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In this video of answering the question what hurts and ESFP the most? Before I can get into that, and you just subscribe to the channel and hit the alert bell so you can stay up to date on all of our uploads. That being said, Welcome to CS Joseph response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions relating to young analytical psychology, the four sides of the mind, also known as four sides dynamics. Again, today’s question is what hurts and ESFP the most and the source of today’s question is none other than quorum.

So we have Benjamin Wilson, former psychologist here. And he says the most advanced MBTI platform passionfruit describes 10 things you should never say to an ENFP are, here’s what you need to do. Number one ESFPs are freezer free spirits who are naturally independent and adventurous. They despise being stifled, ordered around or controlled by bossy, overbearing people.

a sure way to turn off an ENFJ an ESFP is to start micromanaging their life. It’s also a great way to get revenge against them when they deserve it. You can’t do that imposing limits on an ESFP is a sure way to get on their nerves. They love their freedom, and they live with a confidence that they can grasp what life has to offer and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

being around someone who is regularly putting down your dreams and aspirations is assured to cause conflict and unhappiness in the long run. Let’s talk about your long term goals. So it’s like doing it too little and doing it too much is FPS are definitely opportunists who can get excited about future ventures and ideas. However, sitting around and planning out the future in detail can be stressful for them.

Settling on just one plan for their life. Whether it’s a college they want to go to the career they want or relationship can cause a great deal of stress. They worry about making the wrong choice and regretting it later. They feel much better if they can keep their plans open ended or leave room for change and modification.

Hurry up and decide. This goes hand in hand with the last one ESF peas don’t like being rushed to make a serious decision. They like to explore all possible avenues and experiences before they settle on one thing. Usually when they decide on something it comes across as spontaneous however, it may have been the result of a long period of inward reflection.

They just keep going on and on and on here. But fair enough saying there you’re not that funny. Yeah, that would be painful. Don’t take this personally but yeah, that’s that’s interesting, saying I don’t like you.

Kind of doesn’t really bother ESF peas that much. Let me show you how it’s done. That would bother and ESFP you need to take life more seriously. That would bother the SFP mope mope mope regular negativity and complaining well wearing the nerves of an ESFP they don’t mind listening to their friends and their when they’re truly in despair.

But if they have to be around for someone to react to everything that negativity they will eventually lose patience is that peas tend to be optimist and constant negativity seems impractical, and a waste of time to them. Tyler Galic says betrayal is what hurts them the most not getting what I want people disappear after your status fell. manipulation by close friends and family lack respect for my efforts, cold people this goes on but you get it. That’s actually probably the better answer in my opinion.

We also have a Concha Sharma, psychological counselor and author think they may also be a member of my audience. What arts and ESFP the most is watching people abuse hurt harm, the innocent and vulnerable they can’t stand to see hear or read about animal abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, bullying, these are just a few examples they are there are plenty of things which can which would make an ESFPs blood boil and all likelihood ESFP will never be a passive bystander to such activities. They’re occurring in the proximity to do so will be completely against their moral code. And they have a strong very strong moral code.

Yes, they do probably the strongest, they will definitely raise their voice and we will try to make take a stand to stop the hands actions from occurring. Very well said and that’s actually very accurate. And then there is Sam arresto, who claims to be an ENFP employment agent who says he’s been studied MBTI for three years since November 2017. Es FP have a lot of energy but without the help of pragmatic Intuit, they often work in the wrong direction.

That is not perspective. They’re also weak at legislation paperwork and generally Introverted Thinking, okay, they’re actually really good at paperwork. I don’t know where you’re getting that. If anyone can comment on my opinion and grammatical mistakes.

I appreciate that guys, okay, like you are not an ENFP you are actually an INFJ go away. So anyway, let’s get into the CSJ version of this. So from a cognitive functions point of view, taking away the freedom of choice of an ESFP is the one thing that will hurt them the most. It hurts them so bad that they actually decide it actually creates hatred such that they will go out of the way to make sure you don’t get a choice.

They will actually work hard to destroy your future and any choices you have and they will do everything in their power to shackle you until you unshackle them basically because it’s like if I’m going down You’re coming down with me, if you’re taking away my choice, you won’t have a choice. And that’s just how I roll get over it. And they don’t, they will throw all their morals out the window at that point, if that happens taking away their freedom of choice is the number one way to hurt and ESFP. The second most painful way to hurt any SFP is to publicly shame them in front of people that they respect, or the people that know them.

And some examples of this would be to reveal to random people on Facebook some of their potentially heinous behaviors or irresponsible behaviors more so. Because ESFPs are the probably the type that do not understand the consequences of their actions, probably the most, with maybe the ESTP in second place, or maybe the ESTP worse than they are in that particular moment. But extroverted sensing heroes have like no, no idea, the consequences of their actions like literally at all, they have to learn things the hard way in that regard. This is oftentimes why SPS because all SP circled This is why ESPYS are in jail more than any other types because SPS don’t know the consequences of their actions.

And their Introverted Intuition inferior Introverted Intuition child thinks they can get away with things when the reality situation is they actually statistically can’t compare to other people. So, but the point is, it’s also why because they think they have luck. And they don’t, it’s hilarious to me, especially in my child through ISPs. It’s hilarious and kind of sad, quite frankly.

But ESPs, like ESFPs will have a different, but public shame really attacks the inner child, it also takes away it also gives other people really bad experience, because they end up looking bad, and ESFP cannot look bad, like at all. So if you really want to annoy or hurt ESFP, you go out of your way to make them look bad at every possible opportunity. That way, people around them start thinking that they’re stupid. And that’s that’s a serious, huge blow to their ego when everyone around them thinks that they’re stupid, irresponsible, ineffective, and that their performance is terrible, they’re questioning their ability to perform, that’s what seriously harms ESFPs.

And it’s so sad, but not as bad as taking away their freedom of choice. The next thing, the third thing that really bothers them is, is guilting them. And sometimes ESFPs sympathies can be taken advantage of by forcing them in an empathetic situation. And you force them to have empathy towards somebody.

And it could even be a scam, but you can get them to open their wallet in that particular situation by playing on their sympathies, et cetera. However, sometimes they after like, the older they are, the more wise they are. So this doesn’t usually work however, you can usually guilt and ESFP to doing something, the younger they are basically. So it’s it’s really difficult.

But again, it’s not as you know, if your objective is to harm or hurt and ESFP taking away their freedom. You know, like for example, Joe exotic, he’s an ESFP he’s, you know, the tiger King and cetera. And he’s in jail right now, he talks about how his Tigers you know, you know, when a cat dies in captivity, it’s because their soul dies. And he’s talking about himself basically, that his soul is dying because his freedom of choice is taken away in jail.

And this is why ni inferiors have such a high suicide rate when they are in jail, because they have all their freedom taken away. They’ve had their future taken away from them, their future is doing what they want to do for their life is the most important thing to them whatsoever. So you know, it’s it’s extremely painful for ESFPs. And, you know, Joe exotic being in jail.

I mean, quite frankly, it is the equivalent of cruel and unusual punishment, because jail directly assaults his Inferior function, you know, for where it’s not cruel, unusual punishment compared to other people, for example, but you know, as soon as an ESFP usually when ESFP has a taste of jail, they work hard to make sure that they never ever, ever return, because they just, they can’t handle it. I even have an ESFP family member who definitely had a similar experience that and said, yeah, that happened once I ever going back. And it’s so interesting how, you know, his, you know, record still, like, follows him around to this day, and you know, and that’s also an takes away his choices. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, etc.

And that’s also extremely hurtful and painful to ESFPs, etc. So anyway, if you’d like your chance that your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora or tag me on Quora or leave us a comment below. If you want a guaranteed answer for your question. Become a Silver member at CS joseph.ly.

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