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Chase: 00:02 Hey, its CS Joseph with again. [Do] another windy video today because why not? So we’ve been talking about the four pillars of self intimacy. We started off with the foundation. Nice foundation of “love your neighbor as yourself” and why that’s important, because you cannot love your neighbor and you cannot be loved by your neighbor unless you love yourself first. That’s the whole point of love your neighbor as yourself. That is the foundation for self intimacy. That is the starting point. That is the standard. After that we had taking responsibility for meeting your own needs and your personal needs. Then we had personal standards after that we had personal boundaries, and then we just talked about earlier today personal goals and how those are very important as well. So tonight is the conclusion of this series, and it’s probably gonna be the last human nurture video I do for a little bit because I’m going to be doing a deep dive into compatibility with all of the 16 types as well as virtue and vice.

Chase: 01:23 So that’s going to be at least 32 videos down the road probably before I get to another nurture video. Unless people keep giving me requests for more then I’ll definitely do more. So anyway, the conclusion. So you have the foundation of love your neighbor as yourself and you have the four pillars, right? So you’re standing there, got this very nice concrete slab, or stone slab, or whatever the Greeks used to make their… their foundations, and you got the four pillars. So the four pillars… but what, where’s the roof, right? Where’s the roof of this house of self intimacy or self love? I mean do you have it? Does it exist, right? Where is it? Well, that’s what the conclusion is about. It’s about the roof, because if you notice we’ve literally just created a building and the roof is just as important as the foundation.

New Speaker: 02:29 It’s also important as the four pillars of self intimacy themselves, and it’s an old teaching from ancient times. [Came] from,… I mean Aristotle was taught this, he was taught this by Plato; and then Plato was taught this by Socrates; and Socrates was taught this by [pause] Pythagoras, his master. And it’s an old, old teaching, a very old teaching, and it probably goes way before Pythagoras as well. I don’t really know. I just know that Pythagoras is the one that’s been given credit for it, so… you know, the guy that made the Pythagorean theorem? At least that’s what we call it. {Wow. It is really windy.} So, that teaching is basically a saying, it’s a rule, it’s a life rule, basically. I call it life rule number one, life rule number one. So which is essentially “above all else, respect thyself.”

Chase: 03:51 That is the roof on top of the four pillars of self intimacy. That is a roof over the floor that is “love your neighbor as yourself.” It’s all about self respect. If you don’t have self respect, no one’s going to respect you. No one’s going to be [want] to be in a relationship with you. No one’s going to want to love you. Unless they have to because, like, they gave birth to you, or [they’re] or they sired you, right? It’s not about that. It’s about self respect. Self respect is everything. If there’s anything you ever learn from me or take away from anything, it’s this: life rule number one, “above all else, respect thy self.” You have to respect yourself. It’s the only way.

New Speaker: 04:34 It’s the only way to… It’s the only way to ensure that no matter what, your needs are being met; your standards are being upheld; your boundaries are being enforced; and your goals are being seen through, because if you have self respect, then you will be happy. You will reach self actualization. You will attract other people who have self respect. I gotta be honest with you guys, there’s nothing self….there is no self respect when a man is living in his mother’s basement playing video games all the time. There’s no self respect… you know, when he allows his body to reach 400 pounds. You know what I mean? There’s just no self respect there. And I can kind of relate to that because I weighted 287 when I was 15 years old – when I started high school, right? What a loser. You know? Of course there’s a lot of external factors that affected that, but that doesn’t matter. It’s still my personal responsibility because I have to take responsibility for meeting my own needs, and I guarantee you one of my needs is not being almost 300 pounds at 15 years old. You know what I mean?

Chase: 05:49 Self-Respect. Had I had self respect in those days, I wouldn’t have allowed myself to get so fat. Had I had self-respect those days, I would’ve been able to meet my own needs. I would have been able to save my marriage. I would have been able to avoid having the feeling that every day that I’m a horrible father, right – because my children live away from me. And I’m not able to be there with them every single day, and raising them, and teaching them to meet their own needs and to have their own personal standards, and enforce their boundaries and show them how they can do that, right? Show them that they can have personal goals after all that’s been handled, and that all comes as a result. The final result that comes out from all of that is self respect. There’s nothing more attractive than self respect.

Chase: 06:32 Self respect is everything. I mean that’s… men esteem themselves out of self respect, right? Women humble themselves out of self respect. That’s what [make] women beautiful. That’s what [what] what makes men noble, right? Nobility is what attracts women to men, you know? Beauty is what attracts men [attracts men] to women, right? But it all comes back to the same principle, the same premise, no matter who you are. And that just happens to be self respect. What self respecting person is going to allow someone to inhibit them reaching their personal goals and their dreams? What self respecting person is going to allow other people to break their boundaries? What self respecting person is going to let down themselves and fail at keeping up their own personal standards? What self respecting person will not meet their own needs and expect other people to do that, right, like, who does that?

New Speaker: 07:37 Self respect. If you want to be a sovereign human being, if you want to be a person that people respect, if you want to be respected by others, you have to have self respect first, right? If someone is disrespecting you and I’m observing them disrespecting you, you know, who am I going to support? The person, you know, you the victim or the person disrespecting you because you lack self respect, right? You do realize that you are the cause of your own problems, look at yourself in the mirror when you get up in the morning. If you are lacking in self respect, if you’re lacking in happiness, check self respect first. If you’re unhappy, if you don’t even know yourself, you don’t know who you are, chances are it’s because you lack self respect.

New Speaker: 08:20 Chances are it’s because you don’t have the four pillars of self intimacy figured out. Like, how can you live with yourself, right? How can you allow that to happen? I mean, I get that, you know, maybe your dad wasn’t around in this fatherless generation to teach you, but you know what? Chances are he doesn’t even know. Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone knows all the way back, maybe back to the World War II generation. People have been struggling with self respect ever since because men were not teaching their children, right, and then we ended up not enforcing, you know, and then no one has personal goals anymore. No one’s [no one’s] enforcing boundaries. Now no one has personal standards and just recently within the last decade, decade and a half, people stopped watching out for their personal needs. It’s an absolute total degradation of maturity. That’s what the four pillars of self intimacy represent. They are the components that make up human maturity: the mature masculine, the mature feminine, and you can’t even reach the mature masculine or the mature feminine until you have mastered the four pillars. You recognize your responsibility to build them and uphold them. And then after having all four built because you have them built you are a man or a woman of self respect, and you do not allow anyone, including yourself, to disrespect you.

New Speaker: 09:49 Ever. That’s what separates the men from the boys. That’s what separates the women from the girls. That is why, you know, women, like, they look at each other, you know, everyone’s just trying to get their, you know, their own slice out of life. This big pie out of life, right? Men, they’re just trying to get their own slice. Women, they look at each other like, “Well, why do you have that slice?” Well, chances are the woman who’s got the better slice is because she has more self respect. That’s really what it comes down to. Stop looking at other people. Look in the mirror.

New Speaker: 10:24 Criticize yourself, hold yourself accountable, you know? That’s what you’re supposed to do when you have, you know, personal standards, right? Personal standards from, you know, as a result of taking care of your own needs; because when you start to develop standards after you take care of your own needs; because then you realize, “Okay, here’s the best way to get what I need. Here’s my personal standard,” et cetera. It’s all about self respect. Above all else respect thyself. I guarantee you that as a result of building the four pillars, and having self respect, and understanding the true nature behind “love your neighbor as yourself,” you will become happy. You will reach all of your personal goals. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of, everything you’ve ever wanted will be within your grasp because you did it… not backwards like everybody else. You know? Everyone, they’re so focused on their wants they don’t even pay any attention to their needs and they wonder why no one respects them at the end of the day.

New Speaker: 11:24 It’s like, “Oh, you know, maybe I should pay more attention to, like, the truth instead of be sold on this, you know,” this, this gravy train of ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ It’s not about that guys. What it is about is what are you going to need when you grow up? That’s what it’s about. Your life becomes an engine to meet those needs, develop personal standards, enforce boundaries. And after that’s done, then you can work on the personal goals. And by the way as you’re working through the process of developing the first three pillars, you’re going to understand exactly what you want as a result of your toil, as a result of your effort. Because life, life sucks. Life is unfair, but that’s the point. Life is supposed to be unfair to teach us maturity. To teach us wisdom.

Chase: 12:19 Wisdom is the most valuable substance in… in this reality, quite frankly. It’s like diamonds. Diamonds are the most precious substance, you know, physical substance on the planet. They’re made out of carbon, kind of interesting that human beings are made out of carbon too. Diamonds are so beautiful but they’re all uniquely flawed, right? But a perfect diamond is worthless because it’s grown in the lab, right? So if you’re trying to be perfect that basically makes you kind of worthless in that regard. Stop doing that. Allow yourself to be flawed. Allow yourself to fail. The only way you are going to reach happiness is if you embrace failure. You need to fail. You need to be okay with failure. Embrace it. Seek failure because the lessons learned create pressure, pain, suffering, you know, everything – heat, everything that is used to make a diamond, right? And diamonds are flawed. And yet how are human being so beautiful? We’re beautiful because we’re flawed.

Chase: 13:25 We’re beautiful because we endure, because we suffer, and we still survive, and we still are able to become successful regardless of it. Just like John Paul DeJoria for example. He was homeless and yet he created Paul Mitchell hair products. He’s a billionaire, okay? So don’t tell me that you don’t got what it takes. Everyone has what it takes. Find out who you are, understand your nature, understand your nurture. Build the four pillars of self intimacy, have self respect and I guarantee you that you will go beyond Warren Buffett. You’ll go beyond John Paul DeJoria. You’ll go beyond Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. You’ll go beyond Bill Gates, you’ll go beyond Jeff Bezos, right? Jeff Bezos didn’t even know his father, neither did Steve Jobs, and yet they still made it. That’s because they developed the four pillars. They knew they had to. They knew they are alone. No one else was there to meet their needs. They had to meet their needs.

Chase: 14:22 They made it happen. They had personal standards. They made it happen. They enforce their personal boundaries. They made it happen, and they had their eye on the ball, and they develop those personal goals, and they knew what they wanted to go for. Kinda like Robert Kiyosaki who’s like, “Yeah, when I was a youngster I wanted to learn how to become rich.” Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with that because he knew what he wanted. It’s funny that ENTJ’s kind of develop that sense of what they want a lot faster than the rest of us. Kind of interesting. [I mean], Ni heroes like INFJs and INTJs. Yeah… they, they think they know what they want, but they’re not as responsible with what they want as the ENJs, right? So the ENJs kinda end up ahead because they got that responsibility component, but once the INTJ and INFJ learn that responsibility component, they can go much further, go much farther beyond.

Chase: 15:19 Guys, it’s all about self respect. If you want to be happy, if you want to self actualize, if you want to have… If you want to have a quality life, a life of quality and not a dull life; not a life of mediocrity, a real life where you’re not doing a nine to five job every fricking day of the week; and you’re actually, you know, contributing to your fellow man, contributing to yourself, contributing to those that you most care about and everyone respects you for it and loves you for it; appreciates you, gives you the recognition that you crave, the credit that you crave, the status that you crave; you can have all that if you have self respect. If you develop and build and master the four pillars of self intimacy because if you are self intimate; if you have self love; if you are responsibly selfish, then you can be in a relationship with somebody of high quality because you are high quality. That’s what human attraction… dynamics is all about. It’s an equilibrium. People generally are equally yolked. If they have high nobility then chances are they’re with a woman of high beauty and vice versa. It’s an equilibrium. So you got to make sure you’re keeping up your end of the bargain, your side of the deal. Self respect is how you do that. Self intimacy is how you do that. Learn the four pillars, master the four pillars, and I guarantee you success in this life.

Chase: 16:58 So if you found this video educational ,helpful, insightful, please leave a subscribe to the channel and leave a like. If you have any questions about self respect or the four pillars of self intimacy please leave a comment in the comment section. I will do my best to answer every question. Comments are getting a lot, but I do devote time out of my day to make sure that I read every single one of them because I care about this audience a great deal. So. Awesome. Well, let me get ready for the next series. So I’ll see you guys tonight.

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