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Hey what’s up ego hackers? Welcome to CS just podcast today’s question, what is the SI demon even good for? I love this question. So glad it was asked thank you to the Acolytes out there who are asking really deep really, really creative questions when I have the opportunity to Film it, film these great questions sometimes I go beyond my minimum of 10 minutes and get really really deep because I just really care about the topic. And this is absolutely one of the topics I care about the most so to the acolyte out there who asked this question, thank you for giving me this opportunity. I’m so I’m so excited for it.

But understand that there is some companion content that goes along with this particular video. Well, I’m gonna be discussing some of the intricacies and like what the real value is of having its root sensing demon and why it’s so important, and why it’s necessary, especially in the context of relationships. That being said, we have some episodes in the German area relating to the hypocrisy of INTJ days and inf J’s, which this episode is about, because they have Introverted Sensing demon, but also, the demon function episode that we have there, which goes in really, really deep about Introverted Sensing demon. Make sure you guys watch that content, in addition to this video, so that you can get the complete picture.

So I’m not going to be going deep into what’s already presented in the journeyman stuff, I’m going to be basically treating this video like a little bit of an addendum to those videos, to you know, from from a relationship perspective, to show you how valuable Introverted Sensing demon, actually is, it is insanely valuable. The thing is, though, is what I’ve noticed about people who have Introverted Sensing demon, right. They themselves do not know how valuable it actually is. They often see it like, like a burden, right? And don’t get me wrong.

It absolutely can be a burden to have Introverted Sensing demon, but it also has some insane value too. So let’s talk about some of the burdens first. Like also in cutting yourself, and you have no idea that you did cut yourself. Also, Introverted Sensing demon makes you feel entirely disconnected to your own body.

Basically, you don’t actually feel like you can. You actually sometimes feel like you’re just jumping out of your own skin on a regular basis. And you lack a lot of physical self awareness. You end up pushing yourself way too far.

This ends up leading to like lack of sleep, which ends up leading to a host of health problems relating to lack of sleep. That’s why it’s rooted sensing demons. Out of all the 16 types usually have the lowest lifespan, but every Introverted Sensing demon person that you actually talk to. What’s funny, is that they’re like, Yeah, I’m okay with that, especially INFJs they get to that self destructive nihilism that they have, they point it internally, whereas the INTJ points their self destructive nihilism externally, and it’s just so fascinating to see.

So fascinating, every single time to see that. But yeah, Introverted Sensing demon can be a huge burden and also it’s it ends up you know, there’s always a little bit of demon in the hero and their Introverted Intuition hero are constantly like, trying to find the quick fix the quick way of doing things and ends up becoming just like, oh, yeah, hey, I’m gonna take shortcuts and do shortcuts. I’m literally everything in my life. And that’s the problem.

That’s really the problem. So the lesson of the demon is I’m always talking about the lesson the demon is not in order for an introverted intuition hero to actually get what they want, they have to be willing to put in the actual efforts to get it. It’s so funny how Introverted Intuition heroes are all about trying to find the effortless way or the path of least effort or the path of least resistance in order to actually get what they want. But this is entirely false.

The obstacle is the way you know, which is a stoicism approach to things and Ryan Holiday wrote a book extensively about this I highly recommend that as a companion to this particular video you guys actually by Ryan holidays, book, The obstacles the way, especially if Jays also enps as well because they’re INFJ shadow and literally learn about how stoicism or the obstacles away can actually improve you and get you on a better path to success in your life. Because that literally is the path to success, especially for ni hero. Please go check that book out. I think it might actually be listed at CS joseph.ly forward slash reading.

If you guys click those links and buy those books or get an Audible account through us, you know we kind of get a commission on that so which is really nice. So if you guys want to help support the channel, please increase our Amazon commissions. It’s really nice. So just click those links.

That would be, that’d be really great. So yeah, be that as it may, what value is there? What good is there and having it’s pretty tempting demon. You know, I watched a video a long time ago of Andrew Tate actually talking about the value of Introverted Sensing because no one values their own Introverted Sensing more than an intp or an ENFP. Because we have Introverted Sensing inferior, I have si inferior, I know what it’s like.

Literally, Introverted Sensing is about time, service. Attention, effort, right. So distorted sensing really actually is it’s really just effort. You know, the word that’s synonymous with Introverted Sensing is effort.

So when you talk to ENFP, or en teepees, they’re constantly talking about effort all the time. It’s why you know, Deadpool for example, Ryan Reynolds portrayal of Deadpool in the movie so he goes on the first Deadpool film is always saying maximum effort, maximum effort. maximum effort is Introverted Sensing inferior. When it goes aspirational.

It’s all about putting in the most effort. Effort is everything to Introverted Sensing inferior. And that’s why you know, our love language has its it becoming acts of service, also known as contribution. Thank you, Doug, and do preserve her for that.

It’s amazing to have that understanding of Love Languages, because it really screwed with me for so long to understand how you know how much I value effort, and I put in maximum effort into my relationships. But I very rarely ever meet someone who puts in the same amount of effort I put in, if not very much, or even half as much as I do in relationships. That’s why when I see for example, Railgun really putting an effort into my relationship with her, and putting an effort into me, and really honoring my effort. It’s like the greatest thing in the world.

It really is the greatest thing in the world, especially since I know her Introverted Sensing is the Nemesis function. She’s worried constantly worried that she’s not putting in effort. And then because she’s an outcome type, she’ll just throw up our hands and just be like, and give up very easily because like, I put in all this effort, but apparently, I’m putting my effort in the wrong place. So and I don’t know where to be putting in my effort.

So she constantly feels set up for failure, right? And then that’s, that causes her FY trixter feel like she’s like never good enough for me, right. But when I do see that she is putting an effort, I hell honor it. I give. I give her a lot of special treatment, when she puts in more effort, you know, especially when she’s trying to do maximum effort, right? It’s a big deal.

I guess this makes sense why the highest sexual compatibility that I have, in terms of sexual relationships is the INTJ and the INFJ. Because what these types end up learning is that how important it is that, you know, for example, if they’re in a relationship with me, how they need to be putting in maximum effort, they can’t just shortcut the relationship that they have with me and I’ve been with, I’ve been with INFJs, you know, throughout my life, and they seem to consistently fail in this area, they really think that just because we have a golden pair, or a pedagogue relationship, highest sexual compatibility, these women just assume that they can take shortcuts with me and then it’s going to be easier. The reality situation is is that’s entirely false. All relationships, regardless of level of compatibility require an insanely high amount of effort.

Especially when you’re with someone as picky as I am. Because Introverted Sensing inferior and as much as inter intuition inferior are the pickiest of all the types. Watch out. Watch out.

I haven’t think ENFPs are even pickier than me. Oh my god. But yeah. That’s a really good cigar.

Very good cigar. So that being said, effort, effort, effort is everything. Well, in the context of Introverted Sensing demon, however, their effort is insanely valuable. In fact, their effort, I have to say is even more valuable than my Introverted Sensing inferior.

I have to I have to say, because their effort their Introverted Sensing demon is treasure. It is absolute treasure. It’s so funny because like an INTJ for example, INTJ is all about gotta find the ashtray over here. There it is.

So it Okay, so Introverted Sensing like there wayfarers, wayfarers understand everything about treasury, they’re trying to gather up for themselves as much treasure as they can, and then take that treasure and find out who they can share that treasure with. Right? They have to understand is that what is that treasure? What is that? What is the essence of that treasure, and that treasure really ends up becoming stored up Effort, Right? That’s what Introverted Sensing demon is all about. It actually is storage of effort, very small storage. They’re not storing much, they’re not very storing up much treasure much effort within themselves.

But what they do is have the absolute highest value. And if you remember what Andrew Tate said, you know, when it comes to like your relationships with women don’t just give your time and your attention to just any woman. Your time and attention is the most valuable thing you have as a man and I entirely agree with that. I absolutely agree with that.

Like you know, we’re in my life you know, if they if they disrespect me if they’re not making me number one priority, especially like from my perspective, because I’m I’m a malevolent envious ESTP. Why is that relevant? It’s relevant because because I’m malevolent, what’s missing from me is fanaticism. Which means I require my woman to be a total absolute fan. Like, I like a total fan girl, basically, of me as a person, not a fan girl from the perspective of CS Joseph, but a fan girl of Chase, basically.

That’s why I was like, so important, or it’s such a big deal. You know, when Rodin told me to my face, you know, like, look, I didn’t marry CS Joseph, I married Chase. And I’m like, oh, yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s great. That’s super valuable, you know what I’m saying.

And that’s the thing, like, it’s all about, it’s all about where you’re placing your effort. But again, it’s time and attention. Like, I’m gonna give time and attention to a woman who basically is fanatical about me, right, because I’m the level and I’m missing the fanaticism side of my own octagon, basically. But then it also counts, you know, from the deadly sin living virtue perspective, because from a deadly sin point of view, my, my Archigram my deadly sin is envy.

So I’m extremely envious, which means what’s missing is compassion. So I prefer women in my life, who are very compassionate to me. That’s one of the things that Railgun actually struggles with herself, because no one’s really been compassionate to her. And because of that, she doesn’t have anyone to really Mir, that high level of compassion.

So like, here I am this outlier in her life, basically, being compassionate to her because it is still my living virtue, right. And I could still be compassionate to Railgun. But because nobody else is compassionate to her, she doesn’t really have a lot of data for her expert sensing hero to read, basically, and to work with. And I’m the only source.

So I’m just an outlier. She has ISTJ shaido, which means she needs to have a consistent amount of data in front of her that her extroverted sensing hero is able to consume. So in this case, she needs to have people being compassionate more than one at least like a pattern of compassion. So at least three people being compassionate to her on a regular basis, so that she herself can be a compassionate person, right.

So again, you know, women in my life, in terms of time and attention, I expect them to be compassionate towards me. And I expect them to be fangirls of me, I have that expectation because of my Archigram. Right. Well, it’s no different with INFJ’s, INJ’s have the same issue.

And it really comes down to time and attention. Their investment in terms of time and attention in terms of their relationships, is absolutely everything. And because it’s coming from an Introverted Sensing demon, okay, that means their time and their attention coming from an INFJ is more valuable than literally anyone elses. So I had a, I had an INFJ in my life, who, you know, was was was dating and getting into dating and understanding dating and how that worked.

And I had to explain to this person like, look, you’re Introverted Sensing your time and attention that you give to a member of the opposite sex, you need to treat it like it’s the most valuable treasure that you actually have, you know, going in, in line with what agitate said, but I was explaining to this INFJ it’s like, Look, you have as Introverted Sensing even your time and attention is the most valuable because you might spend your entire life trying to figure out who to actually put your time and attention towards right. Because think about like INTJ is, you know, like heart tempo. Heart tempo has this problem where like heart temples, the biggest liars of all the types, let’s be honest, they are the biggest liars. Absolutely.

Especially the en teepees and the INTJ is we like wearing masks the antique V can create masks at any moment right and wear a mask and then they craft identities. Whereas the INTJ ends up crafting one identity for themselves one mask that they wear 100% of the time. And they’re only going to take that, that mask off for literally just one person, literally one person is what they’re going to do. One person this is why INTJ’s or INJ’s in general, don’t allow themselves to get close to people with in terms of relationships until they know for a fact that this person is exactly who they want.

And then they will give up their time and attention because they know their time and attention is so value bowl that the second that they give it to someone, they are attached to that person, they are attached to them, and they will never let go of that person for the rest of their life. This is one of the reasons why especially INFJ women need to go out of the way to have as small a body count as possible because they’re the at the highest risk of comparing their past sexual relationships with whichever current sexual relationship they are in. And that makes them the most likely to you know, initiate divorce in terms of development phase or initiate breaking up. And when they hit development phase in their late 30s.

With men don’t forget 83% of all divorce out there is actually initiated by women. So I and J women play a huge, huge role in this. What I have noticed, though, is that INTJ women typically have a lot smaller body counts. They’re in extremes either have the most body count up there with INFJs, which typically INFJ women have insanely high body counts because they are soul temple looking for intimacy and connectedness.

And they utilize their sexuality as like this gateway or this way to feel connected to other people. That’s why they have really high body counts. But for an INTJ, it’s more of extremes either. They’ve either like they’re like Madonna, who is an INTJ, who has had sexual relations with 1000s of men.

And she even wrote a book when she broke when her body count got above 1000, basically, or you have the INTJ woman whose body count is like basically zero or one or two is like extremely small, right? And this ends up becoming, you know, a big deal. But it all centers around their Introverted Sensing demon, which man did they choose which person that they choose to share the most deepest, darkest part of themselves, which is where they have their buried treasure, which is ultimately their Introverted Sensing demon. So what I and Jays need to learn is that when it comes to, they can’t just give their time and attention to just anyway, they have to learn how to leverage it, especially in relationships. It’s like, hey, if I’m bothering to give you my time and attention within the context of a relationship, if I’m bothering to go that far for you, that means I’m already all in.

Therefore, it is perfectly fine for me to expect a same level of investment as St. Because because, you know, from the INTJ perspective, they’re either all in, they’re gonna put in all the effort in where it almost is like, you know, the Introverted Sensing demon is almost acting like a hero to a point. Because there’s always a little bit of the demon in the hero, their ni hero has that Introverted Sensing demon aspect to it because it’s the battleground of Titans. Basically, from a cognitive reflection standpoint, you want to learn more about cognitive reflection, you want to watch the season 18 episodes on it in cognitive mechanics inside the journeyman area, CS joseph.ly For slash members to become a journeyman member, and the login is at CS joseph.ly.

Forward slash portal. And if you want to see a menu of like, basically all the products that we have available, just go to the portal, and you’ll see them they’re listed. So, from that perspective, it’s really it’s really a big deal. You know, just understand that like from an Introverted Sensing demon perspective, like your time and attention is the most valuable thing about you leverage it, only give your time and attention to people that you actually want that you actually desire.

But the thing is, is that your expert sensing inferior can see that they are putting in that same high amount of investment, that same high amount of effort, that same high amount of loyalty to you. I’ve heard INFJ throughout my life telling me that they are loyal to a fault. It’s really not necessarily they’re loyal to a fault. It’s more like they are attached to a fault.

This is why I recommend to every INFJ out there, especially women, especially women, and I say read the book attached. And I do technically have to thank my INTJ ex Andy for turning me on to that book, because a lot of my Introverted Sensing demon work actually came as a result of interacting her with her and reading that book and following those recommendations. Yeah, sure. While our relationship was an absolute total shit show, at the end of the day, I learned some extremely valuable lessons.

And you know, as a result of that pain, I ended up becoming stronger and more effective at the science and so I have to I have no choice but to actually thank her for that because it’s just made me better. You don’t I’m saying so from that person. Effective, you have to understand that like, you have to learn how to leverage you have to leverage your your Introverted Sensing, but how do you leverage it? Well, here’s some example. You know, when you’re sharing your treasure, your time and attention, which is treasure, when you’re sharing that treasure towards a member of the opposite sex, it’s not a bad thing for you to expect them to pay you tribute basically pay you tribute, right? Because you already are paying tribute to them with time and attention.

And if they’re not giving you time and attention, what the hell like seriously, what the hell? What are you doing? Like no, like, that is so disrespectful that is so meaningless, that is such a slap in the face to an INFJ. The problem is, is that like now we live in this, you know, pickup culture. We live in this, you know, casual sex culture, this Babylonian bullshit culture of the United States of America within Western society that we live in. And because of that, you know, women are encouraged to engage in open hypergamy on a regular basis.

And they, they end up not realizing the value of their own time attention with their Introverted Sensing demon, or if they are an SI inferior woman, for example. They’re not really understanding the value of the i and j men and their Introverted Sensing, because I’ve noticed so many times the INFJ men in my life and like the women, the NP, women that they get with or any woman that they get with, these women don’t really place that high value on the time and attention of Introverted Sensing demon, because they’re so used to getting attention from men all over the place constantly, a woman will never have to deal with loneliness, I don’t care if you’re an INFJ woman or an ESTP woman, and you are technically the loneliest out of all the types just by being by virtue of being an ESTP, or an INFJ. Woman. But still, you will never be as lonely as any of the other men out there specifically, because of just how our culture works, right, because of this cultural environment that we have when it comes to putting women on this pedestal that we have consistently, where our entire culture, men are expected, if not actually do behave like Adam did in the Garden of Eden, basically, and it’s putting women consistently on a pedestal.

So men have to learn especially INFJ men, they have to learn to leverage their time and attention, as Andrew tait says, Well, again, one of the things one of the one of these ways it ends up becoming something we call the test of the demon, the test of Introverted Sensing demon, I don’t really talk about tested demon, I’ve been talking mostly about the test of the parent, the test, the critic in the context of Ron’s pair relationships, also known as the natural pair. And that is covered extensively in, we have a lecture series, season 14, part three in the journeyman member section, if you want to learn more about natural parents check that out. But the test of the demon basically is you have to see yourself as an INFJ. When you’re in a relationship with somebody and it isn’t it could also extend beyond relationships.

It also could extend to your career, it could extend your family, it could extend your friends. But the bottom line is it’s just like, look, are you are people honoring your effort? Are they honoring your time and attention by giving you time and attention back? Are they giving your expert sensing and fear that time and attention because you know that you are going to be attached to a person or attached to a job attached to a family attached to friends, you’re allowing yourself to get attached, if these people are not honoring your time and attention you need to do one thing and that is the door slam you have the door slammed and this is ultimately why I N J’s door slammed people, because they put in that high level of effort and that time and attention because their demon function basically is the Inferior function of their shadow basically. And as one thing you know, like the demon sometimes needs to be treated as if it is an inferior function, because it has its own insecurities. And that’s why the through cognitive orbit the extrovert sensing inferior if an INFJ is actually so sensitive to failure, abandonment, people not sticking around people giving their time and attention to other things, because they have focus all of their attention from their Introverted Sensing through the focus of their Introverted Intuition hero the battleground of the Titans basically, these two titans Introverted Sensing demon and the introvert intuition hero, they are focusing all the time and attention through their intuition hero towards one person or one friend or one family or one job and they are laser focused.

And for someone to not give a similar focus back to them, or at least be willing to share with them when they share. It’s a huge slap in the face. It is extremely offensive. It’s egregious, actually Albia it’s abusive, it is actually abusive.

Okay. So, why would you put your INFJ in that position? You know, I have to I have to admit there were a few times in my life where I did treat INFJs that way I had It was it was a it was actually a lot of the INFJ men in my life, I’ve had a very hard time keeping INFJ men in my life. Because they’re constant, they’re consistently questioning my loyalty towards them because they see me spend my time and attention on the stupidest of things. And extroverted feeling parent and extroverted thinking.

And then for the INTJ, as well, they’re extroverted thinking parent comes out and starts parenting me and informing me like, Hey, why aren’t you giving me the time and attention that I need? It’s not necessarily deserve, of course, you know, an INFJ would have that point of view. Or maybe the ISFJ super ego of the INTJ would have that point of view. Because from their perspective, it’s like, I don’t share myself with just anyone, why are you sharing yourself with literally everyone is there nothing sacred to you si inferior, you know, is there nothing sacred. And that’s the thing, I always gotta remember, si users around INFJs, you need to treat your time and attention that you give them as something that is sacred, and something that is set apart, something that is sanctified specifically, for those people.

And there are a lot of people out there who just don’t understand that. And it ends up getting worse, and worse, and worse. And it’s horrible. It’s horrible.

And again, this is this is literally not honoring the time and attention or the treasure of the INFJ it is abuse, it’s abuse. It’s abuse, you know, just like, you know, someone not honoring my performance, you know, as I’m putting in a lot of effort towards someone, and I have to make sure that I’m performing well, with my expert sensing demon, that is how you would abuse me the intp. Right? So abuse ends up becoming a serious problem. And it literally comes down to whether or not someone can pass the test of the demon.

So like, you know, so what are Jays having to do, especially in terms of a relationship, what they end up having to do is that they have to learn how to squelch, and be really careful who they give their time and attention to. And then there’s not a bad thing, like, you know, before they get to the point of door slamming someone when I would recommend, you know, to perform the test of the of the demon, perform the test the demon for just going straight, the door slam, because if you perform the test the demon, you know, as an INFJ, if it’s okay to doubt door slam, you know, as an INFJ, if it’s ethical to door slam, or you know, as an INTJ, that, yeah, I’m doing a good thing here, I am doing what is rational for myself, I need to do the test the demon, it will give them the evidence that they need to make the decision to door slam, sometimes I see INFJ is door slam too quickly, especially because they’ve been hurt. And that Introverted Sensing demon ends up becoming abusive itself, because it will start punishing other people in their life for for things that other people have done to them. So it’s like, hey, these past man or these past women in my life have hurt me.

And you are behaving in a similar way. So that must mean you’re going to do the same thing that they’re doing that they did to me. So I’m just going to treat you the same way as if you’re abusing me when that’s not actually what’s going on. i nj is really, really struggle with not finding innocent people guilty based on past abuse that they’ve suffered all the more reason to read the book attached and the book codependent no more, I highly recommend that.

So that ends up becoming a problem. They just want someone to treat them as if they are sacred to treat their time and attention as sacred. And so you, as an SI user need to make sure that you are setting pieces of yourself that you share with them, specific with them. And this is especially important if you’re a man and you have a polygynous lifestyle, where you have multiple women, and you’re having multiple relationships with multiple women, right, and they’re not allowed to have relationships with any other man but just you.

When you’re an introverted sensor and you’re in that position, what you have to end up doing is you have to carve out specific pieces of yourself that you only do when you only share with just them and not with any other woman in your life. That’s important and because of male idealism, we as men actually have the mental capacity of doing that women do not, do not have that ability. So this is why women aren’t polygynous and they’re high Pergamus and men are polygynous naturally within their sexual strategy. So but again, the bottom line is test of the demon which means you need to see if these people in your life that you have relationships, friends, family, even job situations, or you know, lovers sexual relationships, you test these people by seeing if they are willing to pay you tribute.

And if they do pay tribute, which is basically proof to you that they are honoring your time and intention investment in them. If they’re willing to pay tribute. Well guess what? That means those people should still be in your life and you shouldn’t door slam. If they’re not paying you tribute, or guess what? They’re taking advantage of you.

They don’t actually care about you. They’re just using you. You need to door slammed immediately and get away from those people as soon as possible. So, me folks, thanks for watching and listening and we’ll see you guys in the next episode.


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