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CS Joseph discusses what are god functions in season 35.


Hey what’s up ego, hackers? Welcome to the CS Joseph podcast. I am your host CS Joseph. This is season 35 Episode One. What are the God functions? Whoa, holy smokes see us Joseph doing seasonal content on YouTube and on the podcast again? Yeah, it’s been a long time coming.

Besides, I decided to fulfill a promise that I made to this audience years ago, many years ago. And that promise was that I would in effect, start giving explanation as to what exactly are the God functions. And I hinted at them at a couple of videos like two and a half years ago, maybe even three years ago, as we’ve just passed our, or our passing our five year anniversary of the channel, and which is pretty exciting, if you think about it. But yeah, the god functions sort of long time coming.

We had to flush out all the content relating to the four temples, and to the temple wheels, before we got to this point, but knowledge of the god functions is so important and so radical when it comes to Union analytical psychology for size dynamics, which is basically four sides of the mind, interpretation of union analytical psychology. Also, anything related to Myers Briggs Type Indicator, as we still use their four, four lettering system, which, yeah, it’s an accurate, yes, Jared, fine. I know it’s an accurate Yes, I know you would prefer us changing it, because it’s not really correct. But we use it for SEO and people googling this stuff.

And that’s why I do it. So not going to change. It makes it easier for people to find us on youtube or on the podcast. So anyway, that’s what I do.

And that’s how I’m gonna roll. So yeah, outdoor Chase, walking around. It’s been. It’s been too long, folks.

It’s been very long since I’ve done this. But getting back into the swing of things, and having that Chris Taylor support with the acolyte questions, because we have a very large volume of acolyte questions coming in every month, and to get his assistance has been fantastic. I meet with him on a weekly basis, we discuss the questions, we discuss the answers for the questions, and then we assign them between each other. And then we get them filmed and distributed out to all of you folks.

So special thanks to the acolyte members who pay for that service and keep the lights on and keep this business running. And also, all the families involved with running this organization fed. So special thanks to all the Acolytes out there for being loyal and sticking around with us all the way through. So yeah, and because of their generous financial contribution, same with the journeyman members and you could become a journeyman member at CS Joseph dot forward slash members, we felt that it was finally time to start reintroducing New Seasons to YouTube and the podcast as well.

And for this particular case, we are going to be discussing the god functions, which is absolutely fascinating. So, introduction to the god functions or what are the God functions which is the name of this particular playlist of season 35. But it is also the, you know, this is the introduction episode before we go into super deep as to what exactly the god functions are, at least from a personality type perspective and how they affect the personality types. But let’s, let’s actually discuss first where the god functions come from, and they come from our understanding of the four temples.

So, every single person, regardless of type belongs to one of the four temples, there is the soul Temple, which is the ego of humanity, the heart Temple, which is the unconscious of humanity, the mind Temple, which is the subconscious of humanity, and the body temple, which is the super ego of humanity from a macro level and macro psychological perspective, right. So from this point of view, this macro psychological perspective. Everyone belongs to these temples, the soul Temple is about character. It’s also about, you know, being desirable.

The heart Temple is all about reaching acceptance. And it’s also about personal freedom and passion. And then, and then its, its main element is fire. Going back to the soul temple, its main element is water.

And then the mind Temple is all about performance. It’s also all about the truth, and its main element is wind. And then you have the body temple with its main element as the Earth. And it is most concerned about what is left behind.

It’s concerned about legacy, and everything there of which is absolutely also achievement, Legacy of achievement, basically. So these are the four temples and how to know which temple you are in. Well, it’s very simple. So, so temple people all have ESTP, ENFP, INTJ, and INFJ.

In their heads as they make up the four sides of mind, I am an intp. And thus I belong to the heart temple. Because the intp ego, My shadow is an INTJ. My subconscious is an INFJ, and my super egos and ESF P.

And any one of those four types have all of the other three types associated with that within their tempo. And that makes up the heart tempo. And then also the, the mind tempo, our ESD JS INFP is ISTPs and e Nf, J’s. And then we have the body temperature en ti tres ISFPs, intp, and ESF jays, they make up the body temple.

And if you just look at which, which type is a person’s ego, that is basically their type. And then, you know, for for their ego, that’s what we assigned, as you know, their four letters, basically. But then you look at their shoddy look their unconscious, or their super ego. And they all follow the same type of sequence, all of those four types are representative of one single temple, which means any one human being represents basically an aspect of the four temples, but ultimately, one of the four temples at a given time.

And that’s where we determine that. The thing is, though, is that where the god functions come into play, is that the God functions ultimately are what each of the four temples worship, or focus on, or are putting all of their energy, their life, their investment into, it is insanely important to them. It’s kind of like, you know, we actually look at the word worship and how it’s actually defined, it really is about, you know, what someone puts their attention towards the most, or what they put put their attention towards. And that’s basically a real practical definition of what the concept of worship means.

And you know, when you go into a temple, that’s usually because they’re worshiping something or putting all of their collective attention on to something. And that’s what each of the four temples are doing. And each of us belong to one of the four temples. So I’m part of the heart temple.

So my heart Temple is focusing specifically on two God functions. And those guide functions is Introverted intuition and extroverted feeling right. Even though I am not an introverted intuitive myself, I have ventured intuition nemesis, but that’s part of my unconscious is not part of my ego. So I’m technically not an introverted intuitive.

By that definition. I am an introverted sensor. However, just because I’m an introverted sensor, does not mean that Introverted Intuition has any less significance on my life. It’s so funny because like, even from my perspective, I had mistyped myself for many, many years, I started learning, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and union analytical psychology, when I was like 21, basically, is when I started.

And, you know, I’ve, I’ve been involved in the science and being a pioneer in the science for about 15 years, I got 15 years of experience that have been doing this, and I got into it in an effort to save my marriage. But when I would, you know, that didn’t really work out but at least I gained a skill along the way. But the point is, is that I would miss type as INTJ specifically because I really, really identified with the questions on these MBTI tests relating to them. Personal freedom, for example, relating to Introverted intuition, I’d always like click Yes.

Or like, oh, yeah, I’m all into that and whatnot. But then I would end up being mis typed, I would be mis typed as an INTJ. When in reality, I was actually an intp. And the reason why is is because of the god function, and it’s God functions and their influence on my life as I heart temple, a member of the heart temple, basically.

So the passion that INTJ has had, I would claim that passion basically on the MBTI tests and the MBTI MBTI tests would just say, Oh, you’re you’re an INTJ, when that’s not actually the case, guide functions basically end up oftentimes muddying the waters when it comes to people typing themselves, and it can make it really, really difficult for people to type themselves, which, I mean, it’s understandable, and it’s also really, really frustrating, like, very frustrating. So that’s why it’s, I mean, that’s just one of the reasons why it’s so important to understand what the god functions are, and how they actually influence and impact every single person as much as it does. So for each of the 16 types, as well as all of their different octave grams sub variants, and there is a lot of Octa gram sub variants that they have to basically pay attention to and be aware of, it really makes the system of foresight, sinamics And ultimately, union analytical psychology, an extremely complex system to understand. It’s so funny when I often like I’m talking to ESTPs or ESFPs, like, oh, man, you’re putting me in a box, you’re putting me in a box, you’re taking away my freedom, my ni inferior freedom, or I’m just like, No, this system is so complex, that it’s not actually putting you in a box and then certain aspects of this science is variable right.

But it is variable within the confines of the system itself. So you only have a certain amount of potential potential to be to be variable, basically, you know, within, you know, which type you are and that’s based on your occupation based on your nurture, because human nurture will adjust you know, the variant as to which you are in terms of your nature, because nurture impacts, and adjust nature over time, right. So you may have the bass nature being an ESTP, or an AI or the ESF P. But your arthrogram, also known as your nurturer will adjust it from there.

However, before your nature is even determined. Well, what is determining nature? Well, we learned that recently, especially in our recent cutting edge episode, are known as the season 18 Episode behind the paywall at CS joseph.ly, forward slash members. And for the journeyman folks, we learn about input process output feedback. And the output is actually our nature that is our type.

But the feedback is actually our Aqua gram than the nurturer. But what is the process? While the process really is the four temples, and ultimately the guide functions, that’s the process. And the input is something called the Rosetta Stone, or at least our interpretation of cognitive origins. We’ll learn more about that, then you’ll have to get the ego hacking by text masterclass at ego hacking by text.com.

And you have to already own the course in order to be able to get the masterclass it’s a prerequisite. But if you do already own the course, you can go to CS Joseph dot life, or offers.cs joseph.ly forward slash EBT hyphen masterclass, and it’ll take you to the sales page, you can get the master class, which it is life changing and understanding how cognitive origins work fundamentally from the perspective of what we are calling the Rosetta Stone, and understanding production and consumption of cognitive origins and the new level of ego hacking that provides its big series deal. And that’s the input. But this particular season season 35 is focusing on the process, input process, output feedback, everything in the universe follows that loop basically, and we are discussing in season 35, the god functions also known as the process, the process from which our cognition follows, in order to create our nature, which is the output nature being the 16 personality types.

Right. So, from that point of view, the god functions basically are ultimately the focus of attention of each of the four temples, right. And it’s very, very fascinating how that works out. Right.

So, the god functions basically for the sole temple are extrovert intuition and Introverted Feeling Extraverted Intuition is all about wanting to be wanted. It’s all about having a better future. And for every but it’s all about having vision, it’s about being as desirable as possible and making yourself as desirable as possible. And Introverted Feeling is also their god function, which means they’re extremely focused on character and being the best version of themselves, ultimately, ideal versions of themselves whenever possible, right? And then you have the heart temple, and its Introverted intuition, about personal freedom and passion, and what and you know, what they, what they want to do, where they’re going, where their own futures will take them that’s in their in their passions, they’re off.

And then there are other god function is Extraverted Feeling. This is why members of the heart temple, crave acceptance, very much crave acceptance, and have spent a lot of a lot of time in their life, working hard to make themselves as acceptable as possible. Then you have the mind Temple, which has Introverted Thinking, constantly looking for the facts constantly looking for the truth, and extroverted sensing, always trying to optimize their own personal performance, as well as the performance of others. This is what makes the mind temple such a great teacher, right? So the mind temple cares about learning and education, right.

And as much as the heart template cares so much about passion, and the soul temple cares so much about character, right. And, you know, for the soul temples perspective, you can’t even like become someone of great character unless you’re desirable. And as much as you having the substance necessary, the firm it necessary to actually be a person of great character, right. That’s what that’s all about.

So, from beyond that, like, we also have the body temple wishes, Introverted Sensing is one of their god functions. Introverted Sensing is concerned about what is left behind it is concerned about the grand experience, and my own experience, what can I explore, they’re all about exploration, they’re all about experiencing so much more. And then extroverted thinking, which represents chief achievement. And even something that is explored or exploring the unknown is in its own right, a big grand achievements is why Elon Musk is trying to get to Mars, for example.

That is his ambition. And that is what he is spending his life doing, trying to get to Mars and explore it with his cognitive origin of discovery, given that he is an intp. Right. So the god functions, these God functions end up dominating each of the four temples.

So the four types that are attached to each of the four temples, four times four is 16. All ultimately serve at the feet of the god functions that rule over if not oversee, or are the focus of attention, or the focus of worship by the members of each of the four temples. And that’s ultimately what God functions ultimately are. And God functions have a ton of uses, they even have provide an entirely new level of ego hacking, that people are not even really aware of.

Which is very, very fascinating. It’s kind of like, how an ESTP even though they have expert intuition, demon, they really, really care about being wanted, and about being chosen and about being included, they really care about it. And oftentimes, you know, if they don’t have that, they’re just going to shut down and that’s because of their god functions, for example. So anyway, folks, that’s it for this introduction for season 35.

I look forward to seeing you in the very near future for all of these episodes for season 35. So thanks for watching and listening, and I’ll see you guys on the next one.


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