regular basis from now on, so just wait till the next round of the giveaway begins. Yeah.


So what is the mature feminine and why is it important to talk about the mature feminine? It’s important to talk about the mature feminine because we live in a feminist society. The first world culture is now dominated by feminism. A lot of people say that’s a good thing, a lot of people say it’s a bad thing. Quite frankly, I’m somewhat neutral on the subject. Other than that, I maintain that feminism is probably one of the number one reasons why we have fatherlessness right now, especially in first world culture, and that fatherlessness is destroying maturity in all genders, essentially. So as a result, my mission is to put a stop to fatherlessness so that children actually know their fathers for once. That’d be nice. Especially children of minorities, although it’s getting worse and worse regardless of race. It is important that we make sure that we are standing up against fatherlessness as much as possible. That’s why I’m talking in depth about King, Warrior, Magician, Lover as well as the mature feminine archetypes as well. Although there’s not very much published material on the feminine archetypes of the mature feminine. But I’m sure we’ll get to it in the near future. There are a few resources online, but they’re not often talked about, so we’re just gonna get going with it with what little information we do have and try to correlate or match as much as we can to the Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette model for that from a depth psychology standpoint.

Anyway, with that being said, what is the next archetype of the mature feminine? We talked about King and Warrior so far, also Queen for the feminine, but for the mature feminine, the next archetype similar to warrior believe it or not, is known as Mother. You’re like wait a minute-how does Mother have anything to do with Warrior? Think about it this way: Warrior exists to protect the kingdom and ensure its longevity, and usually it does so by drawing boundaries and enforcing boundaries- borders. “Oh wait, people enforcing borders? What? That’s a bad thing?” “Why can’t we have open borders?” “Oh! That’s because we have the mature masculine archetype known as the Warrior! And the Warrior’s responsible for enforcing borders? *gasp* Oh, no! That’s like a really bad thing. “Oh, but Mr. Joseph. You’re a horrible conservative. Do you think it’s a good idea for us not to have open borders?” I don’t care about conservatism I care about my personal sovereignty and the sovereignty of my nation and the sovereignty of every nation. I think it’s perfectly damn fine for any nation on this planet to enforce their borders because otherwise, that would be known as an invasion. So, how about we take responsibility for our own actions? And also take responsibility for meeting our own needs as a nation and enforcing borders everywhere instead of saying “Oh, we’re just gonna open borders all the way across the world!” Yeah, that’s really going to help culture. That’s really going to help who you are. That’s really going to help your identity. That’s really going to promote maturity. No, it’s not. Actually, there are a lot of studies that say the opposite.

So the Mother archetype, why is the Mother archetype so important? Well, if the warrior exists to protect the moment , or present, of the kingdom as well as ensure that it has a legacy that continues on, the Mother exists to protect the future of the kingdom and that’s through child rearing and raising children and because the children are the legacy- they are the future subjects of the kingdom and they will inherit the kingdom. So, it is important that the mother archetype is strong so that the children can maintain the culture of the kingdom, maintain the substance of the kingdom as subjects, and continue to be generative, continue to be beautiful, continue to make sure that the kingdom is a long-lasting structure of many, many, many generations and is providing for the future needs and goals of future generations. That is the point of the Mother archetype. But why is that important? Again, it’s not saying that that one gender is more important than the other. You know that the King exists to be respected- it is generative and producing more than it consumes. It basically provides the foundation by which the kingdom can be built because of how generative it is, because they produce more than they consume. And they’re like the provider, the generative force, which is what the mature masculine is all about. Symbols of the generative force is also like male genitalia-the phallus for example is a symbol seen everywhere, like in obelisks. Let me just talk to a Mason- they could tell you all about the obelisk and how it’s the symbol of the phallus. Or, in ancient Egypt, obelisks are everywhere and those were basically giant phalluses.

That’s demonstrating the generative force, right? But Mother goes a little bit further than that. It goes further than the King. There’s the Warrior and there’s the Queen archetype which is chosen by the King to be his Queen, essentially. And that’s done by creating as much beauty as possible by being responsible and all of the aspects of the Queen that we know and love. And that goes that goes without saying for a lot of people, because you don’t want a queen who’s a weakling and you don’t want a queen who’s a tyrant, right? We want queens that emphasize health and beauty, and really, longevity. It’s important to have health and beauty as their foundation as queens while making sure that their health, the health of their King, and the health of the kingdom and its resources are being executed and distributed properly. So that all the bases are covered and she wins the heart of the people and care is being done for the subjects. Making sure that their safety and well-being there and she’s not idle in doing so. These are the great aspects of the Queen, and it is said that a queen is literally the crown that sits upon the king’s head. The crown of jewels itself really is the queen. You can’t get better than the Queen in the kingdom, because there’s nothing more important to the king than the Queen. Still yes, he has higher priorities- the kingdom and being generative and whatnot. And she should not interfere with that, but deep down in his heart of hearts, she’s really his priority. She really is his greatest treasure essentially. That’s how the Queen works.

But beyond that, there’s the Mother archetype. So what is the Mother archetype? What does it do? What does it mean? What does it need? I read an article recently on the Queen archetype about how best to describe it, and there is one gentleman and I forgot their name- forgive me-but they they made a really good point about the queen archetype: The queen is known as the life giver. Okay, so think about that. Got a woodpecker up there- awesome. The Mother, excuse me, not the Queen. The Mother archetype is the life giver. I’m sorry there are so many different labels and archetypes to keep track of. It’s kind of like, erghhhh, you know? You can only do so much, on top of the fact that I talk about sixteen personality archetypes. And doing these archetypes is crazy. So the [mother] archetype is literally just the life giver- that their job is to make sure that life is being created, that life is continuing to grow, that it is continuing to manifest, and that life is protected maintained. Watering it, for example; growing it.

Having that green thumb. That’s literally what the mother’s job is for. But it it goes way beyond that. There is something very important to remember about the life giver when it comes to the mother archetype, and is this: It has been said that the only proof of life that exists is growth. If there is no growth, then there is no life. There’s only death. You have to have growth in order to have life. So that means if the mother archetype is the life giver, then that means they have to be responsible for growth, which includes personal growth for themselves, making sure that their King does not get stagnant, making sure that the kingdom itself is not becoming stagnant, and making sure that the subjects of the kingdom are also not being stagnant- that everybody is in a constant state of growth indefinitely. Growth is absolutely imperative to the role of the mother archetype, because if there is no growth, there is no life, and the mother is no longer the life giver. The life giver is absolutely central to everything that is the mother archetype. So just remember the number one component of or way of understanding the mother archetype is as a life giver. It’s all about giving life and that could be from birthing children, helping raise other children- this is gonna sound interesting, but even wet-nursing is also an example of the life giver in terms of the Motherly archetype. We’re actually going to talk about wet-nursing here in a second.

I know that’s not normal for First World culture, but it is for plenty of other cultures around the world and has been since the beginning of our race. The Mother archetype is also another typical example of how the Sacred Feminine is focused on the little things of life while the Sacred Masculine is focused on the big things of life. That’s literally how they coincide. Because, when you are maintaining, ensuring, growing, and creating life and you are responsible for that growth, it may seem like a little thing but it’s not, because without maintaining this little thing, there will be death and the kingdom will die. And in one generation a kingdom can be completely wiped from the face of the earth because of a lack of growth. And guess what? It is the responsibility of the mature feminine or the woman in the relationship or of the house to make sure that there is constant growth among the subjects and even the king, although the King needs to stay focused on being generative. He also needs to grow and let’s be honest- sometimes we have these things called workaholism where men just get so focused on working and producing and being a provider that they even forget that they should also be growing themselves. A great example of this is when like a man goes to college or university and gets his bachelor’s degree, then stops growing. He doesn’t read any books.

“I mean though I got my degree. I’m good to go. And I’m just gonna get my career and I’m not gonna care anymore.” That’s consistently a problem. Thank God women exist because the feminine exists to put the masculine into check-like check mate, you know. Check like in a chess board? To to provide challenge to the masculine, because that challenge actually is what promotes growth in the masculine in as much as praise from the masculine promotes growth within the feminine. And this is from David Deida who wrote The Way of the Superior Man. If you’re not reading The Way of the Superior Man, especially if you are a woman, I recommend you do it. David Deida is an INFJ. The book really resonates with INJs and INPs the most in my opinion, but it still has huge applications for all types attached those, so that could be STJs and STPs as well Super mega beneficial for those eight types, but everyone and their mother should still read that book too. The Way of the Superior Man. So in the book it talks about how you need to be in this dance between the masculine and the feminine, and in this dance, the feminine is providing challenge and putting the masculine to check, and the masculine is providing praise for the feminine. It creates a synergistic cycle that produces generativity and life. It produces positive and negative polarity, and then they’re able to come together and join together as one. That is literally the whole point behind the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine coming together.

And by the way, it’s best that we do this being mature because maturity is a big deal, right? The fact that we don’t have maturity is why our society is basically on the verge of collapse as we know it. “Oh, you’re such a fatalist. Mr. Joseph!” No. Actually, if you compare us to the end of the Romans and various other civilizations that have collapsed in the past, you’d start noticing interesting correlations as a result. This is one of the reasons why I’m even doing this YouTube channel. Because I don’t want society to collapse. I don’t want our culture to be gone with the wind. It is important to me to put a stop to Fatherlessness because I maintain that fatherlessness is the number one cause of this potential calamity. If we stop the fatherlessness, we might actually find ourselves in a better position to be able to have a better society where people are happy instead of just caught in this endless rat race that we’re a part of. So, the little things. We talk about how the mother and the the Sacred Feminine focuses on the little things. Some of the little things are just simple home economics, right? For the mother archetype, because she ensures that growth takes place, home economics is a big deal. And this is why women, typically through traditional gender roles, cook, clean, and handle all those things. Obviously in today’s society, that’s not necessary.

And seriously, am I gonna tell an ENTJ woman that she always has to cook and clean when I’m in a relationship with her? No, quite frankly. I’m probably gonna end up cooking and I’m probably gonna end up cleaning because I have an ISFJ subconscious and it would make sense. But an ENTP-ENTJ relationship is super mega rare anyway, less than 3% of the population, when you could look at traditional gender roles being more of an SJ and SP type of pairing as a result. That’s 70% of the world’s population. So makes sense. But, outside of that population aspect, that’s just in general where traditional gender roles come from But again, it’s up to you to know to draw the lines as to who does what within your relationship. I’m not here to tell you what the right way is and I don’t honestly I don’t care. You just figure it out, right? So the little things that end up becoming the priority, and you have to be managing your home as a mother in such a way where life can take place and growth is happening, including personal growth. That’s why I’d recommend women, especially women, read. Read! It’s just as important for both genders to do it, but really women have this ability. Why is it more important for women to read? I’m not saying that it is because women are lacking in wisdom or that they’re dumb that they need to read more than men. No, no, no, no. No. it is important that women read specifically so that they can challenge their men in life, so that they can hold them accountable.

For example, I’m giving away this book called No More Mr. Nice Guy. It’s super important for women to read it because then they understand how to tell the men from the boys and hold the men in their life accountable. It provides tools and standards and boundaries with which women can enforce on their men to have better meaningful lasting relationships and even more intimate relationships. They are given the tools by Dr. Robert Glover in this particular book to hold their men accountable. It is absolutely crucial that all women read this book as much as all men read this book. This is just one example of why it is important for women to read and to gain additional knowledge in order to provide challenge to the men. I’m not telling women that this is a license for you to go nag your man. You still have to be respectful to your man, but by you becoming more capable, by you reading more and gaining more knowledge and wisdom, you are actually subconsciously already challenging your man. Because your man is going to see you bettering yourself in this way, and it may create insecurity in him and he may be jealous of you, and as a result he is encouraged to do it himself as well, which makes the Kingdom even better. It’s a responsibility of the mature masculine to be noble and respectable, and they do this by esteeming themselves. If your men see you esteem yourself, they are inspired to continue to esteem themselves more of which gains even more nobility, which makes them even more attractive to you, which makes them into better men. Especially better fathers and then as a result of being better fathers, you have just made your family, even inadvertently, that much better. Your kingdom is that much stronger than ever before, and even other kingdoms may come to you and ask you for help and advice. Just because you took the time to read every day. Sounds crazy, but that’s the fact and that’s one of the responsibilities of the mother. You have to ensure that life will continue to grow. And personal development is a big deal here.

And remember if you’re a queen, you’re already responsible for health and beauty. So guess what? Make your King healthier by using your Mother archetype, not to mother him per se. That’s not what I mean, but it kinda is- just a little bit. It kind of has similar meaning to it, but that’s not what I’m saying. You still have to be respectful to your man at the end of the day because men don’t really care that much about women saying “I love you.” They care more about women saying “I respect you” because respect is everything. Women have this problem where they can just love about any jackass on the street and men know that. That’s why it’s important that men feel respected more so than they feel loved. Respect is primary to them, whereas it’s primary for women to feel loved. It’s not good enough to tell the masculine, “Hey, I love you.” You have to say “I respect you first and foremost.” As a result of you being coming respectful, he will be willing to listen to you more, and then you are providing that additional personal growth and development for your man, for your kingdom, for your king, and for your children together. It is awesome. Now let’s go into a more controversial standpoint on the role of the Mother. So the role of the Mother. Guess what? Sexuality- sexual prowess. Believe it or not, it’s actually more on the responsibility of the mature feminine to have sexual prowess then the mature masculine. Not that I’m giving men a free pass to be completely worthless in the bedroom, because that’s dumb. What self-respecting man would do that? I’m sure all men out there would really appreciate being absolutely great in the sack and they understand that innately. It is their responsibility, so they’re probably going to do that, and if they’re not being responsible about it, it gives you every right to call them out on it. Seriously, call them out. Gosh, got to love those turkeys in the background, huh? Anyway, sexuality. Why is that? Well, remember that the mother is the life giver.

And if you’re the life giver, guess what? You have to give life to the phallus, if you know what I’m saying. And guess what? It’s going to grow, and then it’s gonna get bigger and then it is ready to be generative, if you know what I mean. Because you’re the life Giver. It’s your responsibility to have really good sexual prowess, especially in the bedroom. And this is whether or not you plan on having children or not. It doesn’t matter. So, ladies, if you want to find a book that would help you out on sexual prowess, I highly recommend reading The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. And while you’re at it, read The 48 Laws of Power- do yourself a favor. And also read The 50th Law as well. But The Art of Seduction is excellent and it helps you identify which archetype you have for your seduction. For me, my archetype is the Coquette. I am the Coquette and I am insanely drawn to the siren-I love the siren. It’s my absolute favorite, and I am easily seduced by the siren. It’s been my weakness in my life and I’ll admit it right now that that’s just kind of how it’s been- the siren has been my favorite, but I am also the Coquette, right?

So to give you an idea of how it works, coquetry is my way of doing things in the seductive model and-wow, there’s a fire going on over there. Big black smoke. Wow good thing it’s not where I live. Anyway, sexuality- you have to increase your sexual prowess. I don’t know- research tantric sex- I I have no idea but at least spend time figuring it out. Sexual prowess is very important, and remember- you’re in a sexual relationship with somebody, and you two are not having mutual simultaneous orgasms in the bedroom, then there is something you need to work on. So I recommend that you work on that. Everyone has the potential to get there, and really it just takes practice and understanding and communication. God forbid we talk about sex in our culture for some reason. Oh, yeah, that’s the Catholic Church.. Did I just say that out loud? Anyway, so sexuality sexuality is very important, so make sure that you work on your sexual prowess as much as possible because you are the life giver. You’re to give life to the phallus, for example, so that the phallus can be enabled to be generative. And as much as it is the man’s responsibility to have generativity and be the generative force, in your relationship, it’s also important to realize your role in enabling the masculine. Also by providing challenge, by providing accountability without like souding like an egg- you have to do this respectively.

And to do this for your man so that he is able to increase his sexual prowess as a result and become further enabled, and then also bring him through sexual exploration in your relationship. For example, if you’re an INTP woman with an INTJ man, INTJ men have performance anxiety in the bedroom. They just have natural performance anxiety. If you are the one who initiates and introduces new things into the bedroom for your INTJ and you already state to them that they are comfortable with you, all of a sudden they are comfortable because they see that you are comfortable. Then, all of a sudden your sexual relationship increases. There are plenty of examples of all of the types where you can actually min/max your relationship, especially in the bedroom, specifically for knowing their type and knowing how to interface yourself or emulate and take certain actions that you wouldn’t normally take. It would make them more comfortable and cause their performance to increase in as much as your performance is increasing because you are both increasing together, and it’s just the synergistic upward spiral of Awesome. I definitely recommend it. So, remember, because the mother archetype is about being the life giver, sexuality and sexual prowess is absolutely key to the mother archetype, because- I mean come on-to be a mother, you have to have sex. So it kind of makes sense.

Another aspect of sexuality, and this is just for the women watching: This is something very beneficial for you. And I would like to say that I’m not a doctor and I’m not here to give medical advice, but I was told this by a doctor, so I want to talk about birth control real quick. Something very important to realize about birth control is that statistically, over the lifespan of a woman, women nowadays have way more cycles, meaning way more periods, menstruation cycles than they ever have in history. Within the last 100 years. Women have had more total cycles in their lifespan than they have before. Is that contributing to faster aging in women? Is that causing women’s beauty to wane as a result of cycling so many times? I I don’t know. Maybe there are studies on that-I’ll probably have to look that up- but just go with me for a second here. We talked about wet-nursing earlier. Back then, what was birth control? Birth control was either coitus interruptus- you know, pulling out- or it was you get pregnant. You get married to a guy and get pregnant, then you have your baby. Now, you’re obviously not having any cycles when pregnant. Then you’re nursing. You’re not cycling when you’re nursing- I could be wrong about that, but it depends. Like, people are always telling me the jury’s still out on that, and okay, am I an expert? No, so mega take this with a grain of salt. Mega take it with a grain of salt, please.

So this is kind of recent for me and I’ve been kind of looking into it. But here’s the bottom line-it may not be so healthy for women to have so many cycles every month. So for birth control? I would potentially look into- not a recommendation- but to look into doing birth control differently. So something like 200 milligrams of bioidentical progesterone every night. Okay before bed. Has to be bioidentical-it can’t be some crazy synthetic junk, so you’re not harming yourself. But 200 milligrams as prescribed by a doctor, then as a result of that, over time it slowly shuts down your reproductive system so that you healthfully not menstruating as often anymore. Oh, and that also preserves your eggs. I would imagine that’s cool and as a result of that, you’re not gaining water weight every month and you’re not gaining inches on your waist every month., potentially. It would slow down aging etc. and you’d just be better. Then when you want to have a child, you just come off the progesterone and a few months later, your cycles start up, and then you’re ready to have children again. Now, this is very new or maybe it’s not new-I don’t know, but it’s new to me, right? But this would be a recommendation that I would make to women to at least look into.

I’m not recommending that you do it- just look into it. 200 milligrams of bioidentical progesterone. A doctor who’s really high up in the alternative health sphere has prescribed it to her children and did it herself and has definitely found it to be something to consider. Her primary focus is on reducing aging as much as possible and promoting great health, and potentially even having children later in life. Just an idea, because I guarantee using synthetic birth control pills or other methods are absolutely destroying your body and your hormones, and potentially contributing to the obesity crisis among women, especially in the United States of America. But anyway, just a recommendation because typically, in the past, if someone was nursing or wet-nursing, they would have less cycles over time and that’s how people did birth control back in the day. You just wet nurse. You wet nurse your tribe or your community, you wouldn’t get pregnant, and when you stop nursing, all of a sudden, you could get pregnant again. Okay, fair enough, I think Christopher Ryan wrote that in his book Sex at Dawn, so that would be another source for you to check out. If you haven’t read Sex at Dawn yet, I highly recommend it. It is absolutely awesome. Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá wrote that book. I recommend that too. Sexuality, birth control, one aspect of the mother for you gals to be aware of. Anyway, let’s do the next role-child-rearing, obviously. Because it’s the Mother archetype.

I’m not saying that women have to have children. Okay, if you don’t want to have children, don’t have children, fine. Go on the birth control but don’t hurt your aging and and whatnot. Be healthy about it. That’s perfectly okay. You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. But if you do want to, guess what- you’re creating princes and princesses for your kingdom and for your king. They become subjects in your kingdom. So why is this important? What is the mother to do? Well, you’re preparing these princes and princesses for the king, to receive the kings identity. This is one of the reasons why children take on the name of the of their king or the name of the house. Children receive their identity from their fathers. They do not really receive their identity from their mother. It’s a controversial statement, but that’s a fact. Because children, when they don’t really know their fathers, even even in young girls, always report that there’s a big hole missing inside. It’s because there is an identity component to knowing your father, right? So one of the reasons why I go out of my way for my children as much as possible is that I know that I am an integral part of their identity and their upbringing as human beings. In order for them to become integrated, mature human beings, I need to be present in that process on a regular basis, as their king, essentially. So be aware of that.

It’s also very important for for mothers to instill manners on children- that would be nice- because there are a lot of children out there that are irresponsible and lack manners entirely. Responsibilities. Did you know- this is really embarrassing for me to admit- when I graduated high school and I went to college, I did not know how to pay my bills. I did not know how to operate a washer and dryer. I did not know how to do basic life skills and that was absolutely horrible. No, my mother is really cool and I’m not necessarily blaming her for that, because she kind of tried, but then I’d mess it up and I’d be really bad at it. Then, she probably believed it would be better for her to do it instead. I mean, my father should have probably stepped in at that point, saying, “You’re gonna learn how to operate a dishwasher and you’re gonna learn how to operate a washer and dryer now.” and much less change my oil. In fact, there’s another story- my uncle told me to my face when I was 24 years old- Wow-seven years ago. He looked at me and was like, “Okay if you have a penis and you’re in this family, you better know how to change your oil.” So he literally forced me into the shop and taught me how to change my own oil. And I changed my own oil as a result. Life skills. It’s very important for mothers to- it is the responsibility of the mother archetype- to instill life skills on the children. Well, what about fathers? They should be doing it too. Yeah sure, they should but they should also be focusing on being generative as well, producing more than they consume, right? Remember, it’s the big things versus the little things. The big things concern the mature masculine and the little things, life skills for children, would fit under the mature feminine for mothers.

So make sure that your princes and princesses have those necessary life skills. It is absolutely horrible-I have personal experience- for a child to go into college and not have basic life skills. Or leave high school and be on their own and not have these basic life skills. For example, how many children today when they turn 18 even know how to make their own resume? That’s pathetic. Seriously, they need to know how to do their resume. Well, that’s guy stuff. Not really. Actually everyone needs to know how to do their resume. So again, mature feminine. Mothers, step up to the plate. Make sure your children have LinkedIn profiles, because if you’re gonna be a professional, I don’t care if you’re working at McDonald’s, and you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, that says something. It’s a big cultural thing. This is gonna sound ridiculous, but having a LinkedIn profile is starting to become a cultural responsibility. If you’re behind the times, you need to wake up Seriously, your children are at stake here. Do not give them disadvantages because you don’t see the importance of LinkedIn. That’s just you being ignorant. Don’t be that parent. So manners, responsibilities, chores, life skills are very important for children. And it is the responsibility of the mother archetype primarily, and secondarily for the mature masculine, to instill this upon children. Also, children should be taught personal sovereignty. That’s what this lecture series is about. Personal sovereignty is that they have self-respect. That they have the four pillars of self intimacy: Needs, standards, boundaries, and goals. And to meet their needs, they need to understand the fist, which is faith, family, fitness, finance, and friends. Faith does not necessarily mean they have to be part of a religion or a faith, Although that could be a component of it, but it’s to have faith in themselves.

It also helps them to know who they are, so get educated on what your type is and the type of your children in order to parent them properly. That would be nice. Do this for your children. It can only benefit them. So make sure that you teach them personal sovereignty and responsible selfishness. Yes. I’m literally telling you to teach your children to be selfish, but responsibly because you have to follow the commandment “Love your neighbor as yourself.” It basically means that if you can’t love yourself, you have no business loving other people. And I guarantee that your children, Especially when they’re adolescents, are gonna start having romantic, and potentially intimate, relationships with other adolescents. “My children would never do that.” You’d be really surprised. Wake up. Like seriously,I mean it’s almost unstoppable in a lot of ways. Our culture has changed so much that unless you do a cultural overhaul Within your culture or your tribe or your family or your community, in first world culture, people are gonna be intimate super quick. I mean statistically, it’s ten or eleven years old now. That’s insane. Yes, but it’s going to happen. So teach your children to be responsible in that area. Seriously. Teach them personal sovereignty. It might actually help. Teach your girls, for example, that if this guy doesn’t have King, then you shouldn’t be sleeping with them. King being: does they have a job? Does he have his own place? Does he have transportation? What does he have to offer? Is he someone you respect? Why are you sleeping with somebody that you don’t respect? These are things that young girls need to know. Or for young boys, don’t sleep with a woman if she is obese. Do not sleep with a woman if she is unhealthy. Because, if a woman is lacking in beauty, that means that she is being irresponsible and she is not a woman fit to be your queen.

Don’t waste your time. Have self-respect, because men who have self-respect don’t have random illicit sex. Remember, you need to teach your sons that you do not sleep with a woman and unite your body with a woman unless you are willing to take a bullet for her. Make sure that they understand that there is no greater love than when a man is willing to give up his life for his beloved. Okay, if he is not willing to do that, then there should absolutely be no intimacy. Seriously move on, people. That’s wrong. Teach your children to love their neighbor as themselves, which means they have to love themself first. They need to have self intimacy, and that is one more time, taking responsibility for meeting their own needs, having personal standards- the rules that they have within themselves their own needs, and boundaries- making sure that other human beings are not inhibiting them from meeting their own needs and having personal goals. After those first three pillars are done, a foundation of self-intimacy is created, which creates a foundation of self-respect. Your children need self-respect, and it is the responsibility of the mother archetype to see this through. If the mother archetype is not parenting in this area, there’s a huge issue “Oh, but Mr. Joseph, I can’t really commit to that because I’m working so much and, you know, my husband, my King, is also working very much and we’re just not really able to do that for the children! We don’t really see the children that much.

We both have eight-hour day jobs and they go to school and then they come home, we eat dinner and then we watch television then we go to bed and do it the same thing the next day!” And it’s like wow. For one, stop the television. Do yourself a favor. The last time I watched television was when Obama first became president. I haven’t watched television since. When he did his acceptance speech, I was done. I didn’t watch television ever since. Thank God I started reading- that’s been super helpful. Children need to be taught personal sovereignty, and they do this by getting the four pillars of self-intimacy for self respect, and then they start building King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, etc. for boys and then Queen, Mother, Wise woman, Lover for the girls. Start building the archetypes within them while making sure they have self-respect through the four pillars. That’s how you raise a child into maturity and again, it is the responsibility of the mother archetype. Here’s the problem as you have already aptly put it, Mr. Tripod looking at me right now. No, just kidding. As you’ve aptly put it, what happens when you’re not at home? Well, let’s look- why you’re not at home? Why are you working? Is it because you’re participating or buying the lie of the feministic society that’s telling you that you should be working? No. Feminist society exists to say that you can work. If you want to work, go ahead and work. I don’t have a problem with women working. Do it! Run for office. I don’t care. Do whatever makes you happy. Just understand the potential positives and negatives for your family and especially your children with their upbringing. Understand these risks.

It is very important that you understand these risks. Here’s the problem. If you are not raising your children. If you’re so focused on work and you’re not there for your little ones. If you’re not there to help them develop the four pillars to reach self-respect and to gain King, Warrior, Magician, Lover, for example. The mature are the true masculine the mature feminine. If you were not there doing that with them on a day-to-day basis, guess who is. The state. God forbid the state. Raise our children. Oh, but we don’t have a choice. This is one problem I have with First world society. First world society doesn’t give a damn about the personal sovereignty of people, especially children, because no societyno society wants its citizens to become wise. Because, if they become wise collectively, then they threaten the system of that society, which means that society could change. It’s not that they would bring down the society. I’m talking about wise people collectively- wise citizens can start making changes to the society. And that could interrupt the balance of power with those that currently run the society. You want to change society? Start teaching your children. Build within them masculinity Build within them femininity. Build within them maturity. Build within them wisdom. It is the responsibility of the mother archetype to do so. As mothers you need to do this in your children. Because, when they have a firm grasp on their personal sovereignty, society will change at the macro level in as much as the micro level. But you have to focus on the micro level. All families need to do this.

If you focus on the micro level, eventually those children will be raised up and those children will take over their generation, then the nation. And then, the nation will start to change, and the degeneracy of the past generations will all of a sudden start to fade away. They too will be gone with the wind. Then all of a sudden, culture and society overnight has been fundamentally transformed into something better for a better tomorrow. So their children can benefit from those benefits. That be nice. That’d be the dopest, right? Come on. Seriously, that is the responsibility of the mother archetype to do this. God forbid that children be taught by the state. But I mean, sorry our currency, the greenback, the US dollar, has lost what? 99% of its value, maybe a thousand percent of its value. I don’t even remember. It’s like some crazy horrible statistic It’s lost so much of its buying power since it was ever instated. That like I’m literally spending 20s like I spent $1 and $5 bills when I was a little kid. It’s absolutely horrible. And I’m spending $100 bills like I would spend $20 bills. It’s insane and it’s like “I make a bunch of money nowadays.” No, I don’t because when you calculate for inflation you you really aren’t really making that much money. But this time our our currency is so devalued, because people like printing money and they have these qualitative easing thing or whatever you call it.

Gotta love those central banks, right? The point is because our dollar has lost its buying power, now both adults are forced to work. “No, that’s feminism. You know, no, you know women have the opportunity to choose to work.” No! What family raising children exists where both parents are not working? Statistically, both parents are actually working and they kind of have no choice to work. It’s because the dollar does not have as much buying power. Has anyone ever even thought about? The fact that our currency from a home economic standpointthe responsibility of the mother archetype- has such low buying power This is literally inhibiting the mother archetype for raising children properly and bringing children into maturity and having that awesome sexual prowess and bringing them into personal sovereignty, right? Think about it. Logically speaking. If the dollar or any currency is lacking in value and its value goes down what happens? When its value goes down, then now both parents have to work which increases the stress, which increases cancer and bad health things. You know what I mean? It increases the stress, making the children not as mature, continuing the cycle of fatherlessness and leading to divorce. Ultimately, because the sexual prowess goes down in the relationship on both sides, there’s a lack of intimacy there. Everyone’s health is getting worse. Everyone’s getting fat- everyone’s getting unhealthy. Everyone’s getting cancer, which is bringing in additional bills and it’s just an absolute endless cycle of Total Annihilation of the Family. Annihilation of relationships, fatherlessness everywhere and oh, by the way, no maturity. No mature masculine, no mature feminine on a culturally wide spectrum Because the dollar is losing value.

This is why it is our responsibility now to make sure we are ensuring the mature masculine and the mature feminine, especially on the duty and responsibility, and calling of the mother archetype to our children. It is absolutely critical that we get this into our children because our children will grow with this. If it happens at a macro level, first world society will literally change in one generation, and then our children will prevent the fact that our dollar, or whatever currency we have, is worthless/ Then, we’ll get more buying power. I know it sounds stupid that literally buying power is destroying the family. Yes, it is destroying every aspect of culture. It is said that money is the root of all kinds of evil. This is definitely one evil. That money is the root of of lack of buying power in our fiat currency. I recommend that you understand that and understand how parents are working and being forced to work because of the lack of buying power. It used to be that only a man needed to work, and a man could literally support one woman and some children. That was great. It could happen in certain areas, but you know what? Nowadays, good luck. Good luck finding that. That’s super rare. And it’s usually like super mega successful men who are that way. But even then, they’re not even at home. You know what I mean? So it just becomes a huge assault on the middle class, even on the impoverished as well. An absolute huge assault because our currency is so devalued. And you think it’s bad in the United States of America? Go to Zimbabwe, right? Go to the Congo. Go to those places- do they actually have any buying power at all in these developing countries?

Good luck, you know what I mean? And then on top of the fact that they don’t have buying power, they’re saddled with debt. Oh, wait a minute that kind of sounds like, you know students going school nowadays. How about instead, you take your children and get them in Running Start programs in the United States of America when their 16 so that by the time they’re 18, are graduating high school with their high school diploma and their associate’s degree, already ready to go. You’ve already helped them get their own car and they’re having a job while they do this so that they can get their own place, and they have their own vehicle and then they already have their associate’s degree, and they have work history and then they just do like an online training course like Western Governors University, which is very affordable, and then eventually they can get their bachelor’s degree and move up from there instead of being saddled with debt for once. Come on, Mother archetype. Please explain this and do this for your children for their benefit, because if you do not, they will continue to be impoverished in the way that they are.

And that’s not just in first world society- that’s everywhere. Understand the risks. Teach your children and do not allow the state to raise your child. I get that public school is free. There’s a reason it’s free, and there’s a reason why both parents have to work. There’s a reason why there is no buying power with the currency. It’s because the state fears the mother archetype, because the mother archetype would provide maturity and wisdom and humility in their children. The fact that children have wisdom, humility, and maturity threatens the establishment. Those in power will be forced to accept change that they don’t like, because everyone’s resistant to change. Especially SJs. 40% of the population, huh? Any change to the system is a threat to the system. Positive or negative. It doesn’t matter. That’s not something that one appreciates. That’s why our children are not raised by parents That’s why the system exists the way it does, and it is an affront to the mother archetype. You want to change things? Teach your children, raise your children properly, and the next thing that the mother archetype does: help raise other people’s children. Be an example mother to other mothers. Help other mothers become better mothers. Help other mothers raise children. Adopt children while you’re at it.

My sister, for example- I think she’s in the process of adopting. She became a foster parent recently, which is pretty awesome. And she took on this one girl and she’s great. We treat her like she’s a member of the family. she’s a fantastic individual and I’m great to be a part of this family and that we’re actually giving back to families, to kids who are impoverished or kids who are unhealthy. Or kids who just got completely and totally screwed by the society because their family got completely screwed by this society, as a result as a result of the mother archetype being completely disabled from doing what it’s supposed to be doing. We need the mother archetype, but it’s been squashed. It’s been completely squashed. Feminism is one of the reasons, except feminism is just more of a cover for the fact that our home economic system with the lack of buying power is just”But we’re just gonna call it feminism while we watch. Don’t pay attention to what we’re doing behind the curtain! We’re gonna devalue the currency just to make sure that you can’t you can’t raise your children properly. So that they never grow up to threaten the system and then we’re just gonna call it feminism. Make you feel good while we’re doing this over here.” You know? That’s a really effective strategy. Of course. It’s been working for the last 100 years.

I mean, come on. Read the book What Came Out of Jekyll Island. Read about what happened. Jonathan May, that guy is pretty crazy, you know. That’s a crazy story if you can find it. Just understand that when it comes to the state. I gotta say this to anyone watching this lecture right now. Let me tell you the truth. You are more sovereign than the British crown. You are more sovereign than anything, because you have to prioritize your personal sovereignty over everything else. That’s one of the reasons why the life giver, the mother archetype exists- because it is there to create a bastion of sovereignty within themselves and their children for the sake of their kingdom, and realize that their kingdom and their family is sovereign as well. We spend so much time focusing on celebrities like Megan Markle, for example, getting married to a certain prince and then are we misled to believe that they’re more sovereign than we are? No, no. We are sovereign. Everyone is sovereign. Everyone has to accept their personal sovereignty. Each other’s sovereignty is to be mutually respected. And this is how the mother archetype does this. By creating a bastion by teaching children, so that society as a result of having children who are wise, humble, mature, will change overnight.

It is super critical, so remember- be an example to other mothers and be an example to other children. Help them raise them. Adopt children. It’s really important that the mother archetype does this because there are so many disaffected children out there that literally have nothing. There’s been a lot of scary stories in the news about bad things that have been happening to children recently and it’s just absolutely ridiculous to me. It just like makes me long for the mother archetype to finally come back and have absolute full mastery like it used to have 100 or 150 years ago. So that it would be respected. But the mother archetype would be absolutely respected, as much as the King archetype or the warrior archetype or any of the other archetypes, even the queen archetype. But the mother archetype is absolutely essential to the future. It’s the future of your kingdom. It is the future of society as we know it. The mother archetype is absolutely essential in as much as men need to be fathers. Because fatherlessness is the problem. We’ve got to solve fatherlessness because we’re men. Men lead women to followthat’s just how it works. and in order to get the men leading, they need to be around their fathers, because they have their identity. But to do that they need to be prepared for their fathers. They need to be prepared to be king. They need to be prepared for their Kings to receive their identity from their fathers and that preparation comes through the mother archetype.

So what are some examples of the ideal mother archetype? I think a good example- we talked about this in the Queen lectureis Proverbs chapter 31 in the Bible. It’s sayings of a king and the mule or something like that. Whatever that king wrote about the wife of noble character The wife of noble character making sure that her children are clothed in scarlet in the winter Why is that important? They’re dressed in red and if your children are dressed in red, you’re gonna be able to spot them in the snow so they don’t die of hypothermia out there. That’s just one example, but it outlines clearly the wife of noble character’s duty to her children- the subjects of her kingdom. and and being that mother archetype and how important it is. So let’s talk about some of the negative aspects of the mother archetype. The mother archetype is plagued by immaturity. There’s the possessive mother that’s also known as like helicopter mom. We all know what helicopter mom means, right? It’s when the mother just becomes absolutely crushing and possessive. I would say that my mother for a while was definitely possessive, which lead it led to me being sheltered and having to deal with a lot of church drama. The woman that now shares my bedit was the same for her. She had the same experience. She definitely has a hugely possessive mother, so possessive that she wasn’t even able to get out of the house until her late 20s.

That was a horrible situation as well. Possessive mother is definitely one of the worst components of the mother archetype. There’s also the distant mother, and the distant mother was the mother of of this one child that my sister brought into her home as a result of being a foster parent. The distant mother was someone who- I don’t knowwas potentially addicted to drugs or potentially commited some crimes but regardless, you know, she’s incarcerated at this point. Who knows what she did, but that’s an example of someone who’s distant as a result of being irresponsible. Or being overly selfish or irresponsibly selfish as I would say. That’s just an example of how a distant mother could be a problem. In Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister is absolutely a possessive mother because she’s super mega possessive over her children to the point where it’s spoiled her children so bad. Just look at King Joffrey and how much of a weirdo he was- an absolute chaotic evil freak. Super mega selfish. Then you have… see was there a distant mother shown in that? I think there was I’ve just forgot their name. You could also kind of technically talk about mothers who died way too young. That could kind of count as a distant mother because they were irresponsible and put themselves in a situation where they could be killed. Or situations where it wasn’t their fault, but then that wouldn’t count as the distant mother. I mean, it just wasn’t their fault. Maybe they just had a bad lot in life or maybe they like died of a parasite because they were drinking water out of an infested river because their country couldn’t support them for some reason. They couldn’t even get that clean water figure out, you know. A lot of people don’t know how good they have it with clean water. Anyway, the possessive mother and then the distant mother archetype. Be wary of those. Do not crush your children. Do not be the helicopter mom. It is absolutely important that you do not do this and do not be so distant. If you are distant and really really hands-off-ish, you have a recipe for chaos. And that’s not something that’s going to help you or the future of your kingdom or your family whatsoever. It is a responsibility of the mother to be the life giver.

You have to ensure the growth of your children and the growth of your King and the growth of all the subjects in your kingdom. You have to ensure Their growth. You are responsible for their growth. You have to continue to put your king in check, and if you need challenge your king so that growth continues, so be it. Just do it respectfully and make sure you’re providing challenge to your sons. They need the challenge. Provide praise for your daughters. They need the praise give them what they need. Grow them into mature human beings, into humble human beings, into respectful human beings. Having self-respect. Grow them into sovereign human beings. Self-respect is everything sovereignty, and the whole concept of sovereignty couldn’t exist without the mother archetype. That is how critical the mother archetype is to any society, to any family, to any community, to any county, to any state, to any nation on this earth. It is absolutely critical. Understand your role as the mother. Understand all of its components for children, for your relationship with your king. That could be from an economic standpoint, from a personal growth and development standpoint, a sexual standpoint as well, and also your children. Understand that it is your responsibility, not just to your kingdom, but to society as a whole, because if you don’t do this, the fatherlessness will continue and then society will inevitably collapse. That will be your future. That will be your legacy. That will be the legacy and future of your children and their grandchildren and their children’s children, specifically because you did not take a stand today and make these changes and realize your responsibility as the mother archetype.

Please, I implore you don’t be that person. If you are that person, make a change now and commit yourself to it. At the minimum for the sake of your children, for the sake of the future of society as we know it. And everything that we have here on this earth. Anyway, if you found this lecture useful, helpful, educational, or enlightening, please subscribe to the channel here on YouTube and also on the podcast. Leave a like while you’re at it, and add a comment, if you want to get into that book giveaway while we’re doing that. If you have any questions about the mother archetype or anything that we’ve discussed in the subject matter of this lecture, please leave in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer your questions. I expect this one to be as controversial as Queen, but who knows? I mean, not very many people can handle this type of stuff. But I speak the truth as I see it and it is important that I continue to speak truth so that people grow right? Because while I speak truth, it’s like I’m a fire-breathing dragon fire. Sometimes the whole forest does need to get burned down so that new life can grow if you know what I mean. That is the purpose of the superego after all. Anyhow, awesome The next lecture I’ll be doing, I believe will be the whiteboard lecture and I will be announcing the winner. If you haven’t joined the discord server yet, please join the discord server. The link is in the description of this lecture. And if you’re in the Bay Area and you have not joined our meetup group, please join the meetup group in the Bay Area. We’ll be doing it as well. If you want to potentially start a chapter of the meetup group, we can definitely get into contact to do that. All you have to do is just join the group on a meet-up and then send me a message and we can definitely get something going for that as well. So awesome. I think that’s it for me tonight. So I’ll see you all tomorrow night.

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