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CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question what is the best way to study as an INFJ?


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We have a question that came in. And it’s an INFJ question. It’s kind of cool to have like an INFJ question all the sudden, because we’ve been doing a lot of non INFJ questions recently. So and I think this is kind of a follow up question to a recent question another member asked, which was, what’s the best way to study for intp s.

But this is the what is the best way to study as an INFJ. And things are a little bit different for INFJs. When it comes to studying, I’ve had the privilege to study with many an INFJ in my time, and it’s kind of like they have this brute force hacking approach to when it comes to areas of study. But because of their extroverted thinking trickster, and their Introverted Sensing, demon INFJ, is really actually get to a point where they struggle, they just they struggle when it comes to education in some capacity.

And sometimes you have the hyper brilliant, ti focused ESTP focused INFJ person, which is like, you know, we’ll hunting from the movie Goodwill Hunting, he’s an INFJ. And he’s bloody brilliant as a fictional character, of course, where you get people like, Simon Sinek, who, ultimately over time, like develop that. But, you know, since they’re part of the sole temple, they’re all focusing on character there, they’re not part of the minds Temple, which is focusing on learning. For more about temples, you’re gonna want to watch episodes that we have talking about them in season 18.

Season 18 is available for free is emailed out once a month, to people who are on your email list. But if for some reason you missed an email, or you missed an episode in Season 18, and it’s cognitive mechanics, where we actually explain the inner workings of the science, all in one location that is available to members as well. So check that out. But yes, so INFJs end up having a lot of these struggles, because like, for example, the education system is not really built to help people become more intelligent or even develop critical thinking.

Although, you know, sometimes, we do have some things, you know, relating to critical thinking from time to time. But ultimately, that’s that’s not really the case. And that can be a problem. And INFJs end up being in a severe weak spot when it comes to education, because education in this SJ, Western society is all about testing people on their memorization.

This is why extroverted thinkers who have Introverted Sensing, basically philosopher types, and fps and st j’s are celebrated the most in education institutions. This is why you know, my daughter even though she has ti trickster, they are encouraging her to skip a grade or two in various subjects. You know, whereas my son who has ti child is kind of derided and ultimately demonized in some capacity based on some of the educators in his life, and to the point where he’s even accused of having a learning disability, which I which I kind of just You know, I don’t agree with that. This whole idea that we need to shunt and mold children into this SJ way of education is, in my opinion, not only ridiculous, but I maintain it’s also prime evil, and like the education system just exists to really screw INFJs over.

So learning how to study ends up becoming a huge priority for inf J’s. And you know, what little sympathy my FYI trickster can actually Summon, I think that it’s really important to at least I think I think it’s important to at least give them some kind of leg up, if they can have a leg up, you know, given the fact that they have the stack the deck stacked against them in any, you know, traditional education format, be it in public school, secondary school, university, college, whatever, it doesn’t matter, even graduate studies, they’re still going to be screwed. So, so the best way really is like don’t study alone. And that can kind of be pretty scary for an INFJ.

Because they’re very introverted. They like to be in their own space, they don’t like to be obligated to anyone. They have the extra intuition, paranoia, which can be a problem too. But the other thing is, is they’re just afraid of looking stupid, if not maybe even looking bad or ineffective, basically, or performing poorly, in front of like a study partner or study group, that’s why they prefer to be alone.

You know, and then in some cases, you have the TI child God Complex INFJ out there who’s like, well, I want to study alone, because I can’t let all these people you know, get me down, you know, because they think they’re going to outperform everybody anyway. And, you know, technically, they would an INFJ would outperform everybody else on paper anyway, especially with extroverted sensing aspirational when they when they’re using it. So they’re kind of not wrong. But the difference is, is that if they are going to survive in a memorization based form of an education system within Western society, they need to have memory tools.

And this is why I recommend like, you know, Mind Mapping, I’ve said that in the past. And, you know, I may actually, I think I even said that for an ISTP episode recently, and you know, ISTPs are also Templars, just like INFJs memory tools are super mega important. But when it comes to, when it comes to, you know, those memory tools, nothing quite like really helps an INFJ because when they have their expert feeling parent activated, in combination with their extroverted sensing inferior, they actually can remember a lot of things. And it’s all based on having that shared experience of studying with a study partner.

And it can’t be just any study partner, this has to be a consistent study partner. This is actually one of the reasons why like, for example, in college, inf jays, subconsciously whether or not they’re aware of or not, but subconsciously, end up developing sexual relationships with their study partners, because having a sexual relationship keeps their study partner around, basically. And because they rely on that person being a memory totem for them as a study partner, because when they study the same thing with somebody else, that they can, they are able to gain the benefit of seeing how that person reacts to it. And they could just remember the reactions through their expert sensing of their study partner, when they’re taking a test, basically, so they can actually get through the test, right? It’s all about utilizing psychometry, which is basically like picking up a physical object.

And then you you you sense all of the memories of this physical object and where it’s been, since that time has been created to present and anyone who’s ever touched the object, blah, blah, blah. Imagine having psychometry. And then like, you know, having sex with a woman. Yeah, that would suck.

But luckily, it doesn’t work that way. So extroverted sensing is a form of psychometry. And because it’s a form of psychometry, it’s really important that they have consistent memory tools, memory totems, which store it, they store their memories in and they need access to those when they’re taking tests. But then you have like, you know, closed note tests, which is all the time which really, really makes the INFJ suffer.

So they so within their memory, they have to call back the what they’ve studied based on two things. It’s like, okay, is this true? Is this a test based on what’s true or false and their ti child if it knows what’s true, because they’ve studied, they can rely on ti child in that regard? But usually they can’t, because again, how education works in society just kind of sucks. So for the INFJ so what they have to do is they end up having to call back memories of their study partner, hoping that like, hey, you know, this thing that’s on this test right now this question on the test, hopefully my study partner and I actually discussed it. And then they’ll remember the reactions of the study partner with a study partner actually said, etc.

And then as a result of that, the INFJ is empowered to actually remember, this is actually one of the few times like, if, if you’re an INFJ, and you are in school and you are studying, really, you should have a study partner, and I would recommend a philosopher type for this, probably an ISTJ the most, so that you can get the most benefit. If not an ISTJ, maybe an ESTJ definitely, as TJ is, in my opinion, would probably be better. And then all you have to do is just mirror your study partner consistently. And I also recommend that you have a sexual relationship with them.

Definitely, I highly, highly recommend you have a sexual relationship with your study partner, your SDJ study partner, because that will literally pave the path for like success for you, you know, to get through school, doesn’t mean you have to keep that sexual relationship. But hey, maybe you will, because you know, ESD j is your bronze parent, you know what I’m saying. But the bottom line is, is that it will really help having that Ste J as an actual memory totem for you to get through tests when you can’t rely on your other memory tools, like, like mind maps, or notes, etc, or even the book itself. Because like, you know, it’s not good enough for just the INFJ to actually read the entire book, and they’re not going like retaining that information is not going to help, it has everything to do based on how other people react or what other people value, you know, in terms of the material itself.

So having a consistent s TJ study partner that they have a sexual relationship with to keep the ISTJ around and committed. And as in the st. Jays best interests that the INFJ doesn’t fall behind the INFJ at that standpoint, will be able to, you know, like, for example, because Templars like they become strong when they strengthen others. And you know, when they’re having the shared study experience, the INFJ is able to potentially strengthen or improve their study partner, they remember doing that and it actually helps them retain the information in their head so they can actually make it through tests.

So that is the best way to study as an INFJ. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys tonight.


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