What is CS Joseph’s stance on Red Pill? | Season 31| Jungian Sexuality


What is CS Joseph’s stance on Red Pill? | Season 31| Jungian Sexuality


Hey what’s up ego hackers Welcome back. Least I’m okay my myself back. So I’ve been here in a long time got a new sound system can kind of see it. It’s pretty nice.

I really like it. The audio has been like pretty terrible and I finally figured out how to do proper focus and I even got a light mounted on it this time so improvements. Special thanks to a Daniel on discord in my DMs motivating me to increase quality. So I’ve been definitely working pretty hard to that end to be able to produce good quality audio and potentially video so we’ll get there.

So, tonight’s tonight’s video, today’s question comes from acolytes, Mr. CS Joseph, what is your exact position on the red pill? And it’s like, okay, great. It’s about time someone decided to actually ask me that question. So many people think that I’m just, you know, they just assume that I’m some red pill Fanboy and treat Red Pill like some kind of ideology, even though it’s a praxeology.

And that’s, that’s not entirely, that’s not entirely the truth, like at all, not even remotely. I have a very unique position on the red pill. Such though that I imagine many people would accuse me of being purple pill. But I’m not.

purple pill, by definition means like, you as a man believes in half alpha, half beta, and you want to provide both sets of traits at the same time. And I fundamentally disagree with that as well. The only the only issue that I actually have with the red pill, even though I like pretty much agree with it entirely. Because it is the truth.

It’s just the truth. It’s like it’s how people are using it. And that’s my actual issue with the red pill. And that’s part of my position on the red pill.

So do I believe that men have this thing called masculine idealism? Yes, I do. Do I believe that women have female solipsism? Yes, I do. Masculine idealism meaning men are innately born, you know, from birth, to be selfless, are more selfless than women. And women are innately by birth are more selfish than men.

And we have proof of that everywhere. You know, why do you think women spend all the money, right? Most people thought it was because women were taking care of children. But that had nothing to do with it. Because now there are more childless women in history, especially in Western society.

And still they spend way more money than men do. I mean, everyone just understands that naturally, we all understand that naturally. And that’s just kind of how it is. So based on that, what’s the point? Well, these things I find these things are pretty self evident, you know, male sexual strategies, polygyny, the female sexual strategy is hypergamy.

And how to deal with that, you know, women’s penchant for competition, anxiety, you know, and basically how you, as a man have to be aware of these things. And then also, there’s the different life phases of women like, break phase and the party years, also known as the whole years, right? And then there’s the epiphany phase and transition phase and the security phase, and then development phase, and then post development phase, and so on and so forth. And like new security, phase two, like and their life, you know, with like, these things are true. These things are true.

I don’t disagree with anything in the rational male books or what Rollo Tomassi has said in the books in the rational male volumes one through five, I don’t disagree with any of his points. What is agree with? Is how they’re being used. That’s the problem. I see man oftentimes using the red pill as a way to or as an excuse, or as justification to essentially pump and dump every single woman they are they have the opportunity to do that.

I can’t do that. I don’t, I don’t believe in pump and dump. I don’t believe in that at all. If I have sexual relations with a woman, it’s because I intend to keep her it’s an intention right? You can go back to my season for content on this YouTube channel to act Totally understand what that position is.

Most people call that content from my blue pill days. But you know what, I still believe in everything I said in the season for content. So just go watch season four playlist. And you’ll understand that.

Also sorry, I haven’t been around like I was doing the ego hacking by tax course had to make sure it was just absolutely perfect. When it was released, there was a few bits of missing content and all that content has been added. And I also added some bonus content as well, just to make it even better. And for the first time, within that course, I’m actually showcasing exactly how I psychoanalyze somebody from their text messages, while simultaneously demonstrate how to ego hack them.

And I actually ego hack to people 15 minutes, go over it 15 minutes per person in a 30 minute video within the course. In my opinion, it’s my it’s probably my best work, probably my best work ever. And I highly, highly recommend you guys check that out. This course is ultimately a mimetic weapon, teaching people to psychoanalyze by text and teaching people how to social engineer each other through text messages.

But the thing is, is that all the social engineering techniques that are presented in the course, are directly applicable even outside of a text based context. So the course is entirely relevant, not only that, I have provided a specific framework from within the course, for extroverted thinkers, especially to psychoanalyze people accurately. We’re actually working on a project right now, to automate that process. And add a tool to Bucha.

Basically, to make it easy for you to psychoanalyze people, like in a kiosk format. Basically, you just put it in a bunch of texts, it’ll give you an output in terms of their type, and maybe even potentially, their Okta Graham, who knows, it’ll be really fascinating. Well, we got Cohen, but it’s coming, it’s coming along very well. And we’re getting closer every single day, I look forward to those features being available to this community, so that you guys can psychoanalyze each other, even more accurately than before.

And in fact, actually, within the last two days, I haven’t unlocked certain ability to psychoanalyze people, without even using the Type grid, that makes it even easier, even easier to do it. So I mean, I know people think I’m crazy with each only having four questions to psychoanalyze people. And I’m very confident with the first three questions. But the fourth question needs to be rewritten a little bit.

I might also rewrite the first two questions, or at least add additional context to them. But just as human beings don’t really write very much. So I might actually just put in two small two minute videos of explanation videos and Bucha as well just nest them in there and embed them in there or whatever. So that you folks can actually, you know, gain gain from that.

Which which would be pretty fun. Let’s be honest. 08:22 The cigar is extremely strong. It’s, it’s hard to keep it in my mouth.

It’s very strong. It’s a laranja Espinosa creamsicle. tastes great. I highly recommend this one with the notes that it has.

Excellent. 08:44 So yeah. Check out ego hacking my Texas ego hacking by text.com. And if you guys are lucky, still as preorder pricing but I don’t think so.

I think it’s 100 bucks of course right now. Plus we have our master class. And you’re gonna want to get in the master class because the master class we’re going to be adding additional discoveries within the master class to make it even easier for you to ego hack people. It’s a whole new layer of social engineering than anyone’s really originally thought possible.

So we’re going to be going in really deep, nice deep dive within the masterclass. You’re going to want it it’s going to be at least two hours long, it might even be three hours long. So it’s we’re going to have it available as a live stream. So anyone who has masterclass can participate once the live stream is over the recording will be made available in the ego hacking by text masterclass area of the course.

That is available at CS Joseph dot life for slash portal. So yeah, sales pitch over. So what is my position on the red pill? Right? So, I’m not a purple pill guy, but most people accuse me of being purple pill. And it’s because I believe in this thing called masculine idealism.

The problem is, is that masculine idealism ultimately is unattractive to women. And definitely something that can get you as a man in trouble. That’s why rites of passage were invented to prevent masculine idealism from taking over a man’s life. This matters, and it matters because a lot of people don’t even realize they don’t even realize that like.

10:38 didn’t even realize how to use the red pill properly, is one of the things that’s really really bothered me. Because I’ve seen like I said, people use the red pill as just this excuse to pump and dump women, which I completely disagree with. I have never felt okay with that. And it’s so prevalent in our culture that even women expect it and now women are actually starting to pump and dump men and it’s just it’s honestly, it’s disgusting.

I find it entirely disgusting. And there’s no room for love anymore. There’s no room for romance anymore. And and it’s just entirely ridiculous.

You know, I’ve I’ve literally had women in my life, tell me to my face. So I’m closer to me than others. Literally told me that, you know, my effort and my investment, my relationship equity doesn’t matter. And why is that? Well, because the beta traits, you know, protection, parental investment, and provisioning, right? Those Those beta traits, women can get all that for themselves, they can go get a job, they can provide for themselves.

society gives them the illusion of protection, so they don’t need protection. And they certainly don’t need parental investment because women think that he can parent children better anyway. And there’s no really any need for masculine influence as they’re conditioned by society to think or believe. 12:05 That sucks.

That sucks a lot. I mean, we have a child support society instead of a child rearing society. And because of that, you know, the beta male traits are no longer attractive to women at all. They’re just not an 8% and out they are, according to Tomasi represent men who lead with beta traits.

And alpha traits are secondary to them. And these are the men who actually want committed long term committed relationships. These are the men who would like marriage, these are the men but you know, they’re completely invisible to women. And women are only really attracted to men with alpha traits with alpha fitness, alpha genetics, alpha selfishness, alpha leadership, the only attracted to those men.

The problem is, is that those men don’t want commitment. They don’t want relationships. So they end up becoming Alpha widows, they end up getting pregnant, impregnated by those men. And they end up becoming single moms, which just ends up making the dismay of society even further, right? Way worse.

All those of you who complain about me not looking at the camera, get over yourselves. Like I don’t care. Like it’s my show, I do whatever I want. Sometimes looking off into the distance helps me think it’s one of the reasons why I’m smoking a cigar.

Because it puts me in my is FJ subconscious, which allows my memory recall a lot better because I have better access to my own Introverted Sensing when I smoke. So like, Get off my back, tired of it. It’s like super annoying. So anyway, women just don’t even notice these 80% of men out there.

And this 80% of man, that’s it basically becomes like this suppressed masculinity that’s going to create a powder keg eventually, and it’s going to explode. And we’re going to have the bloodiest war we’ve ever seen in history over it. And imagine the aftermath of that war. And during the war, imagine the extremely high amounts of repressed and oppressed and suppressed masculinity and men from all these 80% of men that aren’t even noticed by women.

Because, you know, at most 20% of men out there are screwing all the girls, when in reality, it’s actually four and a half percent of men out there are screwing all the women and the rest of the men out there get nothing. And that’s that’s a recipe for disaster. That’s a recipe for violence. Huge violence, and that’s our future.

We don’t stop this. Now. If we don’t stop fatherlessness, for example, can’t start filing us fatherlessness unless we give men a reason to actually stay home to actually stay with their family. We have to like give them a reason for that.

But no, we don’t do that. We never do that. Because what we wouldn’t man actually get now from women. What do they actually get out of being in a committed relationship? You know, men are sold on this idea of unlimited access to sexual intimacy.

That’s bullshit. That’s entirely bullshit is when a man gets in a committed relationship, she gets secure in the relationship. And because society is enabling her solipsism, solipsism is their innate female entitlement, her innate female selfishness, because society is enabling women, especially when it comes to beta traits, you know, society providing the protection giving women the opportunity to provide for themselves, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but just makes men invisible to her. Most men, 80% of men invisible to her.

Like, what’s the point? You know, like, Seriously, what’s the point? You know, frequency of sex goes down, quality of sex goes down the women, that they’re committed to let their bodies go. So men don’t really get much out of the relationship. In fact, men don’t really even need much from women anyway. So what little that they want from women is far more important than what women want from men, technically, because men want so little from women, it’s not much, it’s really not that much.

So because of that. What’s in it for the men? Nothing. There’s not much anything in it for the men. So that equals pumping, dump, pump and dump, pump and dump.

Because why why commit to a woman. This is why the red pill even exists, it exists because of that problem. Men don’t really get anything out of committed relationships. And let’s say let’s imagine for a second that they did get something out of committed relationships.

83% of all divorce in the United States of America are initiated by women anyway. So men aren’t really like in the end, men also lose half their assets have to pay alimony have to pay child support, and they never get to see their children anyway. And their children ends up getting raised by a loser because that’s all the women can actually get with as a loser, because only a loser man would be willing to take care of another woman’s children. Basically, right? Now, that’s not entirely true.

It’s more just what I’m saying a beta male would do that. Take care of another man’s children. 17:24 And that too, ends up becoming a serious problem. A very serious problem.

So the red pill was created, because men aren’t getting anything out of relationships, they’re not getting anything out of commitment. So then the red pill was supposed to be this answer to help men deal with the fact that commitment just leads to them getting completely screwed over. And if you don’t believe me, you’re either too old to notice. Or you’re too young and naive to notice.

Because the reality of the situation is that men in general, walk in quiet desperation. You can actually look that term up. There’s even a nice article on medium.com talking about how men walk in quiet desperation. Because this society, it’s all it’s ultimately not for men at all, has nothing to do with it.

It’s not for men. It’s not by men, even though it was men who actually forged the society, right. So because they all the men are screwed, just completely screwed. If you were to ask me, you know, Chase, do you do you think your children have a future? I’d say no.

Because on one hand, obviously, my boys are screwed. But on the other hand, my daughter, you know, like, my girls are screwed to my daughters are screwed. My girls are screwed, because they’re not going to have any man commit to them. Because why would a man commit to them? Because, you know, they’re brainwashed by this bullshit society’s bullshit Western society.

Why do you think Andrew Tate of all people converted to Islam? Because I have no choice but to admit that Islamic society is superior to our society in every way. Because in Islamic society, like the family family exists, their family doesn’t exist here. There’s no family here in this bullshit Babylonian Western society. So because of that, we have this fatherlessness problem we have a decay in masculinity and thus the decay and femininity as a result.

You know, women would rather stick to their careers, you know, in my life. You know, I had a woman pick her her career over me. And that really sucked. And I ended up breaking up with her because of it.

It’s just like, okay, you know, I told the truth I just I told you the straight up truth I’m just like, look, you know, I like to be made a top priority here you know, but if you want to put your career for me because what you want to make an impact go ahead and she goes on and on and on talking about money, independence, money. independence, independence. I might Yeah, sure. You can have that independence go be an independent woman.

But for some reason, you’re going to be an independent woman who joins the military, and wants to take orders from a dude, likely, statistically likely, you want to take orders from a dude? Who outranks you, for a minimum of the next three years of your life. And you call that independence? I don’t get it. I really, I really don’t get that like that. That makes literally no sense to me whatsoever.

You know? So I’m just like, What the hell do you? Okay? I bet that I bet that’s really important to you, you know? So funny how, like, there’s, you know, like, my axe she, she has this thing? Or it’s like, yeah, you know, she sends me messages every now and then complaining about, you know, marriage and all this. And I’m like, Well, you’re not even married. In fact, you’ve never been married. So why don’t you get an opinion on it.

And here you are now in your 40s. And you you white, like, you, you just masquerade around, you know, your life and in the internet, you know, wearing a mask being paranoid. And then, you know, no one’s interested in committing to you. I mean, why do you think that is, and that’s what the red pill was for, to try to help men cope with that situation.

The problem is, is that men realize that they couldn’t cope with the situation. And as true as the red pill is because it is truth. Men realize they can’t cope with it, they can’t cope with it at all. Because there’s no reward, there’s no reward for being in a committed relationship.

So as a result, men end up using the red pill basically, as a platform or an excuse or justification to pump and dump women, basically, they just pump and dump. On top of the fact that like, society is structured in such a way where it requires multiple incomes, to raise children. So the women, the mothers of children are forced to work anyway. So those children are raised by society and indoctrinated and conditioned by society to continue the same cycle, because those who run the society do not want masculinity to return.

Because if it returns, masculinity would naturally challenge their power. So that they want to stay in power, right? You know, because those who are in power want to keep it right. This is why I maintain that the most powerful person in the world right now is actually an INFP. I completely believe that wouldn’t be surprised.

It would not be surprised about that at all. So that ends up being a really sucky situation. You know, like, men don’t really get anything out of that. And that sucks.

That just sucks straight up. Like, what’s the point? You know, what’s the point now? Wow, it is cold, and there’s snow everywhere. 23:01 You guys want to see snow real quick. You check it out.

Look at that. Look at all that snow. It’s beautiful here though. This winter wonderland.

But I still, you know, I still go out and I still get my job done for you folks. Anyway. 23:19 So. So that’s a huge issue.

You know, like men, men as much as men would love to utilize their masculine idealism and to fall in love with women, you know, and be romantic towards them and, you know, take care of them do their Beta trades, even their Alpha traits. They still like it doesn’t matter how Alpha they are, they still have the same problem anyway. So you know, most people assume that the red pill is all about, okay, well, let’s just emphasize Alpha traits, alpha traits, so I can get more women like it. Yeah, sure.

You’re gonna get laid more, you’re gonna have more women. But, you know, and then they teach this adage, where it’s like, you know, well, it’s not your turn. You know, men can’t even can’t even keep a woman anymore. They just can’t.

Because now we have this society of open hypergamy. We mark my words, you know, even Tomasi warned that of happening in Rational male volume four and volume five, which is pretty rough. So, the bottom line is, is that right now, based on society’s current situation, and kind of how things are in Western society, there’s just no hope for men. There’s no hope whatsoever.

There’s zero hope. There’s no hope for long lasting commitment. There’s no hope for long term relationships working out. You know, when it comes to Gen Z and younger, you know, millennials may have a little bit of hope.

But really, they don’t, you know, so millennials and newer, they just they just don’t have it, you know, and it’s going to lead to a violent catastrophe and absolute violent catastrophe. unless things change, we’re literally going to lose the Earth. Right? It’s even prophesied in the book of Molokai or God, the Creator is like I’m going to strike the land or the decree of destruction unless this gets changed somehow Right? Which is a huge issue. It’s why I care about fatherlessness.

It’s why I care about turning the hearts of sons to the Father, you know, to their fathers and hearts of fathers to their sons. It’s a big deal. So I teach the psychology, behavioral psychology, evolutionary psychology, personality typing young and analytical psychology. So I teach it, basically in an effort to keep men at home with their children to prevent fatherlessness to bring back masculinity.

But the problem is, is like what’s the point? What’s the point, the things that the red pill teaches are true, but the only logical conclusion that men can come up with, after coming to know the red pill and swallow the red pill is that there isn’t anything there is nothing in it for them. There’s absolutely especially if you’re like the 80% dejected dejection means where you as a man, you’re not even a choice to a woman, you’re not even noticed. That’s the rejection. And the other 20% of men have to deal with rejection, rejection, it’s feels bad when you get rejected, but it’s fleeting, and it goes away.

And then you just try out another woman, right? And so you’re not rejecting anymore. But like commitment. Statistically, commitment is impossible. It’s impossible.

Getting married, getting legally married is like the worst decision a man could ever make. So basically, now men are forced to have multiple relationships with multiple women that are all unfulfilling and low quality. And they ended up just cycling them through, they call this plate theory, just cycling them through on a roster, basically, because those women don’t want to commit. And those women especially especially the most attractive ones, from 20, to 25, they won’t come in at all.

And then all of a sudden, they don’t even start considering commitment until the epiphany phase, which is when they realize that their looks cannot compete with younger girls anymore. But then they can’t get the higher value men anymore, who are 35 to 42, who have all the money and the skills and the fitness because they’ve learned right. And for the first time in their lives, they’re able to attract women 20 to 25. And all of a sudden, like, you know, that’s that’s their lot in life.

Right? Well, the problem is, is that like, there’s still its commitment still carries the danger because as soon as like women hit development phase, as soon as they hit 36 They’re gonna divorce you anyway. This actually, like happens to a family member of mine recently. Actually, two family members of mine has happened to recently. And one of those family members I agree, just really disagree with how she handled it.

But that’s another story. But yeah, like, there’s no point. It’s It’s hopeless. It’s absolutely hopeless.

Or is it? So what ends up happening now is that like, there’s only a few things that can’t be doing, right. Masculine idealism is something that this is my main problem, the red pill right here. The the red pill is like your masculine idealism is entirely worthless. And you may you may as well nine, bring your beta traits to the table at all, because that’s what masculine idealism is, right? The men’s penchant for being selfless.

As much as women like to project their own solipsism upon men their own selfishness upon men. The reality of situation is that men are technically more selfless as producers than women who are natural consumers. Okay, that’s just biology. Okay.

But you know, women like to pretend men are just as selfish as they are. Women like to pretend that men are having just as much as sex as they are. When the reality situation is, that’s not true. Women in general, especially millennials, and younger, especially Gen Z, and younger Gen Z and alpha generation, the majority of them are more hawkish than they’ve ever been in the in the history of mankind, basically.

Because society is enabling them. You know, and masculine idealism like that man’s innate thing and for being selfless, like that’s why the rite of passage existed because a rite of passage would teach a man that you better not be selfless. It teaches a man that you better be selfish, because your life will be required of you. Because you will die, you will die for this tribe, you will die for this society, you will die for your woman, you will die.

That’s why it is written, There is no greater love than when a man gives up his life or his beloved. The problem is, is that women aren’t grateful for that. They’re not grateful for men risking their lives for them working hard and doing dangerous jobs, fighting wars and dying for them. You don’t think that’s true? Well, look at all the people, all the soldiers, all the families that are broken up from the wars that this country has fought over the last 20 years away every every war that’s ever fought, but whatever, you know, let’s just look at the last 20 years for example, and it’s entirely ridiculous.

We have 18 year olds being deployed right now 989 year olds being deployed right now to Operation Enduring Freedom and, you know, and ultimately Iraqi Freedom or whatever, like being deployed in those places for a war that started before they even born. Like, that’s how ridiculous this country is. It’s ridiculous Western society is willing to sacrifice men, and ultimately women, you know, for its own agenda, while everyone else is entirely unhappy. You know, there’s a study that’s that came out that said that by 2030, all working age like, over 50% of working age, women will be alone.

And will not be will be childless will not be mothers and will be, will be dog moms and cat moms by the time they’re 40. That’s ridiculous. So the problem is, is that men look at the red pill and they swallow the red pill, and they realize that the only light in life is just a pump and dump. That’s all they got.

That’s all they got. That’s all they get to look forward to. It’s 31:01 just pump and dump, pump and dump constantly. Now, I don’t agree with it.

I don’t agree with at all. 31:07 I don’t live my life that way Contrary to popular belief, but I don’t know very much care about a family very much care about having little ones I very much care about not increasing the fatherlessness in the world. But it’s not me increasing the file lessness especially in my own life. It’s people like well, why are you divorced? Or and I’m like, well, because the women be crazy.

That’s why the women don’t care about family. They care about themselves, they put themselves above the family. You know, and what’s the rite of passage that’s supposed to teach women on how to be selfless, to let go their selfishness and as much as the rite of passage has managed to let go of their selflessness and become more selfish. You know, the rite of passage proves that they’re strong enough to be a man and respected by man by as men by society itself, because society used to respect men, but now it doesn’t.

Society has to keep men are nice. It’s bootless men rise up and challenge its power. The rite of passage that was supposed to make women more selfless, was giving birth, giving birth, and taking care of children. But now, you know, we don’t even have that anymore.

Women just abort their children, or they put them up for adoption, or they end up becoming single moms. And it just ends up becoming the cycle of pain and hatred. You know, so many of my coaching clients, the majority of the men and those of my, my coaching clients, hate their fathers hate them. When the reality is they only hate them because they don’t understand them because they don’t understand because they haven’t gone through that pain themselves.

And eventually they will go through that pain. And they’ll realize, Oh crap, I misjudged my dad. Like yeah, you think anything’s gonna change, think anything’s gonna change at all. So, I don’t agree with the red pill, like getting rid of Baskin idealism and completely shitting all over the, you know, the the beta traits, the beta traits are necessary.

The thing is, though, I’m not advocating for the purple pill, which is 50%, beta 50% Alpha. I’m saying you as a man should be responsible being as alpha as possible, but you shouldn’t entirely abandon your beta traits, either. You shouldn’t abandon your masculine idealism, which is your nature, whereas you being alphas, technically more nurture, actually, maybe nature to a few. But again, that’s like 20% of men, and ultimately, four and a half percent of men who are the ones actually getting laid, and no one else is.

So because of that, that continues to be a serious, serious issue. And because of that, we don’t have a feature of society, society. This right here is the reason why our society will collapse. It’s not because you know, the family is broken.

The nuclear family is an entirely failed construct and of its own right, which I’ve explained many times. But the issue is, like, you know, there’s just, men don’t really get out of it and get anything out of it. This is what the red pill is taught men. So because of that we have now this pumping up culture, we have this culture where men are abandoning their masculine idealism and going all out selfish entirely.

And spending everything on themselves and their own pleasures, you know, because like you, you talked about, like, you know, Tomasi talks about how we’re entering into a world where we already have open hypergamy, it’s already happened. And he warned about open hypergamy being a thing and his first volume that he wrote back in like 2014. But then now it’s 2022, about to be 2023. And open AI remains the norm.

And he’s already warning about how women if they don’t like, if they don’t like having sexually or they didn’t enjoy themselves, they can claim that you rate them basically, and then you’re really screwed. But the word like, here’s my warning, here’s what’s coming next, you want to know what’s coming next. Eventually, our society is gonna get so screwed up, that in order for a man to get laid at all, he’ll have to pay for it. 100% Like, seriously, that’s our future.

Like that’s, that’s the only way it’s gonna happen. So basically, prostitution is just going to become is the absolute total social norm for men entirely, where you as a man can look at your daughters and realize that they’re all going to turn into horse one day. That’s our future. That is our collective future, where literally the only way a man will have sexual access is through money.

And that’s it, and nothing else. That is our future. That’s our future. You know, I’m sure Tomasi will start talking about it very soon, you’ll see, you’ll see, you’ll start talking about as podcasts or maybe he’ll talk about the next book.

But it’s inevitable. It is inevitable. If society doesn’t change, all sexuality will be bought and paid for. It’ll just be another commerce item.

Don’t believe me? Look at Japan, it basically kind of is how it is in Japan right now. Don’t believe me? Go look at Japan. Japan is the leader in this area. Everything is bought and paid for money is the only way a man has access to sexuality.

Therefore, men are only these slave drones working for society, basically. And that sucks. Sucks to be them. And that’s our future slaves.

Because of how because you know, we can’t allow masculinity to exist because it would bring revolution and take out the elite. Who can’t have that. See what I’m saying? That’s our future, folks. That’s our future.

The red pill teaches against masculine idealism. And I totally understand why I don’t agree with it. But I understand why I think a man should be primarily alpha, but not abandon his masculine traits entirely. But that doesn’t mean it’s purple pill.

It’s not purple pill at all. You know, like, purple pill is 50% Alpha traits 50% Beta traits. But the thing is, is like, it’s not about how Alpha Man is, it doesn’t matter how Alpha Man is, it doesn’t matter at all. Because at the end of the day development phases coming.

Statistically, 83% of divorces out there are initiated by women, and you’re a woman that you have a committed relationship with. It’s just going to divorce you anyway. So there’s no point. There’s just no point.

Why do you think entertained, converted to Islam? Like because that those statistics are way better in an Islamic world? And this is why so many men are flocking to Islam. Because, at least with Islam, they can have a family, at least with Islam, they can have respect for women with Islam, they can raise children, you see what I’m saying? With Islam, they can actually have a legacy. And it’s no isn’t any wonder that Islam just hasn’t entirely swallowed the world up yet. It will, it will mark my words, it will it absolutely will swallow up the world.

And I don’t mind that I actually don’t mind. I don’t mind if Islam just completely takes over the world. Because at this rate, it will, it absolutely will mark my words. You know, because in non Islamic society, sexuality will be bought and paid for.

And in Islamic society, men actually have a chance at happiness and agitate figured this out. Sure, he gets other benefits, because Muslim society is very anti elite. You know, and there’s some protections there and they have their own ways of doing commerce, whatnot. But eventually, I’m sure they too, will be hella challenged by the beast that rises from the sea, also known as Western society.

And there’s gonna be a war this week, bloody to be very big war, because Islam itself is going to eventually challenge the power of the elites, and they’re gonna have to deal with it. And as much as Eastern society is also going to be a problem in certain cases, but Eastern society any better than Western society, things are going downhill there. So at this point, if you look at all the consequences, we have no future, we have no future at all. This is why I recommend a different lifestyle.

You know, like a polygynous. One, you know, a man who has multiple women committed to Him, they all have children, they all help each other out, they help each other out with mothering, they’ll each other with babysitting and raising children. They work hard together, you know, as as exemplified in the book, The Red tent, which if you haven’t read the red tent, read it man or woman read the red tent, and come to understand how things worked in ancient times, and how you know, that’s a much better, healthier family structure than we have now with the nuclear family, which is a frickin travesty. It’s entirely ridiculous.

So yeah, like, folks like this. This is our future. This is this is what we get to look forward to. This is what your children get to inherit.

This is what the children get to inherit in Western society. Are you are you happy about your sons being conditioned to pay for sex? And the only way they ever get sexuality is that they’re paying for it? Are you happy about that? Are you happy that your daughters are basically made to be prostitutes? Are you happy about that too? Because that’s your future. Oh, wait, you don’t believe me? Well, that’s exactly what happened to the Germans and then I 20s with Berlin, after the Treaty of Versailles, Berlin became like Las Vegas, you could literally pay for women and children with money. They had the worst sex trafficking in the world the world has ever seen, basically, and it was open, and it was public, and it was accepted.

You don’t think that’s coming to our society, everywhere within Western society, I tell you the truth, it is our future. And in fact, it’s our immediate future. You will see that by the end of this decade, I promise you mark my words. Mark my words.

So unless we start fatherlessness unless we turn the hearts of fathers to their sons, the hearts of sons or their fathers unless we bring back masculinity, that’s our future. That’s your children’s future. You’re watching this? Do you want that for your grandchildren? Really? Do you want that life of slavery really, where there is no such thing as happiness anymore in this world, and then all of a sudden, they’re trying to bring like transhumanism and give people immortality via technology. So they stay stuck in the slave world.

41:06 Because as it is written, Revelation chapter nine, and they will seek death but not find it. Yeah, it’s coming, folks. That really what you want. Watch out the red pill.

It’s a painful journey. It’s a painful pill to swallow. But it’s even more painful than when you as a man realize that you have basically no choice, you have no choice but to pump and dump. You have no choice, but to be with multiple women to leverage competition anxiety against women, so that they treat you better, because they’ve been conditioned by society to not treat you with respect, to not give you special treatment to not honor your effort.

I’m projecting when I say honor effort, by the way, because that’s my cognitive origin of satisfaction, but which is all about effort. But that’s why EMTP and ISFJ men get screwed over the most by Western society, women, because that’s our love language, acts of service, you see, you know, we make it we make everything so convenient for the women our lives, hoping that they would make things convenient for us, you know, and reward us in the process. But no woman finds that attractive, because that’s based on relationship equity. And the reality situation is according to the red pill, no woman cares, or gives a damn about your relationship investment, or your relationship equity as a man, no one cares.

So you’re almost forced, you’re almost forced to even have some a shred of enjoyment or a shred of happiness in your life. You have to pump it down. You have to abandon your masculine idealism, you have to turn off 50% of your masculinity, you know, because a truly masculine man should be enough to satisfy a woman’s sexual strategy of hypergamy to provide all of the Alpha traits and all the beta traits simultaneously, with alpha traits being primary and beta traits being secondary, which is my true position on the red pill. Not this purple pill 5050 Bullshit.

It’s all about primaries and secondaries, you know, Yin and Yang equilibrium, where the Yin is like the beta male traits, and the Yang is the alpha male traits, basically. So it’s a conundrum. It’s very rough. You know, and that’s why I live my life, you know, like, in the way that I have you ever since I, you know, you know, made decisions to do so when I was like, 2526 years old.

I made those decisions. I live my life accordingly. Right. I mean, this is like, why I chose my lifestyle.

I chose it because someone has to actually be an example to the men, someone’s got to show that it can be done. How is it possible that the hearts of fathers can be turned to their sons, the hearts of sons, their fathers, unless men have something actually worth fighting for and worth dying for? Right? That’s the entire point, right? I mean, like, for example, you know, men don’t have anything worth fighting for or dying for right now. And because of that, that’s ultimately what masculinity is all about. There’s no reward for being masculine in general anymore, not within this culture.

And that’s a that’s a huge problem, like a very big problem. And it’s pretty sad. It’s really sad. And that’s ultimately, that’s ultimately my concern.

You know, if I can live my life, the way that I do live it based on my lifestyle, and be an example to fellow men, if they can actually see what’s possible. They actually can know what’s possible if they know that they can have a family once again, if they know that they can go home to a woman that gives them all the special treatment in the world, and it’s respectful towards them. Knowing that that Woman is not going to abandon them or take anything from them much less their children from them 45:14 very nice. That’d be really nice.

That’s the thing. Like, like I said, you know, it’s just, there’s nothing but despair. All over this, this world, this western society is just despairing. You know, men need to have something worth fighting for, they need to have something worth dying for.

You know, for example, like what the red pill talks about, well, you know, plate theory, you know, men having multiple women, they could see that it’s done. Okay, yeah, right now it’s being utilized from a pump and dump perspective. But if they can actually structure their lives in such a way 45:56 they can actually structure their lives in such a way where they know it’s possible, maybe it’s possible that they could keep those women, right, maybe it’s possible, they could have a very large family, maybe it’s possible, all of a sudden, their children have a future. Maybe all of a sudden, that’s worth fighting for, maybe all of a sudden, that’s worth dying for.

Maybe all of a sudden masculinity would return. Because they see people, especially for example, in the ego hacker community, there are some men who have stepped up within the community, who have chosen this lifestyle and then living by this lifestyle and learning how to live by this lifestyle. Learning how to protect themselves against family law, learning how to protect their assets, learning how to become capable entrepreneurs, getting combat train, getting survival trains, you know, warrior archetype, producing more than they consume through King archetype helping other men get their magician archetype. And then after all, that’s done.

getting to a point where we can finally finally enjoy life, if that’s even possible. Oftentimes, I feel like, you know, my journey as a man, it’s just been like, you know, fight the struggle, so that other men and tomorrow will enjoy the fruits of my labor. Well, I myself have no such enjoyment. It’s so interesting, because, you know, like, luthan speech that he gave in the andorre show, I believe it was, and or Episode 10, or 11, where he gave his famous speech.

And he’s an INTJ luthan. And, I mean, I entirely identify with that. You know, I’m already so far gone, with how I live my life with how I see society, there’s just no turning back. And obviously, I may not eat the fruit of my own labor.

Because like the reality situation is often look at my table. And I see within the ego hacker community, many people receiving healing, many people being fed and eating of it. But I often do not eat at my own table. But it’s not about me.

It’s about having a future, just like it is written, For I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you. And to give you a future and a hope. I figured that if the men within the ego African community who have stepped up, to prove that this lifestyle can be done, that these men represent an example to other men to show that it can be done. And by showing that it can be done, other men will follow.

And other men will not take no for an answer anymore. Other men will know that they actually can be happy that they can have a family, a family of their own design, a family worth fighting for, and a family worth dying for. Such that they will never even allow the elite to prevent them from reaching their happiness. That is what masculinity is all about.

Carving its own path forward amidst the chaos and bringing order to chaos. And that’s the order that I’ve decided for my life as it’s necessary. You know, many people just don’t understand they want to lead with judgment. But the reality situation is, is things are so bad out there, especially for men, that they don’t even realize the consequences.

Because without masculinity, this society will fall. This society will devolve into what I warrant, all access to sexuality will become a financial transaction. Think about it, it’s going to happen. Well, thing is is that if it becomes a financial transaction, then those men are legally protected from that.

You see, it’s already set up the stage and what Tomasi has predicted, is actually starting to come true right now, and the stage is set All that’s left now is to make it happen. And as soon as this happens, our society will be no different than Berlin in the 1920s. No different. And then guess what’s going to happen? what always happens when society devolves to the same level as Berlin in the 1920s? I’ll tell you what happens.

Something far worse than Nazi Germany is coming. And it’s going to be very bloody. And if you’re not careful, if you’re not ready, if you’re not willing to participate in the movement and put a stop to fatherlessness and bring back masculinity and turn the hearts of fathers to the sons, the hearts of sons, their fathers, you will lose everything. Because like I said, if someone were to come up to ask me, Hey, Chase, do you think your children have a future in this society? I would say no.

No, they don’t. And that’s why we had no choice but to move forward and to press forward. 51:01 So help me God. so help us God.

Have a good night, folks. See on the next episode.

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