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Welcome to CSJoseph Responds. I’m your host Chase, here to answer your questions on any topic jungian analytical psychology or the four sides of the mind also known as four sides dynamics. Today’s question is what is the best way to attract an ENTP woman and where do I find them? The source of today’s question is Quora, as usual. Let’s take a look at the question. So, what is the best way to attract ENTP women and where do I find them? Lena Carey, who claims to be an ENTP female, answered the following. People keep asking this question again and again, so I’m thinking if it would be good idea to create a virtual ENTP INTP club where people can find them by location. Very systematic of this person. NTPs are consumed by intellectual activities all the time, so it may be difficult to find them in common social places. Well said, I agree with that statement. I’m an ENTP female and the best chance to meet me would be in my office where I work, but the problem is my dating switch is always off in professional environment which means there is no way you can attract me. I may not even notice any signs of personal interest. Okay. That is true. ENTPs sometimes don’t notice signs of personal interest, usually in professional environments, although I disagree that her dating switch is always off, as something indicative of all ENTPs. I don’t think that’s remotely true, especially in a working environment. That’s ridiculous. I one time was basically had an ENTJ woman approach me at work and literally asked me out in front of everybody and I accepted in front of everybody and it’s just random and then she would turn back to her cubical and we moved on forward throughout the day. Granted, I recognize that I am not a female in the process, but ENTPs still need to be made to feel wanted and desired by others and having someone come up to you directly and tell you what their intentions are towards you, so that there’s no guessing whatsoever, and that they desire to take you on a date or go somewhere with you directly, it takes a lot of… It just makes it so much easier on everybody. So, where we could just move onto like the actual going on a date. So, she says it is difficult to find me via friends because I only have a few of them, so my inner circle’s of high quality, but is limited in numbers. Okay, that’s typical of ENTPs. This is a dilemma for both NTPs and those who want to meet them. I agree with that. Internet is probably the best option. No, I disagree with that and I’ll explain why here in a second. If you use dating sites, make sure you specify that you are looking for a specific personality type, but be aware that many people mistype themselves. That’s very good advice from Lena. Use Quora. Why not? Ask a question if there are single ENTP women in your location. I’ve never actually thought of that idea before. I will actually take that under advisement. Thank you, Lena Carey for that suggestion. When you meet ENTP females, remember that she is a rational creature. No, she’s not, she’s a logical creature. People need to stop thinking ENTPs are rational because they aren’t. Appeal to her intellect, not to her emotions. That’s a factual. Please do that. Listen to her talking. Yes. That’s true. Listen. Bring interesting, deep subjects in a conversation. You have to engage her mind before you can engage her heart and let things evolve naturally. That’s very good advice. That’s very, very good advice. Alexandria Drover who is A levels literature and sociology at Seevic College 2019, as a fellow ENTP, I could truly say the best way to attract one of us is intellectual stimulation. Well said. We argue daily. Yes, we do. I argue with my wife all the time and she argues with me back. It’s fantastic. We find things tedious very easily and lastly, forget things that haven’t made an impression. Very true. Things that don’t make an impression on me, I’m just kind of like, meh. We are quick witted and tend not to lose the debate. Sometimes it’s because we refuse. If someone were to come along and challenge that, actively hold our attention through the means of intellectual conversation, we won’t forget to and it could be the start of something great. I’m 19 years of age, so you could find me at a bar a lot of the time or online on sites like this trying to cram my brain of useless knowledge. Very fair. Nicolin Martin, stimulate them intellectually or playfully. I’d F anyone who can keep up with me and keep me on my toes. I love banter and teasing. I look for the bitch who’s always talking, laughing and calling people out. She is effervescent, acidic, level headed and happy to claim the title of bitch. Show her your brain and how you use it to present yourself. Honestly, I think this person is… I think Nicolin Martin here’s actually an INTJ. Show her you know about her own presentation. Show her that you know about presence, give her a delightful surprise to unwrap peace. A promiscuous NTP. No, this is an INTJ talking. Don’t listen to this person. This is not ideal. Louise Swinton says, I find intelligence incredibly attractive and ambition. You find us in all sorts of social situations like large lunches with friends, concerts and pub bands and anything artistic like a sculpture, exhibition or festival. This is actually really good advice and Louise Swinton knows exactly what she’s talking about. Definitely listen to her. And Beldiere says, definitely knowledge and brain game. Unapologetic self identity, yet willing to learn, grow quick and be direct with confidence. Online dating and look for the one that seems easy to talk and careless because ENTP, they don’t work hard for external impression. Never fake your emotion is a turn off and easy be caught in any way. I mean, apparently, English is not their first language. Be honest, just use humor, expressing them, willing to be in the same level, overall you need to have who cares mentality. Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense and I’m basically going to throw that opinion into the dumpster immediately. So, what is the best way to attract an ENTP woman and where do I find them? All right. Now, the CSJoseph approach. So, this is often a conundrum because most people don’t even realize how ENTPs work. ENTPs are extremely hard to type anyway. I mean, the MBTI teaches people that administer the test and if still are unable to figure out what type they are, they assume they’re an ENTP. ENTPs are the most original of all the types. They’re also the most mysterious of all the types. This is where the archetype of tall, dark and handsome comes from because ENTP men maintain their archetype specifically. How you spot an ENTP is that they’re usually wearing a lot of black or dark colors. Mostly monochromatic. Grays, navy blues, blacks and usually the majority of the same color at once. They don’t usually mix and match colors, it’s more of just one solid color all the way from head to toe typically and they dress for comfort. They do not dress for aesthetics, but they have that INTJ shadow femme fatale aspect as an ENTP woman, that they take along with them on a regular basis, no matter what they do. But the best way to attract an ENTP woman is to literally go right up to her and say that you want her. That sounds ridiculous, but yes, going up to her, being direct and just be like, hey, you should come with me onto a date or hey, you should tell me a story, hey, you should give me your number. Okay? This is how you do it. If you’re like an NTJ or an SFP, because ENTPs should be in relationships with INTJs, ENTJs, INFJs and ISFPs specifically, with a possible ENFJ in there but those five types are the types of people that need to be focusing or considering being in a relationship with an ENTP and an ENTP should definitely consider relationships with those folks for sure. And then after that, STPs, in that order, but for definitely sure, ISFPs, INFJs, ENTJs, INTJs, etc, are pretty good. And if you are one of those NJ types, or if you are an ISFP, just go right up to the ENTP woman and be like, hey, what’s up, what are you doing? It’s incredibly attractive to an ENTP when you just go up to them and you take an interest in what they’re doing because they want to get your interest. Remember, the seductive style of the ENTPs known as the coquette. The coquette is all about extracting desire and extracting passion from other people. Because they’re extroverted intuition hero, extroverted intuition hero basically means that it is their job to become as desirable as possible. This is why ENTP women are often considered the most desirable of all the women ever. This is why Lou Andreas-Salomé was definitely screwing Friedrich Nietzsche as well as some other guy on the side, having a polyamorous relationship with both of them because both of them wanted her and she even wrote an entire book on sex, etc. She was literally the Madonna of her age, right? As a result of that, she became extremely popular as the sexual icon which is very typical of ENTP women because they’re leveraging the siren seductive style from their INTJ shadow and the coquette seductive style of their ENTP ego as well as their natural lever of their ISFJ subconscious all at the same time. They’re able to do this to increase their level of desirability. So, from their point of view, they’re only attracted to men who actually prove or demonstrate, even in a public manner, their desire for the ENTP, and going right up to the ENTP, basically saying, hey, you should come with me or I want to go do this, so you should come with me, I want to go to watch this movie, you should come with me. See, this NJ man or this SFP man will never actually give the ENTP woman a choice, right? It’s so unattractive to an ENTP woman to be like, hey, do you want to go do this with me? That’s like the worst thing you could actually do. Like don’t do that. Instead, what you need to be doing is like, hey, you go up to this ENTP woman and be like, hey, I want to go do this thing, you should come with me. It’s all about you should. You have to obligate the ENTP woman, you have to tell her what she should do. Tell her that she should give you her number, right? Tell her that she should tell you a story. Getting an ENTP to talk about themselves and tell stories about their past, even though it can make them a little insecure at first, but if they trust you, they’ll share stories about their past and as long as you’re captivated by their story, and you want to listen to their story, and then you provide them input on what they’re telling you, they become very attracted to you. Often times, ENTP women just want to be listened to actually and while these women here like Lena Carey, etc on Quora, talking about intellectual stimulation, even an ISFP with their ENTJ subconscious, can be extremely intellectual while also being very moral which is a huge turn on for an ENTP woman. So, just keep that in mind. The other thing is too, like you have to make her feel wanted, you always have to ask her what she thinks. You have to go out of your way to make her super comfortable because ENTP women in general, they kind of hate reality because they’re typically uncomfortable like all the time. So, you need to go out of your way to make them as comfortable as possible and you also have to be willing to share exactly how you feel, especially if you’re an ENTJ where you’re afraid to admit how you feel about anything because you’re afraid that you’re not good enough or you’re afraid that you’re not a good enough person or whatever, and sometimes you’re afraid of sharing your feelings, you have to be straight up front with them and be direct about it and just be like, hey, I feel this way. So, that’s how you do it. The best way to attract an ENTP woman is to make them feel wanted, make them feel appreciated, ask them what they think, and go out of your way to make them as comfortable as possible. Help them make their lives easier. That could be going to get them a Starbucks, their favorite Starbucks drink, because usually they have their one go to for whatever restaurant that is. They don’t like sampling all the menu or sometimes you want to give them a new experience they never had before. Variety is a very novel thing to an ENTP woman, so you can give them a little bit of variety here and there, but also, memorize their favorites and bring them their favorites. They really enjoy that. Seek to make them comfortable. But where do you find ENTP women? That’s a very interesting question. ENTP women as pointed out by Louise Swinton, on this Quora thing, ENTPs are all into art. ENTPs and especially since like the bronze pair which is the ISFP, which technically is the statistically most successful marriage for an ENTP, ISFPs are artists, they’re artists, they’re also the ones doing those bands and whatnot. So, you always find an ENTP woman at a bar where there’s a live music, they love live music, they love everything about it. They also like going to art shows and paintings and observing the art. Sometimes they’ll even go by themselves. They’ll even go to movie theaters by themselves, if there’s a very artistic movie that just speaks to them, they’re going to go to those places. I mean, they are intellectuals, they do anything intellectual related. You can also find ENTP women at Magic the Gathering card shops playing cards with the guys. That’s actually very common. Maybe even Pokemon cards, etc. They also tend to play MMO RPGs every now and then. Not very often. They also like to play support in League of Legends or jungle, support or jungle, they’re not really into top or bottom or attack damage carry, although I have noticed some ENTP women doing attack damage carry, they’re just not really good at it, quite frankly. They’re usually typically better at support or jungle, quite honestly. Also, they love dancing, they like going to the clubs as well and again, they’re just like that, they’re very mysterioso, femme fatale, dark looking person, etc. Sometimes you can find them sitting in a bar or a coffee shop completely by themselves, dressed in grays and blacks, doing literally nothing but work and just sitting there, when really the situation is, they’re actually just fishing for attention. So, go sit right next to them, be like, hey, can I get you a coffee? Or hey, you should tell me a story or hey, and after they tell you some stories, you end the conversation with you should give me your number. Don’t give them a choice to give you their number, tell them that they should, obligate them into giving their number because it’s like you listened to their story, give me your number and then they’ll do it because it makes them feel wanted. You have to make them feel desired. This is literally how it is the best way to attract an ENTP woman and as much as it is the best way to attract an ENTP man. Make sure that they know that they are wanted, make sure that they understand that you’re going to ask them what they think all the time and be ready to receive that harsh criticism or that harsh truth, they love it when they do and you have to show them appreciation and recognition for all the good things that they do for others and all the good things that they do for you and you need to be devoted to making them as comfortable as possible basically for the rest of their life. So, that’s the best way to attract an ENTP woman and where you find them. If you’d like a chance at your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave it as a comment below. 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