CS Joseph Responds to the Acolyte Member question what does the ISTP subconscious of an ENFJ look like?


Hey what’s up ego, hackers? Welcome to the CS justice podcast. And we are doing more acolyte questions, but I’ve been in the sun, so I figured I’d enjoy some shade. Hopefully I won’t, you know, fall asleep while the episode is recording because it’s actually pretty nice, right? You’re not gonna lie. So anyway, today’s question is, what are ISTP focused ENFJs like, which is very fascinating question a little bit complex, but happy to answer it.

So this is really a question that’s focused around, ultimately, cognitive focus. And oftentimes, people really just have a hard time understanding, calling and focus because it really is complex in nature. But as I’ve explained it before, on a few occasions, especially in the most recent cutting edge lecture for June 2022, that particular episode of the cutting edge podcast, I explained how, you know, we were talking about assertive versus turbulent, and how those are starting points with helping you understand the difference between cognitive focus, etc. I think that lecture, as part of the cutting edge podcast would actually be the main answer to this question.

So my answer today is going to be more of like an overview. And just kind of an overview specific to ISTP focused ENFJ is, you know, my dad, he is an ISTP, focus ENFJ. But my father in law, he is an INFP, focused ENFJ. And don’t forget, like NF j’s are part of the mind temple, they have the pride deadly sin with the humility of living virtue.

And that’s just kind of like, in general how, you know, they live their lives, because they’re all about the mind, Temple, they’re all about learning and how learning is just so insanely important to them. Learning is everything to ENFJs. And it’s that kind of learning that, you know, eventually, you know, gives them power, and then their, their sloth secondary site ends up activating because it’s pride and sloth, and then they actually dry for personal power from it. So an INFP focused ENFJ cares more about power and authority than an ISTP, focused ENFJ, the ISTP, folks ENFJ is like an ENFJ, that has like a double helping of pride, you know, and that, that can be really, really frustrating with their, with their behavior, which is basically my father, he has the reputation in town, and among, you know, all of the people that I knew growing up the reputation of being the biggest No at all, and he’s still acts like a know it all to this day.

And he is also like, he really struggles with listening really, really struggles with listening. And it’s so interesting, because he sees himself this as this great teacher. And honestly, he is he is a great teacher, let’s be honest. But the problem is, though, is that he won’t always be able to remain a great teacher unless he’s willing to actually listen and become the student.

And that’s literally what it is, you know, my father loves pontificating, some people have accused him of falling in love with his own voice, etc. But really, they’re only judging him that way. Because he doesn’t, he chooses not to listen to people. And it’s really, really hard for an ISTP, focused ENFJ to listen to others, because from their perspective, everybody else should be listening to them.

And if people aren’t listening to them, they don’t have any actual value. And that’s because they’ve basically, you know, for the most part throughout their life, abandoned their shadow side, which is their INFP side, you know, where he’s where INFP is, like, the INFP side worries that it’s not good enough, or it’s not worthy enough. But my dad just covers up with that worry, you know, with even more pride and, you know, being like, hey, you know, everyone listens to me. So the point where he draws his self worth based on whether or not a volume of people or an amount of people are actually bothering to listen to him.

And it’s so frustrating. But it’s also insanely normal. And like his everyday life, and that’s why ultimately, like he has this, he has this reputation of being a No at all. It’s just that pride and just can’t get away from that pride on a regular basis.

So it’s really frustrating, you know, and that’s kind of like, one of the challenges that I’ve had with my dad because you know, I’m ti parent and so Like, I could criticize him, or I could give him ideas or anything, or I could just tell him the truth, because he’ll just automatically tune me out with his te demon, just automatically extroverted thinking demons just there, they’ll just tune me out. And I’m just not even like, able to participate in having any meaningful conversation with him. Because if it’s not his idea, then it doesn’t exist. You know, it’s kind of like how human solipsism ends up coming out in humanity in general.

That’s one of the ways that you know, men, for example, because humanity in general is very solipsistic, when compared to the greater masculine idealism of the Creator God, basically, that humanity as a whole behaves like a woman in its relationship with the Creator. While the Creator takes on the masculine role. Humanity takes the feminine role, which means humanity, when compared to the Creator God, we are where solipsistic, right? I mean, that’s sorry, that’s our role, basically. And, and that, you know, that that was intentional, and how solipsism in this is how solves those who can actually come out and men.

And that’s just kind of how it comes out with my dad. And I’m just using it as an example. You know, like II is ISTP focused. He’s also far more mechanical than my ENFJ.

Father in law, former more Macau, my dad derives great pleasure in fixing things, especially oddities he likes, you know, like Stella brand scooters, and he works on those on a consistent basis. Really like working on motorcycles when I was growing up working on cars. He loves dabbling and delving into mechanics as ISTPs do naturally. But it’s just this one thing that brings him great pleasure as he aspires with his own mechanical skill throughout his life.

I remember him judging me harshly as a child because I wasn’t wanting to be mechanical with him because he wanted to have that shared experience of mechanics with a son, just like he had that shared of experience with mechanics with his es TJ father, right? And is he is TJ father, while it is my dad’s super ego, my dad was able to live vicariously through his ISTP subconscious, through the ICP shadow of his es TJ father. And that’s ultimately, what happened. Right? So having that ISTJ father, you know, as that example, it allowed in that his father was shadow focused, it really helped my dad develop his ISTP focus over time. But then, you know, there’s a lot of negative things that comes with it, which is like the pride you know, when however, there are some positive things, obviously, we’re talking about the mechanical abilities, which has been greatly improved.

But you know, as much as my dad may be a no at all, the reality situation is he’s more correct, he’s way more correct than an INFP, focused ENFJ. So at least his accuracy is up. Yeah, the pride is like, double, double the pride twice the fall, right. But, you know, I’m quoting Count Dooku, from Star Wars Episode Three, when I say that, but my dad is actually way more accurate than most INFJs, if not every ENFJ I’ve ever met.

And that’s, and that’s pretty great. It’s been great. So you know, like, you know, some advice that I get from them actually can be pretty useful. Versus like, you know, an INFP focus ENFJ, maybe not so much, they’re more principled, they’re way more balanced, and they’re a lot wiser.

Is my dad, somebody that I would consider wiser than INFP? Focus? ENFJ? No, not really. Because, you know, he’s, he’s really centered his life around, you know, being happy and whatnot, and providing happiness, you know, while my mother, she’s also shot a focus. So she brings, you know, the wisdom to the table, when it comes to their relationship with my dad brings the happiness to the table when it comes to relationship because he is subconscious focused. And that’s ultimately what’s allowed the relationship to last for so long over the years.

And it’s been, it’s been pretty good, I have to admit that my parents overall have been a good example of a parenting and moderately Healthy Marriage and or sexual relationship. But at the same time, it’s still not without its pitfalls, there’s always going to be pitfalls, regardless of whatever relationship it is, et cetera. So with that, with that being known, like, just to understand that, like, there’s a lot of other things too, that go into go into play like iscp focused on NF J’s. They have like a double helping of extroverted sensing.

So they’re so focused on giving people things like here’s here’s the difference. an INFP focusing ENFJ, like, like on Christmas would give a really high quality, Christmas gift, one gift per child to their children, versus the look at an ISTP focus ENFJ they believe in a large volume of small gifts. because they think quantity matters more than quality, right? And it’s because their expert sensing child and then they se parent of their ISTP subconscious is being used the same time. So it’s like too much se so it’s like a higher volume of presents instead of one high quality gift.

me if you guys know the difference between presents and gifts, gifts are what you give to people because you know they want them presence or what you give to people because it’s what you want to do. And it’s my dad’s, he’s got a double helping of Ni Ni child of his subconscious versus the NI parent of his ego combining together at the same time cognitive transitioning back and forth between the both of them, because he’s so ICP focuses neural pathways are opened up towards his ISTP subconscious, that it’s all about what he chooses to give to other people, instead of giving to what people what they want. And this is what causes him because he doesn’t use his expert intuition critic that much, it honestly causes my dad to be taken for a ride and be manipulated by other people manipulated by MLMs manipulated by people’s feelings, you know, and they take advantage of his sympathies, because his shadow side of his mind is underdeveloped. And he ends up getting taken advantage of which then leads him to mirror that behavior.

And then he started taking advantage of other people feeling justified in doing so which is also wrong. So he’s like, kind of mentally set up for failure, which kind of sucks for him, you know? And again, I’ve loved my dad, I’m not I’m not judging or nothing. I’m just, you know, these are some of the challenges that he has, you know, and it’s really hard for him to get over his pride to actually admit to it. I mean, quite frankly, the reason why our family has been split, you know, for like 30 years, you know, between my on my mom’s side, is because of my dad’s reputation as a know it all, because my uncle who is an INFJ absolutely cannot stand my dad’s No at all behavior.

He cannot stand my dad’s pride at all. My dad is quite frankly, the most prideful human being I’ve ever met in my life short of railguns dad who also has that same problem because that’s their deadly sin they just can’t get away from the deadly sin you know that deadly sin is there because they’re trying so desperately to find validation and when they don’t get validation, they just cover it up with pride and they have like a double need for validation when their subconscious focus so they end up having this huge reputation of being no one else for as results really frustrating. So yeah, double helping of se double helping of extroverted or introverted intuition and I, and obviously, double helping of Fe my dad is very, very giving very, very benevolent but iscp Focusing NF j’s are actually far more cruel than INFP focused ones. So they have that huge cruelty factor because their benevolence is also amplified.

So you got to watch out for that. And obviously, what we’ve already talked about, on top of being an oil so but yeah, that’s the answer this question. And which, by the way, guys, there is a coaching sale right now, don’t forget CS joseph.ly forward slash coaching, get on the Summer Sale while you can get your CS verified tag to get access to the private channel, on the discord while you can. It’s pretty great.

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