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What inspires an ENFJ? The most? Before I can answer this question, please consider subscribing the channel so the plague doesn’t stop the NFL from preventing the rednecks worst nightmare. No football season this year. Yeah, that would suck and hit the alert bell so you can be notified when I go live. That being said, What’s up ego hackers? This is CSGs response here to answer your questions on all things union analytical psychology, or the four sides of the mind and sorcerer.

Today’s question is Cora. So Peavine, a VT science enthusiast originally answered what motivates an ENFJ. He says, quote, I’m assuming that you’re unsure as to whether you’re an ESFJ or an ENFJ. And are asking this question because you’d want to determine which type you are.

I’d recommend watching CS Joseph take on the ENFJ type. He also makes videos for the several other types. So the question what motivates an ENFJ is easily observable from the functions they draw their extraversion is from Fe and SE. This essentially means that they’re motivated to make other people feel good and give other people a good experience and memory.

This also can be summed up as them being motivated to give people a good time and to make people happy. One can argue that ESFJs are motivated by the same things. Although this might be true for the first point Fe there’s a subtle difference for the second point ESFJs are motivated by knowing what other people intend to do. In other words, an ESF j will be very motivated, motivated by someone say their friend telling the ESFJ that they intend to take care of themselves.

NFJ’s in their hand were more motivated by themselves being the one to take care of that friend. It’s just another way of saying that ENFJs prefer to take initiative. Will ESFJs are more lenient in the background. Jake Forrest, an ENFJ by nature is pretty damn inspired.

They’re born inspired. So don’t worry about inspiring them. More importantly, how can you help them realize? How can you help them realize their inspirations and help them create that impact what they need, they could probably get some help with structuring their thoughts and feelings better. And being able to articulate this in a way that is the most authentic for them.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re good communicators, but some causes some passion, some emotion, some intuitions aren’t that easily articulated and takes time for proper articulation. Dang, that’s a great post. You can also help them by removing certain mental and cultural blockages which are very demotivating oh, gosh, that’s a dang good post. I love this post, for example, they need to realize that they don’t need to conform to certain ways of doing things, certain ways of accomplishing things, and then they could do their own thing and feel empowered on their own in their own way, being who they are have faith that that what inspires you is what you are meant to do.

Dang, I am so upvoting that 44 votes on that one. That’s a dang good post. So now to my response, no, what I’m saying, all right, what does actually inspire an INFJ? Or ENFJ? is in general? The answer is the good deeds of other people. When other people perform good deeds, they like to associate themselves with those people.

So like, for example, ESTJ is with SI inferior, they’re so afraid of doing like the wrong thing, for example, that they force themselves to do good deeds. And I’ve done my good deed for the day that will saying came from NFJ’s for example. So, or at ESTJ. So ENFJ is want to associate with those people, because that’s what really inspires them.

When they’re Extraverted Feeling hero, combined with their extroverted sensing child. If you put an ENFJ around other people who are doing good deeds, they will absorb that within their soul through their extroverted sensing. they’ll absorb that, FYI, those FYI actions, those ampar, FYI, sympathy, and it becomes empathy through their Extraverted Feeling hero, and through and they’re also aware of what other people are doing, they start to mirror with their expert sensing child. And then as a result, they end up replicating and doing the same thing or contributing to those people who are doing those good deeds to enable those people to continue to do good deeds, basically, so that they provide the support structure or the structure for which helps facilitate those people doing good deeds or better deeds, or optimizing those deeds, even teaching the good deed doers how to do good deeds better, right? That is the ENFJ way, and that’s what they do.

That’s really what actually inspires an ENFJ it really is, and they’re there. They’re all in their soul. They’re in the cause. And eventually, as they get involved, guess what the ENFJ ends up running the show after a while, because everyone starts to trust the ENFJ everyone’s going to check with the ENFJ Hey, what do you think about this? Is this a good choice? Should I do it this way? Should I do it that way and enough Jay is just there to provide that structure provide that direction.

I mean, if this is like a charity, or like maybe some Salvation Army fundraiser, you know, ringing the bells, you know, in front of the front of the Walmart, for example, instead of ringing bells that aren’t ringing bells anymore. So we just decided to bring an electric guitar and just doing some face melting right there hoping that people like, you know, actually put money into the bucket for some reason, and ENFJ figured having like actual musicians next to the money bucket and have them donate their time would be more efficient way to attract people to give to raise more money for the Salvation Army within this charity. And the ENFJ would coordinate all of that to do that. Here’s another example.

Imagine my ENFJ father taking a coalition of churches together to raise money for the community, because he knows and is disgusted by the statistic that 9% Of all the money that actually goes into a church actually makes it back to the community. And being that he is an ENFJ that should sickened him to the core. So he creates a coalition of churches to raise money for potentially building a hospital in the community that doesn’t have a hospital, which will provide 1000s of jobs, essentially, as well as better medical care for the community instead of them having to drive 45 minutes to an hour to the nearest hospital. And oh, all those new jobs attracts new blood to the community, which increases all the parishioners with which the churches could actually share with instead of competing with each other for parishioners, because parishioners bring money.

And in reality, the situation is just a money grab by the churches. But if my father decided to, you know, coordinate a coalition like that, that desire for money would not be a problem anymore, because they’re building the community and organizing the community in such a way where people want to live in said, community, etc. It’s a big deal, right? That’s just one example. But the bottom line is this folks, an ENFJ is inspired the most when they observe and see other people performing good deeds, that is the number one way to inspire an ENFJ.

So if you have an uninspired enough January and go take them and do good deeds with them watching you, and potentially hopefully you’re doing good deeds with other people, maybe in a charity, maybe volunteering, some kind of thing, and then boom, that ENFJ is inspired, they can’t even help it and they’ll probably be running it before long. So like that’s literally what you got to do. So just so you know, folks, that is the secret to ENFJ inspiration. If you’d like a chance for your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me on Quora or leave it as a comment below.

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