Season 17, Episode 2 Transcript



Hey guys, CS Joseph with CS Joseph dot life doing another lecture for season 17. This is gonna be episode two, because who doesn’t like episode two? Right? We did season 17 Episode One, it was super controversial, because like, I’m basically attempting to use all of cognition, to prove the existence of God essentially, and further foment my stance on intelligent design as something that could potentially be superior to the theory of evolution, for example, not because I have some creationist point of view, but I also maintain that intelligence begets intelligence, because nothing comes out of chaos, it’s more of order is an external force that impacts chaos. It’s, it’s not order from chaos, it’s order that comes upon chaos. And that’s what we figure out from a yin and yang equilibrium point of view.

So, but yeah, I mean, enough of the the metaphysics relating to Union analytical psychology, I know that have bothered, a significant amount of the audience as a result of that. So now you get to enjoy and my dusk, filming this evening, as I make my very long journey home tonight, because I moved two hours away from this place. And in that means, you know, more car lectures, if you know what I’m saying. But yeah, also, like the studio is being rebuilt, we’re gonna be playing with some new technologies very soon to just make the live streaming and the video production experience better.

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That includes video and sounds, we want to be able to, you know, make some make some significant strides with with what we’re doing. And that also includes potentially getting the mobile app out as well as our own test deployed on the website. And we could do that. But it takes money to do that.

So sorry, if I sound like a shill right now, but like, I’m sorry, we really need financial support in order to keep doing this content. I mean, I’m human, I have a day job, for example. And can’t exactly you know, like, I literally work 16 hour days here to produce this content for you, folks. So anything that you could do to support us, I’d really appreciate it.

So. But anyway, enough of the Schilling, let’s actually get focus here on the content. So season 17 Episode Two, what is the ego and its gateway? So many folks in the audience, this goes back to like last year has been asking us okay, hey, how or why? Where did the cognitive functions come from? How do they manifest? How do they grow and whatnot? What is the different four sides of the mind? How do we understand that theory a little bit more. So, Season Season 17 is designed to basically show you how a human beings develops their cognitive functions, right? When we talk about cognitive access, when you’re talking about cognitive orbit, where we talked about though each of the individual four sides of the mind, we’re also going to talk about a little bit delving a little bit more dabbing, actually not delving dabbing a little bit into parenting.

We’re talking about parenting and child development and a little bit. So tons of subjects that we’re going to be tackling here in season 17. Although, for Patreon private lectures were actually go really, really deep for parenting. For those of you who are on gold tear, so that’s going to continue going, and whatnot.

But yeah, so this particular lecture, we’re basically looking at, okay, hey, you know, where, what is the, what is the first side of the mind, right? And this is gonna sound a little bit weird, even though it’s like, primarily where we are in our mind, it’s actually the side of the mind that’s like, talked about the least, everyone is like, always so interested in the super ego, or, or the magic of the subconscious, or, or the maturity of the unconscious, etc. But not really anyone gives the ego itself like its credit. You know, let’s give credit where it’s due, because, you know, and then you get, like people like, Jason Louvre, for example, my gosh, that guy triggers me, oh, my gosh, Jason Luke, he’s constantly preaching the death of the ego over and over and over that guy like that guy, I, I just, I don’t know, like, I’d like to debate Jason live, or at least I don’t know, have a conversation with a guy and basically inform him that his whole like, oh, we need to kill the ego, the death of the ego? No, people don’t actually understand the ego enough to actually be making judgments about it, like saying, we need to kill the ego. Like, I’m sorry, like this whole, like, New Age hippie movement approach to spirituality and how you know, they got there like, oh, well, the ego is the problem with humanity.

No, it’s not. It’s not the problem to humanity, folks. Actually, that’s a superfluous ego. That’s the super ego, the superfluous ego is the problem with humanity.

It is not the ego. And so people are like, well, the ego is the source of all is the human condition. And it’s the source of selflessness within the mankind, you know, and it’s like, no, actually, it’s not. That’s the superfluous ego.

That’s where that crap comes from. It’s not actually the ego. So how about y’all stop paying attention to the ego and start putting it into the super ego when it comes to like the evil within mankind and the human condition? That would be nice. Like, how about we give credit where it is due? How about like, we actually pay attention, you know, to things because that’s appropriate.

Right? Like, that’s, that’s really appropriate. That’s what it means, you know, what I’m saying? So, if you’re not willing to do that, like, Well, I’m sorry, you probably should pull your belief system out of your head and throw it in the dumpster, because it’s wrong, like this whole Jason loove point of view, like, oh, you know, like, the ego is the problem. I got Sorry, folks, it’s not the problem, like, get it, like figure it out, you know, because the ego is actually a very good thing. The ego itself, is the reason why we are conscious.

It literally is consciousness, right? And being conscious, is literally the key consciousness itself is order. It is order, and it’s the order that’s being brought to chaos, to subdue chaos and keep chaos in check, right? In the same way, human beings, according to Jewish lore, for example, were told by God or the creator to subdue the earth, you know, and rule over it, basically. And the earth is representative of nature. And nature itself is representative of the Yin and Yang is representative chaos.

Ergo nature equals chaos, the Earth equals chaos, right? Logically speaking. So based on that equivalency, we know for a fact that, you know, we just know, based on that equivalency, you know, it’s like, okay, well, how do we, how do we figure that out? Right? Well, we figured it out in different ways. Why is that? Why is that relevant? Like, why? Why is that a thing? Right? Well, it’s a thing for a lot of reasons. I don’t even know if you guys can see this whiteboard.

I hope you can. But it’s just a few bullet points tonight. But I mean, I’m going to be delving into the consciousness here, but like to be conscious, right? It is order. Now, like I said, you know, if if evolution is true, right? If evolution is a fact well, then that means that our psyches would have to be developing 10:00 You know, out of order.

And they’re not, they’re not developing out of order, there’s always a logical order or pattern to it. Now, that being said, people can argue that throughout ancient times, you know, well maybe like human beings with how their brains were, it didn’t always have their cognitive functions. Maybe they only had some cognitive functions, not all of them, or maybe some of their cognitive functions are underdeveloped. I’ve looked into theories like that.

But as soon as we get to, like recorded history, you know, or at least, you know, areas, or at least areas concerning oral tradition, before recorded history, we still can easily identify cognitive functions using cognitive access analysis. And they could get at all eight cognitive functions, through cognitive access analysis, with basically anyone even in pre history, oral tradition. It’s especially true if you look at the world’s first religion, also known as the Mystery Babylon religion, that particular religion, that particular belief system, which was the story of Nimrod, etcetera, and, and His resurrection, etc. And that’s exactly what the the Egyptian pantheon is completely based upon the story of Osiris and Horus, his son basically.

And you know, Osiris being Nimrod and the Nimrod reborn as Horus, etc. It’s the entire it’s the entire same story, but like, The Mystery Babylon religion has been, has been passed down through a cultic lore, a cultic teaching since like, since the beginning, basically, and that religion still exists to this day. And it’s and it’s actually given birth to many other spiritual belief systems. Why is this relevant? Because when Carl Jung initially went through the creation of union analytical psychology, he laid down the cognitive senses, the zero basically, you know, because you need zero it’s actually make algebra like actually work, you have to have a concept of zero in order for algebra to work is zero, that made yogi and analytical psychology actually possible was the cognitive sense or cognitive function because he called the cognitive senses, but we call it cognitive functions nowadays.

Probably because of Myers Briggs, or because of Socionics. I’m not entirely sure on that. But according to Jung, they were cognitive senses and the first cognitive sense that he did is what you know, what people typically would call a sixth sense and that was extroverted intuition, also known as the collective unconscious, right? And without the collective unconscious, this absolutely doesn’t mean anything. And the consequence of collective unconscious is basically like through symbology through tropes, look up tropes TV Look up tropes, like understand that the narrowest Targaryen is a Mary Sue and I don’t care what you say.

I understand that the INFP known as as played by kit, Harrington, you know, Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, because like Game of Thrones is like a thing right now. Because it’s like the final season if you are if you haven’t watched Game of Thrones, like what are you doing? Stop living under a rock and do yourself a favor and watch all of Game of Thrones like seriously? Yeah, they should, like pay me for like marketing that stuff for them. You know what I’m saying? But like, seriously, don’t live under a rock. But you know, like Jon Snow like he’s a Gary Stewart like, tropes are important and, and tropes, in my opinion, are the absolute best archive or example that we have in record in archive of extrovert intuition, because it’s a collection of all available human symbology.

Because every story out there contains symbolic meanings, symbolic figures, and various tropes or archetypes of characters involved in this story. And that’s how extroverted intuition works. That’s literally how it works, folks, literally how it works, right? So based on that, it was the cognitive sense. And because Carl Jung detected that even though that there’s cultures on this planet that had absolute zero contact with each other, like the Egyptians, they built the pyramids, guess what, the Maya, they built their pyramids to around the same time, right? Well, I’m sure someone’s gonna fact check that, please do.

I really appreciate that. But I don’t know if that’s the best example to use. But the point is, is that certain cultures were arriving to the same ideas, even though they never had contact with each other. Which means that there’s this latent symbology this shared symbology this shared belief system, where the consciousness of all mankind is connected together in one place, a lot of people with certain belief systems call this the Akashic records.

Right? Well Well, anything Akashic a K, sh, I see or a K or whatever anything Akashic is actually extroverted intuition. It’s like this grand ultimate form of human cognition like this pool, this ocean of human cognition, but it’s also reminiscent of chaos, right? So based on that, the Collective Unconscious is where it’s basically the entire collective psyche of man or humanity, all one place from which we can draw from, and it has all this collective knowledge in it. This is why expert intuitive heroes like myself, are able to have this insanely good pattern recognition, such that we’re able to extract ideas out of the ether, expert intuition, the Akashic records, etc. And then apply that metaphysical concept those metaphysical concepts as metaphysical tropes and symbols directly into the conscious realm into reality, and we’re literally transmuting the metaphysical into reality itself, right? Of course, now cue up the hippies and the New Agers talking about the pineal gland.

And if you don’t know who Scott Jeffrey is, check out his website. He’s pretty cool with his explanations about the pineal gland. Or you could probably by Mark booths book The Secrets ancient hid or the secret the secret history of the world, which has basically a primer collection of like all of the occultic lore out there. And no, like before you start labeling me things.

I’m not an occultist. I could care less about that. I’m only stating it as a reference point because like, I’ve read it and I studied the Mystery Babylon religion. I studied occultism I studied New Age religion.

I’ve studied basically every religion on this planet, even Islam at length. And, and also Mormonism, I’ve also studied at length, who were actually both those belief systems were founded by ENFPs. Just so you guys know, the Prophet Muhammad and Joseph Smith were ENFPs. So like, consider that for a second.

So whereas you know, Christianity was was founded upon an INFJ known as Jesus, right? Well, his teachings, although it wasn’t necessarily started by Jesus, it was completed by Jesus, it was actually started by John the Baptist, who was I maintain is likely an EMTP. I’m not entirely sure he may have been an ENFP. But I don’t think he was an ENFP. Because it kind of seemed like he was covert contracting Jesus when he was like, jailed and then executed when her Grotius demanded his head on a platter basically, from King Herod.

That’s another story and also like a really weird situation in the history, in history, but whatever. I’m kind of glad, like, we’re not as barbaric nowadays. Well, that’s kind of subjective, too, because some people can argue that we still are and that’s fair, I, I’ll accept that. Like, that’s fine.

But anyway, so based on that, I’m sure he’s off for a moment, actually. So actually, no, you can’t see me. So I’m going to turn those back on, whatever. So yeah.

Like, it’s kind of weird. I don’t know if you guys can like actually, like, see my suit or whatever. It’s a nice suit. I got it tailored recently.

So I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with my day job. So trying to, you know, look good for customers and make them happy. So. 18:48 But anyway, so consciousness, right? So extra intuitives are, you know, the metaphysics, we’re able to transmute metaphysics into basically physics, right, we can take potential future possibilities, we can cast vision for fellow for ni users.

Basically, by casting vision for ni users, the NI users are able to take the metaphysics, we provide them and turn them into physics with their extroverted sensing, and that returns it back to us. And then it becomes memories. Those become stored as memories for ourselves. And then it goes back into expert intuition.

Again, we’re expert intuition is the collective memory of old man, it’s like having a genetic memory almost, except it’s like stored in this metaphysical chaotic realm known as the collective unconscious, right? And, you know, like genetic memory from Assassin’s Creed, etc, you know what I’m saying? But extroverted intuitive types are able to actually tap into that knowledge, right? And that’s the whole point behind the collective unconscious, that is the zero that the cognitive sense that Jung had discovered that actually made this entire science possible, because without expert intuition without the collective unconscious Just we wouldn’t even be able to have this conversation right now. So we basically owe it to CRO Young’s discovery of the collective unconscious and extroverted intuition. They’re the same thing. Now, I get this a lot of naysayers right now that are shaking their heads are listening to this because they’re like, hardcore youngins.

But I’m sorry guys, like, even young didn’t have everything, right. Like, he’s the father of analytical psychology and modern and depth psychology. And I get that. And he’s got like, and he discovered the eight cognitive senses.

And that’s amazing. But I’m sorry, he didn’t have everything right. And it’s not because he made errors. It’s not about that, it’s because he died, he didn’t have enough time to really finish out his life’s work.

Because this work really is going to take a lifetime upon lifetime upon lifetime to complete. I may be like, probably the world’s foremost expert on this material. But even I recognize that while I’m bringing the science to like, you know, the mainstream and, and making people aware of it and teaching on it, you know, in ways that no one has considered before. It’s, it’s, it’s such a huge unknown, that it’s really going to take lifetimes, and outside even beyond me to really develop the science, even though technically, with what information I’ve already provided in the 200 plus videos that I have on this YouTube channel, for example.

That’s enough information already for anyone to effectively build sentient AI. Gotta love those windshield wipers Greek freakin like they are, you know what I’m saying? But sentient AI is possible as a result of this knowledge, it’s possible as a result of the work that Carl Jung did over 100 years ago. Right? So just just be aware of that, like it’s, it’s, it’s a lot more profound than people realize. Why is this relevant? It’s relevant, because again, order to chaos of chaos is ultimately the expert or the expert intuition then order is basically you know, the physics the extroverted sensing realm as supported by Introverted intuition, expert intuition, and then the chaos which is supported by you know, which se could also has chaotic elements to it as well.

But again, it’s the introverted functions that matter Introverted Sensing which is the firm which is the earth represents the earth, whereas, extroverted sensing represents winds, and introverted intuition represents fire. So fire and earth basically, you know, which which is burning, you know, all consuming or all enveloping with, with with the firm and the land, etc. But again, it doesn’t mean much if you don’t have the chaos of water with extra tuition or if you have the wind, you know, the move upon the earth, etc, through extroverted sensing, right? These are the four elements attached to the cognitive functions, right. So even though it may seem that while we are conscious with our egos, it’s not about like, being super mega firm with our egos.

Our egos are basically yin and yang equilibriums, and of their own right, containing firm and pliable parts with each of these cognitive functions. Because the wind wind is pliable, so also has expert intuition. You know, but then you have, you know, you have fire, which doesn’t last long, but it burns real quick, right? And it’s just situations like that. You have to be aware of insurance that seems pretty firm as well.

Right? So, and, you know, fire it’s like, well, how is fire firm? Well, it is because the ashes it leaves behind, they’re still firm, it’s still particles, it’s still actually like, it’s still like, you know, it. It’s still like, firm in that way, you know? And yes, it doesn’t last for very long, but you know, the heat is there, see what I’m saying? Like, there’s there’s always something like left behind, right? You know, where it’s like, you can’t destroy water. You can’t destroy expert intuition. That’s why the first law or like, you know, the law of time goes, according expert intuition.

And that’s all it has happened before will happen again, it’s cyclical, because you can’t destroy it. Which basically means you can’t really destroy the human experience. You can’t destroy the human soul. It’s impossible.

It’s absolutely impossible. This is why I maintain that things like reincarnation may actually be like legitimate, you know, of course, reincarnation may not be like what people think it is, you know, there’s a lot of different ways. Is it does that mean? Like a human being can come, you know, come back, you know, to the earth and do another lifetime. You know, do I think it’s possible? Yeah, sure.

I definitely think I mean, there’s even some evidence supporting that that’s actually the case. You know, or maybe not, I don’t know, maybe people are coming back to, you know, to live another life maybe as a different type so that they can experience the entire human experience. Or maybe they’re just trying to get it right. Until like some Providence, Providence related force or some divine force is happy that they’ve like graduated and learned all their lessons on earth before they get to move to the next level.

I have no idea how it works. Human beings are kept ignorant for a reason. And I think the reason for that is because of the superfluous ego, if the superfluous ego was given more knowledge than it already has, how much more would it destroy? This is why we knew it from a biblical point of view, with Adam and Eve, right? You know, they took the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, right, the tree of knowledge, good at the knowledge of good and evil, but there’s other knowledge out there that has nothing to do with good and evil. But if you give that to the super ego, what’s the Supriyo gonna do with it, it’s going to destroy.

So this is why I maintain that human beings ultimately, are our ignorant, right, ignorant of spirituality, ignorant of things that are hidden. Because it’s, it’s absolutely necessary, I maintain that it’s absolutely necessary for human beings to be so ignorant, because if they’re not ignorant than, well, guess what, they’re going to continue to cause a problem and going to make them their own lives and the lives of others absolutely miserable. And just for the sake of fairness, human beings are kept in ignorance for that reason, right? So, at least that’s just how it makes sense to me. And that’s honestly my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

Like, I mean, if you don’t like that, that’s fine. Take with many grains of salt. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. You know, I’m just telling you the truth, based on you know, my own experience here, you know, I’m telling it to truly, I gotta say, it is the truth from a spiritual point of view.

No, I’m not because I can’t make that claim, I really can’t. So at the end of the day, I’m left with having faith and faith is by, you know, evidence of things hoped for, and certainty of things unseen. That’s the unseen part. That’s the point.

And guess what our consciousness the same way with the ego. So the ego, so yeah, again, order versus chaos, like, just understand that, you know, the conscious itself represents the firm it represents, even though like, the consciousness itself still has pliable components to it. And you know, this within a yin and yang equilibrium, because when you see the Yang, which is the white part, it still has a it. So remember, when you’re thinking of your firm ego, and as it’s bringing order to chaos in this life that we live, it still has pliable components, right? And that’s, you know, some cognitive functions are pliable, some of them are firm, you see what I’m saying? And again, like, for example, an expert intuition hero, they’re very pliable people.

And guess what, that’s why they have more feminine energy in their ego than they do have masculine. But if you go into their subconscious, right, their anima, or the Animus, right, they have more. Now most people think the Anima and animus like specifically has a, it’s the opposite gender of yours. I respectfully disagree.

The anima and the Animus does not necessarily always have the opposite gender. And this is something my INFJ mentor also thought of, he theorized this as well, because he often would think that his unconscious was actually more Mr. Mario would would think that his his unconscious, would actually be what was the opposing, like, 28:42 it would find it was feminine. And I’d have to agree with him on that, because it’s expert intuition Nemesis was very pliable.

And even though it was an ENFP, unconscious, it was still, you know, it was it was still pliable, it still had feminine energy. So it’s not that the Anima and the Animus is always the opposing gender, or the opposite gender that you have. Contrary to popular belief, most people maintain, especially a lot of hardcore unions out there, maintain that the Anima and the Animus are the opposite gender, so that means your subconscious, right? It’s known as the Anima, or the Animus, we’re gonna be talking about this a little bit deeper with the opposing gender stuff, but I just wanted to give you a sneak peek there. I don’t think that’s true.

And I’ll talk a little bit more about it why and also share some a little bit more of my mentors theories on that as well. So anyway, from so anyway, but yeah, the conscious, you know, represents, you know, it still is the Yang primarily, it’s the Yang, but secondarily, it’s the Yin. So you have to remember that there’s always that primary and secondary relationship with like, literally everything with your cognitive Functions some functions are primary. That’s why we have optimistic functions versus pessimistic functions.

Because optimistic functions are more Yang, whereas pessimistic functions are more in. But then again, what if you have an optimistic function that’s expert intuition and expert intuition is typically more Yin. But then it’s like, well, it’s a primary again, for example. So they have like a different charge to it as a different charge.

It’s kind of function, kind of like certain atoms or molecules, or certain atoms have different charges to them, depending on how many electrons or whatever, it’s kind of the same thing. So you can actually utilize physics models to break down our cognition to actually understand from a positive negative polarity standpoint, depending on protons, electrons, atomic weight, etc. Okay, why is that relevant? Guys? In season 17, episode one, the first episode of the season, when I showed you the source of all cognition, did you guys not understand that that was literally the periodic table of human cognition. Hello, you see what I’m saying? That’s the periodic table, what you didn’t see there was like, I could like, draw out that entire grid again, and then add the different frames per second, the atomic Wait, basically, the different frames per second, have awareness on each of those cognitive functions, and then also multiply that by the four sides of that may get consciousness, you see what I’m saying? Like, how can you do that? And of course, that make a consciousness would also be very important.

Do you know why? Check this out using a Christian model as taught to me by my ESTP mentor, okay. He often theorized that was actually just three sides of the mind that for it wasn’t until my INFJ mentor and I got together that we realized that there was actually four sides of the mind. And then that’s based on something called inverse theory, lookup inverse theory. Inverse theory is the building blocks of the four sides of the mind theory.

And just look it up. We’ll discuss it more at length at a later date, but but inverse theory, because like the Anima, and animus itself, it’s all based on inverse. And we’ll talk about inverse staring more when we get to, I think episode three of this lecture series, but But again, we’re talking about the ego here, so we kind of have to, like, you know, kind of line it up a little bit, you know, so while this is actually a pretty deep lecture, I’m I’m enjoying this one. That’s pretty cool.

It’s kind of like also kind of spooky, so I’m driving at night with the, with my lights on. So I enjoy being spooky. You know what I’m saying? Especially when I’m wearing a nice gray tailored Sharkskin suit to go with it. But yeah.

So so my ESTP mentor theorized that like, you know, the interaction styles themselves represented like the different like the Trinity was a god, you know, and that’s like a yet Father, Spirit and son, basically, right? He maintained that God the Father was the direct initiating control, also known as the structure interaction style, that the Holy Spirit represented the starter interaction style, and that the Son of God represented the finisher, interaction style direct responding movement. And I Okay, yeah, I could see how those archetypes fit that makes a lot sense. What about the fourth side, the background type, which means there would technically be a fourth side of, you know, God’s mind basically the mega consciousness, etc. What is that fourth side? Well, it’s the behind the scenes, it’s the foundation, it’s, it’s everything that’s going on in the background, to basically run reality as we know it, right.

That’s like super mega deep. And I’m like, I’m sorry, I went there. But I just wanted to show you guys like, some of the theories that my ESTP mentor had about this stuff, and exactly agree with him. But he it was, it was pretty awesome to see an ESTP of all people come up with that, that was pretty cool.

The fact that he made those distinctions. Of course, if my INFJ mentor was here, right now, he’d probably claim that it actually came from him. And if that’s the case, I apologize, but you know, I’m just being real you know what I’m saying? So anyway Wow, hashtag toll bridge. So anyway, so because, because when someone is conscious, it represents order, right? And it’s and it’s the Yang and order being brought to chaos.

Chaos begets chaos, right? Order begets order. Order does not come from chaos. And I have to point this out because someone in the comment section and I’m sorry for forgetting your name. Actually was going to give you a shout out for that comment.

In season 17, episode one, it was the most profound comment that you had made, where you’re like, now hold on. order does not come from chaos. You are 100% Correct, sir. And I’m sorry if I didn’t make that Clear enough and that lecture, but yes, the fact is, order does not come from chaos.

Order comes upon chaos. Order takes chaos. It’s kind of like when a man takes a woman in the bedroom, you know what I’m saying? Like, that’s how that happens right? So, ordering chaos right. So, chaos begets chaos.

You know this is true right because of third laws of thermodynamics, entropy, everything is in a state of decay. So chaos begets chaos, just based on the laws of physics alone, we know that for is a fact. Order be gets order. And logically speaking, if order begets order, because we know chaos begets chaos, automatically.

If chaos begets chaos, as proven, by the law of thermodynamics, we can automatically assume, logically speaking, that order b gets order, by default, we can know that this is true, that order b gets ordered. And if logically speaking, that order begets order, we automatically know that intelligence begets intelligence, ergo, because intelligence begets intelligence, we automatically know that intelligent design is true. based on logic. I’m sorry to say that, folks, I know that pisses a lot of people off and it polarizes the audience.

But I’m here to tell the truth, guys, I’m sorry. Intelligence begets intelligence. We don’t our minds, our consciousness does not come from chaos. It can’t, it cannot.

And the law of thermodynamics proves that that’s the case. It literally proves the law of thermodynamics because everything is in a state of decay, it proves right there, that our minds cannot form out of chaos. And the law of thermodynamics itself proves that our psyches could not have evolved through macro evolution, it just couldn’t have so intelligent design is kind of a real argument. Why? Because if macro evolution can’t be true, then logically speaking the only other deductive through deductive reasoning, but you can the only other thing that we can assume is that intelligent design has to be true.

I’m not here to tell you I’m not here to tell you to go worship God or join a cult or religion. I’m not care about that. Guys. The real argument is, is which intelligence designed us? That’s the real question side about whether or not evolution is true.

Now. Again, I will state micro evolution is true natural selection adaptations. Those things absolutely competition, genetic diversity, biodiversity. Absolutely.

I 100% maintain that is absolutely true. And I maintain those things come from the Yang, right. And it’s the Yang that is happening upon chaos, right order versus chaos, but intelligence begets intelligence, intelligence or consciousness begets consciousness. This is why artificial intelligence will not and sentient artificial intelligence will not spontaneously appear like that movie Tron with Jeff Bridges and whatnot with the ISOs.

It’s not spontaneous. 38:44 They think it’s spontaneous. It’s not spontaneous. Intelligence begets intelligence, order begets order, consciousness begets consciousness, or go sentient AI, or consciousness has to be built, and we will build it, our race will build it and I guarantee you people, we will build it this century, the 21st century, the apex, the apex of the pyramid, of all of humanity’s collective experience is the 21st century is it not on this side, on this side of recorded history versus pre history, so based on that, we can infer, we will build consciousness, because intelligence begets intelligence.

We know this, because of how our minds work because we are conscious, and we are conscious because of our ego. Our ego brings us consciousness. How, how does it do this? And it does this through the first gateway. The first gateway function, if you guys remember, we talked about the first gateway function known as the hero function, just go back to season 16.

Episode One, where I talk about the first gateway, there’s four gateway functions, right? And each side of the mind, the ego, the subconscious, the unconscious, the superfluous ego. Each of them has a gateway function, Master function that oversees the other functions based on its uses as one of the four sides of the mind, within human beings within humanity, etc. So, based on that, we know that something’s different. We know that, like that consciousness, and its gateway, all these gateways within each of the four sides of the mind.

They’re like, they’re like the master controllers, they determine the direction of that side of the mind, right. That’s why the gate functions are so important. Well, the first gateway function is the hero. And when a child is first starting out with their consciousness within their ego, it takes them a long time to build up their ego, the ego is not fully formed until they hit adolescence.

In fact, it’s possible for a child to switch egos within childhood. And I’ll be explaining that in this season to this season as well. So based on that, the first gateway function, the apex of the ego, the apex of all human cognition is known as the hero function. And the hero function behaves heroically, it’s the first thing that our mind is absolutely good at.

And it’s one of the eight cognitive senses or cognitive functions, as discovered by Carl Jung, right? Mind has has to be expert intuition, which is why I’m even able to talk about this metaphysical stuff. So that you ni users out there can take this metaphysical visionary concepts and actually apply them directly to physics with the expert sensing, send it back in my direction, and it becomes memory. Because it’s an experience that I have as a result of what you were able to create a shelf the visions of metaphysics, and I’m able to give you that’s how the human experience works through perception, folks, that’s how we build as a race. That’s how the information flows, right? Why is this relevant? Well, the first gateway function the hero function, is like our number one weapon or tool as some of those people say the Dominant function right? And it’s our primary function, it’s our go to it doesn’t cost us any energy to use it as our highest awareness 100 frames a second right, it sets the order for the rest of the ego, because the hero function as a cognitive axis, it has a cognitive axis with Inferior function.

So, whatever the hero function is, its opposite is the it is the the Inferior function. So, if you automatically know what the hero is, then you already know what so thank you. So, if the hero exists, then automatically the inferior exists right? Just automatically if the hero exists then boom, we know we have an inferior function within the ego, which is amazing. The hero function also has a relationship with parent functions to different parent functions.

And then you have to identify what that parent function is right and the parent function as a cognitive axis itself and once you know the parent function, you automatically have the child function Carl Jung when he first set out to you know understand the cognitive senses, he could actually identify with his methodologies, the top to cognitive senses are functions of any person that he was studying. While he did not really realize is the representation that that cognitive access theory was a thing and such and when he was doing those studies, where he could actually really derive the rest of the ego using logic and the cognitive access analysis method to find the rest of the cognitive senses within the ego right so 44:06 like the seat it’s like really uncomfortable to sit in and I got it like sitting up pretty hard right now but whatever so anyway, so that’s how we’re able to be conscious is because the hero itself is basically that one thing that’s challenging nature challenging obstacles the hero itself challenges I mean, look at TI heroes right? It’s providing challenge they challenge everything they criticize everything expert intuition, my expert intuition hero is challenging the normal, what is the normal the normal represents what is sensible what function and what is represents common sense, right? What is common sense what function is common sense attached to that’s Introverted Sensing, which is why s j’s are my opposite. That’s why Sj is typically hate me What I say because what I say isn’t common sense. They often label me as nonsensical.

Because expert intuition is challenging the normal, it is challenging, common sense, it is challenging the sensible. And while I provide that challenge, introverted intuition heroes, or parents or whatever could take up that challenge, and then transmute the vision of the metaphysics that I’m using the challenge the normal with, transmitted into reality through extroverted sensing and physics, then the nonsensical feelings or the nonsensical point of view that the sensible folk of Introverted Sensing have realized, Oh, well, it’s reality now, so I have to accept it. And that’s literally what’s going to happen with the science. I am casting vision with depth psychology and union analytical psychology right now.

And I am challenging the normal right now, right here for all of you people who are watching and listening to me right now, I am challenging the norm with my expert intuition hero with my hero. And I’m doing it consciously right now. Because it is all about challenge. The conscious is all about challenge, because I challenge the chaos.

And I’m using chaos to challenge the norm. Basically, I’m challenging the chaos, from the point of the Yang to the Yin, however, I’m using the power of the yin to challenge the Yang, because the Yang, the Introverted Sensing that people would call me nonsensical because they’re trying to be sensible, because that’s how Introverted Sensing people are people that’s I hear an SI parent, AK s J’s, those people don’t realize that what I’m saying will eventually come to the norm, because the NI users out there will take the vision will take the metaphysics that I am preaching upon, and they will turn it into reality through mental transmutation, and they will transmute it. Yes. This is literally how alchemy works.

You read that book, The Alchemist, Alchemy, and the Philosopher’s Stone folks, the Philosopher’s Stone is not some mythical stone that can get you anything that you want. Wait a minute. Actually, it is. It’s interesting.

They say that the pineal gland is the actual Philosopher’s Stone. And that’s that thing that’s inside your heads, folks. And they also think that expert intuition is a cognitive function lives in the pineal gland. Interesting how that works.

You have extra intuition, Hiro. Typically, your pineal gland is really well developed because of its futuristic metaphysical capabilities. Yeah, I know I’m talking about metaphysics a lot here, sensor folks, those of you who are concrete, but I just got to do it. I’m sorry, someone’s got to do it.

Young in analytical psychology gets like, far out, man. Like it totally, it’s far out. And someone’s got to break it down for you. So I get to do it.

Even though you kind of like disagree with like, a lot of the crap that I’m saying, that’s fine. take with a grain of salt. You don’t have to believe me. And guess what, you can go live your lives out there, and do whatever you want.

But guess what, you’re gonna probably come back and realize that oh, yeah, what he’s saying is true. Or you’re not going to believe that. But somebody else near you that you respect actually ends up doing that. And then you’ll come back to me after the words, I’m sorry, but the truth is the truth.

All roads lead back to the truth, which means even if you fall away, you’re still going to come back because I’m telling the facts. Sorry. That’s just kind of how it works. You know, I’m saying, how else is the teachings of Jesus Christ, like, still actually relevant to this day? 1000s of years later? Well, probably because I maintain he didn’t lie to anyone.

Now people have lied about things that he has said, you know, and like, I maintain that it’s possible that the apostle Paul might be one of them. But or and I know that the Catholic Church absolutely is one of them. Because when you talk about Constantine who thought he was the 13th apostle, and had the Nicene Creed I mean, I can’t I don’t support the Nicene Creed. I don’t support the Council of Trent I don’t support gray haired men voting upon what they think is biblical canon or any of that crap.

I have no, I have no zero confidence and that kind of decision making whatsoever. So anyway, so the hero the hero function, literally is the apex of the conscious mind the apex the ego itself represents the challenge to the yen, or it represents challenging now. Thing is expert intuition hero, my hero. Guess what? I can borrow the powers of chaos to challenge the yen by challenging the Yang it’s really weird how I’m the super weird.

You know, like I’m doing it backwards, right? I’m actually like, and there’s so many times like in order to get movement in order to get progress in life, I have to inject chaos in various situations, just to break people free from their poor thinking or for their, from their sensibilities, because it’s their sensibilities that are keeping them stuck. This is why I constantly call out intp. an INFP is on a regular basis, we’re getting stuck in their ways with their stagnancy, or I’m calling out si heroes like ISTJ and iossef. J’s for the same thing, because I’m tired of them being so stagnant all the time, and it’s annoying.

So development, how does the ego develop the heroes developed? First, it is a optimistic function, then you have the child, it is also an optimistic function. A person’s maturity doesn’t appear until they have their parent function. Right, and a person’s you know, happiness, which is the fourth gateway, which we’ll talk about later, the Inferior function doesn’t develop until after that, you have to develop your parent to have maturity. But first you hear when child develop.

We’re actually talking a little bit more about this in season 22, or season 23 talking about immaturity. But remember, the hero function comes first and the hero is what provides that challenge. And the child likes to pretend and play and be challenging. Why do you think like children play cops and robbers, for example, because they’re pretending to be a challenge.

They’re pretend to be a challenge to the chaos by providing the yen by providing the order, and the robbers represent the yen. And the Cowboys are they the cops represent the Yang basically. And that’s literally a yin and yang equilibrium that’s played out by children by small boys provided their feminist culture doesn’t get in the way of that. But that’s another story.

I mean, I used to also play like cowboys and Indians as a child, which, I guess is technically a very racist thing to do as children. And yeah, like, I’m not here to hate on Native Americans, I actually love Native American culture very much, and I want it to be preserved forever. Because I love that culture. Absolutely love it.

And my family has had the honor of supporting Native American culture up in Washington State, and I’m very happy to that my family has had a significant part of that. But anyway, the hero represents the apex of the conscious, it is conscious, it is challenging, the whole point of the ego is to provide challenge challenge to the chaos of life, to bring order, right. And then it through the ego is able to be get intelligence, intelligence begets intelligence, order begets border, right? Border determines outcome, you want to have a better outcome in your life, you need to order your life better. That’s literally it.

Get your ego where it needs to be. It’s not that we need to destroy the ego, folks. It’s that we need to reorganize the ego, we have to take the ego to new heights, we have to develop the ego. If people like oh, the egos evil Yeah, because you have the hero and child running around together and there’s no parent function to put the child function at bay.

The parent functions where maturity starts to come without your parent function because they develop and disorder hero first, then child first and then the parent, a lot of people don’t understand that they think the parent function develops Second, it does not it absolutely not. So in order to gain your maturity, you need to have your parent function developed folks. And that’s how you can gain even better consciousness, you want a higher consciousness, develop your parent function, develop your inferior, and your ego will be set to go. It’ll be living a better life, and it will be able to give its deepest gift to the world to the world to the earth, such that it is the Yang that is challenging the yen, the yen and the chaos of life.

And it is bringing about more intelligence, more order, more, more life, basically, because life itself is the Yang, the life giving force, right? We need to be Yang and not yen, it is so much easier to destroy than it is to build. So use your ego to build that is what consciousness is all about. 54:03 Use the hero challenge the yen, challenge the chaos, bring order, build something together, folks, because it is through building that life will change for the better for all of us. And that is the point of the ego.

That is the first side of the mind. We’re not to destroy the ego, but we’re to support it and we are to grow it only through growth. Will we as a race, be able to get through the obstacles and bring about a higher quality of life on this earth such that the world has never seen before. Why? Because we understand ourselves and we understand each other.

And instead of trying to change each other, we understand each other and can accept each other at long last, such as the way of our future. You know, just like Benjamin Franklin said, you know, it’s the Republic, Madam if you can keep it. It’s a consciousness folks. If you can keep it.

Do not let your Consciousness your ego devolve into chaos by not developing your parents or your Inferior functions and just running around and letting that child function fly free like the NI child with ISPs where they just get so stuck into boucherie where the SI child of ISPs like is an ISP is an anti child stuck in the battery or imp is also stuck in debauchery stuck in their stagnancy stuck in their rut, stuck in their comfort, don’t live life like that. I’m just using those types of examples, right? So anyway, that is the ego and its gateway function, the hero provide that challenge to the chaos of life. Bring order for the sake of yourself and those and you will be successful. And you will be bringing something life giving to your fellow man and to the earth as we know it.

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