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What are the most suitable career options for an ISFJ? But before I can answer please consider subscribing to the channel. So the Democratic National Convention can experience what it’s like to have their own version of Sarah Palin on their team and hit the alert Bell. So you can be notified when I go live. By the way, do I even remotely care about politics? No, not really.

Because like it’s fixed, LOL That being said, What’s up ego hackers? I am CS Joseph doing some serious justice response videos here to answer your questions on all things union analytical psychology or the four sides of the mind. And the source of today’s question is Cora as usual? Let’s dive into it, shall we? All right, we got J Higgins with no actual career thing ISFJ can do almost anything accurate. Seems like it could become some particular thing they are allowed as being a different type altogether as if ISFJ’s can’t do that. But it’s not true fair.

They just need to be able to practice really hard and work steadily at becoming that thing. True. They won’t create something out of nothing, but they will bust their ass to check all the boxes and castaways where they rise. Not exactly accurate that I mean, that’s kind of more of a stereotype but honestly, they can unlock originality from their EMTP subconscious which can allow them to create something out of nothing.

But until they do so it’s more accurate to what Mr. or J or this could be a woman this could be J Higgins the woman the following people appear to me to be ISFJ’s Obama. Nope, that’s an ESTJ Louis CK. No idea who that is.

Jordan Peterson. That’s an intp. Sorry. Apparently you can’t type anyone.

And in my personal life, I know iossef J’s, how do you know that? Because you can’t type them who became react to programmers of high caliber. That’s actually definitely true. THL is amazing at programming. iossef j’s are amazing at programming, just like INFJs are programming six hours a day for three years straight graphic designers, visual communicators, amateur comedians and stay at home moms.

That’s accurate. And the iossef j’s are incredibly hard worker to keeps consistent routine, it can do almost anything. Yes, absolutely. If you are hiring people for a company, I would have to say the ISFJ out of all 16 types is probably the most valuable worker i in terms of getting hard work done and being able to handle operations appropriately.

Alongside INFJs as well, INFJ’s are amazing. It’s just Fe parent, just Fe parents completely kicks major ass when it comes to people that work. And honestly, if you have an FE parent in your team, you need to reward them because they’re just that dope. The only thing they can’t do is they can’t scale themselves.

That’s technically true. They do not understand leverage. So when they are famous, they can’t turn it anything more than they’re speaking, while people listen inspired, laughing, enjoying, and perhaps learn from their examples. Well, that’s the thing like, that’s kind of what an INFJ wants anyway, because fame just isn’t that important to them, because they have extra thinking trickster.

ISFJ’s do not quite understand that brilliance and genius. So they believe anyone can learn to do anything kind of. But they are likely to believe that there is a best way to learn a best course to follow. Absolutely true, because they’re systematic.

And if they’re managing you, they may look for completion of boxes checked as evidence as to whether you are learning. That’s a true criticism. They do this as an alternative to recognizing the complex patterns and a more intuitive type would sense as indications of learning. That’s, that’s fair.

That’s a fair judgement. Young ISFJ’s are much less known of noticeably impressive than they will be when they are 50. They’re just incredibly gritty, driven types. But they don’t know a thing about leverage or scale.

Yeah, because they haven’t started thinking trickster. I mean, come on, Mr. Teaser. I’m going to upvote this still because it’s technically a good answer.

So we have a Silvia train INFJ Enneagram. One compulsively studying people, the ISFJ’s, I know our teachers at all levels from pre K to college, school staff and administrators, I kind of like how I just have this cat and we just kind of pass around like a ball. You know what I’m saying? Or, you know, kind of like a football cat go along. Oh, no, I’m just kidding.

Okay. So, yes, they prefer to work for established institutions, businesses, industries that seem stable, they’ll start a business that there’s a high likelihood of success and an existing demand that can meet that’s technically true, or they’re or they’re married to an E X XP fair. They don’t gravitate towards managing others, but end up there because they’re competent, very true. And so adapts the role by becoming the team leaders who plan and mentor very true this is a great post.

Generally, they like clear expectations, benchmarks feature performance reviews, with the standard guide and their good work being appreciated. The like careers, where there’s an established track, getting a position and then growing steadily based on good performance. They don’t like office politics or power plays true and they hate when people get ahead through dishonest means true. They also don’t do well.

Our high tension jobs where people complain, or do or criticize them, or where they’re pressured do seemingly impossible feats. Well said, that’s the best post here. And that’s excellent. I want to go over the list one more time at the beginning, the ISFJs.

I know our teachers at all levels from pre K to college, school staff, administrators, accountants, office administrators, secretaries, and hold a variety of jobs and health care, like registered dietitian, registered nurse. And radiologist, doctor, one’s a pastor, one’s a doula and one’s a paralegal. I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting. But hopefully, that’s a helpful starting point for you.

Very well said, and I’m not going to go further with this, I’m actually just going to answer the rest of the way, while simultaneously petting my cat for as long as she allows me. So at this point, well, she decided she wanted to move on. So how I describe ISFJ career priorities is that they are people who are on the front lines, it’s kind of similar with inf js as well. So you get the paramedics, you get the paralegals, they also are well established in the military, they jump out of helicopters jump out of planes, they do what must be done for the sake of what it is that they are doing.

They take their jobs, their positions very, very seriously. And, you know, so you’d find them at a Public Utility District, you find them working at the DMV, for example, anything at City Hall, anything that has to do with like government, government jobs, or, or jobs that have to do with like public service, etc. So these are all the different kinds of careers that they ended up getting involved in. Just why why did they do it, it’s because they want to be in the face.

They are the frontline workers, when it comes to helping people assisting people, nurturing people, they’re very people focused, but they’re very systematic with how they go about it. And honestly, like some of the best nurses I’ve ever experienced in my life, are literally our iossef, J’s. And it’s fantastic as at least even their ti child is even willing to challenge the doctor sometimes. And sometimes their EMTP subconscious comes out and becomes a patient advocate for specific patients.

You know, as nurses, I think it’s brilliant. And I agree with them being fantastic radiologists, and anyone that would assess like, like, from a neurology standpoint, as well, I think they have that skill to get involved with neurology, because it’s very concrete. So they’re, they’re super concrete with how concrete they are with their job choices, etc. But again, it’s all from the perspective of providing support, and being the foundation of which other people stand upon much less people also building structure upon them.

They’re extremely important. And this is how background types typically approach their careers. Because background types, the four background types like to be the foundation and ISFP wants to be the foundation, the guy that you build your team around, like with a baseball team or an assembly line, the ISFJ would be that person that you build your team around in an office setting or an operations team, etc. An intp would be like running a development team, an INFP, you be that person that you build your entire charity around, etcetera, they provide the foundation.

And that’s where iossef j’s are able to satisfy their FYI credit because they’re so concerned about their own self importance, because they’re very critical towards their self importance, that they oftentimes end up because they become the foundation of the organization or the department that they’re in, just like intp is INFP is or ISFPs would technically because they’re background types. They’re basically the floor that people walk upon, and that they are that support structure. It makes them in absolutely integral to the entire organization or the department. However, that can backfire and they could end up being walked all over, they can end up becoming that doormat, which is something that Crusader types all Crusader types have to deal with the ISFJ’s an intp is have that problem the most more than anybody so watch out for that.

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