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In this video of answering the question, what are the weaknesses of an ISTJ. But before I can get into that needs to subscribe to the channel and leave a like and then also hit the alert bell so you can receive notifications on our daily uploads. That being said, Welcome to CS Joseph response. I’m your host chase here to answer your questions on anything, or any topic union analytical psychology, or the four sides of the mind, also known as four sides dynamics.

And the source of today’s question is none other than Cora, let’s get into it. What are the weaknesses of an ISTJ? Am West answered on March 9 2018? Getting to know one very well now, how did how does this person even know what do they do? Give them like one of these tests that has a one out of five accuracy? Like come on, people stop making these assumptions? Who I feel Wait a minute, she says as an intp. And then she also says who I feel is one of the better of the species. Wow, okay, that maybe she is an intp.

She is quite open minded and flexible when she has to be okay. Calling an ISTJ. Flexible? No, but then like when she has to be Okay, fair enough. And cares very much for others.

I think that’s a misnomer. Are you talking about an INFJ here? Or I’m not seeing that, however, as an intp Golovin people say as a blank type, you know, I see her weaknesses as unwillingness to question things. That’s fair. Okay.

This person might know what they’re talking about. Even things that aren’t working. That’s because I see just don’t care about things that are working, aren’t working, they’re just cared about doing the right thing. Working doesn’t mean anything to them.

This drives me nuts, because she’s very smart. She will go there with me. But damn, does she have to be dragged kicking and screaming. Now that’s true.

There’s just no willingness to develop critical thinking skills. A very common problem with ISTJ is she just seems to just need things to be as they are supposed to be too much. And yeah, and how things are supposed to be is like insanely subjective. This is usually why I don’t like spending much time with ISTJ is because in general, I find them ignorant, and part of the problems to why society are ignorant.

And maybe, I mean, do I really lay the lay fatherlessness at the feet of ice TJs I am often tempted to do so. Same with going deeper. Don’t expect them to get all existential with you. If it was a good day.

They’re cool. Okay, that’s not accurate. I know a lot of ISTJ is who get very existential actually know an ISTJ transcendentalist, who is very willing to go existential than conversations on a regular basis. Just gonna get them at the right time.

And it’s usually when they’re in their comfort zone. If they’re outside the comfort zone. It’s not going to happen. Details thoroughness, and rules often take precedence over the greater good, well, yeah, because from their point of view, without details thoroughness and rules, there’s no such thing as a greater good, they’re doing it for the sake of the greater good.

As someone who is private myself, even I feel like she doesn’t show off the best parts of her personality until you really really get to know her Of course, it’s almost like she’s selfish with herself in that way. True. She ain’t gonna be your dancing monkey. True.

I see Jays are very, they don’t really reveal their true selves to others at all, unless they’re comfortable enough to do so. Even though I feel like she likes me. I don’t think it goes very deep, very intense. How would you know if you really are an intp of expert intuition parent and she has ni demon.

So how do you even know she actually even wants you? Think about that? I highly doubt that. I seriously highly doubt that. Honestly. I think she’s just even around you for the sake of convenience at this point.

Let’s be honest, even though I feel like she likes me. I don’t think it goes very deep or very intense, obviously. So that’s why if you if you think that that she really doesn’t like you, let’s be honest, come on Fe inferior if you have Fe inferior Get with the program. I get this with a lot of sensors in my sensitive intp heart it’s small but fragile, okay, don’t even go there with me.

You have Fe inferior, even more sensitive than you realize, cannot take it. They live by the moment. And I swear if you’re not in front of their face, they’re probably you’re probably not in their mind. Okay.

This is also horrendously inaccurate as well. And how does this have 44 upvotes on this post? I have no idea. No, no, no, no. A little bit correct.

But mostly not. All right, so Mike pipe, who has a BS in life sciences from 1992 got a lot of outdated knowledge from August 6 2019 says they’re rigid in flexibility and blinkered approach by the way, guys, I mean, even I have a business degree and that’s all outdated. So like, I’m not like I’m definitely willing to criticize myself in the same way here. So like, don’t get all butthurt about it, please.

Their total loyalty to a person or concept, even when it’s visibly failing, often exchanged for much price reason would throw them under the bus if need be. Oh, this guy knows what he’s talking about. That’s awesome, and inability to adapt to new ideas or systems up he’s got another one and sensitivity or apathy to the needs of others who ope is getting closer total focus on themselves and getting their needs met whatever it takes up to and beyond ludicrousness. I would like to shake this guy’s hand total focus on themselves and getting their needs met whatever it takes up to and beyond ludicrousness had seen it again, economical with the truth, controlling and manipulative, very true fries DJs not a team player.

Okay, that’s wrong. ISTJ is actually are very much team players, nor an acid in a business wrong. What are you talking about ice Jays are integral to business. You need them to be accountants handle human resources, anything procedural project management may even be the chief finance officer.

They’re very good at finance. They’re also they’re pretty excellent that way. Although there is one type of ISTJ out there, his name is Tarun Ghosh and I really hope to have the opportunity to publicly humiliate him for how terrible of a CIO he was once but you know that’s just that’s just me right you know, you know si inferior planning revenge for later date even though I totally forgive the guy but you know, I I’m not above you know, meeting out justice when it’s necessary, you know what I’m saying? Anyway, not a team player nor an asset in a business unless you keep them constrained into an administrative field where they cannot influence the business eg an external accountant. Okay, I see what you’re saying but honestly, they can be a really good internal asset to provide you have your loyalty although there are some people out there specifically, you know, in certain organizations where I know ISTJ is exist and those particular ISTJ is there no more there their only value is just to for too long emails and pass the buck at the workplace so I could totally see where you’re coming from sir but that doesn’t apply to all eyes.

TJ has a tendency to triangulate between people set up conflict with a view for to short term gain, business and personal relationships can suffer as a consequence. That’s fair, that’s very much fair, oftentimes is TJs sacrifice fellow human beings for the sake of their own reputation status or gains for their own agenda. So he this person provides examples examples are nurse ratchet in the UK premier Theresa May nickname treason may for obscene obvious reasons. Very funny.

Good, sir. Mike pipe. You definitely seem to know what you’re talking about. I love to shake your hand.

Excellent response. This one should be up voted. I don’t know why the other one was Dylan price over anxious according to the so far best reports on the personality types. ISTJ dependable people Yes.

So people depend on them for many things, yes, but they will behave harshly when more demands are made upon them true, because they are highly reactive and anxious. Yes, I Yes. I have to agree with that suspicious. iCj will experience a lot of internal confusion in many situations such as times, they react unpredictably they are generally suspicious of everything and feeling insecure.

Yes, I technically have to say yes to that to extreme privacy. Yes, they have extreme privacy inferior attitude now that’s wrong. Over rational Yes, very overt rational lack of creativity. Yeah, ISTJ is are considered the most boring of all the types quite honestly.

But if they’re in their comfort zone, they and they have full control over the comfort zone they can be insanely creative with their own comfort zone. I’ve witnessed an ISTJ before my eyes literally become the most amazing interior decorator I’ve ever met and literally take you know fit a lot of stuff into a very very small space and make it perfect and livable. And I was just an extremely cozy and I was just like whoa, I was impressed. How the traditional Yes, that’s true.

Okay, Dylan price, definitely. And he’s got the votes to back them up definitely cool. Their heart Abdullah former INTJ and MBTI enthusiast they are hard to crack and gain a trust IC Jays are like a wardrobe in a mystery room. Once you get across the whole room and masteries wardrobe and open the door everything just comes out without ever ending.

Kind of not quite speaking from experience here as an ISTJ I’m constantly terrorizing my friends with new ideas each and every day. For messages about summer plants yearly goals, performance analysis, World Order and the future of humanity. It’s hard to get on our good side, but once you there’s no turning back. Okay, I mean, are you the sky also says he’s a former en TJ Are you sure you’re not like some ENFP or something dude, like, this is probably the worst comment I’ve ever seen on Quora.

Like no, wow, I I’m, I’m just gonna like I’m gonna have to take a shower after after this video. So anyway, what are the weaknesses of an ISTJ quite frankly, it’s selfishness of potentially sacrificing human beings for the sake of their own agenda. They like to grandstand anything to make themselves look good. They’re willing to lie for the sake of looking good they would rather look productive than actually be productive.

They are insane the you know you think it Jays are bad at procrastination or inf j’s are bad I see Jays are far worse. Although they’re really, really necessary. I mean, some of the greatest ISTJ in history, in my opinion is Henry David Thoreau. And he wrote the book Walden and also wrote the book civil disobedience.

And I have to I have to thank Mr. Thoreau for those those works because they’re amazing and powerful pieces of literature that definitely transcend generations after generations. Because oddly enough, he actually speaking the truth, even though he’s speaking from his heart. It’s amazing.

But ISTJ still have weakness. They, I wouldn’t call them paranoid, I would just say that they’re afraid of other people’s attention, they’re afraid of not being chosen, you can actually make an ISTJ pretty awesome as long as you choose them. But the problem is, you got to be careful, because they might talk really huge amounts of mess behind you, behind your back basically, and other people and destroy and sabotage your relationships and your reputation with others for the sake of their own reputation. Also, ISTJ is they complain more than any of the other types of this is necessary, because the types that they are sexually compatible with, need them to complain, so that those people know how to fix the problem.

Otherwise, they won’t know how to fix the problem, because they’re just as concrete as the ISTJ. And thank God the ISTJ complaints that they know that they can actually fix an issue. Otherwise, no one complains more than an ISTJ I. Another thing is those that they can get really caught up and worthless information.

This is why I talk about in the season seven, Episode Four ISTJs, which is season, season seven, Episode Nine, you can find the playlist on my other YouTube channel titled CS Joseph, and it’s the virtue advice lecture and I talk about how their virtue is basically having all of the knowledge in the world, but their vices like getting like, you know, being objective, basically, versus being insanely subjective. Its objectivity versus subjectivity is another way to look at their virtue advice. But there, they can be insanely trivial, which means trivial, which means the knowledge that they end up storing up, it’s worthless, it’s very novel doesn’t mean anything, it’s kind of meaningless, and extracting meaning from all of the vast, huge library of knowledge that they have, ends up becoming their life’s mission. And it’s extremely difficult for them to actually pull that off.

In some cases, provided they’re actually willing to become the best version of themselves. If you want to learn how to become the best version of yourself as an ISTJ, watch season 19 season 19 is available at CS joseph.ly, forward slash members get a gold membership, you can watch these and 19 At least until the end of the month, then it will actually be taken away. So be advised. Also, if you get your membership for the end of the month, you get grandfathered in and you retain access to those videos as well as new members will not be able to have access.

So keep that in mind, that is a really, really big deal. Also, they will be getting them to go out of their comfort zone is really hard, they need a lot of encouragement, a lot of maintenance, I think ISTJ is for as how boring is they can get in some of them can not be boring as a few of them. But as boring as an ISTJ can get they’re also extremely high maintenance, I would think that an ISTJ or an ENFP are the most high maintenance of all the types. But quite frankly, ISTJ is probably the most high maintenance, they’re also the type, that’s the most likely to call in sick to not go to work, they really don’t handle stress very well.

That’s another eat weakness as well. But it can actually be a strength because they end up living longer than most people because they just are so avoidant of stress and all forms of stress whatsoever. So it can be an advantage if you think about it. But in terms of the workplace, or at least the American western society workplace which is built around stressing people out, they’re usually not as successful.

That’s why they do these, you know, to them, it’s easy doing accounting, or you know, or anything having to do with finance, etc. secretarial work, because it’s just easy, and they don’t have to be as stressed while they’re doing it. And then they can endure it, etc. So, anyway, in a nutshell, those are the weaknesses of an ISTJ.

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