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CS Joseph responds to the Acolyte question what competitive or creative skills do INFP excel in?


Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I’m your host, CS Joseph. And we have a ton of acolyte questions to get through. So I’m going to be answering them as quickly as I can, because of the sheer volume that we have.

It’s a, it’s a lot, and I kind of have a backlog going into March. So I appreciate all of you being really patient with me. In getting these questions answered. It’s taken a little bit of time.

The last month and a half has been a roller coaster ride for me personally, so, but we’re getting back into the swing of things, so plenty of content to do plenty of it to get done. And yeah, but hey, if you want your questions answered with a video response, here on the podcast or on YouTube, go to CS Joseph dot life forward slash members and become a journeyman member and then upgrade your account to Acolyte. If you are already a journeyman member, go to CS joseph.ly, forward slash portal, and then click on the acolyte section, so you can upgrade your account from there. That being said, today’s question, what skills can an INFP excel in learning or really benefit from? And I’ll read the rest of the question.

Hello, I’m an INFP. That is really appreciated your advice and was wondering if you had any recommendations for hobbies and crafts that can that I could throw myself at. I’d like to try to make my free time more valuable. I’ve developed the habit of reading, but I wonder what kinds of competitive or artistic skills I should improve on.

Basically, as an NP, I highly recommend you actually start developing your se trickster a little bit more by learning martial skills. This could be anything from tools of fixing a car mechanics, if you know how to change your own oil oil, you probably should learn how to change your own oil for your car. I think any person who is a human male should actually know how to change their oil. It’s kind of reminds me that time where my uncle forced me to go out to the shop, because he was just so ashamed of the fact that I didn’t know how to change my own oil.

And he made me do it. He taught me how to do it. And I’ve been doing it ever since. So no problem.

So yeah. That being said, also like martial arts, it’s pretty obvious. And I know a lot of very capable AI ENFPs who are very good at martial arts. But the number one INFP martial art that I would recommend is actually capoeira.

The reason why is because Capoeira combines music, dancing, and martial arts, all in one thing, so it has a lot of artistic expression, while simultaneously also being a martial art for combat. So, yeah, become a capitalist, I think you’d have the most fun. And you’d be able to combine multiple things for any parent to and your SI child to consume, to be able to have an entirely complete experience, become a capital ESTJ, and I maintain that you’ll have a lot of fun and get a lot of skills and a lot of knowledge and really boost your growth as an INFP. Faster than you know, most people.

So yeah, I cannot stress how important capillary is, for an INFP, male or female, it doesn’t matter. All inf peas should become kappa Ystos in my personal belief, artistic skills. I mean, yeah, sure. But really, the thing is about NPS is that anything artistic has to really speak to them, it has to either give them really good experience, or they have to be able to draw a high level of meaning from it.

So and while I am a consumer of art, I’m not so much a producer of art. And that can like although I do hope to be able to produce music on my own in the near future. But that being said, I it’s it’s really it’s really difficult to say. I mean, I know a lot of INFJs are capable singers, capable painters, sort of like for example, Lana Del Rey, she’s an INFP singer, for example.

And I also know a lot of INFP artists who are extremely capable and extremely amazing. With their abstract art. It’s, it is exquisite, but it has to speak to you. It really has to speak to you.

If you’re not able to draw meaning from it, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. It has to really mean something. I also know a few inf peas are actually very, very capable dancers in terms of like modern or hip hop, et cetera. I believe actually, one of the members of the Jebel walkies was actually an INFP.

If I remember correctly, I could be wrong there but I think that was accurate. But yeah, like it. It’s all about, you know, trying to speak to you now, beyond that you already said that you have the habit of reading, which is great. But the thing is, is that it’s one thing for an INFP to like read books, and that’s fantastic.

But it’s a completely other thing for an INFP. To write an opinion, like an article like an op ed, or or write a book based on the host of books within a particular subject that you yourself has consumed or yourself has read. That’s majorly important. It really is.

Because that is in effect, what Robert Greene did, probably the most famous INFP. To date, in my opinion, he wrote the 48 Laws of Power, the 33 Strategies of War, the 50th law, the laws of human nature, at the art of seduction, amazing, amazing works. Some of the most important books ever, the 48 Laws of Power is the highest selling book in the world’s second to the Bible. That’s how important it is, as the book is even banned in prisons, I highly recommend every member of this audience read the 48 Laws of Power.

And you know, you yourself can go in that same direction that Robert Greene did, you just pick a subject read a huge host of books on that same subject, because that by that time, you’ll be basically an expert. And then your opinion is valuable enough to share. So write a book or a dissertation or an opinion based on what you have read, because sharing that opinion means is that you’re able to confer your principles, principles, that you’ve been able to develop principles, they’ve been able to discover principles you’ve been able to sharpen, as a result of all of that research. And then in doing so, you’re giving other people the opportunity, especially people like myself, to use those principles and have a better life, I mean, Fe users, ti users really, really need that.

And if you want to live in a world of dumb ti users or ineffective ti users, then yeah, don’t write it, write a book. And if you want ti users to continue to be harsh and critical, et cetera, without actually understanding ethics, and without them actually being able to adopt principles, especially principles that you yourself craft for them. Yeah, don’t write a book. But if you want to do the opposite of that, and accomplish all those things, definitely write a book.

I mean, I’ve adopted so many of Robert Greene’s principles throughout his books in my life, and it’s made my life better. And it made me a better teacher, a better ti user, I verify more often, I’m just a better person overall. And that’s the kind of gift that an INFP can give any ti user out there any ti user that has the patience to be willing to read your book, or read your article or read your opinion, you see what I’m saying? The the key is just to make your opinion valuable at the outset, that’s super mega important. That’s really what it’s all about.

And I seriously maintain that you would be able to do it. And if you actually think about it, you know, writing and composition is in its own right, a form of art. Right? So it’s not that like, you may not be a capable singer, a capable painter, but being a very capable writer is just as important. And there are a few INFJs out there who are amazing fiction writers as well as nonfiction writers, why not apply yourself in that area? I mean, it would make a lot of sense, you know what I’m saying? Like there’s a huge opportunity there.

So why not do it? I mean, come on and I critic, why not do it? You know, it’s like it’s so funny listening to and I critic and it’s like, well, why should I do it? Like why do I want this like well, the real question you should be asking and I credit because why don’t you want it? That’s the real question. Right? And that’s how I ENFPs can help get over their own ni critic as well. So but yeah, I think that pretty much answers this question. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys tonight.

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