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CS Joseph answers the Acolyte question what can I do about ENTP insomnia?


Hey what’s up ego, hackers? Welcome and see it’s just a podcast. Special thank you to the acolyte members who have been shows who basically chose to pay the $100 a month for all of our membership tiers. And with that, make these episodes possible. So as members, they get to ask one question of me per month, and I turn it into a video and a podcast episode for everybody to have the opportunity to learn along with them.

So we are all gaining from that benefit simultaneously. So it’s not just them, everyone gets the benefit. So yeah, welcome to the show. Today’s question is, what can en teepees do about insomnia? Or how do they solve the insomnia problem? So insomnia in general is a big problem, but when it comes to Introverted Sensing inferior when compared to Introverted Sensing demon, because you can almost assume that just say, you can almost assume that Introverted Sensing demon is an insomniac, like I and J types, you just literally can safely assume that they’re all about, well, I don’t want to go to bed right now.

And it’s because it’s not what I want to do. And sometimes always trying to out will their own body, but eventually their body gets in the way of their passion of their heart, basically, and forces them to have to, you know, sleep eventually. But over time, this actually lends to a lot of problems, a lot of problems in terms of their physiology, their genetic expression. Also, their they end up becoming ill faster than everybody else, even to the point of having some of the rarest diseases or rarest conditions over everyone else.

And this is something that INTJ’s and INFJs heavily struggle with. But that’s not to say that, you know, ENTPs or even ENFPs don’t have similar struggles. Yes, while they have si inferior can have an opportunity, having a higher level of self discipline, they can still almost be as self neglectful as an i n j. And don’t forget, INTJ happens to be the unconscious to the NTP ego.

So keep that in mind. They’re similar enough, they end up having similar issues manifest in their health over time. And insomnia is definitely one of them. I personally struggle with insomnia many times often throughout my life.

One of the main reasons is that ENTPs are very much light sleepers, very light sleepers. And the worse their the insomnia is, the lighter asleep are they actually are. But like, for example, in the middle of the night, you know, I’m almost always the first person that can hear something happening, or a baby crying or like because I’m just hypersensitive, hypersensitive to potential danger, etc. Okay, and she’s this ESTP sleep anywhere type of person, sleep under any circumstance type of person.

And because of that, it’s like, wow, that’s a heavy sleeper. But ENTP not so much. They’re all light sleepers. And because they’re all light sleepers, it can end up becoming a problem over time.

Huge problem. So it’s like, okay, well, how do we deal with that, like, Well, yeah, but why? Why is it happening? So, why? Well, I’ve noticed something you know, correlation is not causation. But what I have noticed is that ENTPs released si inferiors are something what we call an adrenal type. It’s like adrenal types or their adrenal glands.

The adrenal glands are extremely sensitive. So en teepees are especially sensitive to fight or flight behaviors, as well as oftentimes being overly stressed, really sensitive to things like caffeine, etc. Like, like air if you want to, like make your insomnia worse, just drink coffee, drink caffeine, eat chocolate, any source of caffeine in your life basically is going to cause a lot of problems. And you can just basically assume you’re going to create adrenal problems and you can assume that you’re going to be an insomniac that night, especially, the worse your insomnia gets over time.

It could get a a lot worse. And a lot of people are just completely unaware of this phenomenon. It’s a huge problem. Oftentimes, I have to take like Dr.

Berg’s sleep aid just to be able to get through it sometimes. Don’t do melatonin though. Melatonin is like a really, really, really bad idea. But ultimately, the source of insomnia for like, an ESTP really just comes down to a lack of self discipline.

And that’s kind of weird if you think about it, because the intp is you could find them you know, trying sometimes they can be a little slothful, because they’re, you know, their their super ego Temple is related to sloth, basically, when they’re ESFP super ego ends up behaving slothful, because that is the temple that is attached. The mind Temple is definitely attached to that particular position of their super ego. So based on that ENTPs can get a little bit slothful. They can even get slothful when it comes to taking care of themselves slothful with with rest, and si inferior beings, as sensitive as it is, especially from like an adrenal adrenal point of view.

When your adrenals are just completely knocked out your cortisol super high, it can be a serious problem. So like honestly go to like Dr. Eric Berg’s YouTube channel and watch. Like his episodes on the different body types.

There’s adrenal types, pancreatic types, ovarian types, thyroid types, liver types, find out which type you are. But my theory is that the majority, if not all, NTPs out there are actually adrenal types. So you guys, when you get you easily take on stress, you end up having super high cortisol helps cause you to either produce a lot of body fat, or it eats up all of your muscle because it up regulates gluconeogenesis. And that’s why you have the mega skinny ENTPs versus the mega fat and TPS, it’s usually one or the other, it’s very hard to find ENTP that actually looks ms amorphic.

It’s very, very rare. It’s just but you know, si inferior causes your adrenals to just get super, super sensitive. And remember, like, if caffeine is in your system, for example, is in their system for like 18 hours one drop of caffeine, it’s in there for 18 hours. And guess what your adrenals are producing cortisol instead of producing other needed hormones.

And that cortisol up regulates gluconeogenesis, which means your body, your livers, turning your muscle into sugar, basically, to deal with stress. That’s a huge problem. You don’t want cortisol in your system at all. So what you have to do is that you have to train your Introverted Sensing inferior, to have the self discipline to force yourself to rest.

Like Well, wait a minute, why am I saying that? It’s because you know, if you follow the Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool approach to life, which is actually pretty typical for en teepees to do, which is maximum effort, because towards the beginning of life en teepees typically are super lazy, very slothful, very depraved, don’t actually really get very much done. Whereas later in their life, that work ethic is able to out produce, literally anyone and everyone. And based on that. And based on that, it can be really stressful, stressful for them.

Not only that, like NTPs have a hard time saying no, it’s very easy to obligate the intp. So they actually absorb obligations all the time, then they becoming insanely overwhelmed because of the high amount of obligations they actually take on. And then as a result of that, it up regulates their stress on their adrenals their adrenals start producing more cortisol gluconeogenesis becomes a problem. And then all of a sudden, they become super mega skinny with absolutely no muscle, or they become mega mega fat, and then no one wants them, you know, they’re they’re less desirable as a result, which then just increases the stress all the more from the ESTPS perspective, and they ended up causing, you know, or having additional problems as a result, right.

You might want to, like, stop that from happening. So, you know, most time I was like, in the beginning of their life, though, and he and TP like ends up spending a lot of time developing the habit of being able to obtain maximum effort and go all the way and have that really high performance work ethic. And then afterwards, they just end up stressing themselves out and burning out their adrenals and then they have adrenal burnout or adrenal fatigue, which some people say that’s not a thing a lot of people do say it’s a thing Dr. Eric Berg definitely says it’s the thing.

Adrenal Fatigue can end up becoming a problem. Adrenal Fatigue is definitely the cause of the insomnia. But in order to for any intp to get rid of the adrenal fatigue, they have to learn how to develop their si trickster to learn what things what obligations are actually priorities versus what obligations are not priorities, and then as a result of that, just let go of those priorities. And then from that point of view, from that perspective, well guess what’s going to happen? The intp at that point is, all of a sudden having to use their Introverted Sensing self discipline, to say no, or to force themselves to rest, you know, I’m forcing myself to rest right now I kind of broke my foot again, because you know, that’s what I like doing breaking my foot, you know, at least I passed my Krav Maga test this time, which was fantastic.

But you know, got some tendon related injuries on it. And it’s a problem. And also some some bone related injuries as well. I gotta wear this stupid boot all the time.

And that’s a, that’s a huge problem for me having to wear this stupid boot everywhere I go. And it’s inhibiting my ability to, you know, train and do what I actually want to do. But the thing is, is that kind of have to, I’m kind of like on ice for a while. Well, guess what I upregulate my productivity in other areas, like, for example, producing content for you, folks.

But like, at the end of the day, like, you have to understand that rest is far more important. The thing is, is that you being an ENTP with being afraid of afraid of being weak. Oftentimes, you end up feeling weak, because you are resting too much, or you feel like you may be resting too much. And then you just want to go hit the nose to the grindstone and go maximum effort mode again.

But that’s not exactly healthy. So you have to really seek balance as a result. This is why I highly recommend you guys read the Warrior Within by John Liddell, which talks a lot about Bruce Lee’s personal philosophy, Bruce Lee is an intp. And as a result, I think you would learn from him some techniques that you can utilize, to have the self discipline to actually rest.

By having that self discipline, you’ll be able to prevent the insomnia as a result. And then from that insomnia, like, you’ll actually be able to engage the mineral, sometimes you just have to force yourself to rest even though you spent your whole life learning how to force yourself, how to have a work ethic. It’s just the next leg of the journey, folks, because again, you will burn out and then everything in your life will just fall apart. Sed will burn everything down, because you’re uncomfortable, because when you’re uncomfortable, nobody’s comfortable.

And trust me, it’s really hard to sleep with any intp who has insomnia, it’s a huge issue. Well, they that insomnia can go away as long as they have the self discipline, to force themselves to rest and to force themselves to take care of themselves properly, to recognize that there is a time and place to do maximum effort, but that is not every single day. So anyway, folks, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you guys on the discord


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