What are the major differences between people with Se and people with Ni as their dominant function?

The answer to this question actually lies in the story of a recent trip I took to South Beach with Matt, an ESTP friend. I love Miami and have been there many times.  He, on the other hand, had never been thereIn hindsight, going during Covid-19 may not have been the best idea for a getaway, since most things were not fully open yet but nonetheless no sooner had we arrived when he announced, “I just want to see where everyone goes and what everyone does so that I know what I want to do next time.  I only need to see a place once and then I have it down.”   


So, how’s that relate to this question?  Not only are Se and Ni both perceiving functions, they are on an axis with each other.  When either one is in the dominant or optimistic ‘Hero’ position within the Ego, the other is in the pessimistic ‘Inferior/Aspirational position.  This axis manifests exactly as demonstrated by Matt:  I need to see what others are doing so that I know what I want to do in the future (Se Hero perspective).  Or:  In order to know what I want to do, I need to see what others are doing (Ni Hero perspective).  Though they have this relationship, these functions are very different in nature. 


Individuals with Se Hero, ESTPs and ESFPs, live in the now, the present moment.  They interpret the world through a physical and sensory lens rather than a conceptual oneThey are aware of the immediate environment and the activities of everyone around.  They are the first to notice someone new enter a room and to initiate interaction with that person.  They are masters of their craft, be it mechanics, home remodeling, or performance.  Ultimately, they strive to give those around them quality experiences appealing to the physical senses in order to gain loyalty.   


Individuals with Ni Hero, INTJs and INFJs, are future-focused.   They interpret the world through a conceptual and abstract lens rather than that of hard, physical reality.  They seek meaning and purpose for their lives and search for the optimum path forward to achieve their goals.  They make their way based on a conceptual framework of ideas, pattern recognition, and sheer force of will. They are less likely to be concerned with the physical world around them preferring instead to explore possibilities for their lives.  They are masters of their own fate.   


Jay Ackley, Writer for www.CSJoseph.life 

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