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Chase: 00:02 Hey ladies, this video’s for you. We’re talking about human attraction dynamics and we just finished a video earlier about what attracts women to men and responsibilities of the mature masculine and men’s respectability, as well as four roles of the mature masculine: king, warrior, magician, lover, and how that ties again… ties into men’s nobility and how nobility is what women really want out of men. In this video, we’re going to be talking about the opposite, as part of the other half of the second Yin and Yang equilibrium within the three dimensional Yin and Yang equilibrium of human attraction dynamics to explain masculine and feminist… masculine and feminine relationships. So what… the question is, what exactly attracts men to women? Now, simply speaking, people would just say, “Oh, it’s a fine ass and a nice pair of tits.” Well, for a lot of reasons they’re actually correct, but it’s not good enough. It’s not good enough because beauty fades away.

Chase: 01:21 Physical beauty fades away over time. And, because of that, it’s just not something that one could bet on in the long run, right? Uh, really, uh, men are attracted to lovely women, lovely being that they’re lovable, right? Woman has to be level lovable in order for a man to love her, right? In order for a man to be willing to have a relationship with her, in order for a man to be willing to lay down his life for her. Remember in the first video of this series, I talked about true love and what that actually means, and it’s defined by how… it’s defined by a standard, how there is no greater love than when a man gives up his life for his beloved. Well, that is the standard. If a man is not willing to take a bullet for you, then he doesn’t love you.

Chase: 02:17 That’s a problem and quite frankly, that’s not a man that you would want to respect. That is not a man that you would be or you should be attracted to at least because they’re just using you. You don’t really mean anything to them because if they’re not willing to take a bullet for you, you don’t mean much to them. Not at all. You’re just another piece of ass, quite frankly. So be aware of that. Real men… real men follow the standard of no greater love and that they are willing to take a bullet for you, but they are willing to lay down their life for you and your children. That is a fact. But how to get those men, how to attract those men, uh, and keep them. That’s an age old question that women have wondered for since the beginning of time, since time immemorial. So how do we do that? Well, {lighting is like terrible for some reason. Oh well.}

Chase: 03:24 So you got to be lovable, right? Men are attracted to lovely women, beautiful women. What makes a beautiful woman? So we talked about how primarily women are attracted to men through nobility. Women do care about men being beautiful. They really do. They like the muscles, you know, they like [they like] the abs, they like the strength, but they like that strength of character even more. And that’s what the nobility is. But still, beauty is an important thing. It is basically… it’s very secondary. You know, there’s a lot of men out there with a lot of muscle. A lot of strength, a lot of abs, but as most women know, a lot of those men are also dumb and… well, they can’t keep a dollar in their pocket and they can’t keep a schedule to save their life. They’re not exactly people that… we would appreciate in the long run. They’re not exactly stable. They don’t… they don’t scream father figure or… a man worth respecting by most standards. They just don’t. Why is that? Well, because they need that nobility and with that nobility… beauty is just a secondary component. So primarily women are attracted to men through nobility. Secondarily, it’s through beauty, but with women it’s the other way around. It is absolutely the other way around. Men are primarily attracted… attracted to women through beauty. And secondarily it is nobility. So that means women, like

Chase: 05:30 they can have that nice cushy job. They can be an executive at a fortune 500 company or fortune 1000 company. But… yeah that’s cool and all, but that kinda doesn’t really matter that much to men. It just doesn’t. I mean, it really doesn’t. I mean sure, it’s important and yeah, men will, you know, they’ll do their best to support their women in their careers, but it’s just not, it’s just not the primary thing. It’s just not the most important thing to them. I mean, why is that? Like for example, you know, I could be dating like a doctor, right? Who’s bringing in about $200,000 a year, but I’d also be perfectly content dating some, you know, Starbucks {uh} coffee girl, you know, who’s really good at making some good coffee, right? I mean, it doesn’t really matter to me. It doesn’t really matter to men in general.

Chase: 06:30 We just don’t… your career doesn’t mean much to us (comp) when compared to beauty. Beauty is where it really matters, right? Beauty is everything. But beauty is not just, it’s not just, you know, having a fine ass and a pair of tits, although that certainly helps. Don’t get me wrong. Beauty is more than that. Like, see a pretty woman, they’re the women who [has] the fin ass and tits, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to be arrogant about it. I don’t know how many women I’ve met, you know, like especially the skinny bitches at the gym, if you know what I mean? They’re extremely arrogant. Like, sorry, you can take this Victoria Secret model level of… you know, physical beauty woman, right? You know, she’d be naked on my bed, demanding I do things to her. Right? You know what? I’m going to throw her out.

Chase: 07:31 I’m gonna throw her in the dumpster, immediately. Why? Because she’s arrogant because she’s disrespectful. Right? A pretty woman can be as pretty as she wants, but she’s not beautiful. Not beautiful until she is respectful. Right? Being respectful is very key. Well, it’s difficult for women to be respectful when their men are such losers, if you know what I mean. It’s difficult to be respectful to someone who lacks respectability. Right? That’s why it’s the men’s responsibility to make sure that they are keeping up their nobility as much as possible. That way they keep up their respectability. That way women can be respectable. Although for some reason in some relationships that I’ve coached in the past, I’ve noticed that a lot of… a lot of relationships, a man could have all of the nobility and the world and his woman still disrespects him anyway. Or conversely, a women could be the most beautiful woman in the world, but he is still an unloving jackass.

Chase: 08:43 That’s very normal, and I see it all the time. If you are in one of those relationships, get out immediately. Why? Because one of you is immature, right? And that immaturity is not something to build a house on or build a family on, right? You’re supposed to build your house on a rock, right? Not the sand. Right? Well, that’s what’s going happen to you. You’re going to get washed away and your relationship is going to come crumbling down, and hopefully it’s before you have children, right? Because that’s just going to turn into a nightmare. Right? Well, how would you know it’s… it’s important to keep these things in perspective, ladies. It’s not just good enough to be pretty, you know, a lot of people, especially people out of Hollywood think that being pretty is all you need to do. Having the boob job, you know, going to the gym all the time, getting a 20 percent body fat or lower all the time.

Chase: 09:44 Yeah, that’ll get you a certain amount of distance, but in the long run, that’s not good enough. You have to even go beyond that. You have to have… you have to be willing to exercise some humility, and in exercising humility, that’s what really makes a woman beautiful. That’s what separates the women from the girls, basically, is because you’ve gone beyond just the base requirements or expectations of being pretty, right? That’s what really, really separates those women, and it’s those women who actually are able to have that, you know, pretty plus humility or pretty plus respectfulness equals beauty, right? And it’s those beautiful women that are able to have the highest quality of men, the men of nobility, and keep those relationships to the point where those men are loyal to them, that they’ll take a bullet for them, that they’ll never leave them, right? In our culture, that presents a lot of challenges, a crap ton of challenges.

Chase: 10:46 While the reason for that, like for example, men having a hard time committing to women. Did you know that statistically after women get married, their waist just expands? They get fat. Statistically women get fat when they marry, but when they don’t marry, they don’t for some reason, you know? Same goes also for men. You know, when men marry they also do as well. It’s like, it’s like people forget to take care of themselves. It’s like people forget to have self respect, right? That’s ridiculous, you know? That’s a core component of men’s nobility, right? In order for you to be respectable you better have self respect, right? That’s the problem with most men, most men are man children and don’t have any self respect. And because those men lack self respect they’re basically man’s children, they’re not going anywhere, and it’s really annoying, right? So, and those men, they settle for less than they end up with fat, ugly women as their lovers and they just give up on themselves.

Chase: 11:47 And it’s just horrible, right? I mean, come on, it’s just not going to go anywhere. So that’s the bottom line. You know, men are attracted to beautiful women. A beautiful woman is a woman who primarily has that… that beauty to offer secondarily, has that nobility to offer. And beauty is more than just having a fine ass and fine tits. It’s more than that. It’s a lot more than that. It’s… it’s you gotta be, you have to have that humility component. But we’re talking about humility a little bit more in another video because there’s a lot more to be said about humility.

Chase: 12:30 And just remember like feminism, in of its own right as an -ism that exists. Feminism is there because, you know, in our patriarchal society before we became this feminist society, uh, you know, women lacked, you know, accessed, they lacked rights. They had, they had, they lacked a lot, but when they gained, and feminism, they gained too much and now it’s out of balance, you know, and it’s causing these problems. And now women are overvaluing nobility and undervaluing beauty, right? And it’s, and, and men are even doing the same thing. They are overvaluing beauty and undervaluing nobility. They spend more time working on their muscles and their abs than they spend on having a job or their own place, you know, or having a purpose for their life outside of just pumping iron, right? That’s the problem. You know, women get so focused on careers, you know, instead of taking care of themselves, you know, I’ve seen it all the time.

Chase: 13:41 I [I] used to work in an office building and… maybe three women in the entire building actually had a figure. Three! Just three of them. The rest of them, they’re either were fingerless or they’re gigantic, you know? And this is a, this is a room of 32 to 55 year olds. It’s really sad. It’s absolutely sad, you know? It’s an epidemic that is destroying men’s nobility and women’s beauty. It’s just… it’s ridiculous. So that’s really what attracts men to women. And… just [just] remember that, you know. I’m sure many of you would be like watching this and shaking your heads and just be like, “Come on man, I mean, like a lot of that’s pretty obvious.” I’m like, “Yeah, sure, it’s obvious.” But again, you look at women and it’s like, you look at your fellow women and you’re wondering to yourself, “Well, why does she got a guy like that?”

Chase: 14:42 Right? “Why does she have such a great guy like that? Well, when she… when, you know, I [I] obviously am more attractive than she is.” I (uh) I recently, uh, had Sushi and I came out at a Sushi bar. I was on a date and… I came out and there was this one girl talking to a girlfriend of hers in the parking lot, and she was, you know, complaining about how I could overhear the conversation. Complaining about how this guy that she was dating for a year and a half ran off with somebody else, you know? And looking at her, she was beautiful. She was… absolutely gorgeous. Definitely nine out of 10 beauty without even trying, and then she puts on her makeup [on], and she actually tries it’s instant 10 out of 10 beauty. She was absolutely astoundingly beautiful. Well, that girl, she turns and she looks at me and she, like, looked at me with the look of complete and utter contempt because she looked at who I was coming out of the Sushi bar with.

Chase: 15:42 You know? I could tell that she wanted me, right? I could tell that she had desire and then she was looking at the woman I was with and she’s like, “I’m so better than her, but why does she get someone like you?,” you know? She literally had that line of thinking as I was walking by and I’m thinking to myself, “Are you kidding me? The answer is obvious. You are too arrogant. You are too conceited. You think so highly of yourself, way too highly than you ought to,” and that’s just a huge turnoff for men. Men don’t want to be in a relationship with a woman who’s arrogant. “Yeah, well I got the nice fine ass and nice tits, so I should be good to go, right?” I’m like, “Yeah, for a little bit until you realize he’s just using you as a piece of ass.”

Chase: 16:29 You know? Men don’t want to build relationships with arrogant women, you know? There’s an old saying, “better to be on the corner of your own roof than to be in the home with a quarrelsome and disrespectful woman.” That’s just a fact. I’m sorry. You know? And then take it from a man who knows. I know if my woman is being disrespectful into the dumpster, she goes, or I’ll withdraw from her completely and find someone else who is respectful because I don’t work my ass off for her. I’m more, I’m walking around, you know, willing to give up my life for her. Willing to take a bullet for her, you know, because no greater love, right? And then all of a sudden she’s arrogant and conceited and disrespectful. How dare she disrespect me!? I work my ass off for her sake. Willing to die for her, for her sake.

Chase: 17:20 And she’s disrespectful? Really? No, that’s not gonna work. So remember being pretty, it’s not good enough, but being pretty and having that respectful attitude… that is what makes you beautiful, and that is what makes you attractive. That is what separates you from the girls, the women from the girls. That is what the mature femininity looks like. They call it Queen, warrior, magician, lover. Similar but not the same. And I’m not going to go into all of those different archetypes because I covered the majority of them in the nobility video talking about manhood, but just simply look at queen and that in that area. You can take charge, but you still have to respect the king because any man of quality, any man worth his salt, is not going to suffer a woman who is disrespectful. I don’t care how fine she is, I don’t care if she’s a perfect 10 out of 10.

Chase: 18:33 I don’t care if she’s a Victoria Secret model. It’s just not going to happen. And there [is] men out there, some of my friends who have dated supermodels but have decided to go with someone else. Someone who is very respectful, and they always would prefer that person and be willing to take a bullet for that person over someone who’s arrogant and self absorbed. So… and that’s just the truth of it. The harsh truth of the matter, the harsh truth of how relationships work.

New Speaker: 19:07 Anyway, if you found this video helpful, educational in any way, please leave a like and subscribe. And if you have any questions about beauty… or human attraction dynamics so far in this series, please leave it in the comments section. I’ll do my best to answer your questions. The next couple of videos we’re going to be exploring the source of nobility of men. How men can develop an ability quickly at rapid speed and then also another video on how women can develop beauty at rapid speed and it’s not just developing respectfulness. It’s also… techniques on how to, uh, increase the (um), you know, like your physique as well, to make you as pretty as possible on top of being as respectful as possible. We’re going to be talking about the source of beauty and we’re going to talk about the source of nobility in the upcoming videos, and then bring it all to a close. I’ll be doing a video on a whiteboard session on the model of human attraction dynamics just so you could see how it all flows in a perfect equilibrium. So anyway, thank you for watching and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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