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How to Get an impractical INFJ to be motivated enough to get a job because they for some reason, think money is going to magically fall out of the sky. But before I can answer this question, please consider subscribing the channel so that the Lego Company notices me it makes a Lego set out of CS Joseph and hit the alert bell so you can be notified when I go live. That being said, What’s up ego hackers? This is CS Joseph response here to answer your questions on anything union analytical psychology or the four sides of the mind. And the source of today’s question is quorum.

And specifically, some person asked me to do this particular one for them. And as a result, no one else’s provide any answers. So I guess it’s just me at this point, but hey, it is what it is. So let’s just get right down to it, shall we? So how would you get an impractical INFJ to like get a job when they’re just expecting that money is going to fall the sky for them because of someone they follow? Well, why isn’t INFJ actually doing this? Well, it’s because of Te trickster.

as smart as ti child God Complex would like to consider itself for those INFJs out there. INFJs have a huge weakness in the fact that they can believe just about any schlub on the street. And it’s especially worse with INFJ women because they have this problem with they can love just about any Jackass on the street too. So that can also be a problem for them because the ESTP vise of Nymphomaniac comes in attacks their soul as a result, and that’s what happens.

But regardless, te trickster because they don’t really care that much about Mustad is my Todd holes, Ma, you know, like all those things, where people are like, Oh, my reputation, you know, all those, like they just don’t care so much, mostly is because they’re completely unaware of it. They’re unaware of how their actions have negative consequences for them in the reputation area. So like, that’s an issue, okay. So based on that, I want you to understand how they have this weakness, they can believe just about anything, that’s why you have INFJ is telling you all about them fairies, you know, they’re always telling you about, I mean, they’re most likely to end up becoming like getting involved in the occult.

In fact, an old INFJ girlfriend of mine would cut herself, and then take that blood and as a blood sacrifice and put it on some kind of ambulance, she made me et cetera. And that was like, totally okay, and freaky and whatnot, and completely unnecessary. I also caught her cutting herself in a particular other’s situation, and I threw the knife away. And that was a very emotional time for us both.

And eventually, because of her extroverted sensing self destructive behavior, I decided that she was someone that could no longer be loyal to and I decided to move on. Quickly. That being said, INFJs they have a problem that complete just about anyone and the people that they end up believing are the most Charlatan of all the types? That’s right, the Alex Jones, the Alex Jones of the world or the David Astris of the world. That’s right, folks.

The Bulletproof the former bulletproof CEO, I would like to say is David Asprey. He has been replaced since by Larry Bonner oddly enough, Larry Bogner is an INFP as well. And bulletproof products basically suck because they just added a whole bunch of annual into bulletproof bars recently, and for some reason they think that’s bulletproof for their customers bulletproof is nothing more than a brand folks like I don’t really recommend that company whatsoever. And besides MCT oil can really damage your liver.

I know because I almost lost lost my liver due to MCT oil. So be aware of those things. First and foremost. That being said, David Asprey, he is an ENFP and Alex Jones, he is an ENFP.

The Prophet Muhammad he’s an ENFP Joseph Smith of LDS is an ENFP. You know, it’s so interesting, we have all these ENFPs in these positions of power, they have this powerful voice, this power opinion, and those INFJs swallow that Kool Aid hook line and sinker, man. Yeah, that really sucks to be them. But you know, hey, they realize after a while, just how much they believe these lies, and they don’t even take the time to verify yet, you know, just like Dorothy Gale, and the Wizard of Oz, they have the power all along, and all they have to do is tap the heels of their ruby slippers, and all of their issues will be solved, you know, provided they actually take the time to verify their beliefs.

They spend all their time verifying everyone else’s beliefs, but they don’t take the time to verify their own beliefs. And that’s one of the hypocritical ways of the INFJ. Templar type because Templars struggle with hypocrisy. Well, guess what, that’s how they’re hypocritical because they spend so much time verifying everyone else’s beliefs, but they won’t take the time to verify their own because for some reason, they put so much faith and desire and willpower into people like Alex Jones, or David Asprey.

You know what I’m saying? It doesn’t exactly help Anybody, and I wouldn’t recommend that for an INFJ whatsoever, because that stuff is like Te child that’s very like, you know, unverified. So like, here’s the thing. So INFJs How do you deal with that, you’re going to have to like verify people, you’re gonna have to be willing to, like nitpick the AF out of them, like, totally do it, nitpick them consistently, because you’re not going to do that, you’re gonna continue to be impractical, and start believing these ENFP charlatans. And I’m not saying all ENFPs are charlatans.

I’m saying that out of all the 16 types ENFPs have the highest propensity of being charlatans. And as a result of that, and while DNTPs can appear charlatans, they have ti parents and if their ti parents develop, they’re like the most anti charlatan out there. And ESTP is like to think that they’re very anti charlatan, there’s nothing more anti charlatan than an EN TP because it’s very long, drawn out and very vengeful, whereas it’s just more explosive and a one time one off thing for an ESTP. Whereas there’s a lot of stored up bitterness within the E intp towards those ENFP charlatans or any shards and for that matter, which can cause some serious damage and ramifications for those people later in their life.

I would know because I’ve done that to FP sometimes that I believe have deserved it because of the insane amount of harm that they’ve done to me personally. That being said, INFJ is you have to protect yourself from the charlatans, and, you know, as this question would point out, here on on Quora and whatnot, what do you do with an impractical INFJ, who won’t get a job because money is going to fall out of the sky somehow, according to someone they follow, that someone they follow is a charlatan. And guess what INFJs have all of the types, you are the most weak to charlatans, with ISFJs being second most weak because guess what, they have te trickster as well. The thing is, though, is that the charlatan has to be part of cultural tradition, you know, like the Catholic Church, or church in that matter, that’s just an example some type of spiritual tradition.

And if it’s tradition for people to believe the charlatans than the ISFJ’s will go along. But there don’t need to be no tradition for an INFJ to believe said charlatans. And really the only reason they’re believing those charlatans to begin with is because they’re not verifying the charlatans if they go out of their way to verify and try to see, okay, who out there has been successful just like that person, right? Who has been successful here who’s been successful here, et cetera, those people, they need to go out of their way to verify and see what other people are doing. Like say if a charlatan is trying to sell them some snake oil for example.

INFJ is definitely the people who would buy snake oil. But the here’s the thing. Like with the INFJs, go see if snake oil is actually helped out somebody else, and has actually verified it and verified it multiple times, then they know that this is something that they want, and they don’t have to worry about it. But then again, if they find out that it’s not Well, guess what, it’s on the INFJ then to expose the charlatan by like literally what it’s supposed to be, you know what I’m saying? So make sure that you INFJs out there are going out to do this otherwise, you’re gonna waste so much of your life.

And you imagine that that charlatan is loyal to you or something or doing the right thing? No, they’re not. They’re taking you for everything you got. Gosh, te Tricksters are so weak to multilevel marketing or pyramid schemes. You guys are so weak at it.

And it’s it’s so easy to target you if I wanted to be successful in MLM I just go out there and go find te tricksters and Te demons. That’s all I gotta do. And then boom, my MLM is like going like crazy. And I’m cashing in.

And no one else is making any money on my team because again, they’re T tricksters. You see what I’m saying, folks? Like, it’s not sustainable, so unsustainable way, way of living. Therefore, INFJs, you need to go out of your way to verify all and every single one of your beliefs and as much as you verify everyone else’s beliefs, and actually spend the time to actually do the research and prove them incorrect. Because if you do not do this, well, then guess what? You’re going to continue to feel worthless and continue to feel useless anyway.

So instead of feeling worthless and useless, you can make yourself the most useful person in the world by literally verifying everything. Yeah, it can alienate people. Yeah, it can annoy people, but it’s for their own good. And here’s the thing, what right do they have to bitch about you, if you’re going out of your way to verify their craft for them, so that they’re not going to have a really bad life, you’re actually improving them and making them stronger? By verifying them and subjecting them to the fiery sword of truth, you know, your tongue and giving them a tongue lashing and criticizing them and nitpicking them so that they understand what exactly is true and what is exactly false.

And guess what, folks, your TI child, no one can do it better than you provided you’re actually spending the time to verify. So um, If you’d like a chance to your question being answered on this channel, please post it on Quora and tag me or leave it as a comment below. If you would like a free copy of the Type grid to assist you in typing yourself and others, please visit CS joseph.ly forward slash type grid. And with all that being said, I’ll see you guys tonight

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