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In this video I’ll be answering the question What do ENTJ guys think of INFP women. But before I can get into that and just subscribe to the channel, and also hit the alert bell so you know when we’re posting additional videos are going live. That being said, Welcome to CS Joseph response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions on anything union analytical psychology, or the four sides of the mind also known as four sides dynamics.

And like I said, today’s question is, what do ENTJ guys think of INFP women? And the sources question is Cora as usual? Let’s get into it. Okay, so apparently, no one was able to answer this question. And I have no idea when this question was posted. So I guess it’s just a free for all for me today.

Awesome. It’s a fantastic question to be sure. So ENTJ guys? Well, here’s the number one thing E and TJ guys cannot let go of that everlasting cuteness of an INFP woman. In fact, it is often said that INFP women are the cutest of all the women out there absolutely.

Like, like everyone just dies of cute in their preference in their presence. And of course, someone like an INTJ, who has highest sexual compatibility with an INFP woman would absolutely know that in this en TJ man was locking on that straight up. So like, for example, if an INFP woman to show up at a bar by herself, and actually sit at a bar by herself, or bring a book or a laptop or something, just to kind of like, you know, have her phone plan on her phone or just reading a book and sitting there sipping on something not talking to anyone interacting to anyone, the INTJ man who’s at the bar will have no choice, but to go introduce himself to her and be like, Hey, what are you doing, which is like a really good pickup line for for an SE user to use towards an SI user. And then the INFP won’t be like, Oh, I’m doing this.

And he’d be like, well, what are you reading, you know, and then she’ll tell them all about it. And then she’ll go off on this huge diatribe that’s completely unrelated to what they’re actually talking about. And the INTJ is just completely sucked in because she like literally remembers everything. And he can’t remember anything for anything to save his life.

And she just remembers everything. And just as he gets so fascinated by all these huge stories, that he’s he’s telling her and then all of a sudden, after that, they end up you know, having getting on text messages, because he’s like, Hey, you should give me your number because you never ask an INFP woman for her number you tell her that she should give you her number because it makes her feel wants it because she likes to be ordered around. And ENTJs love ordering around. And so they end up becoming super attracted to ENTJ’s, because ENTJ’s have the oldest status because they’re the most ENTJs typically have the highest status of all the types of probably even combined.

And inf peas want status so desperately. And that’s why INFP women are so attracted and TJ men because they want that status so bad, because the INFP would so desperately wants to be a star, even though they’re kind of unnatural, but they’re a star and the INTJ is like actually a star you know what I’m saying? And, but also like part rake as well as little rakish star with a seductive style according the art of seduction. By Robert Greene. If you haven’t read it, what are you doing with your life, you want to find out more about how you can read it, you get a free Audible account with a free book on the Audible account by using my link at CS joseph.ly.

Forward slash reading, click the free Audible account button. And you can get a copy of audio artists adduction, basically, and start listening to it like right now, I highly recommend it. But anyway. So yeah, they’re super cute.

But then as things go on, as they’re texting, the INFP woman will not stop texting. In fact, she’ll just go on and on and on and on and on and on and on for days to the level of 200 plus text messages at a time. And do you think an INTJ guy has any has has any patience for that, he’s gonna get actually frustrated by that after a while and actually put his foot down, he’ll even make sure that before he even interacts with her or anyone on the phone number that he’ll turn his Read Receipts off so that no one can know whether or not he’s actually you know, use that or whatever, because he doesn’t want to be controlled or accused of leaving anyone on read or anything like that. And then he’ll just like have a one word response and the INFP will assume that he read everything when reality situation is he just will read the last two lines because to him everything before the last two lines because they’re not closer to the moment is old news and his last energy even though she put all that effort in there, but he’s not going to tell her that he doesn’t want her to know that, you know, as far as he’s concerned, she’s just some you know, she’s just she’s pretty cute and he kind of you know, he wants to banger et cetera.

I mean in this ENTJ guy example you know, etc. That’s right ENTJ guys I am definitely exposing you to the fact that you see your cell phones is something that’s out there to control you. And you all of you cannot suffer having read receipts on Oh, wait, this is an ENTJ woman problem as well. And if I was ever in a relationship with an INTJ woman, at least I was at one point in time I made her put on her reader seats because I was like, you think you’re gonna get away with that and try to be all like have that really bad relationship with your phone around me? Not going to happen? You see what I’m saying? Because As an NP, I maintained some sand is respectful for an INTJ to do this, and if they want me to be loyal to them, then I expect them to have the read receipts on.

And by the way, INFP is in relationship with Me in INTJ, I in seer, I sincerely encourage you to do this to them, because they see their phone as a tool to control other people and not to be controlled themselves, which makes them hypocrites. So I suggest you actually put them in their place, by making sure that for you that they have their Read Receipts turned on, so that they can’t get away with that from you. And that way, also hold them accountable for not taking the time to read your messages. And then they’ll make excuses.

Well, that sucks, because they’re not as real and as important because they’ve lost energy. That’s old news. And like, no, actually, it’s not when the MP is actually texting you actually has value like forever, maybe you should spend time actually, you know, reading all those messages, I’m sure the INFP would really appreciate after going to all that effort for you to tell you those things. And if you don’t like it, maybe you should grow some balls and tell her that you don’t like what she’s saying, or you don’t find it relevant.

Yes, it will hurt her feelings, but at least you’re honest with her. And I think she’ll appreciate that more in the long run besides INFP women really enjoy being talked down to for some reason, like kind of turns them on. So why would you like not want to do that? You know what I’m saying? Anyway, the point is, is that they’re super cute, but like when it comes to status, they end up competing with each other with status is sometimes when INFP woman needs to be willing to let go of her status, but also an INFP woman needs to actually like be a very moral person that have a principle of, I’m not going to have sex with this NTJ unless he’s willing to die for me, until I know that he is willing to take a bullet for me, I don’t have sex with him at all. And at the end, TJ no longer wants you because you’re not willing to have sex with him before he’s willing to die for you, then you should get rid of him and move on.

And obviously his kind of status is the status of a man child instead of a man basically. And that’s how you can tell the difference between a man child and a man when you have that standard INFP women so make sure you do that protect yourself so you can easily be taken advantage of. And you don’t want that especially with an ENTJ. ENTJ men are notorious notorious for having as many notches on their bedpost as possible to the point where in some cases, they actually draw upon their self, they draw their self worth for how many girls they bang, basically, quantity means a lot to them.

And eventually, you know, as they get closer and closer to manhood, instead of being a man child, which is usually around the age of 2728. Ish, they start to realize that they value loyalty more than having as many sources of pussy as they possibly can get. That being said ESTPs and ISTPs are technically worse in that department over ENTJ’s, but en J’s in general, actually pretty bad. And J men are actually pretty bad because they’re really impulsive before their parent function is fully developed, which in men usually takes until about 28 years old these days, even though it should be done during adolescence.

But but who has the ability to parent people these days to be able to properly develop their auxiliary functions and during adolescence just doesn’t happen? Plus, that’s what a rite of passage is, for a rite of passage is to prepare a man to have his parent function develop during adolescence so that he can get out of adolescence and take on a woman to be a responsible human being. The remember any INTJ who doesn’t do this, they’re all about show. It’s all about like, you know what other people think it’s all about status and show status and show status and show and only then they become responsible for what they actually want in a woman. When they see a woman who is loyal thing is INFP women can be the most loyal of all the women out there.

But they can also become the most treacherous and if you can, if you pair up an INFP woman with a man child, she will be treacherous. Okay, if you wanna learn more about how to not be a man child, you should watch season 13 actually should watch seasons four, six and 13 on my other YouTube channels, go to the playlists, go to season four. And watch how do intimate relationships actually work. Go to season six, which is the four pillars of self intimacy is like a path that could fall for personal improvement to help yourself become a man.

And then you have the mature masculine, the mature feminine as according to season 13. Watch all of those videos and you will be sufficiently armed to know where you are in your life as to whether or not you are actually a manchild or a man or an actual man, and it will teach you to build your manhood you should probably do this. And women by the way. There’s also plenty of content for you in there as well.

I doubt though, however, given this insanely feminist society that we live in that you even have the stomach to hear the unpleasant truths that I present within those videos. But if you do kudos to you, you’re actually pretty awesome. Thank you for doing that and having a thick skin but usually INFP women and thick skin don’t actually mix except for the much older ones. The much older ones do have a thick skin because they’ve been through so much in their life.

The younger ones not so much. Wow, it’s a lot of talking. So so with that being said NT J’s the NT J guys just fall in love with the loyalty they fall in love with acuteness. They, they’re just, they’re just so fascinated.

But this also is a pedagogue relationship. And the ENTJ man ends up learning so much about life and philosophy, and ends up having this idealistic based conversations that actually ends up motivating their artistic side to be more artistic, because to see the INFP woman as artistic as well, and they want to be able to mirror that artistry that the INFP woman has. And they just, they just, they fall in love, they fall in love with her, and they want to learn from her. And she learns a lot from him learns about how to be financially responsible about making better decisions, who they should, who she should be loyal to, who should she not be loyal to the NTJ protects her from Stockholm syndrome, and also helps her adjust her principles so that they’re not corrupted in certain cases.

Overall, it’s a really good matchup for personal growth. And remember, folks, golden pairs are for understanding silver pairs are for mutual respect. Bronze pairs are basically for fun, but pedagogue relationships are for maximizing personal growth and to people. And the pedagogue relationship has tied with highest sexual compatibility, like a golden Perez.

And it can go a long, long way, I highly recommend a pedagogue relationship. Therefore, I highly recommend this relationship for Auntie j’s and inf peas, it can be a little bit rocky, but you can solve most if not all of your problems by just taking it to the bedroom, you have no problem, the INTJ guys just totally get off on how the INFP woman reacts to them. And like every touch every sound, and they just react to the end J and it gets the INTJ is off and the INFP women love this the strength of an INTJ male, and how he’s able to go completely all out on her and just just, you know, shove all that energy towards her. And then she’s able to react by receiving the energy from him.

And it’s a fantastic experience, just the landmines are the emotional compatibility, that becomes the main issue between the two. But as long as they are both devoted to increasing each other’s morality and their principles and increasing each other’s status, instead of expecting the other person to, you know, to be out, you know, like, care for them in certain ways, like care about their feelings, etc. It’s more about growing each other’s principles, and growing each other’s status, they’ll have an excellent relationship. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re putting each other status over the other or you think your feelings or you think you are far more important than the other person, you have to constantly seek to make sure that the other person is often more important than you.

But that can be hard for an INTJ because they’re very systematic, whereas an INFP woman is very interest based and INFP woman is aware of what she’s getting out of the situation versus what the end ENTJ is getting out of it. And if he’s extracting more status, how the relationships she’s going to know what she’s gonna lose respect for him, which may lead to treachery later. As long as he’s not doing that she’ll be loyal to him forever and ever and ever, especially if he takes her to the bedroom on an almost daily basis. So awesome.

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So anyway, that all being said, I’ll see you guys tonight.

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