Season 16, Episode 3 Transcript


Hey guys. It’s CS joseph with, doing another episode for season 16. It’s episode 3, what is the cognitive attitude of the child function? We’re going to be using this lecture to  specifically  explore, what it, what the child function is, what is for? what is it meant to do? how the child function  exists and plays out, within  basically, the mind of all the 16 types according to Jungian analytical psychology, according to depth psychology.  So, we are definitely going to be exploring You know each facet of it.  You know, in terms of its total attitude, how it interacts with some of the other functions as well, as how certain types utilize the child function. So, pretty awesome that we’re going to be doing that today. But before we begin, I would like to state that, we’re doing a giveaway right now. If you would like to win a free copy of this book, you know, Dr. Linda Berens, Oh, yeah, understanding yourself and others, introduction to the interaction styles, this is our current book giveaway.  So in order to enter the book giveaway, all you have to do is  be a subscriber of the channel obviously and  leave a like, while you’re at it and comment on this lecture in order to be entered into win  automatically for this round of the giveaway. This round of the giveaway understanding yourself and others, an introduction to the interaction styles 2.0 according to Dr. Linda Behrens.  So, if you want an opportunity to do win the book, please do those things, that would be the awesomest. And let’s get started with the lecture. So, let’s discuss the child function.


1:38 So, what is the child function?  The child function is the third function in every single function stack for all the 16 types.  I’m an entp which means my inner child is extraverted feeling also known as ethics, for example ESTPs and ENTPs, both have this inner child function and that is what the child function is.  It’s literally the inner child of a person or a human being or their psychology or their psyche etc.  It’s the human child, it’s the inner child of their soul basically.  Yes, the inner child is their soul. So, here is all the child functions are here.  These are basically the eight cognitive functions in blue, but they are child functions. Those of you listening to us right now on the podcast and wow, it’s like really late tonight and I am exhausted, but it is what it is.  So, the eight cognitive functions as child functions and for those who are listening in, Introverted feeling is morals aka principles.  Extraverted thinking is rationale also known as beliefs or belief systems; introverted thinking is logic aka true/false awareness. Extraverted feeling is ethics, like we just discussed. Introverted sensing is loyalty, duty, long term memory access, the past, self-discipline, conviction etc. We have extraverted intuition also known as metaphysics, the collective unconscious for example, also, the great what if, seeing all possible realities realms and possibilities, etc.  Also, alternate, alternate universes, alternate realities and being aware of that, metaphysics, extraverted intuition. Then we have the personal unconscious also known as introverted intuition, which is willpower, desire, passion when a person uses to find the best path forward for themselves or the ideal path forward for themselves.  Whereas metaphysics extraverted intuition is about finding the ideal path for everybody or for a third party, etc., instead of just like not the self. So, we have extroverted sensing, which is physics awareness, mechanical attitude, mechanical ability, it’s also shared experiences with other human beings.  Sharing experiences not seeking experiences, seeking experiences is introverted sensing by the way, sharing experiences is extraverted sensing. So, for all of you out there, who are like, oh introverted sensing.  Introverted sensing is like totally all about you know, like just having an experience, right? But extroverted sensing is about seeking experiences no, no, it’s not, introverted sensing actually seeks new experiences, okay?  Extraverted sensing is about seeking new experiences to be shared with somebody else. So, they are shared components, not necessarily seeking experiences for themselves.


4:28 It’s like I don’t know why SP’s are consistently being called Thrill-seekers all the time. Okay. Yes, technically they do thrill seek a lot especially like STP’s they’re all into like the thrill-seekingness and I honestly get into that, but guess what, introverted sensors actually have even more thrill-seeking.  Take an ESTJ for example, ESTJ’s are like the type that is most likely to jump out of an airplane, okay, there’s a reason for that. Introverted sensing is about seeking experiences, extroverted sensing is about sharing experiences.  Oh, and by the way, whoever there it was, that told me that introverted intuition is all about organizing concepts, check your definition. Like you don’t really know what you’re talking about.  The actual definition of introverted intuition is the personal unconscious, which is  being able to look into one’s own future, based on what they see happening in reality,  so they know what they want to do, right? they’re able to take, like, think about it like a funnel, you know, you  have a lot of information here on the surface and it’s coming around,  it’s spiraling around and spiraling around, until it comes to a fixed point,  and just going straight up and that is the path forward, that’s the path up, that’s  the path to the future for example.  Extraverted intuition is the other way around, it’s actually a downward spiral coming from this direction, and then it’s just slowly spreading out and weaving until it gets you know down, and it’s just like this huge spiral going out in every direction, right?  But it’s coming from the down or from the top down, and it’s spiraling out, whereas introverted intuition is coming from the bottom up and then spiraling up for example.  That is a literally the difference, like kind of like trying to show like a physical model here, as the difference between introverted intuition and extraverted intuition, so, be aware of those differences when you’re talking about cognitive functions, especially the child function, right?


6:21 So, the child function, awesome. So, what types of introverted feeling child?  Well, that is the INTJ and the ISTJ, what types have extraverted thinking child?  That is the ESFP and the ENFP, what types have  Introverted thinking as its child function? that’s is the ISFJ the INFJ, what types have the extraverted feeling  child function? that’s ESTP and ENTP, where I mentioned that and Si child belongs to INTP and INFP,  Ne child belongs to  ESTJ and ESFJ, and Ni child belongs to ISTP  and ISFP and then Se child belongs to ENTJ and  ENFJ, so again those of you who are listening to the podcast, there you have it, there’s the information that you need.  So, let’s get through, what the child function is and what it does.  So, but before we do that, let’s give credit to where it’s due. Dr. John Beebe, good man, you know the guy who basically first started teaching us about cognitive attitudes and what the eight behaviors basically, it’s the eight behaviors of the cognitive functions that they are, and that’s literally all what attitude is. Attitude is just basically behaviors, behaviors and how they behave. Now we talked about the hero function and how it behaves heroically, we talked about the parent function how it behaves responsibly those are the behaviors of those functions.  But the child function basically has one overarching behavior and that is innocence.  So, a person’s innocence and where a person’s joy could exist, basically comes from the child function because you know, you just want to be like a child, right?  It’s kind of interesting that the child of the function exists,  I mean, it’s kind of like when you’re talking to like Jesus Christ, and he’s just walking around,  he’s like, yeah, man, if you want to get into the kingdom of heaven, you have to become like a child  and it’s like wait a minute, what?  obviously, he was referring to the child function, because like that would make a lot more sense, right?  #science.  Maybe haha. No, really seriously, the child function is all about innocence, innocence is a big deal to understand about how the inner child works, because a person’s innocence exists in the child. The child is all about, yes it behaves like a little kid. It can be a bit immature, but it has lasting energy, absolute lasting energy.


8:57 So, think about this for a little bit. We know that you have the hero function, right?  The hero function is an optimistic function, but then we have the parent function, is the first pessimistic function, right?  it is a secondary function and auxiliary function but is still  pessimistic, that means that function gets tired and  remember, we talked about how the hero function as an optimistic function and the child function as an optimistic function when they actually come together  and work together with each other, guess what happens?  Typically, people use those two functions together more often or not, because guess what they are always on. The parent function is not always on and it’s not on, or activated, until people specifically are in a position, where they’ve developed maturity, right? Because that’s how you get your parent function, it’s through developing maturity, you have to be mature to use your parent function, you don’t have to be mature in order to use your child function. Obviously again, it’s the optimistic function,  right? and I would venture to guess like in a person’s function stack, their hero function develops first, followed by their child function and  then their parent function, much down later down the road and then obviously the inferior function etc.,  but primary functions aka optimistic functions come first and people usually  default to using those functions first, and they can get stuck there and here on child loops, and it’s just insanity  you don’t want to do that, it causes those people to be irresponsible,  You don’t want them to be irresponsible. Okay, so based on that to help you not be irresponsible, develop some maturity to use your responsible parent function. The parent function exists to protect the child.  Why is that? well because the child is innately immature, but it is also innately  innocent, innocence is the key, guess what, if you are abusing someone’s child function  you’re literally committing child abuse, did you know that? yes,  literally committing child abuse. Okay, that’s because the child function is innocent.  Also, another aspect of the child function, which is also pretty cool is divinity, yes, the child function has innocence, it also has divinity, divinity is important. 


11:08 This is what gives like for example, one of my favorite child functions is Ni child,  I love Ni child, Ni child is that function,  like I always use that mindfield example, somehow it literally has lady luck with it at all times,  liquid luck. It just things just work out for Ni child  constantly just work out,  they have so many close calls and yet somehow  they always survive or they always get through or that disaster happens or something just falls in their lap, and just  magically happens, and it’s like how the hell did you do that? you’re riding a motorcycle,  and I thought you’re going to die, and it’s like oh no, no, don’t worry, man, i just flew  for a few seconds and landed nice and safe, instead of like cracking my head into the side of the concrete wall,  right, okay, Ni child, but somehow you survived that motorcycle crash. Yeah, that’s basically how it works.  So just be aware of that.  Ni child it just, it’s got that willpower,  it can will its way through anything and because it’s like an innocent little kid and it has it’s, you know divinity,  that’s literally what the person’s connection to  the divine is through the inner child, because it is so  innocent and it’s like it always has that guardian angel, it always has that providence, that is supporting and following the inner child  wherever it goes,  that now. As a result of that, it is important that we as human beings who are in relationship with each other, so that we protect the inner child of our fellow human beings and we do not allow our fellow human beings to abuse the child.  Stop abusing the child, seriously stop abusing the child. So how does fi child get abused?  Well, that’s basically when you go up to somebody, like an ISTJ or an INTJ and tell them that they’re bad people, telling an INTJ and an ISTJ that they are a bad person is equivalent to child abuse. Did you know that? Oh, let’s continue. Okay.  Telling an ESFP and ENFP their Te child, telling them they’re stupid.  Yeah, that’s basically child abuse. Don’t do that or ISFJ, INFJ, Ti child, okay, yes telling them that they are stupid, right?  no, I mean, let me, let me, reverse that on the extraverted thinking, telling an ESFP and an ENFP, that they are not smart, that’s different. Okay.  So not being smart and stupid is like kind of not the same thing per say.  Basically when you say stupid you’re telling the logical person you’re illogical, you don’t know anything, you don’t know what you’re talking about,  that is child abuse for the Te user or for the Ti user but for the Te user it’s more of saying like,  you don’t know, you don’t know what you’re talking about,  how can I believe you, because you’re not believable, right? you are telling the person they’re not believable, they haven’t done their research,  right? it’s a little bit different, right? again child abuse,  so introverted sensing. Telling an INTP and an INFP that they are the most disloyal person you’ve ever met that is child abuse, stop doing it.


14:23 Okay, or  extraverted Intuition ESTJ and ESFJ,  never telling these people, what you intend, never telling these people what you want  ahead of time, never sharing your intentions with these people, guess what keeping them in the dark like that, that’s child abuse.  Stop it, and we have Ni child for ISTPs and ISFPs, guess what, these two types you always let them do whatever they want, if you do not give them a choice, it is child abuse.  Stop abusing the children. I’m getting tired of it, and then we have extraverted sensing child, ENTJ and ENFJ, these people are always trying to show you something all the time.  Okay. Now if someone is trying to show you something with Se child, let them  show it to you, become their audience, humble yourself,  listen to them and allow them to become your audience, because if you do not, it is literally child abuse.  Okay.  Like it is not dope, #not the dopest, seriously, stop abusing the inner child, Stop, okay.  Ethics, extraverted feeling, ESTPs and ENTPS, mine.  A lot of people say, that these people are harsh, rash, edgy, sharp, dicks, asses etc., painful, right? Well, if you tell an ESTP and an ENTP, that they are uncaring, that is child abuse.  Did you actually know that ENTPS and ESTPs are actually kind of technically the most caring, they’re most innocently caring?  It’s because they desire to give you balloons and candy, i always want to give people balloons and candy, I have Fe child,  I’m a very caring individual except for like, you know, all those people  including my own family, that have told me that, i’m basically a total ass and  harsh and disrespectful and so on, and so forth, right?  not exactly, not exactly the ideal situation, right? so just be aware of that.  Do not abuse the children, so, instead make the children, give the children what they want, it’s important to, but do it responsibly, right?  [Treat] the children responsibly from you know, parent them, you know, you want to raise the children or guide the children, or it just let the kids be kids, okay. So, you want to be really responsible your parent function with them?  But remember some of your parent functions can absolutely crush some of these child functions,  because or even your hero can crush them, you can actually use almost even the critic function can crush them,  they’re very soft and  you know, be very careful, be very gentle with child functions.  Seriously people you need to be gentle with them, because if you’re not gentle with them,  these people will be completely crushed and they can’t just emotionally handle it, when people tell me that I am uncaring I  can’t handle it, when someone tells an INTJ or an is ISTJ, that they are a horrible human being,  Who is soulless  or lacking in humanity  for example, it is one of those horrible things you could ever say to a person. You want to piss someone off really quick, yeah.


17:49 Oh, yeah, just tell an ISFJ or an INFJ, that they’re stupid. Whoo, that’s really going to go well for you, like that is stupid, don’t do that. Seriously, don’t do that.  So be aware of that.  Child functions, the way they are, it’s their people are very sensitive for their child functions, is where their innocence exists.  It has this divine power with somehow, these functions are utilized to produce  miracles,  think about it, Fe child for example is utilized to produce the miracle of caring, right? or  the miracle of empathy, whereas Fi child is all about producing the miracle of  sympathy for example, and then  miracle and knowledge and having all the knowledge as ESFP and ENFF, like for example I did this coaching session last night, with this ESFP,  he was the most developed ESFP, I’ve ever met, his INTJ subconscious was through the roof, and I couldn’t even believe it.  I didn’t even know people like him even existed, but he was brilliant,  to the point where I’m like, whoa, dude, you’re like  wow, I don’t, I mean shoot, you’re obviously way smarter than me in a lot areas man, holy  smokes, that Te child was on fire. He’s an autodidact, he spent a lot of time focusing and studying  consistently,  and because of that, his Te child just became insanely powerful,  it’s the miracle of knowledge, right? and then  ISFJs and INFJs have the miracle of truth,  right? and then we talk about miracle of caring and then INTPs and INFPs have the miracle of  steadfastness, the miracle of endurance the miracle of remembering everything and being loyal and the miracle of conviction and  self-discipline, right? that’s nice or  extraverted intuition,  which is ESTJ and ESFJ, the miracle of metaphysics, the miracle of what’s possible, anything is possible  for those types and they could bring anything from the possible land into reality, and help guide people into a better future,  right? the miracle of a better future, that is the ESTJ and ESFJ, or the miracle of  willpower and desire, the miracle of passion, to be able to be completely free and is the miracle of freedom.  Right? and then extraverted sensing the miracle of giving someone a good experience.  The miracle of giving someone the best experience, where it becomes something like a craft or an art, that is so amazing that no one can challenge it on this earth, no one can.  See that’s what the child function is all about.  That’s what it’s divinity provides, it provides miracles, and if we’re going to be all out there, like dumb human xenophobic human beings, you know what I mean?  Like abusing the child functions of everyone we know, it’s a no wonder that there’s not very many miracles in this world, right?  You want miracles in your life?  start understanding your child function, understand other people’s child function, respect it, support it.


20:56  Like for example, you want to make an Fi child happy, just go up to it and be like, hey,  I think you’re fantastic, because of these reasons that I’ve noticed about you for example,  or you want to make an Fe child feel happy all you have to be like, hey, wow,  you’re really caring, give them some recognition, give them some appreciation, because I guarantee you ENTPs and ESTPs are not  really appreciated, not really, I  Mean that’s what happens when people tell the truth, and then like or you know,  When they tell the truth and no one decides to listen, and then for some reason and then they just get off butthurt and  it’s like oh, I wish you said that a lot easier you know, I wish you, I wish you weren’t so harsh about that,  but it’s like I’m actually doing you a service by like  criticizing you in the way that no one else has the guts to do it for you.  So that’s actually me being really caring about you because if I didn’t care about you,  I wouldn’t say anything to you to begin with and I just let you go on in your merry way and in your path to destruction  that you already are, you know the road to perdition, maybe like you shouldn’t do that  Maybe you should actually listen to the Ti parent because it’s for your own good,  yeah, that’s how far Fe child is willing to go  willing to go for other people, that’s how caring they actually are.  Miracles, it’s all about miracle production and the miracles can happen provided that people’s child functions are not inhibited that they are not being abused.  They are insanely importance to everyone, and it is very optimistic.  You want the child function to be as optimistic as possible, because it’s where a person’s joy exists, if you want something to be joyful and have joy, then make sure that you are supporting other people’s child functions. It’s very important. Find out what they are, help them comfort them, Keep them safe, right?  support their innocence. If they do something,  it just seems absolutely dumb to you,  like for example, if you’re Te parent and you see someone with Ti child,  you’re automatically going to look down at that person as being childish with their thinking,  think about that or  you have extroverted feeling child like me and I see an fi child or  or a Ti parent like me, right, you know, it’s and I see a Te child,  I’m automatically going to assume that, that person is being immature with their thinking, right?  It’s just natural to us human beings that we do this, but you can’t do that, you have to be careful.  you have to be more aware. It is our responsibility as a race to understand each other.  We have to understand each other’s cognitive functions. We have to understand people’s innocence and where it is.  We have to support their innocence; we have to support their divinity to get those miracles that we are looking for.  Because I guarantee you it’s a miracle every time Ni child makes it through the minefield, every time they survive is  Motorcycle accidents, every time they have triple bypass surgery  with their heart potentially multiple times and they survive every time for some reason, right?  It’s miraculous. The child function is all about  Miracles, it is the miracle engine,  but we’re too busy abusing the children that we wonder why we don’t have any miracles anymore and we can  as a race produce miracles  provided that we don’t step on the children anymore, will someone please  do something for the sake of the children,  please.  Every single human being, doesn’t matter if they’re a child or an adult, has a child function, bring it out, understand it, support it, feed it, nurture it, not just your own, but your neighbor’s.


24:54 Remember love your neighbors yourself, right? You know, that means you love your child function and take care of it,  but you also help other people with their child function and then take care of it, even if it’s not compatible with yours,  doesn’t matter, it is your responsibility to understand other people and  understand what their child function is, so that you could be there to help nurture it.  It’s not necessarily there to grow or grow up, you got to look at the child function kind of like Peter Pan and neverland, but still that Neverland place is full of miracles, right? so there’s a time and place for just being a kid.  There’s a time and place for that, That’s, you know, when being childlike that divinity, the divine child as the cognitive function is actually referred to, the divine child, right? There’s a reason for that, it’s optimistic. Do not take the optimism out of the child.  Do not take the wind out of its sails, the fire out of its engine, do not do that to the child.  Instead motivate the child, support the child, feed the child, be there for the child.  Do not take advantage of the child, do not abuse it, right? It’s very critical for our race to understand this.  If we are going to have a good future, we have to be here ready and now to take it that far,  understand each other,  support the child, so that we can get the miracles, so that our race could have a better quality of life and have a better  future. That is our requirement, that is our mission.  That’s the child function.  Let’s see if I, oh yeah, so that’s what I call, the heart of the matter. So, the child function interacts also it can combine with other functions like for example, it can combine with a demon, that’s what you call the demonic child.  So, like an Fi child an INTJ or ISTJ, when it can go demon mode for example in an INTJ,  it becomes like this  insanely  selfish inner child where it’s just so focused on only its own personal experience and  nobody else’s and it will burn everything down for the sake of it getting its own experience.  Period end of story, right? then ISTJ, it’s a little bit different, it’s like I’m going to get what I want,  I don’t care about what you say right? it’s kind of like the demonic child,  is that child in the candy shop, where he is in the candy section for sure? he’s on his back,  screaming on the floor, right? That’s literally the same thing. That is the demonic child, right?  So, there’s a lot of different combinations, that in the function stack, where the child can team up with other functions. The child the best team up for the function, for the functions, and the most common team up for the child function is to team up with the hero function.  The hero function is very important for the team up because it’s like literally, the hero is flying around saving the world and the child is riding on the back of the hero because the hero has a special relationship with the little kid.  It’s like, the little kid, the child is literally the hero functions number one fan.  Right, he likes to support his own private little fan club with a little kid, right?  Obviously, the parent is criticizing the hero for like over saving the world for example.  And how that may put the children at risk,  the child functions at risk, because it’s the parent’s job,  the parent function’s job to protect the inner child and protect the inner child of other people,  Oh, yeah, and if you’re not doing that, that makes you immature so like wake up people,  don’t be immature.  Use your parent function to protect and support and nurture your child function and the child functions of others.  Even if you are necessarily incompatible.  It’s still your responsibility. You can at least have the, be cognizant of emulating for other people and emulate for their sake,  you know, love your neighbors like yourself, because if you’re emulating for other people,  it would kind of make sense that other people would be then be willing to emulate for you, Oh,  Exactly, so just realize that when it comes,  when it comes to these functions like a hero function it’s there for the child function.  They could team up, the parent and the child can team up as well for some, you know, nurturing time, etc. for some mentoring.  The inferior function can team up with the child function to help the person get over its insecurity.  Sometimes people need a miracle to get out of their fear to conquer their fears.  Sometimes the nemesis can make the child overly worried or the child can help the nemesis become less worried.


29:29 For example, it goes both ways, it is a two-way street between all the cognitive functions with each other essentially, but again, a child can basically team up with anyone.  Funny and really interesting combination is the critic function and the child.  Yeah, when like the old man is like yeah, I got my grandson here, you know,  and you better not be, you never better not be mess with my grandson or I’ll pull out my .45,  you know what I mean, It’s kind of an interesting a very  interesting  point of view when you see that,  when that  grandparent function that critic is taking care of the inner child similar as to what the parent would be doing and it’s doing this from  likewise, old person point of view, but that’s the positive way.  The negative way is like getting the child into really bad things,  giving the child uncontained knowledge, which basically means the critic becomes like the witch or the wizard, where they’re doing like negative  you know, giving the child like the  fire to play with, like literally it’s little like playing with fire allowing the inner child to play with fire,  that’s literally how I can go badly with a critic function also known as the senex  or the witch  for the inner child, for example.  So, so yeah, just be aware of the cognitive combinations that come into place with these functions,  especially in terms of the child and how can actually go down south or it could actually become a good thing depending on the  situation, so just be aware of it. But remember you can keep it in the good realm by developing your parent function. Your parent function is the path to maturity, otherwise without a parent function  your child is just going to have free reign to run around in your head keeping you  immature, keeping you in Peter Pan land keeping you in Neverland, you need that parent function in order to be able to  grow the child function to a point and have personal maturity that you are able to produce  miracles, which is the point or the purpose of the child function to access the child functions divinity  for the purpose of producing miracles in your life and the lives of other people around you. It’s just like for example, Si child has all the faith in the world and like it’s said if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain, you know the obstacles of life. You could say to the mountain be thou removed.  Right? Okay. Yeah, like I get that is all like biblical model there, but the point is, is that the child function has the miraculous divine power. You can access it, but you can’t access it, if you do not have your parent functions maturity developed.  Otherwise, it’ll just reign free and you’re on Neverland and you’re not growing up anytime soon.  Yeah, what a waste, you know what that causes people to do, majoring and minor things, that causes failure to launch syndrome, that causes addiction of video games and living in a mother’s basement, till they’re like 30 plus years old, etc.  You know, like don’t do that and that’s what can happen.  If you just let the inner child just run free all over the place without your parent function or if the child functions are not willing  to listen to other people’s parent functions, because you don’t have a parent function to interface with those fellow parent functions.  Because remember it takes a village it takes a village to raise a child. It’s very important that you understand this, right?


32:50 So, raise your child by raising your inner child, you will be able to access that divine miraculous power to produce miracles in your life and the lives of others to remove those obstacles of life, those mountains of life.  Understand that, that is how it works. That is the point and purpose of the child function. So anyway, I think that is enough dead horse beating and it’s also extremely late for me here. So anyway, with that being said, if you liked what you heard and found that useful, helpful, educational, enlightening, insightful, please subscribe the channel here on YouTube.  Also leave a like while you’re at it and a comment below if you have any question about the child function and make sure  also, if you haven’t seen the hero function and the parent function lecture that you check that out as well.  I will have the playlist post at the end of this lecture so that you can access it.  Thank you all for your patience with me this week and that I haven’t been around. I will come back, it’s just I’ve been completely overwhelmed and dealing with a lot of stuff right now, including how I had food poisoning and just completely took me out for a while.  So anyway, I’m glad to be back and we are going to been doing some more streams.  Don’t forget our new stream or our Q&A stream, we’re actually changing that to weekly from now on and we’re also doing our how to type stream weekly as well.  We’re probably going to be doing those Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. eastern standard time mostly, so just be aware of that for our stream times. We’ll get that schedule posted I think on the channel, so that like people know about that, if you haven’t joined discord yet, the link is in the description below. Discord is where we collect the Q&A,  the Q&A questions and we read those off,  for those of you that  would prefer to have your questions answered, just submit your Q&A questions there and they’ll be add to the queue and then we’ll do that  for our weekly live stream.  And then also our meetup group we had a fantastic meet up group, had some people show up to our meetup group this last week. If you want to get in on that and you’re in the Bay Area or near the Bay Area for that meet up group, that is posted also in the description below. So anyway, with all that being said, you folks have a good night, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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