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CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte member question, what does the end result of cognitive integration look like.


Are you? Gonna see us just podcast. I’m your host CS Joseph. Today’s question. Thank God the sun came out.

I’m loving it. So I can alas though. Today’s question is, what what do you get when you have all four sides of your mind entirely integrated together? What a great question. Well, the answer is really simple.

It’s enlightenment. It’s literally enlightenment. The thing is, it takes your whole life to reach cognitive integration and ultimately enlightenment basically. This is done by maximizing everything you have and the gateway circuit and the guidance circuit within your head basically.

Okay, so what are those circuits, you have your hero function, you have your Inferior function, your nemesis function and your demon function, those four functions represent your gateway circuit, okay? Information flows in and out of your gateways. The hero is the gateway to your ego, the inferior is the gateway to your subconscious, the Nemesis is your gateway into your unconscious, and the demon is the gateway into your super ego, right? So and basically you want to look at those as like portals, basically portals that open and close to allow some of your mental energy to pour through. And that mental energy can be very chaotic, or it can be very orderly, right. So you have to maximize how to use your guidance functions best.

What’s really great about this is that we’re going to be releasing ego hacking your fear, the course very soon, we’re going to be teaching self ego hacking for the first time. Okay, we’ve been talking about ego hacking other people, but it’s time to ego hack yourselves. So. So with that being said, you got to make sure that you’re going out of your way to make sure that you are doing these things in an orderly manner.

Now we teach this and ego hacking your fear specifically, and it’s going to be a little bit difficult to kind of understand how to do that it does, it takes a long time, it takes a lot of investment. Over time, it just does. Then you have the guidance circuit, which is more like the How to guidance function says your parent function, your child function, as well as your critic function and a trickster function. And these are the guidance functions for each of the other four gateway functions.

Basically, the more you develop your guidance functions, the better you’re going to be able to use your gateway functions. Now here’s the thing, if you do not develop your guidance functions, you are in for a rough life very rough life. Not in developing your parent function leads to your quarter life crisis. Basically, that’s really bad not developing your child function leads to your midlife crisis.

Not developing your your critic function leads to your three quarter life crisis and not developing your trickster function leads to your final life crisis, which is ultimately death. Which means cognitive integration is an entire lifelong journey. It’s an entire life Andre. Now granted, if you get ego hacking or fear the course which comes out soon, and it basically is season 19 Part Two, basically, it’s we go through each of the 16 types, that we’re averaging an hour and a half lecture per type, as well as a bunch of other ancillary lectures to go along with it.

To give you all the information that you need, we’re gonna be talking about Oxfam a little bit, we’re talking about maths the masterclass as well. But the bottom line is, is that you will learn techniques with which that you can actually develop your parents, your guidance functions, and so ultimately, to use your gateway functions better and maybe be able to avoid these life crises entirely, and then help you get as close as possible to cognitive and great integration and ultimately enlightenment before you die, basically. But who would want that? Seriously? Like who would? Who would not want that opportunity? You know, so and enlightenment is important because here’s the thing like what business like do you really want to die without leaving living a complete life? I mean, that’s really what it comes down to. You want to live a complete life you know, I got I got a lot of pain in my life an absolute huge amount of pain I especially since I’m unconscious, developed unconscious focus, but here’s the difference.

Like just like Illidan storm rage said and World of Warcraft Legion expansion, when the Naro is trying to light for him and her and basically cleanse him of all the demonic, the demonic power within him basically and make him a lightforged holy thing, Holy Knight of some kind, to fight the evil demons and fights are Gary’s the evil demon that’s trying to destroy the world destroy as wrath basically. Well, the thing is, though, is that the thing is, is that even Elon was like, No, you can’t do that he resisted the Naro from, from the Naru. And a are you from light forging. And you can actually watch the YouTube video about how that is actually done.

There’s that scene where he literally yells out and screams out I am my scar is resist that light forging and stops it. Because from his perspective, everything that he has now is based on all the pain and the wounds that he has had in his life. It’s like having scar tissue on your heart, basically. And that scar tissue protects your heart over time.

But it gives him the opportunity to connect with very few people, people who have similar scar tissue on their hearts as well. He doesn’t want to let go of those scars, because those scars are reminders at totems as to where he has been, and helps him be strong enough to get through his goals and achieve what he’s trying to achieve in the future. That’s what I’m trying to do. That’s what I’m trying to do for myself, I am my scars, I’m not going to let go of my ut UF, and as much as I’m trying to get to UCSF but I’m not going to let my UD scars go with, right? Like, I’m not gonna let go them, I’m going to take them along with me because they’re reminders of who I am, they have shaped me and they have become part of my identity, right.

And cognitive integration basically, is that if you reach integration, that means that you have died a complete life, men just want to have a complete life and die, knowing that they have lived and not live with their will not die with regret of not having lived right. That’s what we’re gonna be discussing and ego hacking your fear. So that you can utilize your fear, turn into aspiration, overcome fear. And if you’re an SI user, you can become fearless.

If you are an NI user, you can have all of the courage courage in the world. So that while you take your fear with you, you can still overcome your fear With that courage. Whereas an SI user, we learn how to shed our fear and become fearless basically. And that’s ultimately what the 50th law According to Robert Greene teaches, if you haven’t if you’re a member of the ego hacker community and you have not read the 50th law, what are you doing? The 50th Law is probably top three, if not most important book i have right in my life.

And it talks about the law of fearlessness, the law of courage and how much fear is a big problem is CO written with 50 cent, Robert Greene and 50 cent put that together. And it’s an amazing read and ultimately, you know, without understanding union analytical psychology, it basically is everything a person needs to reach cognitive integration without even knowing without even knowing it because fear and not being able to cope with fear or deal with fear or not being able to overcome your fear or you not even being able to aspire through your fear, basically, that is proof that you’re not living a complete life. That is proof that your gateway circuit is being chaotic. That is proof that your guidance functions are underdeveloped.

That is proof that you are not living a complete life that is proof that you’re not reaching cognitive integration that is proof that you will die with regretting not having lived a complete life. And that’s basically what that means. That’s where that’s coming from. That’s what that’s all about.

And you want to avoid that. If you want to read more about guidance circuits and Gateway circuits. You can right now CS Joseph dot life forward slash blog, and just search cognitive circuits. John Bodeen has an excellent article written on the topic and you can read that now ahead of time, in preparation for the ego hacking your fear course, which really is a huge deep dive, we go even deeper than what we did in season 19.

Before the ego hacking your fear course, which is going to be launching very soon. I think it’s actually gonna go up for preorder this week. So make sure you guys are checking that out. And it’s gonna be amazing.

Like already, the content that we’ve created inside of this course, has been life changing, even especially for myself, like the NTP episode is two hours long. And it was extremely difficult to film because I just felt so exposed, so exposed a lot of my hang ups and how far away from cognitive integration I am and dealing with some of the difficulties being ut us myself. It really and how I’m on this journey to get to UCSF as it is part of my journey to reach cognitive integration. And that too is of insane importance.

So yeah, that’s that’s ultimately what you get out of reaching college integration. Knowing that when you die, you’re not going to die with the regret of having not led or lived a complete life because you always want to be able to die. Knowing that you have lived that’s the whole point. You know, and I know a lot of you are trying to like hoping one day to become immortal and whatnot, but don’t don’t find it that lie.

And mortality sucks. I mean, could you imagine becoming immortal than being buried alive? I mean, like that literally happened in the anime Naruto Shippuden to the character name is hidden Are you done. And that was a really lousy way to live. Basically, death is ultimately a gift, it really is a gift.

Because you always have the option to start over. Basically, it’s always nice to be able to have that option. It’s always nice to be able to end the situation, you know, either naturally Right? Or give your life for something that is meaningful. That means that maybe by giving your life for that meaningful thing, as a result of you doing that you definitely can die happy knowing that you lived and you’re not regretting who you were along the way.

Because let me tell you, folks, I definitely don’t regret who I am. I don’t definitely regret how I’ve lived. I will regret having not changed having not grown having not become better. Having not been a better man, a better father, a better husband, a better lover, a better businessman, a better fighter, a better warrior, a better king, a better, a better magician, a better lover and the like.

All of those things are very, very important. And that’s everything that is necessary to lead a complete life for a man right. For women, it’s queen, mother, matron lover. Want to learn more about those watch the season.

Watch, watch season 13 playlist here on the YouTube channel and on the podcast. Get that information get educated on King warrior magician lover and hey, you can even watch the Queen archetype video in there which is actually very, very controversial, extremely controversial, but it is absolutely necessary to prepare women to form relationships because every man out there is a king looking for their queen, right? So you have to position yourself for greatness as a queen. So Alright, folks, I think I’ve hammered this question pretty hard. It’s thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next episode.



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